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Chapter 12: Back To Normal

The next morning Ty and Amy wake up early at the dude ranch. Amy: "Ty, what a night! Is this for real! Are we back to normal?"

Ty: "Yes, Amy, I think we are. Unless there is something you still need to tell me." he says with a smile.

Amy: "I am so excited to restart our lives together. I have so much to show you. I think you will be proud of the accomplishments that were made while you were gone. But let's get to the loft. Lyndi is an early riser and we want to beat her there."

They pack up their things and move over to the loft in anticipation of Lyndi's visit. It is about 6 AM and both are extremely rested from the night before. Amy: "Ty, I can't wait to see the look on Lyndi's face when she realizes that you have regained all your memory of her. She is going to be so excited."

Ty: "Let's go over the book and pick out the best pages for me to go over"

So They begin to pour over the pages they want to use. The first page image was Mongolia.

Amy "Ty, start with your trip when I was pregnant and how I almost lost you to Pneumonia when you got home, then tell her about our trip we took when you were kidnapped and dad and I had to come and find you in the desert. She knows both stories because when I was preparing the book, I told them to her."

Ty: "Great. I will start there. Wow, I remember those details like they were yesterday. How crazy were those two events."

Swiping through the pages Ty comes to a picture of Caleb and Kas holding Lyndi. Ty: "Amy, for sure when I tell her about her godparents Caleb and Kas, she will pick up on what we are doing."

Amy: "Lyndi has become quite attached to them and their son. He is a bit younger, but we get together often and let them play. Kas has been a great friend to me during these last 5 years, and I know Caleb missed you dearly. I can't wait until we get together and talk about old times together."

They can hear Lyndi downstairs in the loft feeding the horses. One of her daily chores that Jack has her do. As she finishes, she comes upstairs to the loft. Lyndi, "Hi dad, mom, so what's this surprise you wanted to show me?"

Ty: "Come see Lyndi, come sit over here and I want to show you something in the life book"

Lyndi, a bit apprehensive, goes to Ty and sits on the couch next to him. Ty, opening the book to the Mongolia pictures asks, "Lyndi do you remember the stories behind these pictures?"

Lyndi, "Only what Mom has told me."

Ty: "Well, this picture was taken when I was there with Vets without borders and when your mom was pregnant with you. We were trying to save the bears that were becoming extinct because of hunters and trappers. This picture was when I was in the hospital after I contracted Lymes disease from a tick that bit me over there. That was a very rough time for me because my body was having trouble healing from the pneumonia I contracted.

Lyndi, "That's great dad, what is the surprise?"

So Ty swiped to another page to Kaleb and Kas. Ty begins, "You know these guys right? They are your godparents and Kas and I are partners in Scott's clinic. And Caleb and I are best friends!: Ty now is looking directly into Lyndi's eyes hoping she will catch on.

Lyndi, "Great again, where is the surprise. What did you guys get me?"

Ty then begins to turn the pages and comes to a picture of Luke pushing Lyndi on the swing by the old house. Ty begins to speak, "Lyndi, do you remember Luke. He was brought here by Clint and your mom and I fostered him while his mother was away….." Then, with a huge smile and a tear in her eye, she reached up and grabbed her daddy and in a crying voice, "You remembered, You remembered! Daddy, your memory is back. Is that the surprise? This is the best present you could ever give me! I have prayed so long and hard that God would give you back to me and he has!...You are back! So when did you remember?"

Amy, now moving over to the couch to join both Ty and Lyndi, begins to tell the story about last night. Amy: "Lyndi, last night as we were sitting out by the firepit at the dude ranch, I told your dad that I had a surprise for him. Reaching under the chair, I gave him a rabbit just like the one I gave you and told him he was going to be a father again." Then, Ty chimed in, "Then, the sky lit up like it did when your mom told me about you, that I was going to be your father, then it all started coming back to me. I remembered everything, the pregnancy, your birth, raising you up until I went into a coma! Did you see the lights last night?"

Lyndi, "I did, and I remembered mom telling me about how she told you that she was pregnant with me and thought how perfect a night it was going to be because she was going to tell you that she is pregnant again."

Ty: "So you know! We are going to have another baby. You are going to be a big sister!"

Lyndi: "Yes dad, I know. Mom surprised me with the rabbit on the way to the hospital but she swore me to secrecy!"

Ty laughing: "So many secrets!"

All three shared a huge hug and left the loft to go and tell everyone in the house the good news about Amy and the baby.

