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Chapter 3: Old Memories

It is two months before the wedding and Lou and Georgie are working hard on getting all the final arrangements made. Amy is busy with the kid’s activities and has a stable full of horses that she and Lyndi are working with. Also, she and Ty are planning their first training seminar for vets who want to learn how to incorporate horse behavior techniques with veterinarian medicine. They decide to include Kas in the seminar because she has become quite proficient at animal acupuncture and by adding that to the seminar might attract more vets. TJ's attitude has really changed since the trip to Marion's Lookout, but his attention span is still very short and needs to be addressed.

Lou is grinding out the final arrangements of the wedding and Peter has taken over most of the management responsibilities of Fair Field while she is busy with Georgie. Katie is winning everything on the equestrian circuit and has decided to go to college in Calgary on a full scholarship. Georgie is getting her introduced to some of the Olympic team managers and laying the groundwork for a potential run at the Olympics. Georgie has put her riding on hold until after the wedding, but her sponsorship and endorsement obligations have taken a lot of her time away from helping Lou with the planning. Quinn hasn't been much help with the planning and has been away in Florida for about a month.

Quinn is working with a family friend getting her ready for a competition in his arena at their farm in Florida. This young lady has had a crush on Quinn for some time and makes playful conversation with him every time they meet. Today, her friends are with her at the arena watching her train and coaxing her to kiss him. Susie, "Missy you need to take your feelings to the next level and show him how you feel about him."

Missy, "But he about to marry that girl from Canada that won the Olympics, Georgie Fleming-Morris".

Susie, "If that is true, then why is he not with her?

Missy, "That is strange. You know he never really talks about her either. Maybe I should try to kiss him and see how he reacts!"

Susie, "Go for it!”

Sally. Who has been quiet so far, "I dare you!"

Missy goes through the program and at the end, asks, "Quinn, I seemed to have twisted my ankle on that last jump. Could you help me off Canter?

Quinn, completely oblivious to what is about to happen picks her off the horse and is holding her in his arms. Missy immediately wraps her arms around Quinn’s neck and begins to kiss him. Quinn responds briefly to the kiss. Then puts her down. "Missy what was that? “

Missy, "Quinn, I have had feelings for you ever since we were kids and was hoping you felt the same toward me.”

Quinn, "Missy I am flattered, and you are a very attractive young lady, but I am about to be married to a very special lady.”

Unbeknownst to Quinn, Missy's friends recorded the event and immediately posted the dismount and kiss on Facebook.

Missy backs away from Quinn, "I am so sorry. I didn't know that you guys were so serious. I thought maybe you had broken it off since you have been down here for over a month."

Quinn, "Not at all! She is planning this huge wedding in her hometown ranch and I don't want to get caught up in all the chaos so I have been hanging out here."

Missy, "Again, please accept my apologies, but don't you think you should be helping her. I guess if my fiancé hid out while I did all the work, I would not be very happy!"

Quinn, "You know, you are probably right. I need to call her. See you tomorrow?”

Missy, "Really, you want to continue? I don't think I can do this. We need to call it quits. Sorry!"

Back at Heartland Katie was prowling the equestrian blogs on Facebook when she comes across the video of Quinn. Completely overwhelmed, she runs out to Amy, "Amy, oh my, I need to show you something and need you to tell me what to do!"

Amy, "What is it? You look like you saw a ghost!”

Katie flips her phone around and shows Amy the video. "What do I do?"

Amy, remembering the situation with Amed that nearly broke off her engagement to Ty, took a few seconds, “Katie, while that video really looks bad, we don't know the whole story. Ty and I had a similar situation with a video that was posted showing Amed leaning in to kiss me and it ended there. But the video didn't show my response to Amed and when Ty saw the video, he broke off our engagement. It took me a while to regain his trust, so we have to be very careful how we handle this. Let me call Quinn and let him respond to the video. Please don't show this to Georgie until I talk with him!"

Katie, "OK but she needs to know if Quinn is fooling around!"

Amy, "I agree."

Amy goes into the house where Ty is playing with the twins. "Ty, can you come see me for a minute. I need your advice."

