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Chapter 5: A Tribute to Lisa

The next morning Jack and Amy set aside some time to work on Lisa's tribute song. Jack got out the guitar and some papers that he had been working on for the lyrics.

Jack, "Amy, come here and let me show you what I have done so far."

Amy, "Great. Let’s hear it."

Jack, " The name of the song is My Darling Lisa. Here is what I have.

My Darling Lisa

From the first day that I met you

I was attracted by your smile

Your beauty was beholding

But my heart you won with that smile

That smile

My Darling Lisa

As my feelings for you grew stronger

I never thought it could be

Since our worlds were so different

That you would never be attracted to me!

My Darling Lisa,

The night that we got married

You looked deep into my eyes

And with that special smile of yours

Our hearts where forever defined.

Jack, "That is what I have so far!"

Amy, "Grandpa, that is so awesome. You are right. Lisa's smile was captivating. The way her nose would crinkle, and her face would just light up. She could calm a storm with that smile. I guess that is why she was so successful! What if we add some verses about how she became part of the family? I know from my perspective; she has always been there for me. She brought me that dress from France so I could wear it to my prom. She helped me with the wedding, and the kids, my god, what would we have done without her. And for Georgie, it was Lisa that brought Quinn back into her life, and Lou, she introduced her to Peter. And the issues with the dresses for her wedding! There has to be a verse in there for that!"

Jack, "Well, let's see. How about:

My darling Lisa,

Our family gained an Angel

The day our family you became a part,

Your love for us was proven

By the generosity of your heart.

Amy, "Wow! Grandpa, that was great. But maybe you should say Our family gained an Angel, the day you became my wife. And, I think we can do better with the last stanza."

Jack, singing, "My Darling Lisa, Our family gained an Angel the day you became my wife. Your love for us was proven each day by the… You displayed your love for us each day by offering to help…or give us advise."

Amy, "I got it! How about My darling Lisa, our family gained an Angel the day you became my wife. You displayed your love for us each day with your help and your advice."

Jack, "You got it!"

Amy, "I think we should say something about how she handled her illness and her passing. You know Ty and I have often said how strong Lisa was up to the end. She made sure that everything was handled and arranged before she passed. She was such an inspiration to the both of us."

Jack, holding back the tears, "I am glad you said that! Lisa would have loved to have known that! She was so inspired by you two and held a special place in her heart for you, Ty, and your family. I think that is why she felt it was important to turn her affairs over to our family because she knew that you and Ty, and Lou too, would honor her request and always do what was best for her legacy."

Amy, "I am glad to know that Grandpa. You know, I feel Lisa's presence every day around here. It's as if her spirit lives on around us and she is keeping tabs on the family."

Jack, "I feel that same way too! I am convinced that we move to our eternal home when we die, but our spirit remains in all the things we did while on this earth."

Amy, "I believe that, too. You know Lyndi was talking about Heaven the other day at the table, and she thinks that when we die, if we go to Heaven, we will be united with family, friends, and even animals. And we will live there forever. Sort of hard to wrap my head around all that, but she is very convincing!"

Jack, "That Lyndi is a very special little girl. I know that she and Lisa would talk about faith a lot and that helped Lisa get to the place where she believed in Christ. You know Amy, you are a very special young lady. I don’t know if I say this enough, but I am so proud of who you have become. You remind me so much of your mother and your grandmother.

Amy, reaching up to Jack and laying her head on his chest, "I love you so much, Grandpa. You have been very special to me, as well!"

Pulling away, Amy says, "So let's finish this song! How about My Darling Lisa, when your time had come to leave this world, you made sure that all was good. Your faith will bring you to that place where pain and suffering is nevermore, but your spirit lives with us each day as your legacy endures."

Jack, "I think we have it. Let's let this sink in for a few days and I will put some music to it."

Amy, "I agree. Love you, Grandpa." As she looks up, she says, "We love you Lisa!"

Over the next few days Jack and Amy would collaborate on the song and once it was completed, they invited everyone over for dinner to perform it for them. Quinn and Georgie, Katie, Lou and Peter, Tim and Shane, and all the Borden's were at the house and Jack was cooking on the BBQ. As they sat down to eat, Lou asked Georgie, "How was your vacation to Vancouver? Did you guys get a chance to get some rest?

Quinn, "Well, we wanted to wait until everyone was together to make our announcement, but Georgie and I were married last weekend!

Lou dropped her fork in her plate. "What! I can't believe that you guys did that. After all the hard work we put into getting the tents, the music, the catering, the invitations, wow, the invitations to over 600 people. Making hotel arrangements! I can't believe, Georgie, you would do that to me!"

Georgie, laughing quite hard, "Amy, it worked! Mom don't have a coronary! Amy put us up to this! We did not elope. Quinn is kidding."

Lou, taking her water and throwing it at Amy, "I can't believe you put them up to this!”

Amy, ducking away from the water, "It was too good of an opportunity!"

Georgie, "To answer your question, Lou, it was awesome. From the very start of the trip, Quinn had the jet cabin filled with rose pedals and had champagne ready for the flight. After that, we stayed at this luxury hotel in a beautiful suite that looked over the water. It was so romantic, it felt like we were on our honeymoon!"

Amy, "By the way, where are you guys going on your honeymoon?"

Quinn, "Well, we wanted to go to France and stay at the Villa. Peter, is it available to us?

Peter, "Sure, I will make sure that the staff gets it ready for residents. I think that is an excellent idea. We haven't made a visit there since Lisa passed."

