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Chapter 10: The Truth Be Told (Part 2)

Amy is up early along with Lyndi as they prepare to go to the hospital to visit Ty. He has come out of surgery, but they have had him sedated for a few days due to the head injuries from the crash. Today, Amy was fixed on wanting to know the story behind what Ty remembered. As they were preparing to leave, Amy tells Lyndi, "Sweety, go ahead and get into the truck, I need to go to the bathroom before we go." Amy turns to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden she becomes nauseous and breaks out in a sweat. She goes inside and grabs a ginger ale to calm her stomach, because nothing was going to stop her from visiting Ty and straightening out the situation with Ahmed. Over the past few days, Amy has been overwhelmed with emotions which she passed off as stress related to the events of the past few days.

As they arrive at the hospital, Amy and Lyndi go up to Ty's room where Ty was sitting in a chair alongside the bed. They wanted him to try and sit up for a few hours to start his PT from the accident. Lyndi immediately runs to Ty, "Daddy, I am so glad you are ok. I was worried sick about you, but prayed that God would bring you back to us, again. And look, here you are. Isn't God great!" Ty, "Sure Lyndi, God is great and I am so sad that my foolish behavior has caused so much trouble." Amy, "Ty, this was all my fault. I should have told you about my business with Ahmed and my international training." Ty, "What I don't understand is why you would do any business with him. All he wanted was You! He wanted to take you from Me! And here you are in business with him now! I just don't understand.

Ty continues, "Amy, I got almost all of my memory back. I remember that we were engaged and that you suddenly left with him to go on this international equestrian tour in Europe. He kissed you and fell in love with you! He sent you that truck and gave you that horse. The guy wouldn't listen to you and I had to punch him out to get him to leave you alone. I remember that because of him, you and I took a break in our engagement and if it weren't for Pike River and your dad, we probably would have never got married. But we did, and I remember you riding Spartan up to the house along the road from the barn to the house which was aligned with lights. We were married in the house where we said our vows. I remember our trip to France that Jack and Lisa provided and how we built the loft into what it is now. Amy, I remember almost everything about us!"

Ty continues, "And Amy, I remember, I remember that I am a veterinarian. And that I am a partner in a clinic with Scott. And that I belong to Vets without borders and have taken some trips to save animals around the world. I remember Paint, putting Jack's horse to sleep. I remember rescuing that injured eagle where I fell down the cliff and you saved me and got me back to safety. I remember my mother and Wade and all the things they put us through. And my dad, stealing that money in the middle of the night and leaving. I remember Amy, I remember! Also, I remember the plane crash with Scott, the motorcycle accident with Jack…It is all coming together.

Then Lyndi chimes in, "Dad, do you remember anything about me?" Ty is taken back and does not want to reveal to her that his memories of her, and for that matter the pregnancy have not come back, say, "lyndi, come over here." Holding Lyndi's hand with his good hand, Ty says, "Lyndi, I am trying very hard to remember, but I just don't have those memories. However, watching you over the last few months working with your mother, and the love you have for those horses, I love you anyway without those memories. Just think when I get them back, how wonderful it will be. I have read some of the stories about you in the book and I can't wait until those become part of my memory." Lyndi, "Dad, you will remember, I know you will! I am praying for you and I know that God will not let me down!" Ty, "Then, let's let our memories take its course, ok?" Lyndi, "I love you daddy, and I am so happy that those memories have been restored.

Amy was sitting there listening to Ty recall all those memories when she becomes nauseous again and leaves to go to the restroom. Anxious to get back to her conversation with Ty, it never dawns on her that she has had this feeling now twice today. Coming out of the bathroom, she asks Lyndi if she would go and get her a ginger ale. Not thinking anything about it, Ty chimes in, "Amy, I haven't seen you drink ginger ale but once and that was when you were pregnant." Amy, glancing back at Ty says, "You remember that!" Ty:, "I guess I do! Are you pregnant?" he laughingly says. Amy, "No!"

Wanting to get back to Ahmed, Amy sits down next to Ty and says, "Ty, I owe you an explanation about Ahmed. Your recollection is correct, the last you knew was that he was trying hard to steal you from me and we hit a very rough patch in our relationship after you found out about the events surrounding Ahmed. You thought that I had changed from who you fell in love with, but realized after Pike River that I hadn't changed, and you wanted to continue with our relationship and get married". Ty breaks in, "I think we almost eloped back at Pike River but we decided against it because we wanted to be with family, and that Lou would kill us!" Amy, "You are correct! And we did get married! Ty, when you went into your coma, we were just getting our business on its feet and we had Lyndi and she was the apple of our eye. All of that came to an end. Our dreams, our plans, everything was turned upside down, until one day Ahmed drove up to the house. He wanted me to meet her and introduce her to me since he credited me for opening up his heart to love. He apologized for everything he had done to us and asked me to forgive him. I did and our families have become friends over the past 5 years. Matter of fact, Lyndi and Ahmed's oldest daughter are about the same age, and when they are in town, have play dates together."

Amy continues, "Ahmed offered me a contract to work with his horses and provide services here in Hudson. When the team started winning on the European Tour, Ahmed asked if I would join them during the season. I agreed to his terms. That was over 3 years ago. Now because of my reputation with Ahmed's horses, people from all over the world send me horses to train and our business has grown substantially. We have partnered with Lisa, Peter, and Lou at FairField where I stable the horses that people send me and I have a training facility over there. When you came back to Heartland, I brought a few of those horses here to train, but I did not want you to see how big the operation had become. I don't know, I just wanted to organically grow your memory through our early years and not hit you with all this at once. I am so, so sorry. I should have told you from the beginning.

Ty feeling somewhat overwhelmed asks, "Amy, when you say we have grown substantially what does that look like?" Amy, feeling a bit embarrassed to say, says "Ty, Let's get you out of the hospital and I will show you" Of course that wasn't a good enough answer so Ty presses, " No wait, how big have WE gotten" as he laughs. Amy, "Well, let's just say, because of our business, FairField has double their stall capacity and we have over 50 people working for us from all over the world. I have a training facility where we train horse trainers on setting up joint practices with veterinarians to offer complete large animal service including my mother's holistic methods and those I have added over the years of our practice. Ty, "Amy, that sounds big! Well, there is more, but you will have to see for yourself when you get out of the hospital."

The nurse comes into the room, "Guys, we need to get Mr. Borden back in bed so he can get a little rest." Amy looking into Ty's eyes holding his hand as he struggles to get onto the bed says, "Ty, I love you so much! I am so, so sorry that I was not truthful with you up front. I feel so responsible for your accident" Ty, "Amy, no worries, I wanted to go for a ride on my motorcycle anyway. It was my fault, I was going way too fast when that deer jumped out of nowhere and I ran off the road. It was kinda like when I almost hit that wolf up at Eagle Lake."

Over the next few days, Amy and Lyndi would go to the hospital and visit Ty. His recollection of their life up to and through their marriage was spot on and Ty could not wait to go back to being a veterinarian. However, each morning Amy would go through a spell of nausea in which she would have a little ginger ale to settle her stomach. She remembered Ty's comment about ginger ale and decided to go and get a pregnancy test done.

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