Ty, "Sure, kids why don't you go play outside and let your mom and dad talk."

TJ, "Sure dad... when you are finished, come out and play with us."

Amy and Ty settle on the couch where Amy shows Ty the video. Ty, "Boy does that bring back some bad memories. What is he doing? Georgie is going to be devastated."

Amy, "I know! But if you remember the video with Amed did not show my response and look at what we went through from that bad information. What should we do? I have asked Katie not to go to Georgie until we have had a chance to get with Quinn."

Ty, "I agree. When I saw that video it really was a heart breaker. It capped off all those feelings I was having about how you had changed since you got back from Europe. It almost ended our relationship."

Amy, "I am so glad you came back to me. Look at what our love has built since then. I couldn't love you anymore."

Ty, "It was Pike River and your dad! I love you so much. So, I think I need to call Quinn and talk with him about this video."

Amy, "Why don't we FaceTime him now and see how he reacts when we tell him."

Ty, "Great let's do it!"

Ty and Amy make the call to Quinn who promptly answers the phone. "Hey guys I was just about to get the plane scheduled to bring me up to Heartland and pick up Georgie for a weekend in Vancouver. What is going on? How are the wedding plans going? I think it might be time for me to get involved."

Ty, "Quinn, look forward to seeing you. Let me get straight to the point. I need you to look up a Facebook account for Missy Sabo and watch the video she posted today. We will give you a minute."

Quinn goes offline and watches the video. As he switches back to Amy and Ty he is noticeably troubled. "I don't know what to say. Missy is a family friend who I have been training over the past few weeks. Today, she said that she had hurt her ankle on the last jump and needed help off her horse... When I pulled her down, well you saw what happened. What you did not see was I immediately put her down and told her that I was getting married. She then told me she has had a crush on me since she was a kid. Wow, I thought it was an innocent infatuation. Didn't see it was a setup."

Amy, "Quinn, Katie found the video on the equestrian sites too, so what should we tell Georgie. You know she will see this."

Quinn, "I think I will change my plans to get there tomorrow... I don't need Georgie to see this before I talk with her!"

Ty, "Then you had better get here really soon. It is hard to keep secrets here at Heartland. We will see you tomorrow but can't promise that Georgie won't find out sooner and see the video."

As Ty and Amy were hanging up Georgie burst into the house crying and very emotional. "Amy, I need to talk with you now! Quinn is cheating on me! There is a video of him kissing and holding this girl who he has been working with, that is supposedly a family friend! I am so mad. I can't believe he would do something like that. No wonder he has be distant these past few months."

Amy now trying to console Georgie says, "Georgie remember the Amed video. Well, we just got off the phone with Quinn and he explained everything to us, and I think you should wait until he gets here tomorrow and let him tell you what happened."

Georgie, "How did you know and why didn't you tell me?"

Amy, "Katie came to me when she saw the video..."

Georgie,"Katie knew!"

Ty, "Georgie, Katie saw the video and went to Amy to find out what to do. Then, Amy came to me to call Quinn. I think you need to let him tell you, but from Amy and I's perspective, it seems pretty innocent."

Georgie now completely confused responds, "Pretty innocent! There is nothing about that little tramp that is innocent. I have seen how she flirts and touches Quinn. No wonder they got together!"

Amy, "Georgie, you are over-reacting to this. You need to let Quinn explain tomorrow when he gets here. I think you will see it is very one-sided, like with Amed and me."

Ty, "Quinn was just as surprised when he saw the video. In fact, he was planning a weekend for you guys to catch up when we called him."

Georgie, "He was probably feeling guilty for cheating on me."

Amy, "Come on, Georgie. Give him a chance to explain."

Katie was coming into the house when Georgie looked at her and shouted, "How could you not tell me?" Georgie storms out of the house leaving the three behind.

Katie, "What was that about? I knew I should have told her."

Amy, "Katie, you did the right thing. Georgie found the post on her own and came in right after Ty and I got off the phone with Quinn. It was all that Missy girl, and it caught Quinn by surprise."

Ty, "He is flying here tomorrow to straighten things out, so we need to make sure Georgie doesn't do something stupid, like running off."

