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Chapter 2: He is Awake!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Jack and Lyndy are driving to Greenbriar Care Center to visit Ty when Lyndy says, "GG, I think today daddy is going to wake up from his sleep".

Jack, who has been fielding these comments for the last 5 years responds, "Well Lyndi, I hope today is the day that Ty wakes up, but you know, we have had this conversation many times on our trips to see him only to be disappointed when it doesn't happen. Why do you think today is the day?"

Lyndy responds, "GG, I pray every time we make these trips that daddy will wake up. You remember what the doctor said? That nothing physical is keeping him asleep! So today I think is the day he wakes up."

"Let's hope today IS the day, Lyndy" as Jack is turning into the parking lot of the care facility.

The doctor and his nurse are making the rounds at Greenbriar and are going into Ty's room. Ty lays motionless on the bed with only one monitor connected to his heart rhythm that sounds off at each beat of his heart. The nurse tell Dr. Jones, "I think Mr. Bartlett and Amy will be visiting Ty today. Is there anything that you would like me to tell them?"

The doctor is looking at the activity from the heart monitor and notices some increases in his heart rate over the last 24 hours. So He asks, "Have you noticed the increase in heart activity today? " Which the nurse responded that she had not. Dr Jones says to the nurse, "Let's monitor this and see if there is some outside stimulus that is causing the increase in heart rate, or if it is just an anomaly. But let's not discuss this with the family until we know for sure what is going on."

Nurse Cindy responds, "Ok, doctor, I won't mention anything to them. However, I must say that Ty's family has been very consistent with visitation. Especially the young daughter who reads and tells him stories from a journal her mother created about their life before the accident. What a miracle it would be if Ty were to awaken today and reunite with his family!"

Jack and Lyndi make it up to Ty's room and as they arrive both the doctor and nurse Cindy are wrapping up their testing. Jack asks, "Hi folks, anything changes with Ty today?" Both Dr. Jones and nurse Cindy respond that all is about the same and begin to leave the room.

On her way out, nurse Cindy tells Lyndy, " You need to keep telling your dad those stories today. I know that he really appreciates them! Lyndi replies, I am going to tell him the story about how he built the jumping gates in the pasture for my mom when they first met because Spartan could not be trailered to a nearby practice facility because of his involvement in an accident with my grandmother and Mom."

Nurse Cindy replied, "That sounds awesome, Lyndy. I know your dad will like that story." Cindy then left the room to Jack and Lyndi who took their normal places in the room. Jack at the head of the bed and Lyndy alongside Ty. Lyndy grabs her father's hand and begins to tell him the story.

"Dad, do you remember when you first met mom and she was going to work with Spartan to compete in the Fall Festival Jumping competition? Her friend had encouraged her to bring her horse to the local jump facility where they could both practice for the competition. Mom said that when you saw that she was having trouble getting Spartan into the trailer and that she had given up on the competition, you went out to the pasture and built her a practice facility out of logs so she could get ready for the event….."

At the same time, Nurse Cindy was working at the nurses station and she noticed that Ty's heart activity had increased and made a quick call to the doctor. " Doctor, I am at the station and I noticed that Ty Borden's heart activity is increasing. I know that Mr. Bartlett and his daughter are still here so I was wondering what to do."

"Go see what is going on in the room right now," he responds. So Nurse Cindy goes to the room where she sees Lyndy reading a story to her father and reports back to the doctor.

About that time Lyndy felt a slight squeeze of her hand that was clutching to her father's hand. She squeezed back and there was no response. Then, she squeezed again, and Ty's weak fingers squeezed Lyndy's hand again. At that time, she calls out to a napping Jack, "GG, I think dad is waking up!" GG, wake up, I think dad is waking up, he is squeezing my hand!"

Jack immediately comes to where Lyndy is standing and she says "Watch! Dad, squeeze my hand, please dad squeeze my hand again!" To Jack's surprise Ty was trying to move his fingers.

At the same time, Nurse Cindy is coming in the door with Dr. Jones and Jack sounds off, " I think Ty is trying to move his fingers!" And Lindy, with tears in her eyes, says, "My daddy squeezed my hand!"

Dr. Jones then informs them that they notice some heart activity on the monitors over the last 24 hours and were going to give it a bit more time to make sure that it was not just an anomaly, which can happen with patients who are in a coma, before they alerted the family.

Dr. Jones begins to run some tests on his eye function and notices movement with the light probe he was using in Ty's eyes. As he starts to test his reflexes, Ty slowly tries to open his eyes. As he becomes more aware of his surroundings, Ty speaks out for the

first time in over 5 years. "Jack, Jack where am I? What happened to me?

Jack is trying to hold back his tears of joy and with Lyndy holding on to Jack's hand he replies, "Ty, you are in the hospital and you collapsed from the effects of a gunshot wound you were recovering from. Ty, son, you have been in a coma for over 5 years and we have been waiting patiently for you to wake up! Ty, this is Lyndy, your daughter. She has been by your side for the last 5 years waiting for you to wake up. Man she told me that today was the day you would and she was right! Man, it is good to see you! We haven't contacted the family yet, but I am sure they are going to be elated about this great news.

Ty looks at Lyndy, then back to Jack and states, "My Daughter?" Jack when did I get married? Also, who did I marry? How did that happen? The last thing I remember is coming to your ranch to work out the provision of my probation as a ranch hand. Also, when I arrived, you informed me that Marion, who had set this up, was killed in a truck accident. I am confused! I have a daughter? Who is her mother, my wife?

Completely overwhelmed by the conversation, Dr. Jones asks Jack to take Lyndy to the waiting room while they run some tests and settle Ty down. As they headed toward the waiting room, Lyndy, sobbing uncontrollably asked, "Jack, what is happening? Why doesn't dad know who I am?" Jack, stunned as well, replies, "Lyndi, I am sure this is a temporary problem. We will have to wait for the doctor to tell us what is going on. But you need to remember what you said today in the truck, and today your wish came true. Your Dad is awake!"

Jack decides to call Lou who is working at Maggie's to tell her the good news. However, he leaves out the part that Ty has had a loss of memory. Jack asks Lou to reach out to Amy in Europe and give her the news. Lou, " Yes, yes, dad I will call her right now and give her the great news! Peter, Ty is awake! Let me call Amy right now. Let's go to the care center!"

Lou tries to call, but gets voicemail. So she reaches out to Ahmed's secretary to see if she can get in touch with Amy to tell her the good news.

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