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Chapter 7: The Wedding Day (Part 2)

John Rich played for about an hour and everyone was fully enjoying the show. They were dancing and singing along to the songs. Jack and the whole family were getting into the festivities and enjoying every minute. When it was time to take a break, John announced, "I am going to take a break here, but don't worry, we have some very exciting entertainment ahead. The next young lady is a rising star in the country music world but put her dreams on hold to care for her ill mother. Tonight, she will be back on stage for the first time in over a year and I think will be joined by some talented folks here at Heartland. Is that correct?" Brooke shakes her head yes. "So, without further ado, give it up for Brooke Oliver!" The crowd sends a resounding round of applause.

Brooke starts out with one of her most popular songs and the crowd begins to recognize it and begin singing along. When she finishes, she begins to tell the story of how she met Ty and Amy and how she stole their truck, but it had a flat before she could get going. Also, how Amy and Ty forgave her for her indiscretion, and agreed to bring her to Montana with them. At the diner/truck stop where they stopped to get the flat repaired, she played her guitar to raise some money and one of the songs she sang was one by Lyndi Bartlett. Amy joined in and that is when Amy told her that Lyndi was her grandmother. She thanks Ty for convincing her to go back to her mother and mend the fences and that is how they all became friends. Then she said, "So tonight I have asked Amy to come up here and join me in the Mother's Song written by Lyndi Bartlett. So, Amy, can you come up here and let's give it a go!"

Amy joins Brooke on stage and Brooke begins the song with the first verse. Amy joins in on the chorus and then begins to sing the second verse. The guests begin to applaud their effort when Ty looks over to Jack and see's that he has become really emotional. Walking over to him, Ty puts his arms around him and gives him a big hug. Jack says, "I have only loved twice in my life and both of my wives were so special, not only to me, but to our family. Ty, I am so happy for you and Amy and look forward to seeing you guys take up where I leave off. The legacy of our family is now in your hands, son!" Ty gives Jack another big hug and says, "We won't let you down, Jack!"

As the song ends Amy gives Brooke a big hug and the guests send out another round of applause.

Amy takes the microphone and begins to tell the guests that Brooke is giving Lyndi and her an opportunity to sing together for the first time and we have chosen one of her songs that is on the album she just released. "Lyndi, can you come up here and sing with me?" Lyndi moves up to the stage and takes a microphone. Lyndi starts the song and the angelic voice that she had during the ceremony came out and everyone stopped to watch and listen to her voice. As the parts for Brooke and Amy are added, the song becomes so rich in voice harmony that the audience was totally captive to the performance. Then, Amy and Lyndi reached the chorus and sang together. There was something to say about a mother and her daughter's harmony that can't be matched. They finish the song, and everyone cheered and clapped for the performance.

Brooke continued with her set solo, and Amy and Lyndi came away from the stage and to the family who had been front and center of the stage. The twins ran up to Lyndi and said, "Sis, that was so awesome. Can you teach me how to sing like that?" Jack reached over to Amy and gave her a big hug and said, "You don't know what that song means to me. You just don't know!"

Amy, "Grandpa, that had to be divine intervention. Out of the blue, when Ty and I picked her up, she sang that song. I didn't realize that it meant so much to you!"

Jack, "I am so full of joy that her legacy continues with you and Lyndi!"

Ty, reaching for Amy and giving her a big embrace. "Have I told you how much I love you? How much? Just when I think I couldn't love you anymore, you do something like this!"

Amy, laughing with a huge smile “, I can't remember the last time. Can you remind me?"

Ty, "You are crazy! But very special!"

Georgie and Quinn come over with John Rich. John, "You guys need to go to Nashville and get into the music business!"

Georgie, "Guys, how awesome was that song. I cried through the whole thing. Lyndi your voice is so beautiful. It’s just like your mothers!"

Amy, "Thanks guys, these songs meant as much to me and Lyndi as it did to you. The first song I sang with Brooke was a legacy of your Great Grandmother, Lyndi Bartlett, who was Jack’s 1st wife. Wasn't that awesome. And the second song that Lyndi and I sang, that was so much fun!" Amy grabbed Lyndi and gave her a big hug.

The time had come for Jack and Amy to sing the tribute song to Lisa. Georgie went to the microphone and began to tell the story of Lisa and how she became part of the family. She further mentioned that Lisa was instrumental in she and Quinn getting back together and that giving Quinn the job at Fair Field helped solidify their relationship in the beginning. She then asked if any other family member would like to say a few words about Lisa. Lou came up and said, "Lisa was like a mother to me. She introduced me to my husband Peter, she took care of my kids, Georgie and Katie, as Peter and I grew our businesses. She was a consoling voice when I needed a friend. She was also a role model for me as a businesswomen. Lisa was so successful in everything she did. I wish she could be here tonight to hear these comments." Amy and Jack came to the stage and Amy said, "Like Lou, Lisa was much like a mother to me. She was all those things that Lou said, but most of all, she loved my grandfather!" Amy took Jack's hand, who was visibly shaken and said, "That is why we wanted to write and sing this song about her today on this very special occasion."

Jack and Amy begin to sing the song and while they were singing, not a dry eye could be found from a family member. The song had so much meaning to each and every one of them and as the verses were sung, they could identify with each word. At the end of the song, Amy said, "Guys, if we could have a minute to pray and send Lisa our love." The guests were silent as Amy said a brief prayer. "Lisa, we know that you are in Heaven with your family and friends, and I am sure you are looking down on us tonight and enjoying the festivities. I hope you enjoyed your song and we want you to know that we miss you and love you so much." Jack and Amy left the stage and John got ready for the final set.

