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Chapter 6: Wedding Day (Part 1)

Today is the day for the wedding of Georgie and Quinn. Since the wedding is in the evening, everyone is hustling around making last minute adjustments to the plans, checking the venues, making sure the entertainment tent sound is correct, and all the food is getting delivered and set up. Lyndi has decided to sing a solo during the wedding and will sing one of the songs with Amy at the reception. John Rich and his band arrived yesterday, and today Georgie is taking him to the orphanage that she sponsors in Calgary. Lou is running around making last minute decisions, while Ty and Jack are making sure the food is ready to go. Peter is watching the kids and Tim and Shane are bringing some folks on a trail ride. All is going as planned.

Lou, "Marny, let's go over the menu items one last time!"

Marny, "Lou, if you ask me again, I am going to quit. I got it! Everything is ready or will be ready by wedding and reception time!"

Lou, "Ok, I am counting on you!"

Marny leaves shaking her head as she walks by Amy. "Your sister is driving me crazy!"

Amy, "She is driving everyone crazy! Lou, what is it that you want now?"

Lou, "I just want to make sure all the entertainment is ready to go."

Amy, "This is the 5th time you have asked. What was my last answer? Use that!"

Lou then inspects the tents and the setup again to make sure that everything is in order when she realizes that she hasn't setup the route for Phoenix to take to bring Georgie to the wedding tent. Frantic, she immediately begins to look for Georgie, who is not there, to get that setup. Jack walks by and Lou grabs him by the arm. "Grandpa, we did not make provisions for Phoenix to bring Georgie to the wedding tent. What are we going to do?"

Jack, "Lou, we can do what we did for Amy's wedding. We can do a candle lit walkway from the barn to the tent, and she can get off at the tent and walk in. Have Quinn and the best man stand outside waiting for her. Once she arrives, Peter can escort her down the aisle to the area where they will say their vows. Easy enough!"

Lou, "I need the candles, I don't have candles for the trail from the barn!"

Jack, "No Problem. I will go into town and pick those up. Ok, so problem averted!"

Lou, "Grandpa, I don't know what I would do without you!"

Georgie returns from the orphanage and Amy ushers her into the loft where they have set up a dressing area for the girls. Katie is the maid of honor and Amy is a bridesmaid. Georgie has arranged for their hair and makeup to be done by a local salon owner who went to school with Georgie. Amy, "Georgie, you need to sit up here and just relax and let the ladies get you ready for tonight."

Georgie, "I agree, I am so ready for this to happen, Amy. It has been a long time coming for Quinn and I."

Amy, "Yeah, but look at what you guys have achieved. This is the icing on the cake. You are marrying your soul mate!"

Katie, "This is going to be a cool wedding. All the people, the music. I can't wait to hear Lyndi sing at the wedding, and, you too, Amy. You and Grandpa singing that song you guys wrote for Lisa. Tonight is going to be a very special night!"

Tim and Shane brought some of the McGregor clan on a trail ride to show them the ranch. As they arrived back at Heartland they were greeted by Ty and Jack who were sitting on the porch. Jack, "Well did Tim and Shane do our little ranch justice on your ride?"

Clyde, "Jack, you guys have a real special place here. I can't get over the views you have. It is so panoramic from mountains to valleys, water, hills. It is just spectacular. And those wild horses you guys have. Tim said there is a story behind those wildies that we need to hear. We sat by the ridge as they ran by to the lake and the sound of all those horses running made the ground shake!"

Jack, "You know Amy has been taking a few every year and gentling them so we can lean the herd. We ended up with some pretty fine horses out of that. Some we sold, some we use here at Heartland. Matter of fact, that horse you are riding was one of those wildies!

Clyde, "That is simply amazing. We have nothing like this at our facility in Florida. Maybe we should consider joining our ventures."

Jack, "What you probably don't know is my late wife, Lisa, has a pretty impressive operation as well, that Lou and Peter run. Ty handles all the vet services, and that operation has really grown over the years. When she passed, we combined the operations into Heartland-Fairfield Ranch. So maybe before you guys leave, we can give you a tour of that.

Clyde, "Tim was telling me that you guys also raise cattle and you have well over 1000 head."

Jack, "He would be correct. He and Shane run that operation."

Clyde, "Looks like your family has some very well-established roots. I am so happy that our kids decided to join up in marriage. We might be able to work some business together."

Jack, "Maybe so!"

Lyndi, is in the house practicing her song when Ty comes in. "Lyndi. How is it coming? GG and I can hear you outside and it really sounds wonderful. You know who you sound like don't you?

Lyndi, "Mom."

Ty, "Yes, your mother. Jack says that you two might sing a song at the reception. I can't wait to hear the harmony in your voices. Are you nervous?"

Lyndi, "A bit, but I prayed about it and I feel that I can do this!"

Ty, "Awesome, then I will leave you to it."

Amy walks in to check on Lyndi and says, "I see your dad is giving you a pep talk!"

Lyndi, "Yes, but I think I have this."

