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Chapter 9: The Truth Be Told

For the next several weeks Ty and Amy stayed together in the loft. Ty's memories of events leading up to their engagement were fast becoming known, and each day Amy and Ty began to rekindle the love they had for each other. However, negative memories and memories around his daughter were still vague and Ty and Amy were trying everything from reading from the Life Book, to looking at pictures to try and bring back those memories of Lyndi.

However, Lyndi was not concerned that Ty's memory of her was still in the dark because she knew that her prayers would be answered and one day Ty would remember.

Amy talking about Lyndi to Ty, "You know Ty, Lyndi has really become a great horsewoman. Even at such a young age she is more advanced than I was at that age and I think she really loves the work."

Ty, "Why do you think she has picked up on this so quick? Man, when I see how she handles those horses, it reminds me of watching you in those early years!"

Amy, "Well, when you fell into the coma, Lyndi was very troubled about the situation, and to settle her down I let her work with me with the horses and tell her stories about you. Why Ty, I even had to get your jacket and put it in her bed so she could sleep at night. Another important step for her was going to church. She was asked by one of her friends to go to church and the pastor there became very involved in her story. He showed her how the power of prayer can put her in touch with God and she can ask Him to bring you back. To watch her kneel by her bed and ask God to bring you back was so touching, I began to do it with her! And guess what? Our prayers were answered. You are here!"

Ty:, "Well, I am here now and feel so bad that I just don't have any memories of her.

Amy, "They will come, baby, they will come! I know it, and more importantly, Lyndi knows it!"

That afternoon, Georgie was helping exercise some of the new horses that arrived that day when Ty came up to the pen and asked, "Hey Georgie, who do these guys belong to?"

Georgie without any hesitation, "These are Prince Ahmed's horses. Aren't they just beautiful! You know Amy has become quite an accomplished trainer on the world circuit because of her work with Ahmed on his equestrian team. People send her horses from all over the world! Isn't that awesome!"

Ty, "Really, Prince Ahmed, huh."

Georgie, "Yes. And Ty, You know when you came out of your coma, Amy was finishing up a tour in Europe and Ahmed gave her the jet to fly her back to Hudson to see you! How cool was that!"

That night before supper Ty was laying down in the loft, when all of the sudden a rush of memories flooded his mind around Ahmed the Prince. He started to recall everything. The initial meeting, the accident that left Amy temporarily blind, the trip to Europe, and as he is recalling, he remembers the last encounter he had with Ahmed. As his memory became more clear, so did the rage that burned in his soul. He remembered the kiss video where Ahmed and Amy kissed. He remembered the homecoming and how awkward Amy was to be home. How Ahmed tried to lure Amy from him with the gifts. How he told Amy he loved her. As the memories became more clear, his anger was centered around one question. Why did Amy not tell him about Ahmed? Was this what Tim was trying to say at the dinner table? As the questions mounted, so did the anger. Ty went downstairs into the quansi hut, uncovered his old motorcycle that Jack had restored and left. Full of anger and rage he sped down the highway to town.

At the dinner table, as they were sitting down to eat, Georgie was telling everyone about her conversation with Ty at the round pen. Georgie, "Ty came up to me today while I was exercising one of Ahmed's horses and asked me about the horse. I told him this was one of Ahmed's horses that Amy trains. And, I bragged on you Amy and told him about how your work with Ahmed has made you an internationally acclaimed trainer, and that you train horses from all over the world"

Amy, "Georgie, you didn't"

Georgie, "What is wrong? Was I not supposed to say anything?"

Amy, "Georgie, I know you were not aware, but I purposely was holding off on telling Ty about my work with Ahmed until his negative memories started coming back. I wasn't sure how he would react to the fact that I am working with Ahmed, and the whole international aspect of my business."

Amy then realized that Ty had not made it from the loft to the house yet, and went out to the loft to see where he was. Not finding him in the loft, she decided to call him. Then she heard a phone ring in the loft and went over to find it was Ty's phone ringing with Amy's picture on the screen. She then decided to look around the ranch to see if she could find him. The truck was there, so he didn't take the truck anywhere. She went back to the barn, and the horses were still there so he didn't take a horse. Then, it dawned on her to go look in the hut to see if the motorcycle was there. Sure enough, it was missing!

Hurriedly running back to the house, Amy yelling, "Grandpa, Dad, come quick Ty is gone! I have looked everywhere and it looks like he took his motorcycle and left"

Grandpa, " Amy, don't worry we will find him. Tim, you head toward your place and Amy and I will head into town. If anyone sees him, call us and we will come.

The first stop in town was Maggie's. Amy, running into the diner asks, "Has anyone seen Ty? He is on his motorcycle"

Donna, who is the manager at Maggies and is very familiar with the situation answers, "Yes, he came in here about 30 minutes ago looking pretty upset. I am not sure where he went, but he left in a hurry." Thanks Donna", Amy responds, "If you see him again give me a call have my number, right?" Donna shakes her head yes.

The next stop is the local bar that Ty and Caleb would frequent on occasion to play pool. Jack and Amy go into the bar and ask Ed, the bartender, if he had seen Ty. Ed, "Yep, he came in here about 30 minutes ago and he was pissed. He downed several drinks and stormed out the door!" Jack, "Do you know where he went?" Ed, "Not sure, but he was in no shape to drive." Jack, "He was on a motorcycle!"

Tim was making the turn near the crossroads when he noticed flashing lights in the road. As he got closer to the lights he realized there had been an accident and they were putting someone in the ambulance. He then looked down the road, and saw Ty's motorcycle wrapped around a telephone pole and pieces stroon all down the road. He immediately pulled his truck over and ran up to the ambulance. Unable to get to Ty, he asked the policeman, "What happened, is that Ty Borden in the ambulance?" The officer replied, "Yes, that is Mr. Borden and he has been injured pretty badly. It looks like he was moving at a high rate of speed and ran off the road and hit the telephone pole. Tim, "Where are they bringing him?" Officer, "He needs to go to Calgary! He has suffered some severe injuries."

