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Chapter 8: Georgie Wins the Gold

The day came when Georgie was to compete and the whole family met at the FBO where Amed's plane was sitting waiting to board everyone and fly them to Toronto for the Games. Amed was there to see everyone off. Amy goes up to Amed and gives him a huge hug, "Amed, this is so generous of you to lend us your plane. I hope we can repay you for this one day."

Amed, "Amy, you and Ty have more than repaid me! I can't say it enough how you guys have changed my life. This is just a small gesture of my thanks!"

Amy, "You are very generous Amed, Thank You!"

Tim, "We need to get going if we don't want to be late!"

Jack, "Hold your horses Tim, we have plenty of time. Lisa, you have everything you need?"

Lisa was not feeling well today and didn't want to say anything to the family so she responded, "Yes, Jack. I got everything!"

Everyone boarded the plane, including the twins, and took their seats. The twins were punching each other and Ty looked at each one as he was putting on their seatbelts. "I don't want to have to come back here and straighten you guys out so settle down. This is going to an exciting adventure!"

The pilot came in as everyone was getting settled and said, "This should be a great 3 hour flight to Toronto. The weather is good and we will be covering some beautiful ground as we fly. We will be taking off in just a few minutes."

Jack looks at Lisa, "Can't be much more beautiful that looking out at the Heartland ranch, Ha!"

Lisa, "Or the Villa in France!"

Lou, Peter, and Katie are all sitting together in the front of the plane. Lou, "I have never been in a private plane before. This is pretty awesome!"

Peter, "What is great about flying private is we fly, go to the games, fly home in one day."

Katie, "I thought we were going to stay the night? I hope we will get to see Georgie after she competes."

Lou, "We will. We have plans to take her and Quinn to dinner!"

Katie responds, "That is awesome! I can't wait!"

Amy and Ty are sitting together in front of Lyndi and the twins. Amy reaches over to Ty and pulls him to her. "Did I tell you how much I love you, Ty Borden. Look at our family. Sitting here on this plane, fixing to go watch Georgie in the OLYMPICS! It doesn't get much better than this!"

Ty, "Amy, we have worked so hard building our business. It is great to be appreciated. And by the way, how much DO you love me?

Amy, "To the moon and back!"

Ty, "Only the moon?"

Amy pulls Ty into a big hug and a long kiss.

Lyndi, watching her mom and dad, respond, "I am so lucky to have you guys as my parents."

Amy, "We are lucky to have you as our daughter. You know one day we might be doing this for you and Katy. What do you think about that?"

Katy, listening to the conversation, "That is my goal. If Georgie can do it, so can I!"

Lyndi, "While I would love to compete in the Olympics, I would just as soon love to work with horses like you and dad!"

Ty, "Well, you have a long time to make those decisions. Let's enjoy this for Georgie!"

The plane lifts off and is headed for Toronto. Georgie is getting ready for the day's events with Quinn when she asks, "Quinn, can I ask you something?"

Quinn, "Sure, but it has to do with your ride today. Nothing else! You need to get and stay focused!"

Georgie, "But this is about us and our wedding. Don't you want to know what I am thinking?"

Quinn, "Georgie, I know you have been working through some issues and I really want to discuss them with you, but for now, know that you are my soul mate no matter what. I love you and plan to spend the rest of our lives together, having fun, making babies, and doing what we love to do. But for right now, the only thoughts that should be going through that beautiful mind of yours is how you are going to take home the gold!"

Georgie laughing, "I love you so much Quinn. But do you ALWAYS have to be in training mode?"

Quinn, "This is what you, no we, have worked so hard for over the past few years. Today is the day! Let's make it happen!"

Georgie, "Yes Sir!"

Quinn, kisses Georgie on the cheek. "You look beautiful today. I love you! Oh, by the way, my dad is flying up to see you perform today as well!"

Georgie, "Ok, no pressure, my whole family is flying up to see me and now your dad! What if I fall off the horse and make a fool of myself?"

Quinn laughing, "If you fall off your horse you make a fool of all of us!"

All the family is gathers at the arena and Georgie and Quinn have arranged for special family seating for the crew. Quinn's father and family are seated next to Georgie's family. As the meet begins Georgie is one of the last riders in the show jumping category. She is competing for both an individual title and a team title. There will be 5 rounds with various layout that she will have to compete on. The Canadian team it expected to finish high in the event and Georgie is slated to take home top honors. As the day progresses, Georgie and the Canadian team are moving up the ladder as projected. However, due to a fault of one of the Canadian riders, the team is going to need Georgie to be perfect on the 3rd round to pick up the team silver. Quinn, "Georgie, the team needs you to win this to get to silver. Are you ready for this?"

