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Chapter 7: Georgie Goes To The Olympics

It has been two years since TJ and Tyson were born and over that time each has developed a very independent personality when it comes to playing and tackling new adventures in their little lives. Lyndi is in her last year of junior high school and is exceling in almost everything she does; Soccer, jumping, even rodeo. Just like her mother, she has become quite a horse "whisperer" as well, and she helps mom with her business when she can. Amy and Ty have expanded their business into training veterinarians on how to incorporate holistic/behavior techniques with the veterinarian large animal practice and Amy is still working with troubled horses locally. She also works with a very few international clients since the twins were born because she did not want to travel and leave her family. Ty has become a very accomplished veterinarian and handles all the work for Fairfield and Amed's Hill Hearst Farms, which houses many of the world's champion race and equestrian horses.

Jack and Lisa spend most of their time in France. Fully retired they travel the world from there and make sure they come by Heartland at least once a month to see the family. Recently, Lisa is having some medical issues and they are planning to extend their visits to Heartland so she can work with the doctors in Calgary. Jack is less mobile with his arthritis but still is able to make his way around a horse and light duties of the ranch.

Lou and Peter are running Fair Field and have become partners with Lisa and Jack. They still own Maggies, but the dude ranch was sold to Shane. Katie, who has become quite the equestrian, is a senior in high school, and much like Lyndi, has also excelled in her high school endeavors. Katie and Lyndi, have become quite the force in school and each supports the other in all the activities they participate in.

Tim and Shane's cattle operation has become quite the venture with over 1000 head of cattle. Not only are they supplying organic meat to the Garland food chain, which has also double in size, but have picked up some other food chains in Northern Alberta. Shane has taken a liken to running the dude ranch on the side and it has become quite popular among the folks in the US.

Kas and Calib's family has grown too. Kas practice with Scott has been very successful and Calib has become a partner with Tim and Shane in the cattle business.

Georgie has become quite the international celebrity. This year she will represent Canada in the Olympics which will be held in her home country. She has won or placed in just about every event leading up the Olympics and is favored to take the gold. Companies are flocking to her for endorsement and she is being interviewed by most of the major network media in both Canada and the US. Georgie and Quinn are planning their wedding for after the Olympics and are considering expanding Ty and Amy's business from Quinn's family ranch in Florida.

Today, Georgie is wrapping up a few things before they pack up and head to the Olympic housing facilities. Feeling overwhelmed, she sees Amy working with a horse in the round pin and goes over to talk with her. Georgie, "Amy, who you got there?"

Amy, "This is a horse that was abandoned and has some real issues with people. He doesn't trust anyone including me!"

Georgie, "When you have a minute, can we talk?"

Amy, "Sure, I am about done with him for the day anyway."

Amy walks over to the fence where the hay bails are stacked and says, "Come, sit over here. What is on your mind?"

Georgie, "You know I am excited about the Olympics and all that. And really excited about getting married. But I seem to be so overwhelmed with everything that I can't focus on anything. Even my riding is suffering."

Amy, "Well, Georgie, your life is pretty amazing right now and I would think something was wrong if you didn't fell a bit overwhelmed. So what is more overwhelming, going to the Olympics or getting married?"

Georgie, "To tell you the truth, it's about getting married. Quinn and I are perfect for each other and we really love each other and have waited a long time to get married, yet, I am concerned that getting married might mess things up between us."

Amy, "Georgie, when Ty was going to propose to me and I found out about the ring…Oh, you remember the ring, right! "

Georgie laughing, " Yea, right, I remember! The ring I stole from Ty!"

Amy, "Yes, that ring. Well, looking back, our timing was completely off. I think if we would have made the decision then to get married, it would have been more difficult. As it was, we waited and the perfect time came and both of us knew it. You and Quinn have been together for a long time and have endured a lot of ups and downs. Do you feel now that you are ready for a permanent commitment with Quinn. I knew I was from that day when Ty asked me to marry him!"

Georgie, "The night that Quinn asked, it was so romantic and perfect and I knew accepting his proposal was the right thing to do. It is just now, with everything that is going on with the Olympics, I am feeling very unsettled."

