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Chapter 4: Day of Reconciliation

Quinn's jet is 15 minutes away from landing in Calgary and Quinn is getting anxious about having the conversation about the video with Georgie. He has never really prayed or asked God for help, but he knows that after Georgie experienced God's help during the Olympics she has become very in touch with her faith and relies heavily on Him to lead her through life. So, he begins to ask God to help him make Georgie understand that the event with Missy was a setup and he had nothing to do with it. He needed her to know that there has never been another woman and what Missy did was totally on her. Nothing Quinn did would have led her to believe that a relationship between them was a possibility.

The plane lands and pulls up to the FBO. As Quinn deplanes, he tells the pilot, "Jason, hang here for the day and let me see if we will be going to Vancouver. If I can't get Georgie to understand, we might be going home!"

Jason, "Boss, you and Georgie have a great relationship! I know you will work things out."

Quinn, "Thanks Jason. If I can get Georgie to Vancouver, how about fixing up the plane…. you know. Romantically!"

Jason, "I will handle everything. Good luck!"

On the ride to Heartland Quinn is getting more nervous as he approaches the gates. He is thinking, "What if I can't get Georgie to understand? What if she wants to cancel the wedding? What if I lose her? Then, a voice came into his thoughts, "Quinn, get a hold of yourself. You have turned this over to God and the best will come of it!" He immediately had a peace about the situation as he pulled up to the house.

Out came Katie, Amy, and Ty. "Welcome back, Quinn. Hope you had a great flight."

Quinn, "Ty, thanks but to be quite frank I have been very anxious about coming up here since the video. I just can't understand why Missy would do something like that. She has messed everything up."

Amy, "Just be honest and upfront with Georgie and everything will work out. You know Ty and I had a very similar situation. The Internet can be so misleading and destructive.”

Quinn, "So What happened with you guys?"

Amy, "Well, THAT is for another time! Let's just say we made it too here!" As she pulls Ty towards her and kisses him.

Quinn, "So where is my girl?"

Katie, "She is either up in the loft or in the barn."

Quinn, "Great, I will catch up to you guys later!"

Quinn heads toward the loft and as he steps into the barn, Georgie is brushing Phoenix in his stall. In a soft voice, Quinn says, "Hey, Georgie. I guess we need to talk about a few things."

Georgie, still brushing Phoenix stops and looks at Quinn with a stern look. Not saying a word, she continues brushing her horse.

Quinn, "Georgie, on the way here I prayed that God would help me to get you to understand that what you saw in the video was as surprising to me as it was for you. I never thought of Missy in that way, so when she faked her injury so that I would have to help her off the horse, I was stunned when she kissed me. Then she proceeded to tell me she has had a crush on me since we became friends as kids. I told her that I was flattered but my heart belonged to one person and we are about to be married. What I don't understand is why she had her friends videotape the event and post it."

Georgie still brushing Phoenix, looks Quinn straight in his eyes and after a few moments smiles and said, "You prayed about this?"

Quinn, "I did!! Georgie, I love you so much and the thought that I could lose you scared me to death. So, I prayed and I had this peace come over me and as I pulled into the ranch, a voice said that everything was going to be alright!"

Georgie, "So your heart belongs to one person, huh? And that person would be me?”

Quinn, "Yes, that would be you!"

Georgie, "When I saw that video, I got so mad at you! I couldn't get the thought of you cheating on me with that little girl, out of my mind. Then, as I prayed about it, God began to show me all the things we have shared together, and I realized you wouldn't have done such a thing. Especially NOW!”

Quinn, "So why the cold shoulder?"

Georgie walking towards Quinn embracing him, smiling, "I wanted to see you sweat!"

Quinn gives Georgie a long kiss with a tight embrace, "That was mean. But you are right. There is no one who makes me feel the way you do. I love you so much! I will say there was one thing positive that has come from this. “

Georgie, "There is?"

Quinn, "Yes! When I told her that I was getting married to my soul mate, she said if that is so, why are you not up there with her helping with the wedding plans. It was at that time I decided I needed to come up here."

Georgie, "Not so sure I appreciate the who, but I am glad that you came."

Quinn, "There is more! I have the jet waiting to take us to Vancouver for the weekend. I thought we could use some “us” time! Are you in?"

Georgie, "You know I am! I need to let Amy know."

Quinn, "She knows! When she and Ty called me about the video, I told them my Vancouver plans. Pack a few things and let's go!”

Quinn heads out to the car and phones Jason, "All is well, buddy! Fuel the jet. We should be there in a couple of hours. Hey, can you fix up the plane like we talked about?"

Jason, "Sure thing, Boss! I knew you two had too much going for you to have this misunderstanding get in the way of your future."

Quinn, "See you soon!"

Georgie and Quinn walk toward the house hand in hand. Ty and Amy were outside on the porch when Amy said, "Well, it looks like things all worked out! “

"Deja Vu, hey Georgie?" Ty said laughing.