Georgie, "I am ready!"

Before Georgie begins her third cycle, she remembers what Lyndi and Katie told her about praying. She closes her eyes and says, "God, this is a first for me, but if you hear me, please calm my nerves and let me enjoy this cycle!" Georgie starts her round and to her amazement Phoenix took control of the ride and was magnificent. Sailing over the jumps like they were nothing, jumping the water with room to spare. With every challenge the course gave him, he masterfully commanded them with speed and grace. Georgie was so amazed at with her horse, she could not quit smiling as he glided over jump after jump. At the finish of the ride, Georgie had best the time by over 4 seconds which elevated her individual score to second place and won the silver for Canada.

Georgie, bringing in her horse, is patting Phoenix, "Good boy, Good boy! Wow, Phoenix, you were amazing! Quinn, did you see that, Phoenix took control as if he knew what was at stake! Good Boy, Phoenix, Good Boy!"

Quinn, helping Georgie off the horse and hugging her tight, "That was an amazing ride! You did it, you got the silver for Canada and you are now is 2nd place! I am so proud of you!"

Georgie, "That wasn't me, that was Phoenix, I have never seen him respond like that. It was like, Georgie, hang on, I got this!"

About that time, over the loud speaker the announcer informed the crowd, "With that ride, Canada has secured the silver medal in team show jumping, and Georgie Fleming-Morris has move into second place overall with the best ride of the day so far."

The family is now on their feet cheering and hollering and singing Go Canada, Go Georgie. Lou, Katie and Peter are jumping up and down with the twins following their lead. Ty and Amy and Lyndi are hugging one and other while Tim, Shane, Jack, and Lisa are standing, clapping for Georgie. Quinn's father leans over to Peter and says, "Peter, what a great girl you have there. She is something special! I can't wait to add her to our family!"

Peter, "She has Quinn to thank! He has worked so hard to get her ready for this. She couldn't have done it without him!"

The final round of show jumping is left and Georgie is still in second place behind team USA's best show jumper, John Higgins. The course is setup very difficult and it is going to take a perfect ride for Georgie to overcome Higgins in points. Higgins is up first and has a flawless round, but his time was a bit slower than usual which gives Georgie and open to move to number one. Quinn, "Georgie, this is it. If you can put together another ride like you did in round 3, I think you can take the gold!"

Georgie nodes her head and heads toward the starting position. Not wanting to change anything, she says a quick prayer, "God, I know twice in one day might be a lot to ask, but if you would give me another ride like before, I will know that it was you who have helped Phoenix pull off that run."

Georgie, heads to the starting position and just as before, Phoenix's head perked up as if he knew what was at stake. He started the run and just as before with grace and precision he commanded every jump and obstacle. Georgie lit up with a huge smile knowing that her prayer was answered and Phoenix was having another special run. As she made her way around the course the crowd was sensing something special was happening. Jump after jump the crowd began to chant, "Go Georgie, Go Georgie!" Georgie was so focused on the ride when she realized what was happening, her smile became so large that she beamed as she brought down the final jump. The announcer yells, "Ladies and Gentlemen, with that ride, Georgie Fleming Morris has set a new world Show Jumping time record, and the judges have awarded her a perfect 10 for the ride!" Ladies and Gentleman, Georgie Fleming Morris is your new Show Jumping Gold Medalist!

The stadium went wild. Everyone was on their feet yelling and clapping. Georgie was so overwhelmed when she came into the area, Quinn met her and said, "Georgie, you need to ride back out there. The audience want to see you and Phoenix again!" So Georgie reaches down and kisses Quinn, "I love you so much. Thank you for all that you have done for me to make it to here!"

Quinn, "Georgie, it was all you! I just showed you how to do it! I love you!"

Georgie and Phoenix rode back out into the arena for an encore and the audience, still on their feet, begin to chant "Georgie, Georgie".

Tears rolling down her face, she comes to her family who is standing, taking it all in, looks at each one of them and mouths "thank you, I love all of you" as she makes her rounds in the arena.

At the medal ceremony, Georgie took her spot to receive the silver medal for the team completion. After that, Georgie took the top spot for the individual show jumping award. As they announced her name, the arena gave her a standing ovation as the Canadian anthem was being played. Georgie was so overwhelmed that tears of joy were running down her face. After the ceremony, she ran up to Quinn, "Wow! We did it! But I have to tell you Phoenix was awesome. He hit those jumps with such poise and precision, I didn't have to do anything. It was miraculous!"

