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Chapter 1: Introduction

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It has been 5 years since Ty collapsed from the gunshot wound he received while protecting Amy from a wolf that was about to attack them. Ty has been in a coma at a nearby extended care facility, Greenbriar Care Center, where he is visited frequently by the family. Lyndy, his daughter, has been especially tentative to her father and visits several times a week where she sits and holds his hand and tells him stories of each day's events. Lyndy is 10 years old and is well beyond her years in maturity. Also, She has become quite a horse girl herself picking up chores at the farm and adopting Ty's horse Harley as her own. She too has been showing signs of being able to listen to horses and understand their behavior issues, much like her Amy.

Amy has become quite an international celebrity for her work with Georgie in her pursuit of landing an Olympic invitation and her training with Ahmed's equestrian stables. Amy is currently in Europe as part of Ahmed's equestrian team for the winter games. They have been very successful and have only 2 events left for the season.

With Amy away in Europe, Jack has taken on the responsibilities of Lyndy's care and has accompanied her on the frequent visits to see her father. Jack has become less involved in the cattle business since Tim and his son assumed more of the daily responsibilities. Jack still runs the day-to-day operations at Heartland, but with his nagging arthritis His activities have been limited.

Lisa has been spending much of her time in France away from the family. An has turned over the business operations of Fairfield Stables to Peter and Lou. With Amy in Europe, Jack has not been able to spend time in France and their separation has become somewhat of an issue between the two.

Lou and Peter have renewed their vows and have moved to Lisa's ranch to manage the affairs of Fair Field along with Maggie's and the Dude ranch. Peter has left the oil business and has taken the co-manager role of these businesses. Katy is in high school and has become quite the equestrian herself with the help from Amy, Georgie, and Lou. However, Katy is becoming a bit of a handful for Lou and Peter as she grows through her teen years.

Tim and Shane have taken over the day to day operations of the cattle business between Heartland and Big Sky Ranch. Shane has become a proficient cattleman, like Tim and Jack, and does most of the heavy lifting for the business.

Caleb and Kas have two children and live close to heartland. Caleb is brokering horses and Kas has become a partner with Scott in the vet business. Scott still holds out Ty's partnership which has been increasingly more problematic as his clinic is growing and new doctors are needed.

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