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My wife and I have fallen in love with the Heartland series because the love story that is developed between Ty and Amy not only parallels our love story, but the genuine wholesomeness of the characters and their relationship allowed us to become part of the story!  We cried when they cried, we laughed when they laughed, all the emotions that the characters portraited became part of our emotions as we consumed ourselves within every episode.  

We believe that Amy and Ty's love story will go down in history as one of the best ever!  That is why as an author, I decided to continue the love story left in season 14. 

We are still excited to see how the writers will frame the characters as the story of Amy and Heartland continues, but we have to continue the love story between the Ty and Amy characters, even if it is for our own pleasure. 

My plans were to write "a" book, however, as I began to write, as it happens, I began to visualize a series of books that will take Ty and Ami through their years as they take over the Heartland tradition and grow their family. 

I hope you enjoy this book and the next issues to come as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Heartland Reimagined is free to anyone who is a fan of the Heartland Saga!  However, if you would like to contribute to help support my book writing efforts, please tap "Support The Author" on the site and donate.  It would be greatly appreciated.

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