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Chapter 8: Ghost

For the next few days Ty was filled with recollections of time and events in his life. He would trail ride back to the place where he and Amy were going to build their house and watch as the wildies would make their morning trek to the lake. Each day, more and more events became clear to him and things were starting to make a little more sense. Though he remembers his engagement to Amy, he does not remember when or how he asked her. Also, he still has no recollection of Lyndi. Those thoughts weigh heavily on his mind because he really wanted to remember those events.

That night at the dinner table Ty was telling everyone about his new recollections. He said, "Guys, I am really stoked about all the new memories I have been having. Pike River, Will Vernon, the wildies. Heck, I even remember that Amy and I got back together at Pike River and that I was engaged."

At that point Tim chimes in, "Yeah, if I wouldn't have tricked you into coming, you probably would not be here today".

Ty: "Thanks for that!, But what I can't remember is why we were apart, or what happened."

Tim, "Well I will tell you Why!

Amber, "Dad, No!" It is best if Ty remembers on his own. Remember that is what the doctor ordered"

Tim, being a bit confused, "Why I don't see why we don't tell him, hell you are…."

Amy, in a stern voice, "Enough, Dad. Ty has to figure this out on his own!

Tim, backing off, "OK, I just mean….

Amy, forcefully, "Dad!"

At this point, Ty's interest has peaked, but decides to wait until later to confront Amy about the conversation. Jack then starts talking about his buddy Will Vernon. "You know Ty, Will was really grateful to you and Amy for all the help you gave him in saving his horses. That is why we, including you, decided that the best place to keep those wildies was on you guys property. And I must say, I think they have really adapted to their home. You know, I even see that Ghost horse around every so often. I think that horse had a special relationship with you and Amy, Right?"

Ty, "You know Jack, the more times I go out and visit those horses and watch them run to the lake, I remember Ghost. He seemed to appear in times of trouble for me and Amy!.

Georgie, who had been at the table quietly listening, chimed in. "Ty, Do you remember when I tried to gentle him. I thought since Amy tried and wasn't successful, that I could get it done. Boy was I wrong!"

Ty: "Georgie, I remember that I let him go out of the pen once and Amy got real mad at me because she was scared that he would get shot by ranchers not wanting a wildy eating all the hay. So Jack and I push him, a mare and her colt up to the mountains to get them out of harm's way."

Amy, "Ty, you remember that?"

Ty, "I do, but I also remember that you and I had split up for some reason and Caleb tricked me into letting him go so he could play the hero with you. I probably would have let him go anyway, but I was played."

Amy, " Well, it worked out that you were right and Ghost had a family and he wanted to get back to them and was really unsettled at Heartland. Also, that event helped us get back on track with our relationship."

After dinner, Ty and Amy are walking back to the loft when Ty asks, "Amy, why did we break off our engagement and why did you cut off your dad at the table tonight?"

Amy, looking for words to say, " Ty, I really need to tell you something, but I did not want to get into it yet. We are just starting to renew our feelings for one another and I would rather wait until a later time to discuss what happened. Is that ok with you?"

Ty, "Not really! Obviously it is a bad memory and unfortunately, I am having a hard time recalling any of those. Amy, I need you to be honest with me and tell me EVERYTHING!"

Amy in a very soft voice, "I will Ty, just not tonight! Let's just go have some tea in the Loft. I just want to hold you, and kiss you, and tell you how much you mean to me! "

Ty, now very excited, says, "So why are you walking so slow! Let's get to it!"

Racing to the loft, up the stairs Ty and Amy embrace and begin to kiss passionately. Amy rubs the back of Ty's neck as he wraps his arms around her waist. For at least a minute, they stood in the loft entrance kissing and hugging each other when Ty said, "Amy! I love you so much. I can't imagine how we could have ever broken up."

Amy, still kissing Ty on the neck and not wanting to stop their romantic petting, says, "Ty, shut up and kiss me. I have been waiting for you to embrace me like this for so long. Let's just seize this moment. I love you too! So, so much!"

They are making their way back to the couch, where they continue to romantically kiss and pat each other for some time. Amy was holding back, with every bit of strength she could muster, her desire to make love to her husband. As they kissed she remembered how when Ty would hold and kiss her how safe she felt. Somehow Ty was able to provide Amy with a safe place from any trouble. When he would embrace her, everything was made right. When he kissed her, his warm soft lips provided a sanctuary for all the emotions and love she felt for this man. She thought back to the last night they were together and she almost gave in, but she felt that Ty was not far enough along in his recollection and did not want to side track his progress. Her heart was telling her that it was too soon and that Ty needed more understanding of their relationship. Also, She thought they needed more discussions of the rough patches in their relationship.

So pulling back while still kissing Ty on the neck and cheek, Amy says, "Ty, you know that I can hardly hold back my desire to be with you. To stay here all night like we used to make love all over this loft. But you know we can't. We need to progress your memory more so that you will remember how much we enjoyed our intimate time and all the fun we had."

Ty, not wanting this to end, "Amy, I remember, I remember everything. Please stay tonight! I don't want you to go!

Amy, understanding what is going on, says "Uh, Ty. I don’t think so. You just want to get me into the sack!"

Ty, "Is it that obvious!"

Amy, "I guess I don't blame you, it has been a while. But I want it to mean something, like the first time we did make love. Do you remember?"

Ty, "If I answer yes, will you reconsider?"

Amy, "See you tomorrow. I love you"

Ty, walking her to the stairs, "Amy, I fully understand and appreciate why you want to wait. It is just that you are so fine, and…."

