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Chapter 1: Planning the Trip

It has been several months since Lou had the tumor removed from her uterus and all is back to normal for the family. Katie a

nd Georgie are working hard to hone their skills before the Olympic trials. The cattle business has been steady with Shane, Tim, and Kaleb managing the affairs of the business without much help from Jack.

The Borden's have released their book and have started holding retreat seminars using the Dude ranch and Heartland to host the events. Lyndi and Jack have continued writing songs and submitting them to Brooke. The Twins are very active in school sports and spend as much spare time with their horses.

Everyone is home for dinner when Ty says, "Guys it has been almost six months since we postponed our trip to France. Lou is doing fine. So I was thinking maybe we should replan our trip."

Amy, "Ty, I was thinking the same thing. I was looking forward to spending time there and introducing Lyndi and the boys to our Villa. Grandpa, what do you think?"

Jack, "Why I think that is a great idea. When do you think we could go?"

Lyndi, "We have a break coming up and we will be out of school for two weeks. I really had my heart set on going there!"

The boys chimed in together, "Let's go! Let's go! We want to go!"

Ty, "I was thinking that would be a great time to go. We don't have anything going on for the holidays and I bet it is pretty this time of the year.

Amy, "Then it is set! I will make the arrangements tomorrow and make sure the folks at the Villa can receive us. Fernando really was excited to meet our family last time we planned this and was disappointed we were unable to come."

Jack, settling back into his chair, "This is good timing because we have been having some issues there that I can get involved with."

Amy, "What issues?"

Jack. "Just some business things that we have been discussing on the board."

Ty, "Will they interfere with our trip?"

Jack, "It shouldn't but I will need to spend some time with Fernando and his staff."

Ty, "Well, Amy and I were hoping you and Lyndi would take care of the twin for a couple of days while we retrace our anniversary motorcycle ride."

Jack, "That should not be a problem, right Lyndi?"

Lyndi, "Sure. We can do that."

Tyson, "Do we have horses there?"

Jack, "We sure do! And we have some beautiful land to ride on."

Tyson, "Cool! I can't wait!"

The family finished dinner and headed off to bed. Ty and Amy were laying down when Ty asked. "I wonder what business Jack has to handle in France? I hope all is ok there?"

Amy, "I am sure it is nothing. Probably has to do with the financial part of the business."

Ty, "I can't wait to spend a few days with you in France. That part of our honeymoon was so romantic. And you, I don't know what got into you but I liked it!"

Amy, "You did! Well, I just might have to come up with something even better. You know I am much older and way more experienced, ha!"

Ty, "Ok, but you might find it hard to top those few days!"

Amy, "Just wait. You might find this ol woman you married might have some tricks up her sleeve."

Ty, "One can only dream. Good night. I love you!"

The next morning Amy wakes up and starts to put together the itinerary for the trip to the villa. She places a call to Fernando, "Hello. This is Amy Borden. How are you doing? Fernando, was being a bit reserved, "Hello, Amy. What do I owe the pleasure of this call?"

Amy, "Fernando, we are replanning our trip for the spring and wanted to make sure everything was in good order for us to come."

Fernando, "Amy. Have you spoken with your Grandfather?"

Amy, "Well, yes! He plans to come as well."

Fernando, "Well I assume he has not mentioned the problems we are having here at the Villa."

Amy, " No he hasn't. What sort of problem?"

Fernando, "I can't really get into it now but we have had some vandalism with our vines and our grape production is way down. We think we know who is behind it but we haven't been able to get any evidence to prove our theory."

Amy, " That is terrible! Is it safe there?

Fernando, "Yes it is safe. But we will take the necessary precautions."

Amy hung up the phone and immediately called Jack, "Grandpa , I just spoke with Fernando and he told me about the vandalism that is going on at the villa. Is this the matter you need to take care of? Is it safe for us to go?"

Jack, "I think this vandalism is from our neighbors so it is more civil than criminal. We shouldn't alter our plans."

Amy, "If you say so. I will get the itinerary setup, then."

Jack, "By the way, Georgie wanted you to call her before you make any arrangements." Laughing, "Maybe she wants to loan us her plane again"

Amy phoned Georgie and she answered, "Georgie, grandpa said you wanted to talk with me before I make our trip arrangements."

Georgie, "Well, you know the Olympics are in France next year, and Quinn and I were thinking about going to France and checking out the venue. Katie wanted to go, as well. So I was thinking what if we took the plane over and stayed at the Villa. Would they have enough room for all of us. Would you guys mind if we crashed your trip?"

Amy, "I don't see why not. Let me speak with Ty and I will get back to you."

Ty was in surgery most of the day so Amy decided to wait until supper to update everyone about Georgie's offer. At dinner, Amy informed everyone about adding Georgie, Quinn, and Katie to the trip. Lyndi, excited said, "Mom, that would be so awesome. Flying in Georgie's jet is so fun, but to have Katie on the trip would be great."

Jack nor Ty had any problem with having the extra family along so Amy said, then it's a plan.

After dinner Amy called Georgie and let her know that it was a go. Georgie, "OK, let me get all the flight arrangements made. Amy, can you make sure the accommodations at the Villa are set up."

Amy, "Sure thing. I will get back with you when we get closer to the date."

Earlier that day Peter, Jack, and Fernando got on a conference call to discuss the issue with the vandalization. It appears the vineyard owners next door are accusing Fernando of using a caustic fertilizer that is bleeding into their vineyard and killing their grapevines. They in turn are vandalizing the vines in the Villa. Fernando, "Guys, we haven't changed the fertilizer in over 10 years. This season they had some significant damage to their vines and don't believe that I haven't changed anything. I know their boys, who are a rough bunch, are coming over here and burning our vines. I just can't prove it."

Peter, "Why not install some cameras on the site?"

Fernando, "That will be expensive if we cover all the areas they could attack."

Jack, "What is our insurance company doing about it?"

Fernando, "They are threatening to cancel our policy if we don't do something."

Peter, "Ok, Let's do cameras and Jack when you get there why not see if we can meet with them and resolve this problem."

Jack, "That is a plan. Fernando, get those cameras going and I will be there in 3 weeks."

That night Amy tells Ty about the issues at the Villas. " Ty, I was talking with Fernando today and he informed me of the issues that Grandpa was talking about. It appears that the neighbors are blaming us for a bad harvest and are burning our vines in retaliation. Grandpa thinks that there is no reason for us to postpone our trip, and I think he is going to try and resolve it while he is there."

Ty, "Well, if Jack feels it is safe and I trust him not to put us in harm's way."

Amy, "Ok then, all the arrangements are made and we are set to go!"

Ty, "Not all the arrangements! What about our special days?"

Amy rolls over and grabs Ty's face with both hands and looks him deep into his eyes, "That my gorgeous husband is a surprise! It will be so memorable you won't believe it!"

Ty, now really excited, said, "I can't wait. It has been a long time since we have had a romantic adventure! I can only imagine what you are up to."

Amy, "Would you like a little preview?

Ty, "Hell yes I would!"

Amy pulls his face towards hers and begins a passionate kiss. When she finished she said, "You are going to love what I have in store for you."

They both turn off the lights and go to sleep.

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Aug 29, 2022

Ready for the trip and the recreating of Ty and Amy's honeymoon we all missed out on but was disappointed no details other than was said after they came back.

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
Sep 26, 2022
Replying to

Well, I think you will find my vision of their honeymoon recreations pretty interesting

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