Georgie and Quinn were getting ready to leave the reception and start their honeymoon in France at the Villa. Peter and Lou came up to them and Georgie said, "Guys, this was an awesome wedding. Everything was just as we planned it, even better. Mom, I couldn't have asked for anything better, and I want to thank you and Peter for making this event come true. I know you guys had to compromise on some personal things to get this done and we really, really appreciate it." Quinn reaches out to Peter’s hand and shakes it. Peter, thank you for setting up the Villa for us. We look forward to spending the next few weeks there."

Peter, "I believe everything is set up and ready for your stay. If you need anything, Fernando is the caretaker and a partner so he should be able to help you. So, you guys are flying there tonight?"

Quinn, "Jet is fueled and ready to go."

Peter, "Awesome."

About that time, Clyde comes over and gives Georgie a big hug and says, "Georgie, I want to welcome you into the McGregor family and I have to say, this past week has really been an eye opener for me with your family. They have quite an operation up here and I think as you guys grow and Quinn becomes more involved in the business, I feel confident that it will be in good hands. You guys go have fun on your honeymoon and if you get bored and want to go on a trail ride, I have alerted a great friend of our family that you might come by and borrow some horses."

Georgie, "That is so thoughtful, thank you. I don't know if you know that our family has a vineyard and horse ranch in France and that is where we are staying. It was Lisa's. When she and Jack got married, they put the Villa under the family operations."

Clyde, "You guys never cease to amaze me. Well, just go and have fun! Quinn, son congratulations!"

Quinn, "Thanks, Dad. For everything!"

The limousine was lined up and the guests awaited Georgie and Quinn to come from the loft and head to the airport. Amy and Lyndi were in the loft getting some last things ready for Georgie when Georgie said, "Amy, Lyndi, you guys are so special to me. I love you so much and want to thank you for everything." She reached and grabbed Lyndi, "You, my friend are a very special young lady, just like your mother! You will be in my heart forever!"

Quinn, "Let's go! We need to get going, Georgie. We have a flight window we need to meet to get to France tomorrow!”

Georgie, "Fine, I love you guys. Thanks for everything!

Georgie and Quinn run through the guests and to the limousine. They hopped in and sped off to the airport. Then, all the guests began to depart and say their final goodbyes.

As the last of the guests left, the family was huddled around one of the tables and Lyndi, Katie, and the twins were playing on stage acting like they were a band. Jack said, "You guys really pulled off a wedding. I don't think Heartland ever lit up like this before. You should be proud of your accomplishments."

Ty, "Really, I don't think it could have been done any better. Also, that song for Lisa. What a special tribute to her. I know that I miss her almost every day, but today, I really felt that she was with us here at the wedding."

Jack, "And that Lyndi, I did not know that she had that talent for singing as well as she did. Her voice filled the tent and she didn't miss a note. And that song you two sang, Amy, what harmony!"

Tim, "Amy, how did you meet that Brooke girl?"

Amy looked at Ty, "You want to tell him?"

Ty, "Well you see, remember when I borrowed your truck to go do that clinic with Amy in Montana?

Tim, "Yes."

Ty, "Well, Amy and I took a trail ride to a beautiful lake. Wouldn't you know, when we came back to the truck…it was gone. Brooke borrowed the truck! However, it had a flat about a half of a mile away and we caught up to her. Then, Amy.."

Amy breaks in, "She was just a young girl out on the road by herself!"

Ty, "That stole our truck!"

Amy, "We couldn't just leave her. So, we brought her to the next town to fix the flat and she offered to buy us lunch. She took her guitar and started playing outside the diner and folks were putting money in her guitar case. The last song she sang was a song my Grandma wrote, and I joined in with her. That was the song we sang tonight!"

Jack, "That was one of my favorite songs that she wrote."

Ty, "Well, if you remember, that day we had to come back to Heartland and I convinced Brooke to come back home to mend fences with her mom that were broken at the time.

Amy, "We never told you because we knew you would never let this go with Ty!"

Tim, "You’re right. I won't."

Amy, "Well, I followed her and her career and decided to see if she would sing for us at the wedding. She did offer back then to sing at Ty and I's wedding. She agreed. And she was here tonight. The great ending to this story is that John Rich saw her perform in Nashville and wants her to come back and star at his club when she gets back on tour. Right now, she is caring for her mother who is dying of cancer."

Lou, "Well, I really enjoyed her music. And how about John Rich. Georgie and Quinn have really become international celebrities. I saw some famous folks here tonight!"

Amy, "Think back on when Georgie first came to us. She has really come a long way from that day, right?"

Jack, "You can say that again. I am so very proud of her! I am getting tired, so I think I am going to retire tonight!"

Everyone else decided to head to bed so Amy and Ty corralled the kids and got them settled in for the night. Amy was up in the loft tidying up a few things when Ty comes up the stairs. "Got the kids put down. Man, those boy’s adrenaline was turned on high. I liked to never got them to settle down."

Amy, "What a day, wasn't it!"

Ty, "So much reminded me of our wedding. The horse path, the lights. I was feeling those feelings I had when I saw you come from the barn on Spartan!"

Amy, "You were!"

Ty, "Matter of fact," as he moved closer to Amy and reached around from behind and pulled her into his arms, "I remember our honeymoon up here in the very same spot!"

Amy, "You do, do ya!"

Ty, "And if I remember correctly, I turned you around like this, and kissed you and told you how beautiful you were and how I would love you forever!"

Amy, "I think I recall that!"

Ty, "Then, I think you told me that talking was overrated!"

Amy, "And I think I did this!"

Ty, "I think you did…….!"

(Again, let your imagination take you wherever you want this to go!)

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