Amy, "I think that maybe all the fuss over you from sponsors, TV, and getting prepared has changed your focus a bit and that has caused you to doubt your decision. Why don't you take some time with Quinn and talk this out. If you guys are going to make it through the long haul, you will need to be able to handle these feeling and bring them to a conclusion."

Georgie, "I think that is a great idea. I will give it a try. Amy, thank you for being so supportive through all these years. I don't know what I would have done without you."

Amy, "From the moment I met you here in the barn, I became your friend. I have cherished that over the years and I want only the best for you! Also, I know that my Lyndi has spoken to you about your faith. I just want to add that she has introduced Ty and I to prayer and when things get tough, I ask God to take control. It is amazing the peace that I get from that. You might want to try that before you compete and before you talk with Quinn. Watch how He engineers the things in your life."

Georgie, "Yes SHE has! I will keep that in mind. Thanks Amy, I love you. By the way, are you and Ty coming to the Olympics to watch me compete?"

Amy, "Wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Georgie goes back to the loft to finish packing and Amy takes the horse and puts him up for the night.

Katie and Lyndi are in the house kicking around with the twins when they decide to go up to the loft to see Georgie off. Georgie is packing up the final things when both the girls burst into the room. Katie, "Georgie, are you ready to go! We are so excited that we are going to be able to attend the Olympics to watch you compete. Everyone at school thinks it is so cool that you are my sister and you will be on TV competing."

Lyndi, "Georgie, Katie and I are going to pray for you every night so you can be sure that God is going to be with you."

Georgie, "Thanks Lyndi, your mom says that has helped her over the years, so I am happy you guys will be doing that!"

Lyndi, "Also, I am going to say a little prayer for Phoenix as well."

Georgie, "I think Phoenix might need more than me. I am just in the saddle, he has to do the jumping."

Katie, "We are so proud of you. You know that, right!"

Georgie, "Yes I do…I would have never made it this far without all of your support. I hope I can bring home the gold for you guys."

Katie, "Bring home the Gold for you! This is your time, and when you get done, you're getting married to the most fabulous guy ever. What a fairytale life! Lyndi and I hope we can follow in your footstep!"

Georgie, "I love you guys, now get out of here so I can get some sleep. Got a long day tomorrow!"

Both Lyndi and Katie leave the loft and head back to the house where TJ and Tyson are playing soccer outside. Amy is following them from the barn when TJ kicks the soccer ball towards his mom. "Kick it back, kick it back" Amy goes to kick the ball and it hits Lyndi in the back of the head. Lyndi looks at Amy, Laughing, "Mom, soccer was never your game, right?"

Amy, "Ok, so I suck at kicking the ball!

Lyndi, kicks the ball back to TJ and Tyson and the game is on. Katie and Amy against the twins and Lyndi. About that time Ty comes out of the house and joins Amy and Katie and they play soccer for the next hour kicking the ball, wrestling on the ground and laughing it up with the twins.

Ty, "Guys we need to call it a night! Amy is getting tired and she needs her sleep!"

Amy, "I beg your pardon, sir, if anyone is getting tired it's you. I can do this all night."

Ty, "Ok, I am getting tired. Let's go inside and get some drinks."

The next day as the family see Georgie off, Ty leaves for an appointment at Hill Hearst to see one of Amed's new jumpers. Not expecting to see Amed he is surprised when he greets him at the door. Ty, "Well, Amed, I didn't think I would be seeing you today. What a great surprise!"

Amed, "Ty, you have performed your duties with our stable beyond our requirements and I wanted to personally thank you for the great attention you and Amy have given to us. I understand that Georgie is going to be competing in the Olympic Games, correct?"

Ty, "Yes, you are correct and our family is so excited for her. We are trying to arrange for our family members to go to the games to watch her compete."

Amed, "Well, I might have a solution for you. I would love to offer my jet to your family for the event. It can seat 15 so it should be plenty enough room for your family to all go to the games."

