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Chapter 1: The Wedding Planning and TJ

It has been 9 months since Lisa's funeral and Jack has settled back into his room at Heartland. Amy and Ty wanted to make him feel at home, so they added another master bedroom suite and two bathrooms to the ranch house and gave their room, which was Jack's old bedroom, back to him. Jack has wrapped himself into spending time with his grand and great grandchildren to help ease the pain from mourning Lisa's passing. Lyndi and the twins continue to include GG in their daily events, so much so, that Amy and Ty have had to monitor and limit the request made by the kids. Jack still goes with Shane and Tim on cattle rides, but his arthritis limits his riding time. He is on the board of the Heartland-Fairfield family business and spends some time tending to that business. Jack and Ty have become very close and spend a lot of time just hanging out at Heartland, fishing at the camp, and riding horses and motorcycles. They both purchased Honda Road Master Touring Bikes and take overnight excursions to places around Alberta.

Since Georgie won the Olympics, she and Quinn have been quite busy managing her appearances and sponsorships. She has signed deals with several of the largest equestrian vendors like Wrangler Jeans and Brighton Belts, as well as several large corporations like IBM, Under Armor, and Family Foods. All total her sponsorships have provided her and Quinn with a fairly substantial income along with the fame that has followed her from the Olympics. She has setup a foundation to support at-risk orphan children in Canada and spends a lot of her personal time growing that project. They have put off working with Ty and Amy on growing their business in Florida. Since they are traveling so much, they spend little time there. Actually, most of their down time is spent in Hudson with the family. They are currently busy planning their wedding which will be held in Hudson, at Heartland in the summer.

The twins are starting school and Lyndi has become quite the "horse whisperer", working alongside Ty and Amy in their business. Lyndi has picked up her mother's singing talent and sings in a band at church. Amy spends much of her time being a mother, while Ty is busy with the veterinarian practice. As a family, they spend weekends with trail rides, camp outs, kids events, and hanging around Heartland. TJ has really become a hand full to manage with his bad temper and lack of focus on anything, while Tyson is a model child. Ty and Amy are at odds with how to handle TJ. Amy feels that providing him outlets to expend his energy around Heartland and sports will get him on track and Ty thinks they need to get him on an ADHD drug to get him focused.

Tim, along with Shane and Caleb, are busy managing the cattle business. It has become quite an impressive operation with over 1000 head of cattle and a new processing plant built on-site. Shane still handles the dude ranch and is getting help from his girlfriend, Lainy, who is quite the horse woman, herself. Caleb and Kas have 3 children, at various ages around Ty and Amy's kids. The kids frequently spend time together at Heartland or Kaleb's ranch which boarders Tim's Big Sky Ranch to the east. Between all three properties the family/friends spread including Kaleb's ranch is over 1800 acres of some of the most beautiful property in all Alberta.

Peter and Lou are busy bringing the two family businesses together and setting up management to run the various operations which includes the Villa in France. Katy is following in Georgie's footsteps and winning or placing in most of the equestrian events she enters. With high school graduation approaching, Katie and Peter have been going on school trips to scope out the various colleges that want to give her scholarships to enroll. Lou is meticulously planning, with Georgie, her wedding. Since the wedding is going to be held in the summer, their plans are to turn Heartland into a wedding destination like it has never been before. Because of Georgie's celebrity and Quinn's large extended family, the guest list has reach almost 500 people.

Today, Lou, Amy, and Georgie are eating lunch at Maggie's discussing the wedding venue and events leading up to the day. Georgie, "Guys, this wedding is getting way out of control. Quinn and I talk all the time that we should just elope."

Lou, "Don't you dare say that word! I thought Amy and Ty eloped and I went out of my mind! Don't you even say it!"

Amy, "Lou, you get so wrapped up in these events. You need to chill out a bit. Here, let me tea touch your forehead!"

Lou, "Get your hand away from there, unless you want some broken fingers! This is going to be the wedding that I wanted for both of us! Tents, food, a band, dancing…did I say tents! I am trying to wrangle a circus tent from a friend in Calgary, that will handle everyone under one tent! If not, we are going to need several to fit all the folks in if it rains."

Amy, "I think it would be smart to have multiple tents. You can divide the venue up with stations for food, drinks, dancing and people can migrate to the areas they please, as opposed to, having everything in one tent!"

Georgie, "I agree. Since we are going to have such a diversity of folks, I think that would be the best way to handle all of them."

Lou, "Then it is settled. We will have multiple events! So now let's talk entertainment. We need to start looking for a band to play at the reception."

Georgie, "I have that covered. Quinn and I have become great friends with John Rich from our joint appearances on the Fox channel and helping him with an equestrian event he sponsored to raise money for at-risk kids. He knew we were getting married, and he offered to play at the reception with his band."

Amy, "John Rich! He is one of my favorite country artists!"

Lou, "That is awesome, but I think we need another band to fill in during the breaks. Remember, this reception could last over five hours after the wedding."