At that time, Tim made his way to the Ambulance and asked if he could go along. The attendants asked, "Are you related to Mr. Borden?" Tim replied, "Yes, I am his father-in-law!" Attendant, "Yes, You can come!" Tim hopes into the ambulance and they drive off toward Calgary General.

In the Ambulance Tim notices Ty is unconscious. He was laying just like in the care center motionless. His breathing is assisted by a machine. The attendants were working on what looked like a broken leg, arm, and some head injuries. Tim, "How is he doing? Is he going to make it?" The attendant, "Well, he is unconscious, but his vitals are pretty good. We will know more when we get him to the hospital?"

Tim, taking a breath, decides to call Jack and give them the news. Jack's phone rings just as he and Amy are pulling up to the flashing lights where Tim's truck is pulled over on the side of the road. Tim, "Jack, Jack, can you hear me! Ty has been in an accident and we are on the way to Calgary General. Jack, "Tim, what is his condition?" Amy, chiming in, Grandpa, look. Look at the motorcycle! It is bent around that pole. And look, there are pieces thrown all down the road. Who is that, Is that Dad? Where is he? Where is Ty", Amy now completely in tears wanting answers has to wait for Tim to update them on Ty.

Tim, "I am in the ambulance with Ty on the way to Calgary General. Ty is unconscious and they are monitoring him. I don't really know anymore than that." Jack, "we are headed that way, keep us posted if anything changes" As Jack prepares to hang up with Tim, Ty's heart monitor goes flatline. Tim, now in a full out panic, "Jack, hold on, Ty's heart has stopped beating, his heart has stopped!" Amy, listening to the conversation, begins to cry uncontrollably as Jack is trying to console her. Amy, "Grandpa, I never should have kept this from him. I made a terrible mistake that I won't be able to correct. I can't lose him again, I just can't! What will Lyndi do?" Jack gathers all his emotions together and tells Amy, "You know what Lyndi would want us to do. We need to say a prayer that God will return Ty back to us. Right now!" So Amy and Jack, right on the side of the road, kneel down beside the truck and begin to pray.

Ty, lying still on the gurney, heart monitor flatlined, is flashing back through his missing years as memories good and bad are falling into place. He is then at his wedding watching Amy come to the house on Spartan, through the candle lite pathway that was made from the barn. He was whisked inside, where he and Amy were standing at the altar reciting their vowels.

The attendants are feverishly working to get Ty back. With each beat of the chest, the monitor is still running flat. Tim, "Come on Guys, you can't let him die! He has been through so much! Please, please save him!" Then, one of the attendance, reached for the shockers and put them on his chest, injected something in his arm, then shocked him sending his body up in the air. The monitor is still flat.

Ty, now has spirited away to building the loft which he is now staying in, then, he goes to his graduation from vet school and the plaque that Amy gave him on that day. He started remembering he was a partner in Scott's practice, and all his veterinarian training was coming back to him. He remembered everything, except for his daughter Lyndi.

The attendants pushed another Eppy in Ty and shocked him again with the paddles. Then, the monitors lit up like a Christmas tree, and Ty took a big gasp of air. Awake, Ty is looking around trying to get his bearings and sees Tim sitting at the end of the ambulance. Ty, "Tim, What happened? Where am I?" Tim, relieved that Ty is awake, says, "Ty, you were in a motorcycle accident. I think you ran off the road and hit a telephone pole. " Ty, Tim, I remember, I remember everything!" At that time Ty slips back into unconsciousness but his vital signs are stable.

Tim quickly picks up the phone and calls Jack and Amy. "Guys, Ty is ok! He is back! He said he remembers, he remembers everything!" Upon hearing the news, Amy takes a huge sigh of relief then asks, "Dad, what do you mean he remembers everything?" Tim, "I am not sure honey he went back to sleep because they have sedated him in case of head trauma. I will see you guys at the hospital."

Tim is standing in the waiting room as Jack and Amy come down the hall. Amy, glad to see her Dad, asks, "What is the status of Ty?" Tim, "The doctor just came out and said that Ty has had some pretty severe breaks on his arm and leg, and has suffered from a severe concussion, but he is stable and will recover." Amy, "Dad can we see him?" Tim, "He is in ICU and they are preparing him for surgery." Amy, " Dad, I need to see him, Now!" So Amy goes to the nurse and asks if she can see her husband before he goes to surgery and the nurse grants her request. Nurse, "You can go see him but only you and only for a few minutes. We must get his leg and arm set!"

Amy is ushered into the pre-op where Ty is being prepped for surgery. Awake, Ty looks at Amy and says "I remember, I remember!" Amy, trying to get in a few words, says "Ty. I need to explain about Ahmed and my business dealing. I am so sorry that I kept that from you, I am so sorry, will you forgive me?" Ty, beginning the effects of the drugs, says, "Amy, I love you. I remember!" Then, Ty goes to sleep.

Back in the waiting room, Jack and Tim discuss the events of the night with family members over the phone. Amy comes into the room and they conclude their calls and start to ask Amy questions. "Amy, so how is he doing, did you get to talk with him, Jack asks. Amy, "Yes, but not very much. All he said was that he loved me and that he remembered. I am not sure what he remembers." Tim, "You know, when he came out of his flatline in the ambulance he said the same thing to me! I guess we will find out what he means when he gets out of surgery.

Amy, Jack, and Tim settle in to wait out Ty's surgery as the night is turning into morning.

To Be Continued…….

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