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Chapter 2: The Delivery

Amy settles back and takes a deep breathe. Then, all of the sudden the worst cramp she has had so far grips her body and she yells out at the top of her voice, "Ty, Ty, something is happening, help me!" Ty almost to the door, hears Amy's cry and turns around running back to the room. There he is greeted by Dr. Jones and the station nurse rushing to see what is happening.

Dr. Jones, "Sally, I think she is going into labor, let's get her to the operating room, I think we are going to have to take the babies tonight!" Sally, immediately understands the orders and starts to prep Amy for delivery. Dr. Jones turns to Ty and Lyndi and says, "Guys, looks like the boys are ready to come. It is a bit early, but we are going to do everything to make sure everyone is safe. I need you guys to go back to the waiting room and I will come and get you when we finish the procedure."

Ty, now holding Amy's hand says, "We are here Amy, looks like we are going to see the boys tonight! Lyndi and I are here! We love you!" Sally ushers Lyndi and Ty out of the room and points them to the waiting room.

In the waiting room, Lyndi settles in and begins to pray for her mother and brothers. Ty, watching, decides to join in and holds Lyndi's hand. Lyndi, "Dad, everything is going to be alright, it is in God's hands now!"

Ty is trying to hold back his emotions grabs Lyndi and embraces her. "Lyndi, how do you stay so strong? You are amazing!"

For the next few hours Ty and Lyndi are wait to hear from Dr. Jones. Ty calls Jack and Lisa at Heartland to bring them up to date. Jack, "Ty, thanks for the call and the update. Do you need us to come up there and pick up Lyndi?"

Ty, "No, Jack. We are ok. However, it looks like we are going to be parents again tonight. I think Dr. Jones is delivering the twins."

Jack, "That is a little soon isn't it?"

Ty, "Yes, they are going to have to perform a Cesarian and keep the babies in the NICU for a while. We have been praying that all goes well tonight."

Jack, "We are going to wrap things up here and head your way. I am sure Lou and Tim will want to be there too!"

Ty, "Good enough, I will see you guys soon."

Jack and Lisa were rushing to put things up so they could head to the hospital. Jack, "Lisa looks like we are going to be great grandparents tonight. I am so excited for those three."

Lisa, "They have sure been through a lot over the past years.. I hope this will be a turning point in their lives.

Jack, "I can't help to think that these boys coming this early might be a bit challenging for them.

Lisa, "Whatever happens we will be there for them every step of the way, ah."

Jack, "You are so right!"

Lou, Peter and Katie were just finishing supper when the phone rings. Lou answered the phone and on the other end Jack says, "Lou, great news. The twins are coming right now. Ty and lyndi are at the hospital in Calgary and Lisa and I are headed that way. Amy is having a C section and is in delivery now."

Lou, "Grandpa, That is too soon, what happened?"

Jack, "She was feeling bad this evening and all of the sudden buckled under and Ty and Lyndi rushed her to the hospital. That is all we know."

Lou, "We will meet you there!"

Tim was watching the hockey game when the call came in. Jack, "Tim, looks like the twins are coming tonight. Lisa, Lou, Katie and I are headed to the hospital in Calgary. They are doing emergency surgery to take the babies."

Tim, "Jack, that's not good.. It is too early."

Jack, "Well, the twins don't know that and they are coming. You meet us at the hospital."

One by one the family arrives at the hospital .. First Lou and Katie, then Jack and Lisa, and finally Tim. Waiting in the room are Ty and Lyndi. Tim, "So what do we know?"

Ty, "Amy is still in delivery and it has been about two hours. Haven't been updated."

Tim, "Well, let's get an update, now! Where is that doctor?"

Jack, "Tim. You just got her and have already started trouble.. Just sit down and when they are finished they will let us know."

Tim, "Sit down! No! I need to know what is going on with my daughter!"

Ty, "Tim, please. Sit down. The doctor is with Amy right now delivering our boys!"

Ty, couldn't help to think that it was taking longer that he expected. Looking clearly a bit concerned he leaned over to Lyndi and said, "I could use a bit of prayer right now."

Lyndi, "Sure Dad, give me your hand." And the next few minutes Lyndi said a silent prayer for her mom, dad and the boys.

As Lyndi was finishing up Dr. Jones came around the corner and into the waiting room. All the family gathered around and Lyndi kept a clutch on Ty's hand. Dr. Jones, Well it has been a rough night. First the babies. Both are doing well but premature. We have them in the NICU under observation. They are a bit distressed considering their age but it looks like they are doing well for the moment."

Ty taking a deep sigh asks, "What about Amy. How is my wife doing?"

Dr. Jones, "Amy on the other hand had a very rough delivery. Even though we sedated her and did a Cesarian, she bled out pretty much. We had to do a few thing to get her stable, so she is resting now in recovery. She should be fine. However her recovery might take a little longer."

Ty, feeling relieved asked, "When can we see her?"

Dr.Jones, "If you would like I can take you to recovery but she is really groggy. Why don't you and Lyndi come with me."

As Ty and Lyndi head down the hall. The family is still filled with questions. Lisa, "When can we see the babies?"

Lou, "I think Amy needs me."

Tim, "Let's ask the nurse if we can go see the twins."

