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Chapter 4: The Homecoming (Twins)

For the past month Ty, Amy, and Lyndi were consumed with visiting and caring for the twins in the hospital NICU waiting for them to mature enough to bring them home. While the time was for the most part uneventful, Amy was really struggling with post-partum depression. Her mood swings were very severe. One minute she would be filled with joy. Then next minute, she would be in sobbing uncontrollably. Ty and Lyndi did their best to take some of the burden of caring for the twins off her shoulders and providing comforting support as she processed through the moods.

On one visit Ty mentioned to Amy, "Dr. Jones said that your depression was to be expected due to all the complications with the birth of the twins but would probably pass within a few months. Why not allow her to prescribe something for you?"

Amy, "I do not want any medicine to help me get over this . I would rather fight through this on my own!"

Ty, "Amy, you don't need to fight this when there are very safe medications that can ease the depression."

Amy, "I am not going to take anything and that is final!"

Ty realized that Amy was not going to budge at this point on her position so he decides to leave it alone.

Two weeks later Dr. Jones met Ty and Lyndi at the nursery and asked, "Are you guys ready to hold the twins?" Without hesitation Ty responds, "Heck ya!"

Lyndi, "Dad, this is going to be great!" So they took the babies from the incubators and handed Ty Tyson and Lyndi was given TJ to hold. Mesmerized Lyndi said, "Dad, How great is this. I wish mom could be here to hold them. Do you think we should call her?"

At that moment, Ty realized that they should have included Amy in on this event with the twins and with her depression moods, he knew Amy would be upset that they did not wait for her. Ty responds, "Lyndi, I am not sure we need to tell your mom anything about this. Right now she is really going through some emotional swings and I think we should hold off and bring her here tomorrow to hold the twins. We just don't want to say we got to hold them first. It will be our secret, ok?"

Lyndi, "Dad, you know how mom is about secrets, but I do understand. Let's make this a big surprise for her tomorrow."

Ty, "Sounds like a great idea. What should we do?"

Lyndi, "How about we bring her up here tomorrow and blindfold her. Then sit her down and bring both babies to her to hold."

Ty, "That could be fun! You know she has only seen them through these cases, so having her first look holding the babies will be so special."

So the next day they packed up Amy into the truck and went to the hospital. Lyndi, so excited to surprise her mom said, "Mom. We have a huge surprise for you today but you have to be blindfolded before we get to the nursery."

Amy, "Now Lyndi, you know I don't like surprises!"

Lyndi, "Well, you are going to like this one!"

Ty laughing, "Your right!"

As they arrived at the nursery Ty put on the Amy's blindfold and led her to the nursery. They sat her down in the rocker beside the crib cases and took TJ and Tyson out of their cribs and put them in each of Amy's arms. They then took off the blind fold. Ty, "Amy, let me introduce Tyson and T.J. Borden." Amy begins to well up with excitement and is looking over each baby like a mare would her new born colt. This was the first time Amy was able to hold these two babies that she had given birth to.

Amy looked at Ty, "Ty, they are so perfect. Our boys! How did you know that we would be able to hold them?"

Lyndi chimed in, "Well, we were going to keep it a secret, but we were able to hold them yesterday when dad and I came up here."

Ty, "Lyndi, so much for secrets, huh!"

Amy, "That's ok Lyndi. I am just so happy that I am able to hold these guys it doesn’t matter if I wasn't the first, Ty!"

Ty, "You see, I told you!"

Amy, Ty, and Lyndi took turns holding and cuddling the boys until it was time to leave.

Later in the afternoon, before they were about to leave Dr. Jones came in and said, "Guys. Are you ready to bring TJ and Tyson home. They have made great progress and I think they are in good shape to leave the hospital and take their place in this world! Are you ready?"

At the same time Lyndi, Amy and Ty said, "Yes!"

Dr. Jones, "Well all right then. Let me get together the discharge papers and we will get them out of her today."

Ty looked at Amy, who now is very overwhelmed with emotion, and says, "Amy, are YOU ready to take them home?"

Amy, "I have been waiting for this moment for some time. I think if we can get them back to Heartland, I will be able to settle down this depression and get back to some normal routines. So YES, I am ready."

The first problem they faced with the twins was transportation. Not really thinking through the issue, they immediately realized that the truck that had provided such great transportation did not have enough room to handle their new family. On the way home Ty said, "Amy, why didn't we consider that we were going to need a new vehicle to carry our family? This truck is just not big enough for all of us."

Amy, "You are right Ty. I think we need to consider getting an SUV to handle our family transportation. How great is that! One day we have three, now we have five!"

Ty, "How about I get you guys settled at Heartland and I will go and look for a vehicle."

Amy, "That sounds great. Lyndi and I will settle Tyson and TJ into their nursery. Is that ok with you Lyndi?"

Lyndi, "Sure mom. Can't wait to get them home and start playing with them!"

So Ty unloaded the truck while Amy and Lyndi brought the boys into their nursery.

In the nursery stood Jack, Lisa, and Lou waiting to see the babies and hold them for the first time. Jack, "There you guys are. Amy give me a look at that beautiful boy. Lisa, look here. Amy is this Tyson or TJ? I bet this is TJ, he looks like me!"