Ty, "Amed, your jet! I don't know what to say!"

Amed, "Say yes and I will make the arrangements today."

Ty, "Yes, most certainly, Yes. I can't wait to tell Amy. She is going to be so excited!"

Amed, "Then that settles it. I will handle the arrangements. What days are you planning to go?"

Ty, "I will have to get back to you today on that. Again, thank you so much!"

Ty, stunned by the offer goes to the stall where the new horse is and completes his assessment. Writing up his report, he still can't believe that Amed is going to let them use his jet. When he completes the report he calls Amy. "Amy, you are not going to believe what just happened! I came over here to Hill Hearst to check on a new horse and Amed met me at the door. He wanted to thank use for taking such good care of his stable so he met me personally at the door. Then, out of nowhere he asked me about Georgie and her Olympic debut and when I told him that we all were so excited and were trying to arrange for the family to go and support her, guess what he did? Guess, you will never believe this!"

Amy, "I can't imagine."

Ty, almost out of breathe, "Guess, Amy, Guess!"

Amy, "I can't imagine!"

Ty, "He offered us the use of his Jet. Amy, the use of his jet! It can hold 15 people so we all can go to the Olympics and support Georgie. Can you believe it?"

Amy, "I can't! Why did he make such a grand gesture?"

Ty, "Not real sure, maybe he wants to thank us for all the hard work we have done for him over the years. You know, he IS a prince. To him it is probably a small gesture, but to us….Wow, we are going to the Olympics in a jet!"

Amy, "That is unbelievable. We might even be able to take TJ and Tyson. What do you think about that?"

Ty, "I think that is doable! Man, a jet. I have never been on a jet before. For that matter, I have only flown once and you know how that turned out!"

Amy, "Are you on your way back? If so, let's discuss this tonight at dinner and see how we can arrange this."

Ty, "Yeah, I need to let Amed know our arrangements so he can schedule everything. See you in a bit!"

Amy begins to prepare for the nights meal and decides that she need invite the family over to discuss the new opportunity to go watch Georgie. She calls Lou and Tim and asked them to come over for dinner and that she wants to update them on this new opportunity. She didn't tell what it was so that it would be a surprise. So that night Lou, Peter, Katie, Shane, Tim, Jack and Lisa all came to dinner with Amy's family. After dinner, Ty asked to make a toast. "I want to make a toast to Georgie who is going to compete next week in the Olympics." They all raised a glass, then Ty said, "I want to make another toast to Amed. He has graciously offered his jet to our family so we can go see her compete!"

Jack, "What, Amed is lending us his jet?"

Ty, "Yes, and it seats 15 so we all can go for the day and watch her. Even the twins!"

Lou, "Wow, how generous. Why?"

Ty, "He mentioned to me today that he was thankful for our work with this stable when I saw him so I guess this is his way of showing his appreciation. Remember, he IS a prince!"

Tim, "A Jet huh!, Do you think it is wise that the whole family get on one plane and go!. You know our track record with planes, Ty!"

Ty, "Tim, this is a jet with experienced pilots who have flown all over the world for Amed. So I would think we are in good hands."

Jack, "Maybe you should stay behind and watch the ranches!"

Tim, "Not on your life! I am going! Count me in!"

Shane, "I am in!"

About that time everyone chimed in and agreed to go to watch Georgie.

That evening, as Ty and Amy settled into bed, Amy reach over and gives Ty a big hug and a kiss. While she was kissing him, she said, "Do you know Mr. Borden how awesome I think you are?"

Ty as he is returning the affection, "No I don’t. How about you telling me!"

Amy, as she kisses him, says, "I think you are the most handsome." She kisses him again, "The smartest!" Followed by another kiss. "The greatest father!" Followed by another kiss. "The greatest husband a girl could ever have! Imagine all that from that boy in the loft!"

Ty, as he is returning the kisses, "I think you left off something!"

Amy, "I did? So what would that be?"

Ty, "The greatest lover ever!"

Amy rolls over onto Ty and says, "I did leave something out!"

Authors Note: You can let your imagination take it from here.

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