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Chapter 8: The Big Deal

It has been 6 months since Quinn and Georgie got married and a lot has happened. Amed has approached the family about purchasing Hill Hearst Stables and his home property that he once showed to Amy. A beautiful mansion with 140 acres of manicured property that supported all the required features of a professional equestrian training center. The timing was right because Georgie and Quinn had decided to settle in the area and were looking for a place to purchase while they were training. Also, the first seminar held by Amy and Ty, with Kas, combining modern veterinarian medicine practice with horse behavior techniques, and acupuncture, were a huge success and they were getting calls from all over to put on another series of these sessions. Quinn started training Katie for her Olympic run and Georgie was considering another run, as well. Jack was spending a lot of time with the twins bringing them to sports practices and teaching them how to handle things around the ranch. TJ was really settling in and his focus was much better after they started him on a low dose of medicine to help with concentration. Lyndi was becoming known for her horse behavior skills and she and Amy were handling all that business at Heartland. Fairfield was doing fine under the direction of Lou and Peter, and Tim and Shane were growing their business as well. So, all in all, everything was fine in the Heartland family.

Georgie, "Quinn, so what do you think about Amed's offer?"

Quinn, "I think that we should really consider this as a family venture. Maybe even pull my dad into the conversation."

Georgie, "He has given us the first refusal rights and 90 days to decide, so we need to get to talking about it if we want this to happen. My feelings are more centered on the home and the facilities than the stables. I just think having that place to train and prepare for the Olympics would benefit both me and Katie tremendously. We might even consider getting with the Canadian Olympic Committee to see about sanctioning the site as an official site. The place has 12 bedrooms and bathrooms and would be large enough for potential riders to stay and train under your leadership."

Quinn, "You know, I was thinking the same, except I wanted to build some bunks outside of the main house. I am not sure about having all those people in our family home."

Georgie, "Then, let’s get the family together and discuss this."

Quinn, "Agreed!"

Georgie and Quinn where living in the loft while Katie was off at school, so they pulled the family together at home for dinner where everyone was invited. Georgie went to the house where Amy was getting the boys and Lyndi ready for school, “Amy, can you call the family together Saturday for a BBQ? We need to discuss the proposal from Amed!"

Amy, "Sure, what are you guys thinking?"

Georgie, "Well, we need a home and a place to train, so the home and property would be perfect for us."

Amy, "Are you sure? 140 acres of the most beautiful land around here and a house with what, 20 bedrooms!"

Georgie, "Only 12, Amy. Only 12. But there ARE 12 Bathrooms!”

Amy, "I have never asked but it appears that you have done quite well for yourself if you are considering that house and property."

Georgie, "Well, yes! I won the Gold!”, and they both laughed.

Amy, "So what about Hill Hearst? What do we do with that business?"

Georgie, "Our thoughts are that since it has an international clientele that it would fit into the Heartland properties and if not, maybe we do a joint venture with Clyde down in Florida."

Amy, "Hum, that IS interesting. Let me pull this together and I will get back to you."

Georgie, "Great!"

Amy got on the phone and email to invite the family to the BBQ on Saturday. She got positive responses from everyone, so she started planning the meal. She went to Jack, "Grandpa, can you throw together some of your BBQ for this Saturday. I have invited everyone over to talk about the opportunity with Amed."

Jack, "I can. So, what is the latest?"

Amy, "Well, I just spoke with Georgie and she and Quinn are considering the house and property to live in and start their training center. They had some ideas about Hill Hearst, so they wanted to get the family together to discuss opportunities. That is about all I know."

Jack, "That is a pretty expensive piece of property. I didn't realize Georgie and Quinn are doing so well!"

Amy, "Well, you know Quinn's family and Quinn have substantial assets, and Georgie, well, I read that her contract with Under Armor is well into the millions per year. And that is her smallest endorsement. So, I am assuming the other endorsement brings her a pretty penny as well!"

Jack, "I had no idea. That is great!"

Amy, "So what do you think about Hill Hearst? Georgie said that since it had an international clientele, it would fit nicely into the Fair Field operation, or possibly bring Clyde, Quinn's father, into the discussion."

Jack, "I know that Clyde was very interested in teaming up with us on some projects, so that might be an option. I guess we need to sort out the investment to see what is doable."

Amy, "I will get Ty to meet with Amed and get the scope of the purchase for our discussion.

Jack, "Great. I will get the food for the BBQ!"

Amy then got on the phone with Ty. "Can you get with Amed before Saturday and find out exactly the terms of the sale. When the family gets here, I want to get all the facts together so we can make a decision. I think he has given us a couple of months to let him know. At least he will see that we are interested."

Ty, "I will be there tomorrow so consider that done!"

Amy, "Thank you sweetheart. Let's talk about this tonight when you get home. I will fill you in on what conversations I have had up to now."

Ty, "See you then."

About that time the phone rang, and it was Tim. "Amy, so what is this BBQ all about?"

Amy, "Georgie and Quinn are thinking about purchasing Amed's home and acreage for themselves but had some ideas about purchasing Hill Hearst and wanted to discuss a package deal with the family."

Tim, "They can purchase the home?"

Amy, "I guess so."

