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Chapter 1: Here Comes The Twins

It has been six months since Amy was told that she was pregnant and one month since she found out she was going to have twin boys. Most of the shock of finding out she was going to have twins is over, but the preparation for twin boys has just begun. Lyndi has been a huge help since Amy has had to reduce her activities due to a few complications with her pregnancy.

Today, they are fixing up the nursery that Lou had used for Katie. "Mom, how do you want to arrange this furniture so that we can accommodate two cradle beds?"

Amy, "What do you think about putting one bed on this wall and the other over there?"

Lyndi, "That sounds great, now all we have left to do is get the rocker in and we will be done. I can't wait mom, this is going to be so exciting."

Amy: "Lyndi, you have been so supportive and helpful, I don't know how I would have done this without you."

Ty and Lisa come into the room and begin to surveil the surrounding. Lisa notices a blanket draped over one of the cribs that she had gotten Katy when She and Lou setup the nursery for her and said, "Guys, where did you find that blanket? I got that for Katy when she was a baby!"

Amy responds, "Lisa, we found this in the linens with the old baby bed. How gorgeous is it?"

Lisa, "It sure is and it matches so well. I need to try and get another to match for the twins.

Ty is going through some of the things that were set around the room and the fact that he was not only going to be a father, but a father of two boys left him a bit overwhelmed, so he grabs Amy and brings her in close. "I am so excited about the babies, I just don't know what to say. I love you Amy, I love you to the moon and back."

Amy not missing a cue grabs hold of Ty's neck and as she gives him a big kiss she says, "Ty our lives are about to really change. Three kids are going to be challenging, but thankfully we will be raising them here at Heartland.

Ty responds, "Just like we planned it, hey!"

Amy, laughing, "Only to the Moon!"

Lisa, "Have you guys given much more thought to their names?

Ty, "I was thinking Tyler Borden, Jr.!"

Amy, "Ty, there are two guys in here. You can't have one a name sake and another with just a name. That will ruin them for life!"

Ty, "I know, but it sounds so good."

Lisa, "What other names have you considered?"

Amy, "We like Tyson, Timothy, and Jackson. It would be great to name one Timothy Jackson. That would make two men in this family quite happy."

Lisa, "Why not Timothy Jackson, and you can call him TJ and name the other Tyson Tyler. That way you make everyone happy!"

Ty, "Hey, I like that!"

Lyndi chimes in, "I love TJ. I can see me calling him. TJ get out of the cookies. TJ get up!"

Amy, "Well, we do have some time to think about it. Those are definite considerations."

That evening as the family was finishing up dinner, Amy was feeling a bit crampy from what she thought were the day's activities. She had gained much more weight with the twins than with Lyndi so she thought that was a normal part of the pregnancy. Having just seen the doctor, she didn't think it was necessary to get it checked, so she just accepted the cramping as part of it.

Lyndi, watching her mom struggle a bit, asks, "Mom, are you ok? You have been rubbing your stomach and fidgeting all night. What is going on? "

Amy, not trying to alarm anyone told her, "It's ok honey I am cramping a bit, but that is probably due to the extra pounds I am having to lug around. Your brothers are going to be big strong boys if this weight has anything to do with it!"

Lyndi, "We are going to need them to help out around here at Heartland!"

Amy, "You know it. I think I am going to lay down for a few minutes, can you guys finish up the dishes?"

Ty, "Sure, Amy. Why don't you go and lay down. We got this! Lyndi, can you bring up the dishes and I will start washing them."

Lyndi, "Dad, why don't we use the dishwasher. I think it is crazy we still wash dishes when we have a very good dishwasher right here!"

Ty, "Ok, Let's give it a try!"

Amy slowly getting up and really feeling out of sorts, heads toward the bedroom when all of the sudden she buckles over and cries out, "Ty, Ty, I think something is wrong. I am cramping up real bad." Ty running over to assist Amy helps her to the couch, but Amy is resisting and becoming very restless. "Ty, you need get me to the hospital, something is seriously wrong" At this time Amy has caught the attention of Jack and he immediately gets the truck and bring it around to the front. However, Amy is becoming very lethargic . So Ty not wasting any time, picks up Amy into his arms and brings her to the truck.

Ty, "Jack, can you and Lisa watch Lyndi while Amy and I go get checked out?"

Lyndi, "No, Dad! I want to go with you to the hospital. You might need some help along the way and I need to be there!"

Ty, "Ok, let's go! Let's get mom in the back seat."

Ty is speeding towards the hospital in Calgary. He ask Lyndi to dial Dr Jones and tell her that we are taking Amy to the hospital. Lyndi gets her on the phone and begins to relay what Ty had told her when Dr.Jones responds," Lyndi, put you dad on the speaker. Ty tell me exactly what happened."

