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Chapter 3: Welcoming The Twins

Lyndi burst into the room, then Ty as they raced each other down the hall. There Amy was sitting up sipping on some water when she says, "Guys, what are you doing? Don't you ever stop messing around?"

Lyndi, "Well, Dad wanted to race me to the room!"

Ty laughing, "Come on Lyndi, it was your idea!"

Amy, "You guys!"

Lyndi, "Were are the twins?"

Amy, "They are going to bring them up in a few minutes."

Lyndi, "I can't wait to see them."

Ty, "Amy, you know we need to decide on their names. We don't want to not name them like your dad did with his horse!"

Amy, "I thought once we saw them it will be easier to name them!"

Ty, "Are we still thinking Timothy Jackson and Tyson Tyler? I love those names!"

Lyndi, "I do too. We can call Timothy TJ!"

Amy, "I think we can settle on those names, we just have to choose which one gets which name."

Two nurses with incubators roll into the room and set them up in the special monitoring area of the room. The lead nurse gives instructions on how to care for the babies while they are incubated. "For the next few days you can only touch them through the incubator. You can put your arms in here and rub them softly. You also need to speak to them. It is soothing for them to hear a voice. Especially the ones who have been around them during the pregnancy. I will leave you guys with them. If you need us just press this button. Remember we are monitoring them from the nurses station."

Lyndi and Ty go over to the twins and are looking Intently at each one. Lyndi, Dad they are so small. I wish I could hold them"

Ty, "Lyndi look at their little Hands and feet. I remember when you were little I could not get over your little hands and feet. You would grab on to my finger and hold it. Try it. Put your hands in the sleeves and see it he will grab your finger." So Lyndi puts her arms into the sleeves then, maneuvers her hand to his. "Dad, look he is grabbing my finger! How cool. Let me try with the other." Lyndi goes to the other incubator and does the same. Unfortunately, she did not get any response.

Lyndi responds, "Ok, I think this one is Tyson and the one who grabbed my finger is TJ. What do you think?"

Amy still too weak to get up by herself say, "Ty, can you help me to the wheelchair, I want to come over and see." Ty grabs the wheelchair and eases Amy into the seat. He pushes her over to the twins. Amy looks intently into the incubators and begin to sob.

Ty, "What is wrong, Amy?"

Amy, "I am so overwhelmed with joy and sadness. I am so happy to have the twins here, but sad that I had to deliver them early."

Ty, "Amy, you don't need to be sad about the early delivery. You know it happens like this sometimes. It is not your fault. So what do you think about Lyndi's choice? "

Amy laughing, "TJ does kind of look like dad."

Ty, "Then that settles it. He is TJ and the other is Tyson. All three huddle around the wheelchair for a long group hug.

It was a little around lunch when the family began to arrive. Amy was sitting up in bed and Ty and Lyndi each had an incubator and was stroking the twins through the sleeves. Lou and Katy were the first to arrive. Lou, "Amy, I am so happy for you guys. I know that you can't wait to get them home.

Amy, "I can wait to be able to hold them. They said it could be 30 to 45 days before the will be allowed out of incubation."

Ty, "Amy I think we will be able to hold them before that."

Amy, "I sure hope so."

Katy, "So what are their names?"

Lindy, "This one that I am stroking is Timothy Jackson. We are calling him TJ and the one that dad has is Tyson Tyler."

Lou, "Wow you name TJ after dad and grandpa. They are going to be so excited."

Lou hugging Amy, "So how are you doing? I understand you had quite an experience delivering the twins."

Amy, "I am quite sore, but feel pretty good. Just a bit overwhelmed with all this, you know!"

Lou, "I don't know how you do it Amy. You have been put in some really stressful circumstances and you always seem to have things work out for you."

Amy, "Well, it doesn't hurt to have Lyndi praying over you day and night. Right Lyndi?"

Lyndi, not skipping a beat, "Right, Mom!"

Lou, "That is pretty awesome!"

About that time Tim, Jack and Lisa come into the room. Jack goes over to Amy and gives her a huge hug.

Ty announces, "We have a special announcement we want to make now that you guys are here. We decided to name one of the twins Timothy Jackson. We are going to call him TJ. Tim, Jack, you guys have been such an influence in our lives we wanted to honor you with a name sake."

Tim, "I am so proud of you two and how you have handled the obstacles in your lives. I am overwhelmed and don't know what to say except thank you."

Jack, "That is quite the jester. Thank you. You know, you could just call him Jack."

Tim laughing, " Jack, we should call him Tim. Heck, look at him. He looks like me!"

Amy, "Guys, be serious. We really wanted to do something special for you and naming one of the twins with both of your names seemed fitting.

Tim, "You know, you could have named one Jack and the other Tim. I am just saying!"

Amy, laughing, "We could have not named them after you guys at all! How's that!

The nurse comes in and says, "Guys we need to let Amy get some rest." The family gave their last goodbyes and headed out the door. Lisa asked, "Lyndi, why don't you come with us and we can get you fed and you can freshen up."

Ty,"Lyndi that is a great idea.. You have been here since yesterday. I will follow you guys after I have a few minutes with your mom." Lyndi agrees and leaves with Jack and Lisa back to Heartland.

Lisa, "Lyndi, they are so cute. You are going to have a lot of fun raising those two with your mom and dad."

With just Amy and Ty in the room Ty goes over to the bed and lays down with Amy and hugs her.. "Amy. I am so proud and thankful that you gave us twins. I didn't think I could love you anymore than I do, but you always seem to bring my love to another level."

Amy, "Ty, I am so happy that I can share my life with you. I really look forward to growing our little family. And how about our Lyndi. How special is she!"

Ty, "I know. To be so young and to be so mature. She is so special. You know Amy, I prayed by myself for the first time yesterday asking God to make sure everything turns out all right. At that moment, I had this peace about me that everything was going to be ok. Just like Lyndi had when she prayed over you in the car. I can't explain it, but it is an awesome experience."

Amy, "Ty, when you were in the coma, Lyndi and I would kneel by her bed and say a prayer every night that you would come back to us. I got the same feeling of hope that you are talking about."

Ty, "That is pretty awesome! So, I am going to go freshen up at Heartland. You get some sleep and we will be back this evening."

Ty embraces Amy and gives her a huge kiss. Then leaves the room to go to heartland. Amy settles in and immediately falls asleep.

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This is the way the show should be do bring Ty back so this can really happen.

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