Amy, "Grandpa, this is Tyson, Lyndi has TJ. And, they ARE identical so I am not sure you can go by that to figure out who is who."

Lisa, "Amy, can I hold Tyson? Amy hands Tyson over to Lisa.

Lisa, "Oh Look Jack how adorable they are! They are so perfect. Amy, I want you to know that I WILL be spending time over here to help you guys get these boys settled in. Jack and I plan to postpone our trip to France this season so we can be here for you!"

Amy, "Lisa, Jack you guys don't have to do that. I know how much being in France means to you."

Lisa, "Amy, Jack and I have discussed it and we are settled on our decision. Besides, I can help you with your business at Fairfield while you tend to the boys."

Amy, a bit apprehensive says, "That sounds great."

Lou, standing next to TJ and Lyndi, has her arms out, "Lyndi, let me have a look at this guy." Lyndi, handing TJ over to Lou says, "Lou, now be careful with his head. The nurse was very insistent that we pay special attention to holding their heads correctly. She said because they are still considered preemies….."

Lou breaks in, "Lyndi, I got this. No need to worry." So Lou and Lisa sit down in the two rockers that Jack and Tim build for the babies and started rocking and cooing to them.

Tim and Shane finished up their duties at Big Sky and head toward Heartland. Shane tells Tim, "How cool is it that Ty and Amy named one of the boys after you and Jack?" Tim responds, "That is very cool! I can't wait to get to hold them."

Shane, "I guess that makes me an uncle to them, right?"

Tim, "Let's see. I am their grandfather. You are my son. So that make makes you and Amy brother and sister, so yes, you are the twins uncle."

Shane, "I have never been an Uncle before. Sweet!"

As Tim and Shane arrive at Heartland, Ty is pulling up in a brand new SUV and parks next to them. Tim, getting out of the car, says "What is this?"

Ty, "Well, when we brought the kids home we realized that our truck was not big enough for our family so I decided I needed one of these! Look at this thing. Captain Chair seating, extended length, DVD players behind every seat. It has everything you can get in a SUV."

Shane, now sitting in one of the captain's chairs leans all the way back, "Man, you could have a road trip in one of these. I might have to borrow it from you guys."

Ty, "Not anytime soon. We need this to get our whole family around."

Tim, "Since you didn't ask me to come with you, I assume you have paid full price, right?"

Ty, "Well, Tim I am just taking a test drive to show Amy and Lyndi. I haven't made the deal yet, but if you want to come with me when I do, I would be more than happy." Tim, "Sure!"

The guys go into the house where everyone is sitting in the living room and Lisa and Lou are holding the twins. Ty says, "Amy, come outside. I have something to show you." Amy gets up from the couch and heads to the door. She looks out and Ty is standing in front of the SUV with his arms wide open. "What do you think!"

Amy, walking to the open back door looks in. "Wow! This is awesome. Did you buy it?"

Ty, "Not yet. They let me test drive it so I could come show it to you. If you like it, Tim and I will go back and make a deal."

Amy, "I have always wanted one of these, but not sure we need all that fancy stuff."

Ty, "Only the best for my girl. How about it?"

Amy, "Sure, let's do it." So Ty goes into the house to get Tim to go make the deal.

Ty meets Tim and Shane each holding one of the twins. Ty, "Tim, Amy says we are good to go. Want to come with me to go make the deal?"

Tim, "Give me a minute. I am bonding with my name sake!"

Jack, "Remember, he has my name too!"

Tim, "Yeah, but whose name is first!"

Jack laughing, "Only because they knew you would be upset if they named him Jackson Timothy."

Shane, "They are so small. I am scared that I might break one of them!"

Amy, "They are Borden's. Strong as nails!"

Ty, "Let's go Tim, I want to get this done today."

Tim, "Shane, want to come see your old man in action?"

Shane, "Been there, done that. I want to spend some time with my niece and nephews. Hey, TJ. This is your Uncle Shane."

Ty and Tim leave for the dealership and Amy says, "Guys, we need to put the boys down for a while. I think they are ready for a nap."

Lisa and Lou, "Amy, let us put them in their beds and get them ready. You sit right there."

Jack and Amy settle into the living room, as Shane and Lyndi head to the barn. The only family that has not seen the twins are Peter, who is traveling with Katy to an equestrian meet and will be home later in the week and Georgie who is coming on the weekend. Jack, "I can't wait until the whole family has had a chance to see the boys. They are so great!"

Amy, "I know. I think by this weekend everyone will be here."

Lisa, "We need to throw a BBQ to welcome the twins home. What do you think? Nothing fancy, just a few friends."

Jack, "I think that is a great idea. What do you think Amy?"

A bit overwhelmed, Amy looks at Jack and Lisa, "Sure, why not."

Jack, "So it's settled, we are going to have a BBQ Saturday afternoon. I think we should ask Calib and Kas over too."

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I love this this story❤️ I have been an Ty & Amy devoted fan .I was very devastated to hear Ty had died, there love story has been an inspiration in my own marriage. Good for you to give us this story of Ty& Amy and there new babies . Many blessing to you 🙏


Nov 09, 2021

The events were so fast felt like there should be something more. I like the results, GOOD READ.

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