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Chapter 9: Retracing The Honeymoon

As they reached the long road to the Villa, they saw Jack riding up on one of the horses. Ty came to a stop and Jack rode up to the window. "Well, how was your trip to Paris. Did you get everything you wanted to do, done?"

Ty, "We sure did!"

TJ, "GG, we got you something special, too!"

Jack, "You did! Well, I can't wait to see it when we get up to the house!"

Tyson, "You are going to love it. TJ and I pulled our resources and bought it for you!"

Ty looked at Jack and smiled. Jack, "Well, let's get up there and have a look!"

Jack took off with the horse and headed back to the Villa and Ty pointed the SUV down the road. Everyone was excited to be home. They were hungry and it was about time for supper. Tyson and TJ ran to Jack as he was bringing the horse to the barn manager. "GG, here look what we got you in Paris."

Jack opened the bag and there was the belt and buckle that they had asked Ty to get for them. Jack, overcome with emotion said, "Boys, this is the best present you could have ever given me. I am so thankful that you thought about me on your trip to spend your money on me instead of yourselves. That is so thoughtful."

Tyson, "GG, you are the greatest!"

TJ, "Yeah, you’re the best!"

Jack grabbed both of the boys and gave them a big hug. "I think it's time we go get cleaned up so we can eat."

The three headed toward the house.

Inside, Ferdinand had supper ready for the family. He and some of the staff prepared a barbeque dinner with ribs and chicken. Everyone put up their things and gathered outside on the porch which overlooked the vineyard and sat at the long table ready to eat. Ty stood up at the table, looking out over the rolling vineyard, and offered a toast, "Guys, I think we should toast to the wonderful place that Lisa entrusted us with, the staff who prepared this great meal, and our family…plus one still in the oven." They lifted their glasses and toasted. "Also, tonight I want to invite all of you to Amy and My reciting of our marriage vowels tomorrow her on the veranda. Dress is casual and we hope all of you will participate. After, Amy and I will leave for a couple of days on a little trip which I am told holds a great surprise." As he looks at Amy and smiles. Everyone says "Cheers!" then, they begin their supper feast.

That evening, Ty and Amy are getting ready for bed when Amy puts her arms around Ty's neck. "So, Mister. Have you written your vowels for tomorrow? What are you going to say? How awesome I am. What a great mother I have been…a lover?" with each question came a kiss on the neck.

Ty, "You, my dear lady will have to wait. And yes, I have written my vowels! How about you? Are you going to tell me that you love me unconditionally, to the moon and back, how you think I am sexy?"

Amy, You, too, will have to wait and see!"

Katie and Lyndi were sitting up in bed when Katie says, "Man, your mom and dad are really in love, aren't they?"

Lyndi, "From the moment my dad met my mom, I think it was love at first sight. Won't say that mom was immediately on board, but dad sure was. I just hope when I get older, that I can have that kind of relationship with my husband."

Katie, "Really. I will tell you that boys today are interested in one thing. So you have to be really careful in your relationships. I once had a boyfriend that I thought really loved me. Come to find out, he was just taking advantage of me and really didn't love me at all."

Lyndi, "I think I remember that. At the party?"

Katie, "Yeah, that guy!"

Lyndi, "What is he doing now?"

Katie, "I think he is hooking garbage for a living!"

Lyndi, "No!"

Katie, "Yeah, you're right. I don't know what ever happened to him."

Quinn and Georgie were lying in bed with the light on when Quinn looked over to Georgie, "Babe, do you think you are up to taking a couple of days together while we are here?"

Georgie, "I am not so sure, Quinn. I would really love to but my arm is in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable and I have been feeling pretty nauseated lately with my pregnancy and stuff. I am not sure I would be a great companion for a trip like that."

Quinn, "That is ok. I just a soon sit around the pool and talk about our baby. We can take a trip once you get past some of your pregnancy sickness and your arm heals up."

The next afternoon the family gathered along with several others from the staff to participate in the exchange of vowels between Ty and Amy. Dressed in his best suit and she in a beautiful white dress that she brought from home, they stood at a makeshift altar with Fernando presiding as the pastor.

Fernando, "We are gathered here today to reconstitute the marriage of Ty and Amy Borden in front of family and friends. Guys, are you ready to recite your vows? Amy, let's start with you."

Amy, looking intently into Ty's eyes, holding both of his hands, "Ty Borden. From the minute I met you, you have challenged me to be the best person I can be. You have been a friend when I needed a friend, a helper when I needed help, you have shown me love, when I wasn't very lovable. Ty over these past years being married we have had some difficult times. But together, with God, and our family, we have come to this point in our relationship where it seems the blessings we have are everything we dreamed of. Because of you, I have become a better person, companion, wife, and lover. Ty Borden, as we live out our dreams and grow our family know this. I will love you forever and ever to the ends of the earth. I will be there when you need me, always. I not only love you Ty, I am in love with you!"

Ty wipes a tear from Amy's eye and says, "Amy, the love you have shown me over the years, has made me into the man that I am. Into the man that God has given to you to live out your life with. Into the man that you can be proud of. Into the man that spends every waking hour thinking about you, supporting you, and being your best friend. Amy, you know that I would have never made it this far without you by my side. I cherish our relationship and all that you mean to me. But more than that, I cherish you as a mother. You love and are loved by everyone in our family. They look up to you. They support you. They listen to you. Not only our immediate family, but everyone related to Heartland. You my dear, along with Jack, are the Heartbeat of this family and I, and we, cherish that more than you can ever imagine."