Jack, "Just hold your horses Lisa. Let Ty go to Amy. When he gets back I am sure we will get all our questions answered."

Lyndi and Ty follow Dr. Jones into the recovery room and Amy is lying still on the bed with tubes going everywhere. She was breathing on a ventilator and all the sounds from the machines that were connected to her were sounding off.

Dr. Jones, "Ty, Lyndi it looks worse than it is. Like I said she had a rough delivery and we had to take some aggressive measures to pull them all through."

Ty, "What aggressive measures!"

Dr. Jones, "Amy lost a lot of blood and went into cardiac arrhythmia. We had to keep her there while we delivered the babies, then had to shock her heart to get it back to normal. It took several attempts, so the after effects are just the precautions you see right now. In the morning we should be able to get her off everything so she can fully recover.

Ty, leaning over to Amy kisses her forehead and grabs her hand. He whispers, "Amy, the boys are good. You are good just taking some precautions. We love you. Look Lyndi is right here. She and I have been praying for you and the boys all night. The whole family is here to see you and the twins. We love you!"

As Ty is speaking, Amy's eyes begin to water up and she grabs Ty arm. She was trying to tell him something, but is unable to speak because of the vent. She becomes noticeably frustrated and the doctor says, "Ty, Let's give her some rest. We will pull the vent out in the morning and she will be able to speak to you. Why don't you go and get some rest?" Ty, nervously responds, "Doctor, I understand, but I don't want to leave her side. We don't want to leave her side. She needs us here. I can tell." So Dr. Jones informs the staff to allow Ty and Lyndi to stay with Amy through the night.

Sitting next to Amy, Ty reaches over to Lyndi and says, "Lyndi, come over here and hold your mom's hand. I need to go let the guys know what the status is." Lyndi pushes her chair over to grab hold of her mother's hand and as she does, Amy squeezes it.

Lyndi, " Mom, you did great. You are going to be alright! I know it! And the boys are going to be fine too!" Amy squeezes her hand again to acknowledge her comment.

Ty is heading down the hall to the waiting room where the family is getting a bit impatient. Tim, "Ty, what the hell! What is going on."

Ty, "Amy has had a rough delivery and they have her on a ventilator. She had a cardiac event during the delivery and as a precaution they are monitoring her heart very closely. Also, she lost a lot of blood so she is very weak. However, she is responding and the twins are in the nursery being tended to."

Lou, "Ty, the babies are early. What is the status?"

Ty, "Lou, not real sure except for what the doctor said. They are doing ok, but we won't be able to bring them to Heartland for another 30 to 45 days. They are going to setup a schedule for us to come and visit them during that period, but we won't have that until tomorrow. So I think you guys should go on back home and get some rest. We will know more tomorrow and Amy will be off the monitors."

Jack, "Ty do you want us to take Lyndi?"

Ty laughing, "She isn't going anywhere. She wants to be with her mom."

Jack, "Good enough. We will see you tomorrow."

Everyone begins to leave the hospital except for Lou who stays behind. "Ty, are you sure there is nothing more you need to tell us?

Ty, "Lou, no, that is all I have. It has been a rough night for her and the twins, but I think the worst is over.

Lou, "Great, I will be back tomorrow."

Ty goes back to the room where Lyndi has crawled up on the bed next to Amy and has fallen asleep. Trying not to wake them, Ty settles into the chair and grabs Amy's hand. Having never really prayed before, Ty begins to thank God for taking care of his family during this time. He also, continues to ask for recovery in the future. Then, as he begins to feel the presence of the Spirit, he begins to ask God to give him the faith that Lyndi has. He feels a peace overcome his body that he can't explain and he dozes off to sleep.

The next morning Ty and Lyndi are awaken by the doctor. "Guys, we need a few minutes to get Amy off of these machines and pull her vent. Also, we are going to move her to a new suite in the NICU where you guys can have the twins in the room with you while they are in incubation. Why don't you go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat and drink. This will take about an hour to get everything done and moved. "

Ty grabs Amy's hand and says, "Amy, we will see you up there. I love you!"

Lyndi, "I love you too, Mom." Ty and Lyndi leave the room as the doctor and nurses prepare to move Amy.

In the cafeteria Lyndi says, "Dad, I can't wait to see the twins. I am so excited that I can hardly eat."

Ty, "Lyndi, I remember when you were born. We were in the loft and your mother delivered you naturally. You were so pretty and perfect and I was so proud. Remember, your brothers arrived a bit early, so don't be alarmed when you see them." Lyndi, "I understand."

Ty thinking back on the nights events said, "Man, what a night, huh? You were so strong Lyndi, I really am so proud of how you handled last night's events. I want to tell you that when you were laying with Mom, I said a prayer and asked God to protect us through this journey and a peace came over me like I have never felt before."

Lyndi, "Dad, I know what you mean. When I prayed for you and mom, God gave me the comfort that everything was going to be alright. Even when things got tough. How great is that!"

Ty, "Pretty great! Hey, let's get up to the room and meet our new family members."

Lyndi, "Race you there!"

Ty, "Lyndi, no running in the halls!" As he takes off towards the room in a trot laughing.

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Dec 27, 2021

Beautiful story. I wish this would have been their story on Heartland.

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