Georgie, "Deja vu!"

Quinn, "What is that all about?"

Georgie, "I will tell you on the plane. Amy, Quinn, and I are spending a few days in Vancouver. Can you let Lou know? If you need me, and I mean really need me, call. Otherwise, I will be back in a couple of days."

Amy, "No problem... I think we can get along without you for a couple of days. Oh, by the way, I got Brooke to agree to sing at the reception and she asked if I would sing with her on a few songs. I am working with Grandpa and we should have the song about Lisa done pretty soon."

Georgie, "That sounds awesome. See you in a few."

Quinn, "Bye."

Georgie and Quinn head back to the airport where the plane is fired up and ready to go. As they begin to board, Quinn looks at Jason and Jason winks. Georgie enters the plane, where a bottle of champagne is iced, and 3 dozen white roses are spread all over the cabin. "Quinn, what did you do? How did you pull this off? What if we would have called it off? It is so beautiful! Come over here!"

Georgie pulls Quinn down onto the couch and gives him a big hug. Then, she begins to kiss him over and over and with each kiss she says, "I love you, I love you, so much. You are such a romantic! How in the world did you pull this off?"

Quinn, "I have great friends who want to see us together, so I wanted this weekend to be very special. Georgie, you guys have worked so hard planning our wedding, that I thought a few days away would recharge the batteries."

Georgie, "Well, this is a great start. Where are we going?"

Quinn, " You will see!"

Back at Heartland Lou has come by to discuss the tent layout and a few other details with Amy. "Amy, so I have some options for tent layouts and need you to show me the one you think is best. Also, I need to get the status on the music."

Amy, "OK, I like this one. The tents are far enough apart so that the events will separate the folks, so they don't all crowd into one area. And for the music, I spoke with Brooke and she is going to perform during the reception. Also, she asked if I would sing a few songs with her and she is sending me the list as we speak. Grandpa and I have Lisa's tribute song almost finished for you guys to approve. I think that about does it. By the way, Georgie left with Quinn for a weekend in Vancouver. I am so happy they worked out their issues."

Lou, "What issues?

Amy, "You don't know?

Lou, "Know what?”

Amy, "We almost didn't have a wedding. So, you don't know about the video?"

Lou, “No! Tell me... Now!"

Amy begins to tell the story of the video when Lou interrupts, "That sounds like you and Ty's ordeal with Amed!"

Amy, "What comes around, goes around, right!"

Lou, "Why doesn't anyone tell me these things? I always seem to be left out of the circle!"

Amy, "OK, Dad! You weren't left out of the circle! It just happened so fast that no one thought to bring you into the situation."

Lou, "Well, I am planning this wedding and I think facts like that need to be brought to my attention!"

Amy, "Get ahold of yourself. It is over and everything is on schedule to move forward. Unless maybe they decide to elope while they are in Vancouver this weekend!"

Lou, "Don't even go there! Matter of fact I am going to call them now and tell them THAT is NOT an option!"

Amy, now laughing out loud, "Lou, I am just pushing your buttons. Both are looking forward to their wedding here at Heartland and the reception."

That evening as Ty and Amy are getting ready to go to bed, Amy asks Ty, "When all that happened with Amed and then you saw the video, what was going through your mind?"

Ty, "Amy, you know that my love for you has always been a priority with me. When the Amed thing happened, it rocked my world. It was like I lost something that I never thought I would lose. My heart broke and I really thought you had changed so much that we would never get back to what we both had envisioned our relationship to be. This vision. Us, now. Kids, business, Heartland, everything that is now is what we visioned it to be, and I thought it was gone! But when we took that break, I realized that I could reimagine my life, on my own, but I didn't want to and that trip to Pike River allowed me to see that your values and first love had really never changed. It was the situation with Amed that clouded my opinion. Then, that video, well it was, well, like a knife through my heart!"

Amy, "I am so, so sorry that I put you through that. You know you get around all that fanfare and it is alluring. But it is not real. What is real is what we have. You know the closer I get to God the more I realize that He picked you for me, for this time and moment of our lives. That... if we trust Him and turn over our lives to Him, those distractions will not sway how we feel about each other. Since God put us together, no one should be able to pull us apart!"

Ty, "You know Georgie and Quinn have so many distractions in their relationship. All the money, fanfare, celebrity, jet setting, I hope they don't get distracted by those material things but that they focus on the foundation of love they have forged over the years."

Amy, "You know, they are in a good place! I think Georgie will never forget where she came from and her roots that were forged here at Heartland. And Quinn, he loves her so much. Almost as much as I love you! So why don't you come over here and let me show you how much I love you!

Ty, "I have a headache? Just kidding. Amy, no one can love you as much as I love you! As he rolls over and turns out the light.

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