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Chapter 13: Another Generation

It has been 5 wonderful months since the news of Ty and Amy's pregnancy was announced. Ty secured two veterinarian service contracts with Hill Hearst and Fair Field that has kept him pretty busy. They decided to hold off on the sanctuary until they had the baby and got past the first year. Amy has been working hard getting things setup so when she has the baby she will be able to take off for about 4 months. Lyndi has been very helpful with chores around Heartland and helping Amy get settled. Jack and Lisa have been in France and are expected home in 5 days for the baby shower. Georgie and Quinn plan to be back in Hudson as well because the Olympic trials are taking a break over the summer. And the rest of the local family is going about their business as usual.

Ty, rushing out the door, "Amy is there anything I can get you. I am running into town to pick up a few things I need at the clinic."

Amy, "Don't forget, we have an appointment with the doctor today. We are going to do our first sonogram to check out the baby. Are you sure you don't want to know the sex?"

Ty, "I am sure!"

That afternoon Ty goes to Fair Field and picks up Amy to go to their appointment. Both are excited because they are going to see the baby for the first time.

Amy, "Ty, you know these new sonagram machines, you can really make out how the baby will look and see the sex. Are you sure you don't want to know?"

Ty, "Well, it is obvious that you want to know, so I guess it is your call!"

Amy as she is reaching over to kiss Ty on the neck, "No, Ty, if you don’t want to know, we won't look. But the doctor said we are going to have to look away because of the clarity. Maybe if I peek, I will know, and then I won't tell you!"

Ty , "I don't think so…We either both know or we both don't know!"

As they pull into the doctor's office, they get out of the truck and head inside. The nurse checks Amy in and gets her readied on the table for the sonogram. Dr. Jones enters, she is the new OB doctor in town and is very charming and funny. She picks at Ty and Amy about wanting to know the sex of the baby as she is preparing the machine.

Dr. Jones, "Guys, when you see how clear these pictures are, you might accidently see the sex based on how the baby is positioned. Boy, Amy, you sure have grown since our last visit. Maybe you have two in there! "

Amy laughed, "Please, don't even joke about that. I don't know what I would do if there are two."

Ty also, laughing, "I wouldn't mind two. Heck, I would take three for that matter!"

Amy, "Easy for you to say, I am the one who has to deliver them!"

The large 70 inch monitor is turned on and Dr. Jones begins working the wand around Amy's stomach. As she is positioning the wand, she says "Oh My! Guys look at what we have here! Do you see what I see?"

There,as big as life, are two babies in Amy's womb! Ty and Amy are speechless as they look at the monitor. A few seconds go by and as she is moving the wand around, the babies are in a position where they can see both of the babies sex.

Amy, "Oh my god, Oh my god, Ty there are two babies. What are we going to do with two babies at once, Oh my god!"

Ty excitedly said "Amy, look both are boys! The next Borden generation has begun! I didn't tell you anything, but I really wanted a boy to carry on my name! Wow! I got two"

Dr. Jones, "Twenty Toes and Twenty Fingers, look they look so perfect!"

Amy, completely shocked at what she sees is speechless, Ty, as loving as he can, grabs Amy's hand and kisses her on the forehead. "Amy, I love you so much. You have made my life complete with these two guys. I love you!"

Amy now with tears in her eyes, looking back and forth between Ty and Dr. Jones, "I don't know if I am overwhelmed to see two babies or if I am overwhelmed because I see two babies! Oh my god, Ty what are we going to do!"

Ty, again holding tight to Amy's hand, "Amy, it is going to be fine, everything is going to be fine..just you wait!

Laughing Ty says, "Do you think I can go to Mongolia!"

Amy, "Not on your life, you are stuck here with me, mister!"

Dr. Jones put away the machine. Amy and Ty are up in the room when She gives them several pictures of the babies. Here you might need these to show everyone. Ty and Amy leave the doctors office and head to Heartland. In shock, Amy is speechless as Ty is trying to comfort her about the news of the twins.

