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Chapter 2: Wrapping Things Up

In a few days the Heartland crew will be flying to their Villa in France and are hurriedly getting things ready for the trip. Jack is at home and receives a call from Peter. "Jack, we have some news that you probably need to be aware of in France. You remember we had Fernando install those cameras around the property to see if we could gather some evidence of who is burning our vines. Well, I think we have some proof that there are definitely vandals coming onto the property, but we can't really tell who they are. We have some broad descriptions, but nothing definitive."

Jack, "So what you are saying is we can't definitely say it is our neighbors that are sabotaging the vines, correct?"

Peter, "That is correct. But what we do know is that they are coming onto the property every Sunday. Or that for the past 3 Sunday's they have been at the Villa."

Jack, "Hum, maybe we need to stake this out. You know we are going to get to the Villa on Saturday. Ty and I could stake it out on Sunday and see if they return."

Peter, "I am not sure that we don't hire some professionals and keep you guys out of harm's way. You know, if it is who we think it is, those guys are pretty rough and might be more than you guys can handle. Remember, they are motivated by revenge because they think Fernando is killing their vines."

Jack, "Peter, I think I need to take the matter inhouse first. Between Fernando, Ty, and Myself, we should be able to gather the proof of who is doing this, then decide how we want to handle it. My intention is to come to some resolution between the vineyards. There is no reason that close neighbors shouldn't be able to resolve conflicts without getting the police involved, or getting someone hurt."

Peter, "If you say so! I just wish I could be there as well for extra support."

Jack, "No worries, you need to stay here and take care of the business. Ty and I can handle this. I will keep you posted on everything. Can you call Fernando and bring him up to speed?"

Peter, "Sure, Jack. No problem!"

Quinn and Georgie are preparing for the trip when Georgie asks, "Quinn, do you think you and I could slip away for a few nights like Amy and Ty and spend some romantic time together. We have been so busy with things, I think it would be good for us to put in some "us" time!"

Quinn, pulling Georgie in close, kisses her on the forehead, "I think that is an awesome suggestion. I have been wanting to do that for a few months now. It is just going to get busier as we near the Olympics, so now is the best time to take some time and rekindle the flame, so to speak!"

Georgie, "Rekindle the flame?"

Quinn, "Yeah! What would you call it?"

Georgie, "Not "REKINDLE THE FLAME! That's for sure! How unromantic is that! You're saying our flame is out! What about the night before last? Based on that night, I wouldn't say rekindle the flame. More like call the fire department! We need to put some water on this fire!"

Quinn, "Bad choice of words. How about we could take this time to explore the inter-depth of our love!"

Georgie, walking away towards the barn, "Ugh. You got to do better than that. How about I give you some time to come up with something while I take care of the horses. Rekindle the flame! Explore the inter-depth of our love…How lame!"

Ty and Amy are taking care of a few things with their business before taking off. Ty is handling some surgery today while Amy is wrapping a few things with some horses that she and Lyndy are working with. They want to get the horses back to the owners before they leave. Amy, "Lyndy, let's take Spade out to the round pin and give her one more session to make sure she will stay still while she is getting mounted. Then, we can take River on a trail ride and see if he has overcome his water fear. Ok?"

Lyndy, "That sounds like a plan. I think Spade is ready, but I hope we are not rushing River because we are leaving. I want to make sure he gets over his fear of water. Remember, he spooked and threw Janice into the river and we don't want that to happen again."

Amy, "Well, we will put him through the paces and if you don't think he is ready, we will contact Janice and ask her if it would be alright if we turn him over to one of our students who is staying at Fairfield to finish."

Lyndy, "That sounds like a plan."

Ty has completed his surgery and is wrapping up things before he takes off. He calls Amy, "Amy, I just finished up my surgery and getting the paperwork finished. I should be heading home in about an hour. Can I get you anything on the way home?"

Amy, "Why don't you stop by at Maggie's and pick up supper for tonight. Lyndy and I are very busy wrapping up some business and won't have time to make anything. Also, Quinn, Georgie, and Katie are coming over so we can put the final touches on our Itinerary."

Ty, "Sounds like a plan. Burgers and Frys?"

Amy, "Can you get me a salad and the burgers and fries for everyone else. I want to make sure I look good for our romantic getaway!"

Ty, "Salad it is! However, you look as beautiful as the day I married you."

Amy, "You are so sweet! I can't wait for France!"

Ty, "I can't wait for our road trip! Hey, by the way, Jack has asked me to help him take care of some business when we get there."

