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Chapter 2: The Trail Ride

The next

morning Amy gets up early to start the day. Lyndi has already been out in the barn doing her chores and the twins were still in bed. Amy goes up to their room and nudges TJ. "TJ, want to go for a ride?"

TJ, slowly opening his eyes, looks up, "Sure, where do you want to go?"

Amy, "There is a special place that I want to show you guys. A place that means a lot to me. Tyson, are you up? Let's get ready I want to go for a special ride."

Tyson, "Really, Mom. It's early!"

Amy, "Meet you guys in the barn in 20 minutes. Breakfast is on the table."

As Amy is going out to the barn to ask Lyndi to come, she passes Jack reading in his chair. Jack, "So what is all the hustle about?"

Amy, "Grandpa, I am going to bring the kids up to Marion's Lookout!"

Jack, "That will be nice. Would you like some company? I have nothing better to do."

Amy, "That would be great. We want to leave in 20 minutes. I am going to see if Lyndi wants to come."

Amy continues to the barn where Lyndi is wrapping up a few chores. "Lyndi, would you like to ride with us to Marion's Lookout this morning?"

Lyndi, "That would be awesome. You know I have never been up there!"

Amy, "I know, that is why I wanted to bring you guys up there. Can you tack up Zues for me while I get the boys going?"

Lyndi, "Sure mom."

Amy goes back into the house where the twins are sitting down with breakfast. "Guys, finish up your meal and get your horses ready. Gigi is going with us as well."

TJ, "Is dad going?"

Ty, walking into the room, " Yes, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to be with my guys. Especially, when it comes to this special place."

Amy grabs onto Ty and pulls him close with a big hug. "Thank you, for arranging your schedule. I know you are busy, but I am hoping this might help TJ with his attitude."

After tacking the horses and preparing for an all-day ride, the Borden family, along with Jack, head out to Marion's Lookout. Jack, "This is sure going to be a great day. You guys are in for a real treat. This is some of the best views we have on our property. Matter of fact, probably some of the best views in all of Canada!"

As the family is making their way up to Marion's Lookout, Ty rides up to TJ and starts to ask him about yesterday's outburst. "TJ, I heard that GG had to take you to the barn for some attitude adjustment.

TJ, "Yes Dad. He did.

Ty, " You need to get control of your temper and quit talking back to your mother and sister. GG has offered to lend us a hand when your temper gets out of control, and I think the experience you had in the barn will just get tougher the longer your attitude remains unchanged. We understand that your aggressiveness is part of who you are, but you can't be a bully to your brother, and a smart mouth to your sister and mom. Heartland is our home and we want to keep as much harmony as we can between the family. Do you understand what I am telling you?

TJ, "Sure dad, I understand, but sometimes I just get so mad."

Ty, "When I was a little guy like you, I had the same aggression. When I would get mad, I would think about something funny and take 10 deep breaths. Next time that you start feeling upset, try that!"

TJ, "OK, I will."

TJ pulls ahead and brings his horse alongside Tyson. Ty pulls up to Lyndi and says, "How is my little girl doing today?"

Lyndi, "Dad, I am so excited to finally get to Marion's Lookout. I have heard so much about this place and a lot of mom's spiritual roots were found here. I can't wait."

Ty, "Well, it shouldn't be but a few more hills and we will be there."

Ty brings his horse next to Amy and grabs her hand.. "what's on the agenda once we get there??

Amy, "Well. I thought I would tell them about their grandmother. Lyndi probably knows a little bit about her, but the boys have no idea what kind of lady their grandmother was.

Ty, "Amy, that is so awesome. I am glad I came."

As they made their way up to Marion's Lookout, each lined their horses looking toward the mountains. "So kids, this is Marion's, your grandmother's, Lookout. To her this was the most beautiful place on earth and she came here to take a step back and take in the wonderful place we live.

After several minutes taking in the view, Amy said “Let's untack the horses and unpack the lunch. We can do that over by those two trees laying on the ground. Ty, "Tj, Tyson, you guys get the horses and Lyndi and I will get the lunch ready.

While the guys were preparing everything, Amy was still looking out over the view when she became overwhelmed with a presence of Marion. She felt the peace that came over her the last time she was there. She bowed her head and began to pray. Her prayer turned into a conversation with her mom about how her life was so influenced by her and that she wished she could be there with her grandchildren.

As she continued to pray, it became clear that even though her physical presence was gone, her spiritual presence was there watching her daughter grow into a beautiful wife and mother. Amy concluded by saying that today she wanted her kids to know more about their grandmother.

Ty, "Are you guys hungry? Let's eat!"

Everyone sat around the tree stumps and began to eat.

About midway through, Amy said, "Guys I wanted to bring you up here today to tell you about your Grandmother Marion. She left us following a tragic accident when I was 15 years old. She was rescuing a horse, Spartan, when we ran off the road and hit a tree. This place was her most favorite spot and she would spend hours up here meditating and contemplating her life." Amy, now trying to collect her thoughts, says, "Your grandmother was a very special woman. People from all over would bring their troubled horses to her to fix their problems. Grandma Marion taught me all that I know about her craft and along with all those journals you see me read in the office, I have taken up her effort and provide the same services that she did. Your dad and I have combined his veterinarian medical services with her behavior methods, and we provide these services to your Aunti Lou's at Fairfield and Mr. Amed at Hillhearst.

