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Chapter 3: The Family Gathers

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Amy is celebrating another win on the European Tour with Ahmed and his team at his villa in France. Ahmed is speaking to Amy saying, "Amy, you are my lucky charm, my miracle girl. Because of you, I have opened my heart to love and have fallen in love. I want to thank you for everything, everything that you have done for me. I don't think I can ever repay you! Ahmed leans over and kisses Amy and again, gushes over the success that he and Amy have had during this season.

Then, a very beautiful woman is walking toward the two and comes to a stop next to Amid. Amid takes her hand and kisses her on the lips. He says, "Honey, this is Amy, the woman who showed me that I could love and care for another woman. She was the one who opened my heart to love which allowed me to find happiness in our relationship. Amy, this is Natacia. Natacia, this is Amy.

Amy greets Natacia with a big smile. She gives her a big hug and says, "Amid, Natacia, I am so happy that you found each other and can share each other's lives together. My hope is that you guys find the same happiness that Ty and I found in our relationship. Blessings to both of you for a long and happy life."

A messenger brings a note to Amy to call home immediately so she excuses herself from the group and goes to her room to call Lou. When Lou answers the phone, she says" Amy, I have the most wonderful news! Ty has regained consciousness and is doing well. You need to get home as soon as possible." Amy, stunned by the news, says, "Repeat what you just said, Ty has regained consciousness? Lou, "Yes Amy, Yes he is awake! Get home now!"

Amy hung up the phone and sat looking at the mirror. It has been 5 long years of waiting for Ty to come back to her, raising their daughter alone, enduring life as a single mother, Ty was finally back. Joy rushed through every bone and muscle in her body. She was so filled with excitement she lost her breath. As she began taking long deep breaths she kept repeating to herself, "Ty's finally home."

Amy rushed back downstairs to tell Amid and his new wife the great news. When she reached the two, She was so excited, she could not even speak, "Amid, Amid you will never believe what has happened! You know that Ty has been in a coma for over 5 years, well he is awake. He woke up today and I need to get home to him! Ahmed replied, "Amy what wonderful news. I know that these years have been tough on you. I am so happy for you! Yes, Yes, go home now! As a matter of fact, I will have my jet fueled and ready to take you home tonight!" Amy, overwhelmed by the offer, said, "Thank you Amid, Amid thank you. You have been so generous to me! Thank you!" Amy retreats to her room, packs her clothes , then goes downstairs where a car is waiting to bring her to the airport.

Most of the local family was gathering at the care center to visit with Ty . Dr. Jones was conducting his testing and has determined that Ty has suffered from Amnesia. His last recollection was when he first arrived at Heartland. Dr. Jones asked, "Ty what do you remember about your life?" To which Ty Answered, " I remember that I was caught stealing and was put in Juvenile detention. Marion Fleming agreed to allow me to work as a ranch hand during my probation period at their Heartland Ranch. I remember arriving at Heartland to find out from Jack that Marion had passed away in an accident that involved her and her daughter Amy. I remember Jack allowing me to stay at Heartland and fulfill the obligation that Marion had agreed to." Dr. Jones asked, "Do you remember anything else about your life? Did you know that you married Amy and you have a daughter who you met earlier nAhmed Lyndi? Do you remember that you are a veterinarian and had a successful practice with your wife Amy ?" Ty trying to collect his thoughts is silent for some time. He replies, "I don't have any recollection of that at all! My God, how old am I? How long have I been in a coma?" To which the doctor replied, " You are 37 years old and it has been almost 5 years."

Ty goes silent again for some time then says, "Doctor, that means that I have lost over 15 years of memories. How do I get that back?" Dr. Jones responds, "Well, Ty it is not uncommon for coma patients who have been in a coma for over 5 years to experience amnesia and lose large chunks of memory. Generally, with therapy and the help of their families, many patients get most if not all of their memory back. However, I must be honest and say some never do and those memories and skills have to be rebuilt or abandoned"

After discussing his situation with Dr. Jones, Ty is thoroughly exhausted by what he has been told and wants to be left alone to contemplate his thoughts.

The flight from France to Hudson takes about 10 hours. During that time, Amy has had a chance to reflect on how she would handle her reunion with Ty after 5 long years. Her mood would swing from total joy to panic as she contemplated her meeting with Ty. Many questions were left unanswered as she left in such a hurry from France. What is he going to be like, What will he remember? Will he still love her? Will their relationship be the same? Amy remembers conversations with the doctors early on that warned her that if Ty would come out of the coma he might suffer amnesia and lose a lot of his memory.

As the plane touched down, Amy was looking out the window where she saw Lyndi and Jack, waiting by the truck to pick her up. She exited the plane and immediately grabbed hold of Lyndi and said, "Sweety, your prayers have been answered! Your Dad is awake!" She hugged and embraced her and they both cried from joy. She then focused on Jack and said, "Grandpa, thank you so much for being with Lyndi today. I know this has meant a lot to her and having you there had to be very special. So catch me up!"