Amy, "What kind of business?"

Ty, "Well, you know about the vandalism. They have installed cameras around the Villa and have video of a group of guys burning our vines. However, he can't make out the faces, so we are going to stake out the place Sunday night, since that seems to be when they strike."

Amy, "Why not get the police involved. I am scared you guys are going to confront this and something bad will happen. You know Grandpa isn't as tough as he used to be, and well, Ty, you are no spring chicken!"

Ty, "I think I am going to take offense to that comment, but Jack said we are trying to resolve this without the police. We think it is our neighbors and if so, we need to try and work out an understanding between us!

Amy, "Cool! I will see you when you get home. Love you!"

Ty, "Love you, too!

Lyndy has worked with Spade several times and He now will stand still while being mounted. Work complete, she called the owners and they are coming over this afternoon to pick him up. Lyndy tacks up River and Amy, Zues and they head out to the river to test him around the water. As they approached the water, you could read River's eyes that his confidence around water was much more settled and he seems to have overcome his fear. They headed over the shallow part of the stream and stopped in the middle. Lyndy looks at Amy, "Mom, I love my life! Working with troubled horses, writing music, singing. All the blessings that God has given me brings great joy to me. Sometimes I feel that God has given me too much! I see so many of my friends struggling with life and I am so glad that my relationship with God gets me through. I too have issues, some you know about, others you don't. But I am so very blessed to have a relationship with God that provides me with this joy."

Amy, "Lyndy, you are an inspiration to your dad and I, your family, and all your friends. God's light shines through you so bright, that your Joy is infectious. Dad and I say this all the time that you have inspired our family to embrace a relationship with God and look how that relationship has blessed all of our family. God is great and so are you!"

Lyndy, "Mom, what kind of relationship did you and your mother have?

Amy, "Much like ours, but we never mentioned God. I am not very sure how she felt about faith and God. We just never spoke of it. However, we had these types of conversations as we worked with the horses. She was such a strong woman and I admired her for raising us up as a single parent."

Lyndy, "But she had GG to help her, right?"

Amy, "You are correct! That is why our family is about family! Today, because of the strong relationship we have with God, I recognized that even though we never really discussed faith and religion, it provided the foundation we have as a family today. But you asked the question about my relationship with your grandmother. I loved my mom so much. She was the strength behind everything I am today. I could tell her anything and did! I think you and I have that kind of relationship!"

Lyndy, "Mom, I can't tell you how proud I am to be your daughter. Often, when I meet parents of my friends, they will say, Oh , you are the Miracle Girls' daughter. '' You have made quite a name for yourself and I hope to carry on that tradition when I get to be older."

Amy, "Lyndy, you may not know this, but when I meet the parents of your friends, they say, Oh, you are Lyndy's mother. That is one special little girl! Lyndy, think about all that you have accomplished and all the people you have introduced to God in a practical way. Girl, I am the lucky one here!"

Lyndy, "Thanks mom! I love you so much. I think this guy is ready to go home. He has been here in the water for some time while we talked and hasn't flinched. I say we have done our job!"

Amy, "Yes, we have!"

That evening, everyone has gathered at Ty and Amy's house to discuss the trip and itinerary. Ty brings the room to order and starts out by saying, "Guys, Amy and I am so excited to be spending this vacation with each and every one of you. I think if we plan our itinerary it should be a great trip with minimal confusion. So let me start off with Quinn, Katie, and Georgie. What do you guys have on your schedules?"

Georgie, "Well, the Olympic venue is about 50 kilometers from the Villa, so I think we probably will take a few day trips to scope it out. Katie and I are going to take these next two weeks off, so we are not planning to do any training. Quinn and I want to take a couple of days to ourselves but beyond that, we intend to take it easy and relax at the Villa. I understand there are horses, riding trails, and a pool!"

Quinn, "Yeah, Georgie and I are going to take a few days to consume the romantic culture of France!"

Georgie, "Quinn, please!"

Ty, "No worries, Amy and I plan to do the same. We are renting a motorcycle and will be retracing our ride during our honeymoon! So that leads me to ask, can we count on you guys to watch the twins while we are gone. It should only be a few days."

Quinn, "We will make sure that our trips are staggered!"

Ty then looks at Jack. "I know you have some business to tend to. What do you need us to do?"