Amy, "Great, don't strain your voice practicing and make sure you get all your clothes laid out so you are ready to go when the wedding starts."

Lyndi, "Ok mom."

Amy, "Ty, where are the boys?"

Ty, "Lord knows! They have been running around here all day. They are so excited that they haven't slowed down a second!"

Amy, "Can you reel them in and have them bathe and settle down until the wedding?"

Ty, “I will try to catch them!"

It is almost wedding time and the guests have begun to arrive. Around 600 folks are expected, so Georgie and Quinn hired a valet service to allow the guests to come right up to the ranch and the service parks their cars in a nearby field. All the tents inside and out are fitted with the most beautiful white lights and inside two of the tents are magnificent chandeliers hanging from the middle of the tent. Flowers are adorned everywhere you look. Georgie's favorite colors are maroon and white, so there are a mixture of those colors on all the tables, lining the aisles, and at the entrances.

John Rich and Brooke are making last minute adjustments in the entertainment tent. Amy walks in and introduces Brooke to John and tells the story of how they met. John reaches out to shake hands and says, "I understand you have been out with your mom this past year. I saw you in Nashville last year and wanted to get you to the Riviera to play, but lost track of you. So sorry to hear about her illness. I hope you will be able to get back on tour. Your music is really great!"

Brooke, very surprised, "I didn't know that you were looking me up. I surely would love to play at your Nashville venue and if the opportunity comes up again, would be more than happy to put that on my schedule. You know, this is the first time on stage in over a year. Got a few gitters!"

Amy, "You are going to be just fine! I have been practicing those songs and I would ask if Lyndi could sing with us on the Mother's song."

Brooke, "You know that is a perfect song for us to all sing. That would be great."

Amy, "John, Brooke, is there anything I can get you?"

John, "We are all set!"

Brooke, "Me too!"

Amy, "Then I will leave you to it and I will go and get dressed for the wedding."

The wedding ceremony is about to start, and Jack gets Phoenix ready for Georgie. They had braided his mane and hung flowers around his neck. He looked so majestic. The guests were all seated in the wedding tent and it was a packed house. Lou was putting her final touches on Georgie. "Mom, Lou, I am good. Everything is good. You need to go get in line and have them walk you to your seat.

Lou, "Just one more look! I am so excited for you Georgie. I don't think you have ever looked more beautiful!"

Georgie, "Thanks Mom! I love you so much! Now go!"

Lou, "Ok, Ok! Amy, Katie you guys look so gorgeous tonight as well!

Lou leaves the loft and heads to the tent to be seated.

Jack and Shane, and Shane's girlfriend, Lainy are sitting in the family section. Lainy leans over to Shane, "Look at all the people. They are from all over. Some of these folks are celebrities! I didn't know that Quinn and Georgie were so famous."

Shane, "Yeah, even before she won the Olympics, she was getting requests from sponsors to represent their brand. After the Olympics, when she won the gold, she landed some serious endorsements. Quinn and his family are known all over the world for their operation in Florida. I understand that they had to skinny the list in half to have it up here and there are still over 600 folks."

Lainy, "John Rich is the band. How awesome is that!"

Tim leans in, "If you think that is great, wait until you hear Amy, Lyndi and Brooke sing. And Jack and Amy are going to sing a special song tribute to Lisa."

Lainy, "Wow!"

Ty is sitting with Lyndi and the twins trying to settle them down. " If you make a scene, or for any reason disrupt this wedding, Mom has told Dad to bring you to the house, and you will not be able to attend any of the other functions tonight. Do you understand?"

TJ, "Who made you the boss?"

Tyson, "Yeah, who made you the boss?"

Ty, "I did! And you better listen to her. I am not going to sit here and hear you guys cutting up through this ceremony. Now once it is over, you can run around again. But during this ceremony, If I hear one peep, we go to the house! Do you understand that!"

Both the boys nod their heads.

The wedding party is in position. The bridesmaids, and flower girls, who are Caz and Caleb's girls, are in position before the bride and Phoenix. Quinn, his dad, and best friend are standing at the entrance to the wedding tent waiting for the bride to come from the barn. Inside the tent is a huge screen setup to video the ride procession from the barn to the tent. Peter is standing next to Phoenix as he assists Georgie onto the horse with Jack’s help. Once Georgie is mounted on the horse, Peter takes Phoenix and leads him to the tent down the lit pathway. Amy is thinking back to when she made the same entrance and became quite emotional. As they got closer to the tent, she was overwhelmed with that love she shared with Ty on their special day. She looked up at Georgie, "You look so beautiful!"

Georgie, "Amy, I remember this ride for you!"

Amy, "I know, I am so overwhelmed right now! I love you, Georgie. Thank you for letting me share this with you!"

Georgie, "I love you, too!"