With that said, Ty drops to one knee and pulls out a beautiful ring. Taking off her existing ring, he puts the new ring on Amy's finger. The ring was a 3 carat diamond with baguettes around the base. The setting was platinum silver. "I know you have a surprise for me, but I, too, have a surprise for you. Amy Borden, this ring expresses my unwavering love and commitment to you and our family for the rest of our lives. My hope is that you will always be reminded when you look down at this ring, that you are loved and cherished by, not only me, but your whole family." With that Ty stands up and gives Amy a long, loving kiss.

Amy is completely stunned by Ty's gesture and the ring. Not knowing what to say, her eyes begin to well up with tears of joy. She touches Ty's face and slowly kisses him, then puts her hands around the back of his neck and pulls him close and whispers, "That is not fair, Ty Borden! But thank you for such a wonderful gesture. You never seem to amaze me!"

Ty, speaking in French, says "je t'aime (I love you)"

Fernando closed the ceremony and everyone was treated to some French pastries, coffee, and the best wine from the Villa's cellar. Ty and Amy mingle with the family and friends for a few hours, then decide to head out for the two day excursion to retrace their motorcycle ride from their honeymoon. Ty was able to rent the same bike they used back then and both He and Amy were excited to begin their adventure.

Amy, "Ok. So boys, you listen to your GG and Lyndi and do what they tell you. I have instructed them to allow you guys to ride around the property and swim in the pool as long as you have one of them with you. Ok?"

The twins respond, "Yes, Mom!"

Jack, "We got this covered. You two go have some fun and don't worry about a thing. Between all of us, we will have plenty of things to do while you are gone!"

Georgie gives Amy a big hug and whispers with a laugh, "If I were you, I think I would have something really special planned to light up the romance during your trip. Wow, did you know he was going to get you this ring. Hubba, Hubba!"

Amy, "Georgie!"

Georgie, "Amy! I am not a child. Matter fact. I am going to be a mother!"

Amy, "Hard for me to see you as more than Georgie. I guess I am going to have to get used to that." Laughing as she follows Ty out the door.

Ty and Amy leave the Villa and head to a place that they camped on their first night near a beautiful lake. As they were riding, Amy was plotting the special surprise she had for Ty. After his ring gift, she hoped that her surprise would be enough. And that he would be excited about it.

Ty, "Hey, this place hasn't changed much since the last time we stayed here. What do you think about taking a dip in the lake after we set up camp? Did you bring that red bathing suit?"

Amy, "What makes you think I brought a suit at all!"

Ty, "Ok, so is that my surprise? A romantic skinny dip in the lake?

Amy, "Maybe!"

Ty begins to set up the tent while Amy starts a fire. Once they got everything finished, Amy came up to Ty and put her arms around his shoulders, looking at the ring that covered most of her upper finger. She looked at Ty and said, "I feel like I did on that night you proposed. It couldn't have been more romantic, then, but now, I am equally in awe of this night. You have completely swept me off of my feet. And this ring, Ty, it is so beautiful…and big…you know you didn't…"

Ty put his finger on her lips, "You my dear deserve that and more. I am so lucky to have you as my wife, and the success we have had building our business and family, this ring represents all the life struggles we went through to get to this point. I wanted to do something special and when I went to the store and saw that ring, I knew it was made for you. Even Lou, when she saw it, said it was perfect!"

Amy, "Lou knew!"

Ty, "Yes, Lou knew!"

Amy pulls Ty in close and begins to passionately kiss him on his neck and face, then his lips. Ty responds to her advances, speaking in French I love you after each kiss. Ty pulls back, smacks Amy on the rear, then heads to the water taking off his clothes then diving into the lake. Amy chases after him, pulling off her clothes and running and wrapping herself around Ty's body. Ty looks Amy in the eyes, and says, "Do you remember on our honeymoon what we did once we got into the water?"

Amy, "I am not sure. Was it this, maybe?" Amy begins to tickle Ty.

Ty, who is very ticklish, begins to laugh and pulls Amy underwater. As they came up for air, Ty said, "No, it wasn't that!"

Amy, being playful, now pulls close to Ty and gets behind him and starts to kiss the back of his neck and his ears. As Ty responds, Amy playfully pulls Ty under water and wrestles with him. When they surfaced, Amy asked, "Was it that?"

Ty, "No, honey, that wasn't it. Do I need to show you?"

Amy, "I think I got this!"

They both embraced and…..(Well, You know what happens next)

As they were coming out of the water, Ty pulled Amy close and asked, "So was that my surprise? Because if it was, well, bravo! It was great!

Amy, "No, but if I ask, were you surprised?"

Ty, "Surprised that you are the best love making partner ever! And you never cease to amaze me with some of the "things" you come up with!"

Amy, "Just trying to keep it interesting babe. Ty, you know how hard we have worked growing our business. Writing our book. Holding classes and training other vets!"

Ty, "Yeah, that was our dream. Our dream come true!"

Amy, "Yes, Yes it is!"

Ty, "So what is the surprise?"

Amy, "Well, I am not going to tell you yet, but that was a hint."

Ty, "Come on! You know I don't like surprises, let alone, to be led along!"

Amy, kisses Ty on the cheek, "But babe, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you. But I will give you another hint. You would never have considered it in a million years!"

Ty, "What! What kind of hint was that! If I never would have considered it, then I couldn't even begin to guess."

Amy, "That is why it is such a great surprise!"

Ty, "Ok! Ok! I am starving. What do we have to eat?"

Amy, "You are standing here, naked and wet, with the woman who loves you more than anything in the world, and you are thinking about food!"

Ty, "Well, when you put it that way!" He picks Amy up and takes her into the tent and for the rest of the night they playfully banter with each other as their passion takes over until they finally drift off to sleep."

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