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Chapter 9: Lisa's Legacy

It was a warm summer night Amy and Ty were sitting out on the porch taking in the beautiful sunset watching as the kids were throwing the football in the front yard. Ty, "Amy, look at Lyndi, she can really hold her own with the twins. All of our kids are very athletic. They must get that from me!"

Amy laughing, "What? You! I am the athletic one of this family! They get that from me! How quick we forget that my father and grandfather where hall of fame rodeo stars!"

Ty, "Let's see who is the best. Kids, throw me the ball! Ok, we are going to have a contest. Three events, a race, throwing the football at a target, and kicking. Kid's you are the judges. Who is the best athlete between your mother and I?"

Tyson, "That is easy. Mom!"

TJ, "You suck up, Dad is the best, he is the man of the family!"

Lyndi, "Just because he is the man doesn't mean he is the best!"

TJ, "You will see! Get um, Dad!"

Ty, "Ok, let's see who is the fastest. We will run to the barn and back and you have to touch the barn door. Lyndi, you start us. Are you ready Mrs. Athletic?"

Amy, "Oh, you betcha! Are YOU ready? Let's go Lyndi."

Lyndi, "On your mark. Get Set. Go!"

Ty and Amy are running as fast as they can to the barn. Amy is edging ahead of Ty slightly, when Ty grabs hold of Amy and takes her to the ground. Wrestling around, Amy laughing, "What are you doing? That is cheating! You can't tackle me when you know that I am beating you!"

All the kids decide they want to join in on the wrestle, so they run to where Ty and Amy are and start piling on. Ty and Amy start to tickle the kids and wrestle with them on the ground.

Amy, "I see how this goes! Now that we have a distraction and you obviously realize that I am the better athlete. You must be ready to concede, right?"

Ty, "I don't think so. There are two more events we have planned. I will give you the race!"

Lyndi, "Ok, what is next? Kicking? Let's go, TJ, throw me the ball and you and Tyson go over there to catch the kicks. OK?"

The twins go out into the yard waiting for the ball. Ty is first. Ty holds the ball in one hand and tries to kick it. The ball sails left off his foot and goes about 10 yards. The twins laughing are running to the ball. "Come on Dad. You can do better than that!"

Ty, "I am not so sure. I don't think I have ever kicked a ball like that before."

Amy, laughing hard, "Ok, my turn. Surely, I can do better than that!"

Amy holds the football in one hand just like Ty, and tries to kick it.

Ty, "Amy, You missed the ball completely! I think that means I win the kicking competition.!"

The kids run after the ball and pick it up. "Watch mom/dad! This is how you do it!" and Tyson kicks the ball and it almost reaches the barn. Amy, "That is awesome Tyson. When did you learn how to do that?"

Tyson, "TJ and I watch them do it on TV and we come outside and try to mimic their kicks."

Amy, "That is so cool!"

About that time the phone is ringing in the house. Ty runs inside to answer it. Jack is on the other line calling from France. Ty, "I am so glad you picked up the phone. I have some bad news that I need to tell you and I wanted to say it to you first. You know that Lisa has been having some issues with her health and she has tried not to burden anyone with all the details. But the time has come and Lisa is not doing well at all. Matter of fact, the doctors only give her a few months to live!" Jack is considerably shaken and Ty has picked up on his emotional state.

Ty, "Jack, I didn't know that Lisa's health situation was to that point."

Jack, "Well, you know how private Lisa can be and on this issue she was keeping it pretty close to the vest."

Ty, "Jack, what can we do?"

Jack, "Well, I am not sure. We just got the news a few hours ago and it hasn't sunk in quite yet. I wanted to let you know so that you could tell the family. I wanted it to come from you and Amy!"

Ty, "I fully understand. Amy and I will let the others know. Jack, how are you doing? Is there anything I can do in the short run to get you anything. I know you are in France, so , not really sure what I can do!"

Jack, "I will be ok. Just need you to let the family know so they can be prepared! I need to go now. I will call you with more information in the morning."

Amy is still outside playing with the kids trying to learn how to kick the ball so she can beat Ty in kicking, when Ty calls out to her, "Amy, can you come see? That was Jack!"

Amy, "Ty, watch. I can kick the ball!"

Ty, "Great, Amy! Come see."

Amy, throws the ball to Lyndi and run into the house where Ty is standing in the Kitchen. Amy sees that he is noticeably shaken and asks, "Ty, what is going on? Who was that on the phone?"

Ty, "Amy, that was Jack! Did you know that Lisa was having medical issues? Like serious medical issues!"

Amy, "Lou mentioned something about Lisa having some test run in France, but I didn't think it was serious. Lou, sort of made it sound like it was nothing to worry about."

Ty, "Well, that was Jack and the doctors have only given Lisa a few months to live!"

Amy, "Are you serious! I don't know what to say! What all did Grandpa say? How is he doing?"

Ty, "Amy, I have lots of questions, too, but Jack only gave me that piece of information. He wants you and me to let the family know. What are we going to tell the kids? They adore Lisa!"