Jack began at the beginning of the day when Lyndi told Jack that today she thought her dad would wake up. He then told her how Ty had squeezed Lyndi's hand. Then, he told her about him calling out his name when he opened his eyes. With each line of the story, Amy's heart was beginning to fill with excitement to see her Ty. Then Jack said, "Amy, you need to know that Ty has amnesia and has lost some of this memory. I don't know the extent of it because we had to leave while they were testing him to come pick you up. I asked the doctor to wait until we got there to give us his assessment of Ty's condition."

At the hospital the family was gathering. Tim, getting impatient, goes to the nurse, "I want answers he blasts! We deserve answers and want to see Ty." Dr. Jones rounds the corner and sits with the family. "Sir, '' he says, '' Calm down. We will get you an update when Jack and Amy arrive from the airport. So please settle down or we will have to ask you to leave."

Lou has been sitting patiently next to Tim and is trying to settle him down. Peter comes in and Lou immediately goes to him and begins to update him about what she knows. "Peter, Ty has awakened from his coma and we are waiting for Amy to get here for an update on his condition. I know he is up and talking and the doctor has been running tests, but that is all we know" Peter embracing Lou says, "Honey, calm down. Amy, Jack and Lyndi are on their way from the airport and should be here any minute." Lou then responds, "Did you call Georgie and give her the news?" "Yes I did and she will be home in a few days. The trials have a qualifier tomorrow and after the event She and Clint will be home."

"Great!" Says Lou, "I know she will be excited to see Ty."

Amy, Jack and Lyndi arrive at the hospital and immediately go to the waiting room to meet up with the other family members who are there. After greeting everyone, Amy hugs Lou and says, "Lou I don't know how I should feel. I have waited for this moment for so long. My emotions are all over the place. I don't know how Ty will respond to seeing me! Lou responds with a big hug and tells Amy it is going to be alright.

Dr. Jones and nurse Cindy enter the waiting room and gather the family together. He then begins to update the family on the prognosis of Tys condition. "As you are aware, Ty has come out of his coma and is resting comfortably in his room. We have put him on some sedatives to calm him down, but he is awake and alert. Physically he is in really great shape considering the length of time he has been in the coma. However, after running a series of memory tests we have concluded that the amount of memory loss is quite extensive and he can't remember anything past his arrival at heartland. He does remember Jack and Amy, but only to the extent of his initial greeting. He has no recollection of his marriage to Amy, your daughter Lyndi, or that he was a veterinarian. That was pretty much the extent of our testing for now, however in the coming days we will want to challenge him with more events in his life to further assess his loss of memory. The good news is that many coma patients will regain portions if not all of their memory over time.

Tim fires back, "How much time. What can we do to speed this up!" Dr. Jones responds, "We don't know how long, it is really up to the therapy and working with him to replay his life. It could be months or even years, We just don't know. Tim is not satisfied with that answer, buffs. "Come on doctor, you can be more precise. We should get another opinion!" Amy chimes in, "Dad stop! Dr. Jones has been with us since the beginning and he knows what he is talking about." Then she asked the doctor, "Can we bring him back to Heartland?"

"Yes, Amy, that is what I would suggest. However you must take it slow and be patient with him.

Then Dr Jones pauses before he addresses Amy again. " Look, Amy, Ty does not remember your marriage or his married life, at all. I would suggest that you go slow with introducing your relationship to him. Let those memories and feelings come back on their own and be there to help him recall those events. Remember, right now, all Ty knows about you is that you were Jack's daughter. I might suggest that you return him to that place in his life and build from there. I know that will be difficult, but if you try to introduce new things too fast, it might slow down his progress. "

Amy, looking at Jack, says, "Grandpa, we should put Ty up in the loft when we get home. What do you think?" Jack Responds, " I think that would be the best."

All the family then moves to Ty's room where he stayed for the last 5 years. As they gather around the bed, Dr. Jones asks Ty, " Who do you remember, Ty?" As Ty moves around the room with his eyes, he sees Jack, first, then Amy, then Lou. He says, "Jack, I remember my first visit to Heartland and when I questioned you about Amy and Lou, you told me that they were your granddaughters and that they were off limits. I think you even said if anything or any part of me comes within 10 feet of them, you would cut it off!" Jack, laughing, said, "You are right Ty! You are right!". As his eyes move around the room, he does not recognize anyone else so Jack begins to introduce them. "Ty this is Peter, Lou's husband. This is Tim, Amy and Lou's father, and Lyndi's grandfather. And this little beauty is Lyndi, you and Amy's daughter. And of course, this is Amy, your wife."

Ty became very emotional as his eyes were moving back and forth between Amy and Lindi. He was speechless and was visibly shaken. At that time Amy grabbed Ty's hand and softly said, "Ty, I know this is difficult for you and you probably are feeling very overwhelmed. So am I, but I promise that we will get through this and you will remember the wonderful life we have with Lyndi and our family. We are going to take this slow and I will be with you all the way. I love you Ty and so do all of these family members. We will help you regain your memories! I promise!" She then kisses Ty on the forehead and slowly releases his hand.

Amy and Jack decide to fix up the loft and have Ty stay there until he progresses to the point that he remembers his marriage to Amy. Then they will move back together in the house. Amy then goes back to Heartland to prepare for Ty's homecoming. The rest of the family disburse and go about their business for the day.

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I love this show, now I'm reading this part of the book it's step by step like the movie.

Now I want to read the 2nd part

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