Amy, "Do you have time to stay with her until Quinn arrives?"

Katie, "I will try."

Katie immediately turns and heads out to the barn where Georgie is tacking up her horse. "Where are you off to, Georgie? Can I come with?"

Georgie, "I can't believe you didn't immediately get with me when you saw the video."

Katie, "Georgie, I probably should have, and I am sorry, but Amy was there and she wanted to get with Quinn. Something about a video that almost broke up her and Ty."

Georgie, "That was me who found that post. I’m just going for a ride to clear my head. You are welcome to come along."

Katie, "Cool, let me tac up Beaux. Again, I am so sorry."

As the girls get ready to go, Amy comes in and asks, "Where are you girls off too?"

Katie, "We are going for a ride... want to come?

Amy, "I would love to, but I am waiting on a call from my friend who we want to sing in the wedding and Lou needs me to help her with the layout of the tents."

Georgie, "At this point there is not going to be a wedding!"

Amy, "Come on Georgie, you don't mean that! When Quinn gets here tomorrow, it will all be straightened out. I am sure of it."

Georgie, "So you say. Let's go Katie!" As the girls head off for the ride, Katie looks at Amy and shrugs her shoulders.

As Amy was walking back to the house, her phone rings. It was Brooke, "Hello, Amy this is Brooke Oliver, I saw you called me yesterday. It has been a long time. How are you doing?”

Amy, "I am fantastic. Ty and I are married and have 3 wonderful children. We live and run Heartland and Ty is a very successful vet. I see you fulfilled your dream."

Brooke, " I did! It has been a long road to get here. I am not married, but I do have a boyfriend. I want to thank you so much for getting me back in a relationship with my mom. We have gotten so close. However, this last year I have had to take off to care for her. She has cancer and probably will not survive it."

Amy, "I am so sorry to hear about your mom but am glad your relationship with her has afforded you the chance to spend these last days with her. You know we lost Lisa this last year to cancer and we really miss her. So, let me get to the point of why I called. My niece, Georgie, is getting married here at Heartland this summer and we would like you to come and sing with John Rich at the wedding. Do you think we can do this?”

Brooke, "John Rich, wow you have come a long way!”

Amy, "My niece has become a huge celebrity since she took the Olympic gold for jumping and befriended John Rich when she helped him put on an event for at-risk kids. Georgie was an orphan, and she has single-handedly setup a at-risk center in Calgary and supports it both with her time and money. He knew Georgie and Quinn were getting married, so he offered, and they accepted. So, we needed another entertainer and I saw where one of your albums just came out and I immediately thought about our conversation.”

Brooke, "I would love to do that. Maybe you and I could sing a few songs. Maybe that song your grandma wrote that we sang together.”

Amy, "That would be awesome. Why don't you send over the songs you want me to sing with you and I will learn them. Also, my daughter can sing well, so maybe we can make a trio. One more thing. Remember I told you we lost our step grandma, Lisa? My Grandfather and I are writing a tribute song to her. Maybe we could add that to the list."

Brooke, “Sure that all sounds great. Can you sent me the specifics and I will calendar it. It will be great to get back on stage."

Amy, "Thank you so much! I will send that out today."

Ty and Amy are getting ready for bed. The kids are down for the night and Ty grabs hold of Amy as she is getting into bed. Amy kisses Ty and says, “How close did we come to never getting here?"

Ty, "You know, looking back, we would have reconciled our issues. I have loved you from the moment I met you. That love is so real that we would have gotten back to here. And now I realize that God engineered our relationship and has continued to do so even now. I don't think I could love you anymore than I do."

Amy, "Have I told you how much I love you?” As she begins to kiss Ty, "I don't know what I would do without you." She continues to kiss Ty on the neck. "Would someone who doesn't love you be kissing you like this?” She kisses his lips, "How great is our life!"

Ty, "Doesn't get any better than this!” He grabs Amy and pulls her close.

Ty turns out the light as they settle in for the night.

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Alan Stein
Alan Stein
30 de mai. de 2022

i love this all the exact details much like the show it's a very good show too i feel this show has a future where other's have failed the books will sell like hotcakes too

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