Amy, "Let's not say anything tonight. Let's not spoil their fun!"

Ty, "Amy, I think we should go to France and be with Jack and Lisa. I don't know if she is going to stay there or want to come home, but I feel they need us up there! What do you think?"

Amy grabs hold to Ty and puts her head into his shoulder. The impact of the news has suddenly overwhelmed her and she begins to cry. Ty, "Amy, I am so sorry. I know she has been a very special influence to our family and to know she only has a few months and she is in France has to be upsetting."

Amy, gathering herself, "Not just that but Grandpa, too. He is over there by himself. Ty, he has been through so much. Now was the time that he could settle back in retirement, with Lisa, and enjoy the rest of his life. I am so sad, just so sad. Why does this have to happen now?"

Ty, holding Amy firmly, "I know Amy, that is why we need to be strong for both Jack and Lisa. I think we should encourage them to come home and be with family where we can take care of them from here."

Amy, "I would agree. But I do think we should go to France to bring them home."

About that time Lyndi runs into the house yelling, "Come on Guys. We are waiting to finish the challenge!" That is when she noticed that both her mom and dad were upset. "What is going on? What has happened?"

Ty, "Sweety we got some bad news and are trying to process it. I think we need to call it a night."

Lyndi, "What is going on!"

Amy, "You need to keep this between us for now but grandma Lisa is very sick and we are needing to go to GG in France."

Lyndi, "What do you mean sick.. She look fine last time we saw her."

Ty, "We are waiting to get more information from GG, but for right now we just need to pray for her, ok?"

Lyndi, "I can do that.. I will get the boys in."

Amy, "Thanks Lyndi. Once we know more we will let you know. Remember you need to keep this between us until we let the others know."

Ty and Amy prepare to go to sleep. All of the kids are snuggled in and Ty looks at Amy, "Amy, I really think we need to go to France and be with Jack. I think we need to encourage them to come home for these next few months and we can help them get things wrapped up there. Listening to Jack, he is trying to put on a brave face, but I could tell in his voice he is upset."

Amy, "Ty, I think you are right. Let's talk with him tomorrow when he calls and tell him we want to do this. I don't think we should take no for an answer. We can get Dad and Shane to come over here and stay with the kids while we are gone. I can wrap up a few things at work and reschedule a meeting that I had for next week. What about you?"

Ty, "Well, it is never a good time, but this needs to be done. I can get Scott and Kas to cover for me."

Amy, "Good, then it is settled, I will work on the tickets tomorrow and we can plan to leave Tuesday."

Ty, "I love you Amy. I hope we both can get some sleep tonight."

Amy, reaching over and snuggling up to Ty, "You are my rock, Mr. Borden. I love you too! Good night."

The next morning came pretty quick and Ty was first up in the kitchen making coffee. With the time difference between France and Canada, it was about 10:00 in the morning so Ty places a call to Jack. "Hello, Ty. Up early I see. What's up?"

Ty, "Jack, Amy and I are going to speak to everyone this morning and break the news about Lisa to them. Are there any updates from yesterday?"

Jack, "We met with the doctors and they are pretty convinced that any effort to extend Lisa's life would not work, and it would probably mean for her to stay in the hospital until the end."

Ty, "Jack, I am so sorry that you guys are having to go through this. So what are your plans?"

Jack, "Well, right now we are still trying to figure that out."

Ty, "Well, Amy and I talked last night and we want you to come home. Lisa needs family right now and the best thing for her, and you, would be to come home. Amy and I are planning to come over there tomorrow to be with you guys, and to help you pack up. Jack, we want you back here at Heartland.! What do you think?"

Jack, "Ty, we too have discussed this and I think we would agree that Heartland is where we want to spend Lisa's last days. However, we did not want to trouble you guys or be a burden."

Ty, "Jack, put those thought away! You belong here with Lisa and we will make sure the accommodations here will provide her with the comfort and love she will need right now. Also, I think having the kids around will cheer up the atmosphere. You know Lyndi will, and the twins are really fun to be around."

Jack, "That sounds like something that she would like."

Ty, "So Amy and I will be there Wednesday morning and we can make all the arrangement then and help you guys get packed up to come home. Amy will be so excited and so will the rest of the family. You tell Lisa are prayers are with her and we will see her soon."

Jack, "Alright, I will make arrangements to pick you guys up when you get in. See you Wednesday!"

Ty, "Bye, Jack!

Amy was getting up when she heard Ty on the phone with Jack. "Sounds like Jack and Lisa are coming back to Heartland, Hey?"

Ty, "Yes, She and Jack had already discussed coming home and I think Jack was relieved when I told him we would come tomorrow to be with them and help them come home."

Amy, "So it's a go. I will book the flights this morning and send grandpa the itinerary. Ty, I think this is a great that we are doing this. I need to get ready and go over to dad's and Lou's and fill them in on the news."