After a brief pause Amy said, "Grandpa, tell them how you and grandma would find her here."

Jack, "You’re right Amy, when she would be gone too long on a trail ride, Lyndi, your grandmother and I would come up here and find her hanging out with her horse. She would say that this place was closer to Heaven than any other place on earth."

Lyndi, "GG did grandmother know about God?"

Jack, "Lyndi, your grandmother had a very close connection to the spiritual side of things, she thought her special relationship with horses was a gift from God."

Amy, "Grandpa, you never told me that about Mom."

Jack, "Yes she did. She would say that God blessed both of you with the gift so you could care for the troubled horses. That is why, like her, you can listen and understand their issues. And you know, I think you, Lyndi, have also been blessed with that same gift!"

Lyndi, was taking all this in. Ty could tell that this new revelation about her knowledge of horses took on a whole new meaning. He said, “Lyndi, what are you thinking about?”

Lyndi, "I never considered that God gave me this gift as a calling.. I just thought I learned it from mom, and it was more practical. How awesome is it that God selected me and gave me this special gift? How awesome. What a blessing!"

Amy, "Lyndi, Grandma and I worked with a man named Victor, that introduced us to the spiritual side of our gifts, and how we could get in touch and apply those gifts. He made us aware of the blessings and calling that came with the gift. You, Lyndi, with your faith, have taught your father and I, and for that matter, others in our family, how each one of us has special gifts and talents given to us by God and how to apply those gifts."

Ty, "That's right honey, just like how Georgie first applied her faith during her Olympic events, and she felt him take over Phoenix and bring her the gold."

Jack, "Even Lisa in her final days felt the presence of God giving her a peace about dying and what her eternal future looked like."

Ty, "And Lyndi when these guys wanted to come home earlier than expected, your faith inspired me to pray and ask God to give me your faith, and he did, along with the peace and joy that comes with it."

Jack, “Lyndi, all my life I have known about God from my mother. We never really went to church much but when we were around TJ and Tyson's age, she would tell us stories about how God would always provide for our family, and that no matter how hard things would get, we could count on His faith. Unfortunately, my father didn't think too much of that so when she died, he never really spoke of it again. Matter of fact, he thought it was hogwash. When I saw how diligently you prayed for your father to come back to us, I was so inspired that I too, started praying again and getting more personal with God."

Tyson, "What do you mean for dad to come back, where did he go?"

Amy, looking at TJ and Ty nodding. "You see boys, your father and I were shot by a hunter as your dad was trying to save me from a wolf at the property where our wildies run. We both initially survived the wounds, but your dad had complications and went into a deep sleep for over 5 years. They call that a coma. Then, and I know it was from your sister's persistent prayers," looking at Lyndi and grabbing hold of her hand, "Your daddy woke up and we were back as a family again!"

TJ, "Dad, you saved mom from a wolf? You are a superhero!"

Ty, in a full out laugh, "Yes I am!"

Amy, grabbing Ty's hand now. "Yes, he is!" She reaches over and gives Ty a big hug and a kiss.

Tyson, "What do you mean about TJ and I coming early?"

Jack, "Tyson, do you remember when that momma horse gave birth to her foul and we had to work with it until it was strong enough to stand on its own?"

Tyson, "I remember. And we had to feed it because it's mother wouldn't help her.”

Jack, "That's correct, Well, you two guys were born early and we had to keep you in the hospital so the doctors and nurses could help your mother get you grown up enough to come home."

TJ, "Tyson, Dad is a doctor and mom is a nurse for horses."

Amy, "I guess you can look at it that way. However, I kind of think I am another doctor. Just a different kind!" Amy now laughing and looking at Ty shaking his head.

Ty, looking directly at TJ said, "You see son, if you remember when you get upset to take 10 deep breaths and then ask God to calm you down, you might find that you won't get yourself into so much trouble."

TJ, "OK, dad! I will give that a try."

Jack laughing, "And if that doesn't work, we can always go to the barn!"

TJ, "I think I will try dad's method!"

As they begin to wrap up the day, Amy walks up to the cliff and is staring out at the view. Ty walks up to her and puts his arm around her waist. "What a day! This was a great idea. I think the kids really got a lot out of this. They learned a lot and I think TJ has a plan to try and deal with his attitude. I do think we still need to address his attention span, but let's see how this works out."

Amy, "Ty, this place is so special to me. I feel Mom right now looking down on our family. I think she is pleased with what you and I have done so far."

Ty, "I would agree. Our family, Heartland, the business. We have been really blessed and I know she would be really proud, as I am, of the woman you have become!"

Amy, "Thank you Ty, have I told you how much I love you? I love you so much!"

Ty, turning Amy towards him kisses her and says, "I love you, too!"

Amy, "Let's commit to bringing the kids up here at least once a year. Maybe even a campout like we did with Lou and the girls."

Ty, "I agree. Let's pack up and head back to the ranch. Kids let's pack up this stuff and get back to Heartland. It is getting late, and we don't want to be riding at dark. Ok?"

Lyndi, "Ok, dad."

The family gets all the things packed up and heads back to Heartland.

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