Jack, "Well, I am trying to settle this dispute between our neighbors and Fernando, but need to have some hard evidence and facts so that when I get together with them, I can resolve this issue. We have caught some folks on camera, but we can't make out who they are. I am hoping you guys might help us stake out the Villa so we can catch them in the act. They seem to hit us on Sunday evenings."

Amy, looking a bit upset, "Grandpa, you need to let the police handle this. You are putting yourselves in harm's way and things could go very wrong!"

Jack, "We aren't going to confront them if we don't have too. We just want a few pictures so I can use this as leverage to negotiate a peace treaty of sorts. We have to convince them that Fernando has not changed his methods in over 10 years so the fact that they are losing vines is coming from something else. They just won't listen. I figure if we have some proof, without getting folks in trouble, it would give me some leverage to sit down with them and work this out!"

Ty, "Jack, I am ok with it. "

Quinn, "Me, too!"

Amy, "Well, I don’t like it, but if you insist. Just make sure it ends there and doesn’t involve the family any more than that!"

Ty, "What about you guys, Katie, Lyndi, Boys? What are your plans?"

Katie, "Well, for sure I want to go to the Olympic venue with Quinn and Georgie, and I think Lyndy wants to come along, right Lyndy?"

Lyndy, "Yes, but while we are there, we can visit the town and do some shopping and sightseeing. Paris is such a grand city."

Ty, "How about this. Let's all go and make a couple of days out of it and we can visit the city and do some sightseeing."

The twins chime in, "That would be awesome! I would love to go to the Eiffel Tower and down that cool street by the water. Yeah, and we could go to some of the old buildings and take in some history."

Ty, "So Quinn, Georgie, would that be ok if we tag along. We wouldn't mind seeing the venue as well.

Georgie, "That would be awesome! How about you Jack? Are you up to doing some city touring?

Jack, "Georgie, I think I will stay back and take in the Villa. I haven't been here since Lisa passed and would like to just reminisce a bit."

Amy, "Are you sure Grandpa? We really would like you to come along. Besides, you might have some places that only the locals know that you and Lisa frequented."

Lyndy, "Yeah, GG, maybe we can get some inspiration for a few songs while we are there."

Jack, "Guys, you go on ahead. I would just be holding you back. You know with my arthritis and stuff."

Ty, "Well, if you change your mind the invitation is always open."

Amy thinking about her and Ty's side trip says, "Remember, you guys promised you would take care of the boys and Lyndi while Ty and I took a couple of days to ourselves. Are we still good with that?"

Georgie, "Yes, and Quinn and I want the same, so we need to put that on the calendar."

Ty, "Georgie, we are going to have 8 people with luggage and stuff, can your plane handle payload?"

Quinn, "No problem. We swapped out the plane with a larger, international plane that will have plenty of space for us. Netjets was more than happy to do this because our plane is more cost effective and commercial for North American flights. Their long range planes don't get much rental, so this was a win for both of us!"

Ty, "Great, so we are ready to go.

That evening as everyone has retired to bed, Amy reaches over to Ty and puts her arms around him and starts to kiss him. Ty, "So what do I owe this attention too?"

Amy, "I can't wait until we can spend a few days together. Just me and you. No kids, no responsibilities, just you and me spending intimate time together getting back how it was on our honeymoon. Ty, I love you so much for the man you have become. You are everything I have ever wanted for a husband, and more."

Ty, "Look at how far we have come since we met. When I look back on my life, Amy, you are the one thing that I was sure about. When I dreamed of our lives together, this is what I saw. Maybe not all the details, but the love I have for you and the companionship we share. Only God could have put us together like this."

Amy, "Ty, you are my one constant thing in my life!"

Ty, "Let's stop there. It is beginning to sound like we are reciting our vows!"

Amy, "Ty, our vows! That is exactly what we need to do!"

Ty, "Oh no! Where are we going with this?"

Amy, "Why don't we re-recite our vows at the Villa, in front of family and then go on our second honeymoon. How awesome would that be?"

Ty, "Are you sure you want to do that? Why don't we just do the honeymoon?"

Amy, "No, Ty. That would be so awesome. The kids could witness our love for each other on another level!. Ty, we have to do this. Can you put this on the itinerary?"

Ty, "Amy, for you, I will do this! I love you girl. To the moon and back!"

Amy, pulling Ty closer to her body and kissing him passionately, "Only to the Moon!"

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
Aug 29, 2022

Love chapters 1 and 2 . I think about how Heartland could have been! I am so happy that you are carrying Amy and Ty’s love story on ❤️❤️

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
Sep 26, 2022
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