Back at the house Lou and Peter were there checking on some things related to the dude ranch, Georgie was getting ready to head back to Europe to meet up with Quinn, and Tim and Shane were there working on some equipment they needed that day for a hay run. Jack and Lisa were inside discussing their trip back to France since Ty and Amy seemed to have control of things surrounding his accident.

On their way in, Amy calls out to Shane, "Shane, get dad and you guys come into the house. We have some news to tell you"

Shane, "Ok, Dad Amy wants us to go into the house!"

Making their way in they run into Georgie who is putting some final things together in the house. "Georgie, come into the living room, We have some news we want to share with you.

Lisa and Jack were already sitting in the living room when the others gathered around the fireplace. Ty and Amy are positioned in front of the fireplace and Lyndi is sitting on the stoop. Ty begins, "Guys I first want to tell you that all my memory has come back. Amy, Lyndi and I have been going through the Life book and I remember everything!" Then, without any hesitation, Lyndi burst in. "Mom is pregnant, I am going to be a big sister!"

Amy: "Lyndi !"

Lyndi, "Sorry mom, I could help it. I am so excited to have my family back. I wanted everyone to know!"

Amy: "Well, folks, it's true! Sort of wanted to give Ty's news a bit more coverage, but there you have it. We are back to normal! And we are adding another member to the family."

Ty is reaching over to Amy and pulling her close as Lyndi is hanging on to her dad's waist. Jack says, "Well, I am so happy for you guys! I just knew that with the effort Lyndi put into praying for your memory to come back, and praying that you would wake up would pay off. You know Ty, Amy and I saw how successful her prayer was, Amy and I prayed at your accident site that you would be ok. And here you are! God Bless you my son!

Tim smiling: "Ty, do you think we can dial down the drama from here out! I don't think I can take another ambulance ride like we had or trip to Mongolia!

Ty: "I will try, I will try."

Lou and Peter come over to them and Lou hugging Amy says, "I know it has been a long time but Amy you handle the situation so well. I am so happy for you! I'm so happy. So I guess you can get back to work now that everything's out in the open?

Amy, "Yes, Lou, and I want to get Ty brought into the operation as quickly as possible. Maybe when he feels up to it, he can come over and Peter can show him the operation."

Peter: "That would be great!" Ty, the balls in your court. When you are ready, I will be."

Lisa: "Maybe we should arrange another trip for you guys to France for a short vacation?"

Ty: "I think I want to settle in here before I make any travel arrangements. A lot has happened over the past 5 years that I need catching up on! And I will not be traveling during this pregnancy at all!"

Georgie: "Guys, I am so happy for you all and am sorry that I started all the events that led up to your accident.

Ty: "Georgie, no ones to blame here. There was a deer on the highway that I tried to avoid and ran into the pole. It had nothing to do with anything you said."

Over the next few months Ty recovers from his injuries and Scott and Kas have been giving him information to update his licenses to practice medicine. A lot has changed over the 5 years and there is a lot of catching up to do in order to pass the license board test. Amy has settled back into her business, but has informed Ahmed that she is not going to go with them this year for the trials, but she has someone who she has been training that should be able to pick up her duties.

Ty is trying to decide his next steps and over dinner tells Amy, "Amy, I am trying to figure out my place here. On one hand I have this partnership in Scott's clinic that I can pursue, or I can become the inhouse vet for Fair Field. What do you think I should do?"

Amy: "Ty, why can't you do both." Why not work out a contract arrangement with Fair Field for your clinic to handle all the veterinarian services that we need, then you can have the best of both worlds."

Ty: " You don't think that would be a conflict of interest?"

Amy laughing: "Ty, we are partners in both organizations so I think it's more like keeping it in the family"

Ty: "I guess you are right. Anyway, I need to get relicensed as a vet for me to provide any services at all, let alone the clinic and FairField."

Amy: "I also had another idea that I think you might be interested in. You know that one of your passions is to rescue damaged animals. What if we used some of Heartland's property to build a sanctuary like Bob and you had years ago. We already are providing for the wildies, why not expand that operation. I am sure with my contacts I can get plenty of financial resources to back the reserve."

Ty: "Now that is an interesting proposition!" You think that is doable?

Amy: "Don't see why not!"

Ty: "So what you are saying is I have options! Did I tell you how much I love you!"

Amy: "Yes, but you can say it again"

Ty: " I love you Amy Borden!"

Ty passed his board certification test easily and was now licensed to practice medicine. His first meeting is with Scott to discuss the future of his partnership with the clinic.