Ty, "Amy, we are going to have twins. Twin boys! Do you know what that means! Lyndi is going to have not one little brother but two! What is she going to think? How should we tell her?"

Amy, still speechless, is processing all these questions, then grabs Ty by the hand, "Ty, I love you so much! I am so glad God chose you for me! I know I am without words, but inside I am so excited to be able to give you the boy that you wanted..Heck, I am giving you two boys!

Ty, "Amy, I love you too!

Amy, "I think to tell Lyndi, we should take two rabbits and put them in a basket. Under the rabbits we will have the sonogram pictures. Let's see if she can figure it out."

Ty, "That sounds like a great idea. Let's stop and get those items now!"

After a brief stop at the drugstore, Amy and Ty head back to Heartland to meet up with Lyndi. As they pull into the driveway, Lyndi is working with a horse in the round pen and waves. Ty pulls the truck to a stop as Amy is working up the basket.

Ty, "Lyndi, can you come here for a minute. We have something to show you?"

Lyndi, "Sure dad, be there in a minute"

Lyndi puts down the lunge rope and runs to the truck where Amy is getting out. As they are walking to the house, Lyndi asks, "Mom what's in the basket?"

Amy, going inside the house, "We have a surprise for you and it is in this basket"

Amy gives Lyndi the basket with the two rabbits. Puzzled, Lyndi said, "Mom, I don't get it. Last time you gave me rabbits you told me you were pregnant. What gives?

Saying nothing Amy looks Lyndi in the eyes. Ty, too, is quietly watching Lyndi's reaction to the surprise. Then, Lyndi picks up one of the rabbits and sees the sonogram. "Mom, Dad is this for real, there are two babies in here"

Ty, "Lyndi, you are going to be a big sister to two brothers. What do you think about that?"

Lyndi dancing around so excited says, "Two brothers, two little brothers. Wow, how cool is that! Mom?

Amy, "Lyndi, I can't believe it either this changes a lot of the plans we were making."

Lyndi, "No worries, I will help you!"

As the family sits down for supper all of the members are there. Georgie and Quinn, Jack and Lisa, Tim and his family, Peter and Lou and their family, and Ty, Amy, and Lyndi. Ty holds up his glass to make a toast and says "Guys, Amy and I have an announcement to make. We visited the doctor today to find out about the baby and" Without hesitation, Lyndi blurted out, "We are going to have twins, two boys, can you believe it?" Ty, shaking his head at Lyndi with a smile, says, "Well, yes, we are going to have two boys to add to our family!"

Everyone at the table gets up to hug Amy, Ty, and Lyndi and congratulate them on the news when Jack stands up and says, "Ty, Amy I am so proud of you guys you just don't know! Ty, you know that you are like a son to me and I welcomed you into the family long ago. Through thick and thin we have made it to this point and I am so proud, so proud! I want you to know that me and Lisa will be here to help you guys through the pregnancy and birth because it probably will be a chore to bring twins into this world. Also, Ty, You and I have talked about your legacy. Today, I think you can be assured that the Borden name will carry on and Heartland and its traditions will continue on for generations to come!

After dinner, Ty and Amy take their coffee outside. Standing on the porch, Amy looks at Ty and says, "Ty, no matter where our business takes us, I want to make sure that we never leave this place. It means so much to me. All the memories, this view, this air. I want our kids to grow up on this ranch. I want our kids to learn to love Heartland like we do! No matter what happens Ty, I want us to make that commitment to each other. Ok?"

Ty, putting his arm around Amy says, "Amy, I promise! This will always be home!"

To Be Continued!

Heartland Reimagined
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Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
May 08, 2023

5 books various number of chapters in each book. Go to home and all 5 can be downloaded or


How many chapters are there in reimagined


Loved it, I was so upset when ty left the show. This helps a bit.


Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
May 06, 2023
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So sad so young. Thank you for writing a book. I would love to see this as a movie. I am sure I am not alone.

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
May 06, 2023
Replying to

Trying to get it there.

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