Georgie, "You are right! Do you have any lined up to go see?"

Lou, "As a matter of fact I do, and the first one is performing in Calgary this weekend so we can go and watch them perform."

Georgie, "Then that is a date. Amy can you come?"

Amy, "I think so. Let me see what Ty has for the weekend and see if he and grandpa can handle the kids. Hey Georgie, I have an Idea. When Ty and I were engaged and were going to Montana to put on a clinic, we had an encounter with a young hitchhiker, Brooke Oliver, that was just getting started in the business. We hit it off well and I think I saw that she has published her first album. Maybe I will call her and see if she would like to play at your wedding. Her music is more acoustical, but her voice was awesome. How about I give her a call and see if she will come!"

Georgie, "That sounds awesome, too!"

The girls began to eat their dinner when George asks, "What about the food?"

Lou, "Well, I have Marnie setup to cater most of the food for the event, however, I thought since we are in the meat business, we should have steaks and hamburgers for the guests to eat."

Amy, "I think we should have a big BBQ!

Georgie, "That sound fantastic. Lou, can we pull that off. Everyone gets to eat Heartland Beef!"

Lou, "Let me get with Marnie and see!"

Amy, "Georgie, does Quinn have any special requests?"

Georgie, "I am not sure he is up for all the fanfare, but he is letting me have full control over the decisions of the wedding. Lou, he does want a chocolate cake, though!"

Lou, "Chocolate cake it is! OK, so we have the band, venue design, food, Amy you will check on the singer! So the last thing is the flowers and colors. What do you think Georgie? What color do you want your wedding colors to be?"

Georgie, "Lou, you are so much better at that than me so whatever you pick will be fine with me."

Amy, "You know guys, this takes me back to my wedding when you and Lisa argued over the colors for my wedding. Amy begins to tear up, "I really miss Lisa. I know grandpa does, too! She was always there for us. I really, really miss her!"

Lou, "You are so right! I remember at my wedding when everything possible that could go wrong did, she was able to use her connections and get us the dresses from that bridal shop in New York. She changed that day from one of the worst, to the very best. I miss her too!"

Georgie, "She was the main reason Quinn and I are getting married! If she wouldn't have had the horse for sale, and given Quinn a job, we probably would not be together today!"

Amy, "We need to do something to honor her at your wedding, don't you guys think so?"

George and Lou together, "Yes!"

Amy, "Let's put some ideas together over the next few days and see what we can come up with!"

The girls finished their meals and headed back home. Georgie and Amy to Heartland and Lou to Fairfield.

Jack meets the girls on the porch as they arrive from Maggie's. "What are you two gals up to?"

Georgie, "Jack, we were meeting and eating at Maggie's going over my wedding and reception plans. This is going to be a wonderful day for Quinn and I."

Jack, "I am sure it is. Especially if Lou is involved in it!"

Amy, "Grandpa, we were all discussing how much we miss Lisa and how she would have loved to be here to help us plan this. She has meant so much to each of us that we wanted to do something special to honor her at the reception. Can you think of anything that we can do?"

Jack, "Well now that you mentioned it. I have been working on a song that recaps how much Lisa meant to me. Maybe, with your help, we can finish the song and sing it at the reception!"

Amy, "Grandpa, that sounds like a great idea. I will put down some thoughts and Georgie, you need to as well and give them to Grandpa to add to his lyrics! That would be awesome! By the way John Rich is going to play at the wedding! What do you think about that?"

Jack, "Who is John Rich?"

Georgie, "Jack!"

Jack, "I know who he is. That is awesome. How did this come about?"

Georgie, "Quinn and I are good friends with him, and we helped him with an equestrian fund raiser in Nashville, so we asked, and he said yes!"

Jack, "This is going to be a pretty spectacular event! Are you sure this is what you want?

Georgie, "Well, if it were up to me…."

Amy, "Remember what Lou said!"

Georgie, "Right."

The girls head into the house where all the kids are sitting at the table doing their schoolwork. TJ is pushing on Tyson wanting him to go out to play while Tyson is painting a picture. Lyndi is working on a project for school. “TJ, Tyson, hurry up, let's go outside. Come on Tyson, hurry up!"

Tyson, "Leave me along TJ, I am painting a picture."

TJ, obviously getting upset, "Tyson, let's go!"

Lyndi, "TJ! Leave Tyson along. Go outside and ride your horse or something!"

TJ, "I want Tyson to come with me. Mom said I can't ride by myself!"

Lyndi, "No, what Mom said was you have to stay within eyeshot of the ranch house by yourself! So go ride your horse and leave Tyson alone!"

TJ, punching Tyson, “Tyson, you are a sissy!"

Amy comes into the room and in a tough voice, "TJ, you know what I said about calling your brother names. Now, go to your room until you can come in here and apologize!"

TJ, "Mom, you’re mean! I am not going to my room! I am going to ride Ranger!"