Quinn, "The audience loved you! They gave you two standing ovations! I don't ever recall that ever happening."

Georgie, "It was Phoenix! Once we get settle, I will tell you about my rides!"

The family was allowed to come to the staging area by the ceremony stage and they were waiting for Georgie and Quinn to come in. When they arrived, everyone circled around them and tried to get a hug in. Georgie was looking for Katie and Lyndi. When she saw them, she said, "Hey, you guys. Come here. You remember you told me about how you prayed for me and Phoenix and how I should say a prayer before I rode. Well, I did! It's was like God told me to hang on and smile that he and Phoenix had this covered. Did you see how awesome Phoenix was on the course. I think God inspired him to be the best horse he could be. Kind of like, Phoenix knew how important those rides were. Thank you for that."

Katie, "Isn't it amazing how when you turn things over to God that everything seems to work out. When Lyndi told me how to pray for things, I found that God really listens, and if it is within his will, he will answer those prayers. Just like he did for you today!"

Georgie reached over to Lyndi and gave her a huge hug. "Lyndi, I have you to thank for today. God bless you, girl!"

After all the hugs and kisses, the family left and headed for the restaurant to await Quinn and Georgie before they headed back to Hudson. Ty, "Amy, do you ever wish you could have made it this far with your riding?"

Amy, "I am happy just where I am. I have the boy of my dreams, my family, and we live at Heartland. That is my gold medal."

Ty, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the gold medal for best mom, wife, and horse listener ever, Amy Borden, Rah!"

Amy laughing, "You are nuts!"

Ty, "Yes I am!"

The two families are gathered around the table waiting on the arrival of Georgie and Quinn. When they entered the restaurant, the whole place lit up in applause as they started chanting Go Georgie, Go Canada! Quinn, "Georgie, I think you made some friends!"

Georgie, with a huge grin on her face, "You think!"

As they approach the table to find their seats, a man walks up to Quinn's father who is standing now next to Georgie and Quinn's father says "Georgie, Quinn, I would like you to meet a good friend of mine, Jason Jones who has sponsored me after my Olympic run. He is with MMA, a sports management agency that works with high profile athletes as they navigate their careers. He wanted me to introduce you guys to him. I hope it is alright."

Quinn, "Dad, couldn't you wait and let this sink in. You are always looking at the next deal!"

Tim, "Quinn, you father is right! You have to strike while the iron is hot!"

Lou, "Dad, let them be. Let them enjoy the win first! Mr. Jones, it was very nice meeting you and I would suggest we setup a better time!. Maybe in a couple of weeks."

Jason Jones, "That sounds like a plan. I just wanted to personally come over and congratulate the team on what I think was one of the best equestrian performances I have ever seen! Congratulations guys. It was very nice to meet you!"

Georgie, "Wow, a sports agent! Go figure!"

Quinn, "You had better hold on, there are going to be endorsements and sponsorships flying our way!"

Georgie, "Wow!"

As the family settled at the table, Georgie stood up and asked to give a toast. "Guys, none of this would be possible without each one of your influences on my life. Amy, you have guided me through the rough years of learning. Jack, Mom, Dad, you reached out and rescued me when no one else would. Ty, I just love you so much for being there for all of us and caring. Lisa, Tim, Shane, you supported me all along the way. And Quinn, YOU my friend are going to be my husband! But, I want to give a very special thanks to Katie and Lyndi. They have been praying for me all this time. And the advice they gave me right before I started my events was to pray and let God show you the way. You guys saw it with your own eyes. All I had to do was smile, Phoenix and God navigated the course. In all my years of riding him, he has never had the poise and grace he had today. Not once, but twice. It was like God said, George, you hold on and smile, me and Phoenix got this! So let me raise my glass to All of you, and especially God for what is one of the best competitions I have ever rode.

As the night ended, the families headed back to the airport for a long ride back to home.

On the plane everyone was sleeping from the exhausting day. Amy shook Ty and said, "Ty. Our Lyndi is a real special girl. Her love and trust in God has influenced our whole family. I am so proud to be her mom."

Ty,"I was just thinking the same thing. We are really blessed! Ty brings Amy in close and they both fall asleep holding on to one another.

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
Nov 15, 2021

This was so beautiful how Georgie gave thanks to God and how Lyndy has brought her whole family together through prayer 🙏


Nov 10, 2021


Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
Nov 14, 2021
Replying to

I had the same thrill as I wrote it. Remember I am not a skilled fiction writer but as I wrote the story I got overwhelmed as well. God Bless you and Thank

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