Amy laughed, "I am leaving now, let's go for a ride in the morning!"

The next morning Amy and Ty saddle up the horses to take a ride to the old homesite and watch the horses, when out of nowhere Ghost appears badly cut up from what appeared to be a fight with another horse, or maybe another animal. Quickly, Amy and Ty work together to try to herd him into one of the round pens. After a bit of an effort, they were finally able to get him into the pen. Ty says, "Amy, let's box him in with the gate so we can examine his cuts. Also, do you think you can get a halter on him?"

Amy, "Ty, I do! Here I will move him to the side of the pen where the gate opens to and if you can get this rope around him, I will box him with the gate. Swiit, Swiit, Let's go Ghost, Let's go Ghost.

Ty:, "I got him, pull the gate!" Amy quickly pulls back the gate and Ghost is boxed into a small area where they can examine his wounds.

Ty immediately goes into action working with Amy and discussing the immediate needs of Ghost.

Ty, "Amy, remember that little colt we rescued that was hung in the trap. These wound look very similar. We should probably do the same thing we did for him."

Amy, not missing a beat, says, "Ty, I will get some ashwood I have in the barn and make up some of that soothing water that will take away the sting of the wounds, do you remember what we made to put on the wounds.

Ty, "I think we had made a sav that your mother used out of charcoal, honey, and olive oil and put it on the wounds, right?

Amy, smiling, "You are correct, let me go and make some of that up. I have all those ingredients in the office. Do you remember how we made it with that colt?

Ty, now smiling ear to ear, says, "Yes, Amy, I remember we were helping a family friend put up some tents! And we brought that for dinner and breakfast!"

Amy darts off to the office and makes up the sav, while Ty makes a batch of the soothing water. Both of them come back to Ghost where Amy holds the bucket of water for Ghost to drink, and Ty begins to put the sav on his injuries. Ty looking at Amy, different than he had since the accident. Amy says, "What?" What's that look?

Ty's emotions get the best of him and continues to look into Amy's eyes. With eyes watering in a soft voice, Ty says, "Amy, I remember that day as clear as yesterday! I remember that Jack was going to come with us, but something came up so you and I went alone. I remember how awesome it was that we were working together with that colt and everything just fell into place. I remember, I got the ring from my truck and decided that it was time to propose if the timing was right."

Amy, now completely engrossed in her emotions, says, "Ty! Do you remember? Do you remember what happened that night?

Ty, " Amy, I remember that after having such a great day with the colt and putting up the tents, that we went for a walk along the river and I felt that it was the perfect time to propose. We stopped outside the tent where we both witnessed a shooting star. You said make a wish! At that time, I told you I wished that I could spend the rest of my life with you, and got on one knee to propose!"

Amy, now feeling the same joy and happiness she did that night, said, "Ty, that was one of the best nights of my life. It was majestic, perfect, everything I always wanted for my engagement. I loved you so much that I couldn't speak. I even think it took me a while to say yes because it was so magnificent."

Amy put down the bucket immediately and jumped upon Ty embracing him with every muscle she had, legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, lips locked to his lips, kissing passionately just like the night he proposed. Ty responded to her advance grabbing her around the waist holding her as tight as possible while they kissed passionately.

Amy slowly slips her legs to the ground and takes Ty by the hand. She says, "Ty, do remember that that night was the first time we ever made love. We wanted to for so long, but we wanted to wait until the right time before we made love for the first time. But that night, that night was the most magical night. Not only that you asked me to marry you, but when you took me into the tent and we decided to make love, you were so gentle, so loving, so caring. You wanted my first time to be perfect. And it was! You made love to me all night. We didn't even go to sleep! Wow, what a night!

Amy, turning to go to the loft holding Ty's hand, tells Ty, "I need you to be that gentle with me now. It has been a long time and I want this time to be like that night!

Ty, completely consumed in the moment, says, "Amy, it feels like we have been given this opportunity again. I remember that night like it was yesterday. It was perfect in so many ways, mostly because we decided to get married and spend the rest of our life together. Amy, I am so sorry for all that you have gone through during these past five years. I wished that things would have been different, but I know now that my feelings for you since I have been back, were based on our lives before the accident and I can't wait until all my memories come back to me."

Ty, walking behind Amy on the stairs to the loft, grabs her by her waist as she approaches the top and draws her to him. Amy without hesitation pulls Ty's shirt over his head and throws it to the ground. Ty begins to unbutton Amy's shirt when she says, "Ty, I love you so much! I have longed for this moment for a long time!! Ty, please be gentle!

Ty and Amy take off their boots and Amy immediately approaches Ty and begins to embrace his neck, kissing him on his chest as she slowly unbuttons and takes off his pants. Ty follows suit and begins to take off Amy's jeans while he is responding to her passionate maneuvers. Taking off their final bit of clothing, Ty pulls Amy into his body, and she responds by wrapping her legs around his waist. Wanting to take it slow, Ty moves toward the bed and lays down still with Amy fully embraced around his body. He says in a soft voice "Amy Fleming, I want to spend the rest of our lives together. Will you marry me again?"

Amy in her soft voice says, "We were never not married. But yes, I will marry you again!"

The rest of the afternoon, through the evening, into the morning Ty and Amy spent in the loft making love, talking and laughing while they recalled all the times they spent together building their relationship.

Amy is so filled with joy she won't let Ty get up. Ty, " Amy, I am starving, let's get up and go eat something. I know your family is starting to wonder."

Amy, holding on to Ty, "I have waited a long time for this moment. So you need to cowboy up!

They both laugh as Amy gives Ty one more long kiss before they get up and go to the house.

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