The flower girls first, then Amy, then Katie come down the aisle and take their positions. They are dressed in beautiful maroon gowns that match the flowers around the tent. Each is escorted by Clyde and then Quinn's best friend, who are dressed in black tuxedos. Once all the wedding party is set at the altar, Georgie dismounts Phoenix and takes Peter's arm and is escorted down the Aisle. She is wearing a beautiful dress that has a flowing train with a vanilla tone (You can tell the author doesn't really know anything about this, LOL). Quinn, standing at the altar, sees Georgie and mouths to her "You are so beautiful!" Georgie comes to the alter where Peter pulls back her vail and kisses her on the cheek. Then he hands Georgie to Quinn. Quinn is mesmerized by her beauty. The preacher, who is Lyndi's best friend's father, brings the ceremony to order and starts the proceedings.

"Georgie Fleming-Morris. Quinn McGregor. What a day! All these friends and family who have traveled here from all over the world, I understand, are here to see you two exchange your vows. I also understand that your romance, which started over 7 years ago, actually started in Europe. Correct?" Both nod their heads. "From there, you guys trained and trained, and you made it to the Olympics! And I understand you did pretty well there, correct?" Again, both are nodding. "And Quinn, Georgie says if it wasn't for you and your persistent nagging about training, she probably would not have made it as far as she did, is that correct?" Quinn smiles and Georgie looks away as the guests laugh. Well, today is your special day. Today, you and Georgie will become one in heart and soul. This will be the most special day of your lives, because from here you will grow your love, your faith, your family, and your friends as husband and wife. It is a union so special that God approves it and offers his assistance whenever you need it. How awesome is that! Well, I understand that your niece is going to sing your favorite song for us now. So Lyndi, if you would come up here! Friends you may be seated."

Lyndi stands up to walk to the wedding stage to sing when Ty grabs her hand, "You are a special young lady. I can't wait to hear you sing!" As she walks by Amy, Amy winks and mouths, "You got this!" The piano player begins playing "How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding. As Lyndi begins to sing, the room fills with the most beautiful sound. As each verse was sung, Lyndi grew more confident with her singing. Her voice was so sweet and angelic, and her pitch was perfect. Georgie took Quinn's hand and whispered, "She is one special little girl!" As she finished the song, all the guests gave her a sounding round of applause. She went back to her seat and Ty and the boys gave her a big hug. Amy had tears in her eyes.

The preacher then brings Georgie and Quinn back to the alter and says, "Man, that choir teacher of Lyndi's needs a round of applause!" Everyone laughs (She sings in his choir). "Georgie, Quinn, I understand that Lyndi and Katie introduced you both to Christ and that since then your faith has become a central part of your lives. I also understand that you attribute your success at the Olympics to your faith and that God took control during that event, correct?" They both nod. "Well, today you need to apply that same faith to what you are going to start today. If you truly commit your marriage to Christ, and make sure that no matter what happens during your marriage, you will turn it over to Him, your success in this marriage will be as successful, if not more, than the success He has shone you so far! So, are you ready to do this?" They both nod.

The preacher then goes through the vows and ring ceremony. At the end, he turns Georgie and Quinn to the guests, "Today marks a very special day in the lives of this couple. Today they are Quinn and Georgie Fleming Morris-McGregor. And today I present you as man and wife. You may kiss the bride!" After a long kiss, Georgie and Quinn head back down the Aisle to the entertainment tent for pictures and the first dance. The guests are on their feet clapping as they head down the aisle following the bride and groom.

John Rich has keyed up his band and starts playing as soon as the guests begin to enter the main tent. Georgie and Quinn are visiting with family and taking pictures. The champagne begins to flow, and the guests are circled around the huge dance floor. John announces, it is time for the bride and groom dance. Can you both make your way to the dance floor?” As Quinn and Georgie make their way through the crowd, John Rich says, "Folks, I am so glad that these two allowed me to participate in their wedding. They have been so inspiring to me in Nashville with their work here in Canada with at risk-orphans. I pray for a long, enduring life for the both of you." John then begins to sing, "I see trees of green, red roses, too..."

Quinn and Georgie are dancing to the song when they are joined by Ty and Amy, then Peter and Lou, then Kas and Caleb. Amy is looking into Ty's eyes and whispers, "I love our life!"

Ty responds, "I love our life too!"

Amy, "Ty, look at Grandpa over there by himself. Mind if I go over to him?”

Ty, "I was just thinking the same. Go ask him to dance."

Amy starts toward Jack when she sees Georgie walking to him and pulling him onto the floor. So, Amy turns back to Ty. "How sweet is that. You know she and Grandpa have always had a very special relationship. Kind of like you and him."

Ty, "Jack is very special. He is the father I never had."

Amy puts her face on Ty’s chest and hugs him really tight.

Ty sees Lyndi walking by and signs her over. Amy gives her a huge embrace along with Ty and says, "Lyndi, we are so proud of you. Your voice, it filled the room. It was angelic."

Lyndi, "Thanks mom. After a few seconds a peace came over me and the song sort of sung itself."

Ty, "I don't know about that but whatever happened, you were great!"

Lyndi, "When are we going to sing?"

Amy, "During the first break. Are you ready?"

Lyndy, "Can't wait."

Lyndi moves on toward Katie, who is talking with Quinn's best friend.

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