Ty responds, "Well, Amy has been cramping all day and tonight she buckled over and is in a lot of pain. She has been lethargic since the pain came on strong tonight."

Dr Jones, "Sounds like she is trying to have those babies. Did her water break?"

Ty, "Not really sure."

Dr. Jones. "Let's get her checked in and I will meet you guys there. Ty, try not to worry. We knew we might have issues with getting these babies delivered."

Lyndi taking it all in begins to pray for her mother and the babies. Ty, looking in the mirror sees Lyndi's hand upon Amy stomach with her eyes closed and says, "Lyndi, that is a great idea. We need to ask God to protect mom and the babies."

After she finished she responded, "Dad, God has never let me down. He brought you back to us and now he will protect mom and my brothers."

Ty, getting a bit emotional responds, "Lyndi, your faith is so infectious. I feel we are in good hands."

As Ty turns into the emergency entrance there are several nurses and Dr. Jones waiting with a gurney to receive Amy. As they take Amy from the back seat, they can see that she is really in destress and semi-conscious. Dr. Jones, "Guys we have it from here, why don't you and Lyndi go to the waiting room and I will come get you after I have assessed the problem."

In the waiting room Ty paces the floor as Lyndi is patiently sitting awaiting for some answers. Lyndi, "Dad, why don't you call home and give them a report. I know we don't know anything yet, but I think it would ease their minds if they heard from you."

Ty, "Good Idea, I can't stand this waiting. I need to do something anyway." So Ty makes a call to the house where Jack picks up the phone. "Jack, we made it to the hospital and we are waiting to hear from the doctor Amy's status. I just wanted to check in and keep you posted."

Jack, "Ty, is there anything we can do?"

Ty, "Not yet, let's get the report from the doctor and we will go from there."

Jack, "Great, I will wait to call the rest of the family until we know what is going on."

About an hour passes when Dr. Jones comes into the waiting room to discuss Amy's prognosis. Ty, "Dr Jones so what is going on?"

Dr Jones ,"Well it looks like your boys want to come out early. We need to keep Amy in bed to see if we can slow down the delivery. We have given her something to reduce the cramping, but we need to keep her in bed. That is a must."

Ty, "Can we go and see her?"

Dr. Jones, "Just for a few. We want to keep her overnight to observe her, and we have given her something to relax her pain."

Ty and Lyndi walk down the hall towards the Amy's room. Lyndi, "Dad I don't think mom is going to like the idea of staying in bed until the boys come."

Ty, "We are going to have to convince her to stay put and tell her that we will handle all the chores she usually does."

Lyndi. "I can definitely do that. I will make sure all the Heartland horses are cared for and help with maintaining the barns."

Ty, "That's great Lyndi, but school comes first, so make sure you prioritize your schedule."

As they enter the room Amy was dozing in and out of sleep. When she sees Ty and Lyndi she perked up and says, "Ty, what is happening! Are the boys ok!" Ty, pulling up to the side of the bed grabs Amy's hand and kisses her on the forehead. Lyndi goes to the other side and grabs her other hand.

Ty, "Amy, all is ok. You and the boys are doing fine. However, Dr Jones has ordered you to stay in bed until you reach term. It appears that the boys want to come home early, and we need to slow down the delivery. Dr. Jones has ordered some medicine that will slow down delivery and help the cramps to subside. You will have to stay here tonight so they can observe you".

Amy, "Ty, I want to go home! Can you ask her to let me go home‽"

Ty. " Amy, you don't understand, you have to stay in bed. This is serious and we should do as Dr. Jones says."

Amy, realizing that her request will not happen turns her attention to Lyndi. "Honey, I am so sorry if I scared you tonight."

Lyndi responds, "Mom, I was scared until I said a prayer and asked God to protect you and the boys. Then, I realized that you were in God's hands."

Amy, "Lyndi you are our Angel. Thank you for that. And, I love you so, so much!"

Lyndi, "Mom, Dad and I talked and we are prepared to pick up the slack while you are confined to your bed so don't worry about anything, ok? "

Amy, "Thank you honey. You have been so supportive during this pregnancy. I don't know what I would do without you."

Ty, "Amy, Lyndi and I are going back to heartland so you can get some sleep. We will be back in the morning. I love you."

Lyndi, "Mom, you need your rest. We got this! I love you!"

Lyndi and Ty leave the room and start their walk back to the truck. Ty, "Lyndi, I love you so much. You are so much like your mother I can't begin to tell you! Your strength and faith has given me so much encouragement since my accident, that I feel God has touched your life in a special way. He definitely, is working through you to help me better understand His presence."

Lyndi, "Dad, it makes me so happy to hear you say that. I love you, too.!

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