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Chapter 11: Memory Recall Complete

Ty was coming home today from the hospital just in time for Amy and he to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Amy had planned a quiet getaway for them at the dude ranch that evening to celebrate. Amy and Lyndi got into the truck and headed to the hospital to pick up Ty. On their way Amy said to Lyndi, "Lyndi, I have a special surprise for you in this bag but you can't tell anyone. It is a secret." So Lyndi reached in the bag and pulled out a stuffed rabbit. Lyndi, looking a bit puzzled asks, "Mom, a rabbit. Don't you think I am a little old for this?" Amy replied, "Not if you are going to play with it with your little sister or brother!" Lyndi, "Mom, You're kidding! You are going to have a baby, my very own little brother or sister!" Amy, "Yes, but you cannot tell anyone, yet! I want to surprise your dad tonight as we celebrate our anniversary." Lyndi, "He is going to be so excited! I would love to see his face when you tell him." Lyndi, talking to herself as they enter the hospital pickup area. "I'm going to be a big sister, I'm going to be a big sister" as she plays with the stuffed rabbit.

As they arrived at Heartland, Amy dropped Lyndi off at the house and headed over to the dude ranch where she had fixed up a cabin for their anniversary night. Ty was not so mobile, but was able to move around with a cane so he got out of the car and went to the firepit to sit down. Amy, putting the finishing touches on the cabin, came out and joined him on the deck. Amy, "Ty, it has been a long 10 years, heck 18 years if you include our courtship, that were filled with some amazing adventures, memories and events. Some good, some great, some not so great. But I can say after all these years that we have been together, I would not have wanted to share them with any other person but you. You complete me!

Ty responds, "Amy, from the moment I met you I knew that you were special. As a friend, you became my best friend, as my girlfriend, you became my partner, as my wife, you have become a part of my very soul. I don't know what I would do without you. I remember the several times when our relationship could have ended, either through our stubbornness, or through events that could have ended our lives, all I could think of is you..getting back to you, however, it had to happen. I love you so much!"

He continues, "Amy, I didn't have any time to get you something for our anniversary, but I hope that my recollection of our lives together will suffice until I can get something for you. To which Amy replied. "Ty, I do have a gift for you." Amy takes out a bag under her chair and gives it to Ty. As Ty opens up the bag, he pulls out a white snuggles…he looks at Amy with tears in his eyes, "Are you sure. Are you serious? You are pregnant right? Amy, holding back the desire to jump and wrap herself around Ty, says "Ty, you called it in the hospital. The ginger ale…I don't like ginger ale but it was the only drink that I could drink when I was pregnant. So I went to the doctor and got tested. Yes, you are going to be a father again!"

At that moment the evening sky lit up with an Aurora Borealis. Ty and Amy looked up Ty remembering the last time this happened, looked at Amy and said, "Amy, last time this happened you told me I was going to be a father, and we had Lyndi. Memories started rushing into thoughts and being overwhelmed with joy, sat down to gather his energy. Amy, realizing that Ty was beginning to recall the pregnancy, the birth, and the life with Lyndi. Became overcome with joy she grabbed on to Ty and embraced him like so many times before. Not letting go, kissing him, hugging him, holding him.

In a soft voice, Amy said, "Ty, Lyndi is going to be so happy. She has prayed for your memory to come back to her for so long. She never gave up, never. From the time you were in the care center to now, Lyndi never gave up and always knew you would regain your memory.

Ty brings Amy inside the cabin where they eat dinner and sit to relax. At that moment Ty said, "Amy, let's call Lyndi and tell her to meet us at the loft first thing in the morning. Tell her that we have a surprise for her." So they took Amy's phone and called Lyndi to set up the date. Then Amy asked, "How do we want to let her know that you got your memory back?" Ty thought for a minute, then answered, "Doesn't the Life Book have pictures and stories of your pregnancy, birth, and early childhood of Lyndi. Let's use the book, Let's take her upstairs and I will casually sit down and start going through those pictures. But this time, instead of her narrating the pictures and stories, I will do it. We can see how long it will take her to figure out that I got my memory back. What do you think? Amy,"Ty, I think that is a great idea, let's do it."

Amy stokes a great fire in the fireplace and with the wood crackling and the smell of the fire filling the room, she slowly climbs into Ty's lap and puts her arms around his neck. Looking deeply into his green eyes, she says, "Ty, we have been given a second chance at our relationship. Should we do anything different this time around? Ty, consumed by Amy's comforting grasp looks her in the eyes and says, "I don't think we could have done this any better. Sure, we made mistakes, but all in, we are pretty lucky to be given another shot at happiness. Amy, I don't think I could love you anymore that I do at this moment. The young lady who would do anything to save a horse, has shown me that she would do anything to save me. Who could ask for anything more?"

Amy, all of the sudden jumps out of Ty's lap, gets on her knees in front of him and says in an excited voice. "Ty, we need to recite our vows. We need to invite all our friends and have another wedding party. We could set up Heartland just like it was when we got married. I think Spartan could handle another walk to the house from the barn, and we could relive that night that we got married.

Ty:, "Amy, I remember when I saw you coming from the barn on Spartan, wearing that beautiful white dress, how lucky I was to be marrying you that night! I remember standing in front of the fireplace resighting our vows. You are right Amy, we could resight our vows and relieve the night just as it was. In front of family and friends.

Amy: Ty, remember we were locked out of the dude ranch so we went to the loft and spent our first night there as husband and wife. How romantic it was…I married the boy in the loft!"

Ty Laughing "I married the rancher's daughter!"

Amy: "Then, it's done, I will get with Lou in the morning and we will start planning!"

Amy climbed back into Ty's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, as they are both drifting off to sleep in front of the fireplace she whispers, "Ty Borden, I love you. You are my rock!"

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