Ty: Scott, I want to thank you for all your support during these last 5 years. Holding my partnership, supporting Amy and Lyndi, you went way beyond. I know it has had to be difficult for you with the growth I see here at the clinic. I am pretty sure you have gotten pressure to open up ownership from the new doctors I see, right?"

Scott, "Let's just say I am glad that you are back, and am very glad to see you 100% ready to handle your veterinarian duties."

Ty, "So that brings me to what I wanted to discuss. Amy has floated the idea that we could contract our clinic to Fair Field and handle their veterinarian services exclusively as well as the services that we already do for Amy and her operation. We could meet with Peter and negotiate a contract that would benefit both of us. What do you think?"

Scott, "Would you handle the extra work, or handle the work exclusively?"

Ty, "That is what I am thinking. Then maybe we can cut up my ownership in the clinic for some of the new doctors here?"

Scott, "I think that would be great, when can we set something up?

Ty, "I will get with Peter and Lou today and make the arrangements. Also, I really appreciate you and Kas helping get my license renewed. I was really concerned about how much I would remember. Looks like I didn't miss a thing!"

Ty heads off to FairField to meet with Amy, Lou, and Peter to discuss the business arrangement he discussed with Scott. As he was pulling into the parking lot, he noticed Amy, Ahmed, and his new wife standing by the office doors. Ty had not seen Amed since their last encounter and was a bit nervous about seeing him now. As he gets out of the truck, Amy yells, "Ty come here. I want you to meet Ahmed's wife Natacia!"

Ty without any hesitation comes over and holds out his hand to shake her hand.

Ty, "Natacia, it is great to finally meet you. Amy has told me so much about you guys. I am very glad to finally put a face to a name." Then he looks at Ahmed, and Ahmed ducks a bit, laughing, "The last time I saw you it was less than great circumstances, and I think you butted me in the head!" Ty, laughing with him, said, "I think you are right! But look who got the girl!"

Amy chimes in, "Ty! And by the way, that girl is going to have another baby!"

Ahmed, "No Amy, Ty is right! You two were made for each other and what I did was wrong! However, because of that time, I was able to open up to love which led me to my beautiful wife, Natacia. So Thank you both! And congratulations on your new addition to the family!"

Ty:, "So what do we owe the pleasure?"

Amy: " Ahmed wants us to take over his Hill Hearst operation here in Hudson!" I was telling him about your proposed contract with Fair Field for Vet services, and my training services, which he already uses and he was intrigued enough to entertain the idea!"

Ahmed, "I understand Ty you have regained your licenses to practice and you are already affiliated with a clinic here in town, so most of the work required to bring Vet services to Hill Hearst are in place, right?

Ty, "You are correct."

Ahmed, "Well, Amy, Ty, I think we can make a decision today if we can come to terms on the contract dollars!"

Amy, "Great, Peter and Lou handle our business management, I will put them in touch with your business manager to make the arrangements."

Amed, "That sounds great. Ty, again, I am very sorry about our first encounter. I hope we can put that behind us and move forward with a new relationship."

Ty, "That will not be a problem!"

Ahmed and Natacia head toward their car while Amy and Ty go inside the office. Ty is a little off balance with the speed of which the business is being handled and says to Amy, "I am a bit overwhelmed to say the least!"

Amy, "Ty don't worry about the details. Let Lou and Peter handle that. You and I just need to handle the business of working with the horses.

Ty, "That does make me feel a lot better. Amy, I spoke with Scott and he is fine with setting up a contract for services, as long as I do the work. I came here to get with Lou and Peter to work up that agreement. Are they here?"

Amy, "Yes, but let's go get a sandwich and talk about another opportunity that I think we should consider. "

Amy and Ty retreat to the kitchen located inside FairField and order sandwiches from the cooks. FairField now has over 75 employees handling both the businesses, Amy and Ty's company and Lisa's horse breeding business. So they have an inhouse kitchen that feeds the employees and staff.

Amy, "Ty, remember a while back we talked about possibly starting a rescue center for troubled animals, much like Bob had years ago?" Well, I have been talking with Grandpa and several of my clients and we think we could carve out some space on our land at Heartland and put the center there! What do you think?"

Ty, "Wow! That is a great idea if we can do it."

Amy, "I think we can, and Grandpa is on board with it as well."

Ty, "A lot has happened today. Let me think about how to make that happen and we can talk about it later."

Amy, putting a kiss on Ty's Check, "Perfect. I knew you would like that!" I have to meet with a client, see you later at Heartland."

Amy finishes up her sandwich and goes out the door leaving Ty sitting at the table. Taking a few minutes to let all this settle in, he finishes his sandwich and leaves to go meet with Lou and Peter.

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