Tim, "Wow, I didn't know that Quinn and Georgie were so successful!"

Amy, "Neither did I. Go figure, the little orphan girl. Rags to Riches!" She laughs.

Tim, "Cool, see you Saturday. Oh, by the way, I think Shane and Lainey are talking about marriage. But they want to have a simple ceremony to get married, but a big party to celebrate. I will get you more when I learn more!"

Amy, "That’s great! I really like Lainey! She will be good for him."

That next evening after dinner, Ty and Amy went out on the porch to discuss the Amed opportunity. Ty, "Amy, I spoke with Amed today and he really wants us to purchase his investments up here. He has generously offered to assist in the financing if needed. Also, he would like to sell everything to us instead of breaking up the properties."

Amy, "So what do you think?"

Ty, "Well, I think bringing Hill Hearst into the family business is a great idea. It would give us a chance to expand our seminars internationally. However, I don't want to live for the dollar. I love our life and family and I don't want anything to get in the way of the time we spend here at Heartland with them."

Amy, "I agree. Let's pray about this and see where God leads us... Good?"

Ty, "Good!"

Saturday came pretty quick and everyone was arriving at Heartland. Jack had steaks on the grill and Amy had fixed all the extra's and they were spread out on the tables. Georgie and Quinn had brought a preliminary drawing of the enhancements that they would make to turn the home into a training center. Ty had made copies of the proposed sale to hand out to everyone. Most of the discussion during the meal was concerning Georgie and Quinn's ability to buy such an expensive property. Everyone was pretty amazed that they had done so well after the Olympics. So, after the meal, Quinn starts the conversation by tapping his glass with a spoon. "Everyone, thanks for coming today. Georgie and I have pretty much decided to purchase Amed's home and property, and as you can see, we have some preliminary drawings of the changes that will need to be made to make it into an international training center. Yes, you heard me. Georgie has convinced me that with our established credibility from the Olympic showing, that we feel we can leverage that and start an international training center for equestrian Olympic hopefuls. We also, have some of Georgie's sponsors who want to participate so we feel confident that not only will our investment be successful, but it will make our home here in Hudson."

Georgie, laughing, "And for all the whispering going on…. Yes! We can afford this! The real question today is what to do with the Hill Hearst opportunity. For Quinn and I, because of its international appeal, we think that it will complement our training center both with housing resources for our students, and an immediate clientele to market to! However, we really can't do both, so we wanted to see if you guys are interested in making that investment."

Peter, "Lou and I have been discussing this and we think too, that it would complement our Fair Field operation and give us a broader appeal. But we would need full family financial cooperation to be able to purchase this from Amed."

Ty, "I spoke with Amed last week and he said that he really wants us to purchase it all and will make it very affordable. He even mentioned that he would consider financing some of the price to keep it in our family."

Tim, "I think this is an excellent opportunity and vote yes to pursue the deal."

Jack, "What do you guys think about bringing Clyde into this deal. He mentioned at the wedding that he would like to look at some joint ventures with us."

Quinn, "Jack, I am glad you mentioned my father. He has been talking with me about getting more involved with the business and I told him that adding the training center to our business would be my contribution. Hill Hearst is very much like our place in Florida, so this would give us a Canadian base."

Ty, "Well, Amy and I are not opposed to the family investment, nor opposed to bringing Clyde into the venture, but we don't think we want to take on any more responsibility than what we have now. We prayed about this and feel our family should take precedence of our time right now."

Ty, "Well, it looks like we have a consensus. We are going to move forward with the acquisition of Hill Hearst. Also, I think we should reach out to Clyde to see if he would like to participate. So, I suggest that Peter, Lou and Jack take this proposal and get a formal offer to Amed."

Jack, "Peter why don't you and Lou run point on this and if you need me, I will be available."

Peter, "That sounds great. We will get started next week. Quinn, I assume you and Georgie will handle the purchase of the house and property, correct?

Quinn, "That is correct."

For the rest of the evening the family sat around and watched the kids playing in the yard and discussing the opportunity.

That night as Amy and Ty were getting ready for bed, Amy asked, "Ty, do you think this is a good deal for us to expand the Heartland-Fairfield operation? Do you think Lisa would approve? What about bringing Clyde into our business? Do you think that is smart?"

Ty, "Amy, as far as expanding the business, as long as we are not directly involved in the operations, I think this is a good thing and feel that Lisa would approve. I only see positives with doing that for us because it won't change our arrangements with supporting the veterinarian services we offer, and I think with the success we are having with our seminars, it probably will help get the word out and bring us more attendees. As far as bringing Clyde into the operation, I am not so sure. Granted, Quinn is now family so eventually as he takes over their business we are going to be in competition with their operation. So maybe we should consider this now to avoid any conflict."

Amy, "When did you get so smart, Ty Borden?"

Ty, reaching over to Amy and tickling her, “I have always been this smart. I just suppress my awesome smartness around you, because you always want to be the smartest in the room!"

Amy, wrestling back, "No way! I am not like that! But I am the best at this!"

Amy locks Ty's arms with her knees and begins to kiss him.

Ty, "Yes you are! But I am the best at this!”

(OK, I won’t leave you hanging again!)

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