Ty, "Sounds great, I will get with Scott and Kas and make sure they can cover anything that comes up. Do you think we should tell them about Lisa?"

Amy, "Lisa is very private. I think if she wants to tell them, she will. For now just say we are going to meet grandpa and Lisa in France."

Amy and Ty get the kids ready and head over to Tim's ranch. Tim was outside working on the tractor with Shane when they pull into the yard. Ty, "Kids you guys stay in the truck. Your mom and I have to discuss some business with grandpa and then we are going over to Aunt Lou's." Ty and Amy get out of the truck and head over to where Tim and Shane are standing.

Amy," Dad, we have some bad news. Grandpa called and told us last night that Lisa has had some serious medical problems and that the doctors have given her only a few month to live. Ty and I are flying to France tomorrow to be with them and help get them packed up so they can come back to Heartland to live out the time Lisa has left. Can I ask you to stay with the kids at Heartland while we are gone?"

Tim, "Honey, sure, sure, not a problem. But Lisa, I didn't know that she had any medical issues. Was this sudden? Why didn't Jack tell me! For God sake, I could have done something. "

Amy, "Dad, you know how private Lisa is. This took us all by surprise!"

Tim, "Does Lou and Peter know?"

Amy, "No, we are going over there now to fill them in. I know this is a shock, but it is to all of us. So dad, you good with the kids for a couple of days?

Tim, "Sure, I got that covered. So Sad, so sad!"

Ty, "Thank you Tim, we are going to be leaving tonight, so if you could make arrangements to be at Heartland around 4 PM that would be great."

Amy and Ty go back to the truck and head over the Fair Field where Lou and Peter are preparing for the day. They go into to Lou's office and shuts the door. "Lou, we have some bad news to tell you. Can you ask Peter to come in so both of you can hear this together?"

Lou, as she is pushing the intercom button to ring Peter, "Peter, can you come up to my office please?" Within a few minutes Peter comes into the office and sees Ty and Amy standing with Lou looking out over the stables.

Ty, "Guys, we got some bad news last night and wanted to come share this with you in person. Jack called and told us that Lisa is sick and has only a few months to live. We called Jack this morning and Amy and I will be heading to France this evening to be with Jack and Lisa and help them pack up so that Lisa can be around family and be home at Heartland for these last months."

Peter, "Wow! I didn't even know she was sick. When did all this take place? Lou, did you know anything about this?

Lou, "Well, at the Olympics Lisa told me that she was not feeling very well and was going to a specialist to see why she was so fatigued. She didn't seem to be to alarmed about it, but you know how private Lisa is. If I would have known, I could have done something for her!"

Amy, "Lou, we all could have done something for her if we knew. That is why now that we know, we are going to make this the best few months of her life. We have asked them to stay at Heartland where they will be around the kids and all the loving we can give them."

Ty, "Amy, I need to go to my office to make my arrangements for the trip. Don't you need to take care of a few things?"

Amy, "Yes, I do!

Lou, "Amy, I can cover whatever you need while you are gone. Just let me know what you need me to do."

Peter, "What about your kids? Lou and I can take them in if need be."

Ty, "Tim and Shane are going to stay with them at Heartland. However, you might want to check in on them to see if they need any help."

Peter, "Great, we will do that!"

Amy and Ty head off to their offices where their kids have come in from playing in the stable yard. Their offices were connected to each other so Amy called the kids into the office along with Ty. "Guys, I need to tell you something important, so come over here and sit down. Your dad and I are going to France this evening to see GG and Lisa. They are coming home to stay with us for a while and we are going to help them pack and get things ready for their move. Grandpa and Shane are going to stay here with you while we are gone, so you need to be on your best behavior. Lyndi will report to us any nonsense that you guys get into. Also, Lyndi. We need you to help grandpa with taking care of your brothers. Are we good?"

Lyndi, "So GG and Lisa are coming back to stay for good at Heartland?"

Ty, "Yes, Lyndi. Remember what we told you last night. We have told the others so we are going to get them and bring them home. We think that being around Heartland with the family is the most important thing for Lisa right now."

TJ, "What is wrong with Lisa?"

Amy, "TJ, Lisa is not feeling very well and she needs to be around family. Do you understand?"

Tyson, "That is because we are a cool family, right dad!"

Ty, "Right, Tyson."

As the kids run out the door, Lyndi stays behind and says, "Mom, dad, we need to pray and ask God to look over us during this time. I know it will be difficult in the coming months, but with God's help, we can make this transition as peaceful as possible."

Amy, "I agree. Let's include them in our prayer time."

Ty, "Lyndi, you are simply amazing! Just like your mother, your heart if filled with joy and peace and you care about others so much. We love you for that. What a special girl!"

Lyndi, "Thanks dad, that means a lot to me!"

Ty and Amy wrap up their tasks and gather the kids to head back to Heartland to pack.

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
15 lis 2021

I am sad for Lisa and for Jack 🙏 Lyndy is such an amazing girl she always thinks about others first and praying for them 🙏😍



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