Amy, "I don’t think so, sonny. You now must go to your room and do not come out here until you can apologize to your brother and me! And I want you to apologize to Georgie for the way you are acting!"

TJ, "I will not! I am going out to ride Ranger!"

About that time Jack, who has been listening to the conversation comes in and grabs TJ by the arm. "Amy, let me take care of this! Let's go boy. I think we need to get you an attitude adjustment!" Jack now has control of TJ who is trying to pull away and pulls him out to the barn. He takes TJ and puts him into a stall and gives him a rake. "I want this stall cleaned. Every inch! Once you are finished, we will see if you are ready to go back inside and apologize. If not, we will go to the next stall. You will clean stalls until you are ready to apologize! Do you understand me?"

TJ turns his back to Jack in silence.

Jack, "TJ, you will do this, or you will be sleeping out here tonight." Jack puts the rake in the stall and takes a seat by the door. TJ, still facing the wall, turns and begins to pick up the manure. After he picks it all up, Jack throws a bail of stall chips in the stall. "Now, spread those around and make it nice for the horse."

After TJ finishes the stall, Jack looks at him and says, "Are you ready to go inside and apologize?"

TJ still upset, puts down his head "Yes, GG, I am."

They go back into the house where the family is sitting in the living room and around the table and Jack says, "Guys, TJ has something to say to you."

TJ, with his head down, "I am sorry for the way I acted."

Amy moves toward TJ and gives him a big hug. "Now, was that so bad?"

TJ, still with his head down, says, "Can I go to my room now?

Amy, "Yes, you can!"

Amy looks at Jack and smiles. "What happened out there?"

Jack, "When I was a boy and my father was upset with me, they would make me work out my frustrations. Thought that would be applicable for this situation."

Amy, "I won't question experience! Ty and I have really been concerned with TJ's attitude lately. Ty thinks we need to bring him to the doctor to see if there is anything going on with him. I think it's just part of growing up. What do you think?"

Jack, "Well, I am surely not someone who would want to stop you guys from getting a doctors opinion, but I know from experience that certain kids have more energy than others. TJ just needs an outlet for that energy and what better way than to make him work his tail off."

Amy, "Well, he also is falling behind in school and his teacher says that he doesn't pay attention and his mind wanders all during the day. She recommends that we take him to a specialist for ADHD and get him tested."

Jack, “Well, I don't know about any ABDH, or whatever, but I do know that some kids get bored and need to be challenged."

Amy, "Well, we need to do something to get him on track!"

That evening Ty was late getting home and missed supper. When he got home, Amy was already in bed so Ty got ready and crawled in beside her. Reaching around her, he pulls her close and begins to kiss her on the back of the neck. "How was your day?" As he kisses her, Amy turns over and kisses him on the mouth and says, "I love you Ty Borden. How was your day?"

Ty, kissing her back, "Really great. How about yours?"

Amy, holding Ty close, "Well, TJ had another day today! We really need to figure out what to do with him!"

Amy begins to tell Ty the events of the day and how Jack intervened and got him settled down. "Ty, I am at wits end with TJ. It hurts me to see him struggle like he does!"

Ty, "Let's make an appointment with the doctor and go from there. Also, I think we need to incorporate some of Jack's therapy to manage his behavior, too."

Amy, "I agree! But the rest of my day was awesome! Lou, Georgie and I met went to Maggie's to discuss and plan Georgie's wedding and reception. Ty, this is going to be an awesome wedding. We are going to have tents, great food, dancing, music. Oh Ty, Ty guess who is going to perform at the wedding?"

Ty, "Who?

Amy, "No, guess. Ok, John Rich!"

Ty, "John Rich, how did you pull that off?"

Amy, "It seems our famous niece has connections! Can you believe it! Also, remember that girl that stole our truck when we were going to that clinic in Montana? Well, I saw the other day that she recorded an album, so we are going to call her and see if she would fill in between sets with John Rich! Remember how good she was?"

Ty, "I remember how good you were!"

Amy, "And Ty, we all started talking about how Lisa was so much a part of our lives and decided to honor her at the wedding. When Georgie and I got back to Heartland and told Grandpa, he said he was trying to write a song for her. So we are going to help him finish the song and perform it at the wedding reception. What do you think about that?"

Ty, now kissing Amy's neck, "Let me show you how I feel about that!"

Amy, "Ty, what are you doing? Ty, not now!"

Ty, "But Amy, such great news should be celebrated!"

Amy, "Then go get a beer because this isn't happening tonight!"

Ty grabs hold of Amy and softly kisses her forehead as they both begin to doze off to sleep. Amy, "Ty, I think I am going to bring the kids to Marion's Lookout tomorrow. They have never been there, so I think giving them an opportunity to see what we all talk about will help them understand a bit more history of our family. Do you think you can come? "

Ty, "Not sure. I was going to help Kas with a surgery tomorrow since Scott is out of town. I will let you know."

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