Ty, "You guys are going to love it there. Amy and I had our honeymoon there and it was awesome! We rented motorcycles and rode though the valley’s, ate at all the fine restaurants, spent romantic nights on the veranda which looks over the vineyard. “ As he looked at Amy, “I think it was the most romantic time we have ever spent together, right honey?”

Amy laughing, “I don’t know! Mongolia was pretty special!”

Georgie, "Then France it is!"

Ty, “Boy, you are on a roll! Mongolia!”

After everyone had their fill, Jack announced, "Well, you guys all know that Amy and I have been working on the song tribute to Lisa and I think we have it about finished. So, we wanted to get everyone together and sing if for you."

Jack and Amy took a seat in front of the fireplace and Jack began to play the music. Then, he started singing the song that they had worked on. Amy added her voice to sections of the song, and everyone was astonished at how good the song came off. At the end, Jack hugged Amy and asked, "So, what do you think? Is this good enough for a tribute to Lisa?"

Lou, holding back the tears, said, “You guys nailed it! If it wasn't for Lisa, we, our family would not be a family. She was so instrumental in almost every part of our growth as a family. Peter, she introduced to me, Katie, as your godmother she was there for you when I was building my business, Georgie, you and Quinn might not have ever gotten together!"

Amy, "She was very special to all of us and I think, Grandpa, this song is a fitting tribute to her."

Jack, "Then, we perform at the wedding."

Everyone claps and shakes their head yes.

Amy then says, "Guys, on another note about the music, Ty and my friend Brooke Oliver are going to perform as well. She will fill in when John takes his breaks. But she did ask if I wanted to sing a few songs with her and has sent me the list to choose from. Georgie, Quinn, I hope you don't mind it I do so, and I even wanted to work Lyndi into one of the songs."

Georgie, "Quinn and I would be honored if you, and Lyndi, would sing at the reception. We also, wanted to ask if Lyndi could possibly sing a song during the wedding. Lyndi, you mean so much to Quinn and me, and our faith, and because of that we have been able to overcome some real challenges in our lives. Would you be willing to sing a song during the wedding?"

Lyndi, looking at Amy, "I have never done that before. Are you sure you want me to sing? Mom would be so much better. Or maybe we both could sing a song."

Georgie, "Either way. Both of you mean so much to us that if you wanted to sing a duet that would be fine too!"

Amy, "Lyndi, let's work on just you singing and if you feel uncomfortable, I will sing with you. How about that?"

Lyndi, "That sounds fine."

The twins were bouncing around the table as the conversation was being had, so when they heard about Lyndi singing they began to chant, "Lyndi's going to sing, Lyndi's going to sing, She is going to mess up, She is going to mess up!"

Ty, grabbing TJ, "You guys quit teasing your sister or we are going to make you sing!"

TJ, "No way!"

Ty, "Yes way if you don't quit messing with your sister!"

Lyndi leaves her chair and begins to chase the twins around the house and into their room.

As everyone is getting ready to leave, Lou states, "Well, we have one week until the wedding and I think that everyone is set to go. I haven't heard from the Rich team, but I assume they are still on schedule to be at the reception."

Georgie, "I spoke with John yesterday and he is fired up. While he is here, we are going to show him around the orphanage so he can take some ideas back to Nashville."

Quinn, "My family is flying up here a few days before, and we have booked them into a place in Calgary."

Tim, "You know, my place is big and has lots of rooms. I can offer it to anyone who needs a place to stay."

Lou, "Thanks Dad. I might take you up on that offer. I will let you know.”

At bedtime Amy goes into Lyndi's room. "Lyndi, are you asleep? “

Lyndi, "No Mom, just thinking about singing at the wedding. I don't know if I can do it alone."

Amy, "Lyndi, this is one of those times that you would tell me to pray about it and let God give you a peace about your decision. I really hope you can, because you have such a beautiful voice and I think it would be an awesome experience for you."

Lyndi, "But mom, I have only sung in the choir with other people. I have never sung a solo."

Amy, "I remember the first time I sang by myself. I was petrified. But my mother told me that my voice was like an Angel and people wanted to hear me sing. Maybe I should give you that same advice?"

Lyndi, "Let me think about it. I will pray tonight and hopefully will have an answer tomorrow."

Amy, "Sweet dreams. Good night!"

Lyndi, "I love you, mom. We have the best family!"

Amy, "I love you, too. And I would agree. We do have the best family and live in the best place!”

Amy goes back to the room where Ty is sitting on the edge of the bed. "Amy, that song, that song took my breath away. You and Jack did a great job capturing the essence of Lisa. I really miss her, and I know that Jack does, too!"

Amy, "I know, we all miss her. She was such a huge part of our family. Her spirit was with us tonight. I could feel it!"

Ty, "Amy, just when I think I couldn’t...

Amy, "Ok, Ok couldn't love me more, I go and do something that brings our love to another level, right?”

Ty, "No, No, I was going to say, just when I think I couldn't eat another bite of those ribs…"

Amy jumps on Ty and wrestles with him. "That is not what you were going to say!"

Ty, "Yes it was! I am stuffed!”

Amy, "Ty Borden, I am so happy to be your wife and to be the mother of our family!"

Ty, "I love you to the moon, Amy Borden! Let's get some sleep!"

Amy, “And Maybe, let’s not!”

I will let your imagination take over from here!

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Thank you for keeping this love story alive. I love it.Especially making Lynday so much like her mother. Amazing story.

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
Jul 11, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for the comment. I have been writing another novel and haven't paid much attention to the comments. Sorry. Check out "The Mantra", when it is released.

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