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Chapter 8: So Long Paris

Georgie and Quinn head down to Rue street while the Borden family and Katie hit the Eiffel Tower. Strolling down the street taking in all the shoppers and couples, Georgie looks at Quinn and smiles, "This is so romantic, isn't it. Here we are in Paris on one of the most commercial streets in France, and all I can think about is how much I love you and that we are going to be parents. Has that sunk in with you?"

Quinn, "It sunk in the moment I heard we were going to have a baby. I have wanted to start a family for a long time, but with all our commitments and your focus on a second Olympiad, I didn't want to spoil that dream either. But Georgie, do you have any remorse for not being able to compete?"

Georgie, "The crazy thing is. I haven't! Even when I go there, I get overwhelmed with Joy that we are going to have a baby. That feeling just passes. I guess that is what Lyndi means

when she says that God knows our heart better than we do!"Quinn, "That is the same with me! I am really excited for Katie and getting her ready to compete, but I keep coming back to starting our family. Georgie, I love you so muchs. This is everything I have ever imagined about you and I. We are starting a family!"

Georgie, "Quinn, you have been so great to me! I could never have imagined that my life would be where it is today without you! But you know what could be better?"

Quinn, "Better! No what!"

Georgie, "Let's take advantage of this time together, here on this street where all the best shops in the world exist, and spend an extreme amount of money on ourselves in celebration of our baby!

Quinn, "I am down with that!"

Back at the tower, the family made it to the top and were looking out over the city. They could see miles in each direction. Each of the kids took turns peering out with binoculars over the city landscape picking out places they were familiar with. Ty and Amy sat back observing the excitement of the kids when Amy put her arms around Ty's waist. "I love our life. We have come such a long way from that day you came to Heartland. All the trials and tribulations we have been through, everything! And now, being closer to God than ever before. Katie asked me if I regretted never pursuing the Olympics, you know all I have ever wanted was this. Right here, with you and our kids! Ty, have I told you how much I love you and how proud I am of you and what you have accomplished!"

Ty, "Amy, where are you going with this! Every time you ask me that question…well, you know what follows. And my God, we are in the Eiffel Tower with our kids…and Katie!"

Amy, pulling Ty close, "Ty Borden! Why, I would never…well maybe not never…but I assure you my intentions are purely loving and sincere. I love you from the east to the west and all points in between. You make me so happy, and fill me with such joy! And you are really sexy, too."

Ty takes Amy's into his arms and gives her a long romantic kiss. Lyndi looks towards her parents and punches Katie, "I hope I can find someone who loves me like my parents love each other. They are always so playful with each other. And it seems as they get older, their love grows more!

Katie, "You know, that is what love is supposed to be like. Right? "

Lyndi, laughing, "I guess you are right...Hey! You two cut it out. Your kids are with you!"

Ty and Amy start hugging and kissing, and Amy says, "This is Paris. The most romantic city in the world!" She gives Ty one more kiss and a big hug.

Ty, "Guys, we had better wrap it up up here if you want to hit a few shops before we head to the Rue to meet Georgie and Quinn."

"Ok, Dad. Let's go. "yells TJ

They head downstairs to the second floor shops and purchase some souvenirs of the Tower. After shopping they met up with Quinn and Georgie who were loaded down with bags from shopping.

Amy, "Did you leave something for us?" She said as she was looking through the bags.

Quinn, "I don't think so! I think she bought out the street!"

Georgie, "Me! Half of this stuff is yours."

Lyndi, "Guys, are we going to eat. I am starved."

Ty, "Yes, let's get a table out on the street." Ty walks up to the hostess and asks to be seated by the street in french. Watching this, Amy looked at Ty, "Did you just ask her to be seated? Outside. In French."

Ty, "Yes I did!"

Amy, "Humph, who would have known. When did you learn French?

Ty, "I got that Babble app and have been working with conversational French for about a month. Impressed?"

Amy, "Why Mr. Borden, you never cease to amaze me!"

Quinn, "Yeah, those apps are pretty good. I used them to learn French when we were at the last Olympics. It gets you around pretty good!"

The family is seated by the street and order their food.

After dinner, they decide to take a walk down the Rue. Georgie, "Girls, they have this great little shop down there with really cute stuff. Sundresses, jewelry, want to go see?"

Katie, "Sure, let's go!"

Quinn, "Ty, there is a dude store around the corner. How about we do that while the girls take in their shop? I think the kids would enjoy all the stuff in there."

Ty, "Sounds like a plan!"

So they split up and each went to their own stores.

In the store Lyndi is looking through some sundresses when she pulls one off the rack. "Mom, what do you think? Don't you just love this?"

Amy, "I do. And that is your color, too!"

Katie, "Go try it on and see how it looks on you."

Lyndi, "Ok. Where is the dressing room?

Katie, "Just do it here. They don't have dressing rooms in France. You just change right here!"

Lyndi, looking at Amy who is smiling, "Your kidding, right?"

Georgie, "Katie! Yes they do. It is around the corner. Why do you guys pick on each other so much?"

Katie, "Because we love each other!"

Lyndi, "Speak for yourself."

Amy, "Girls!"

Lyndi, as she gives Katie a big hug, "Mom, we are just picking."

Lyndi comes out of the dressing room and models the dress. "What do you think?"

Amy, "That is so cute. It really looks great on you!"

Lyndi, "Katie, George, what do you think?"

Georgie, "I think it looks adorable. Matter of fact, I am going to buy it for you!"

Lyndi, "You don't have to do that. I have brought my own money for shopping. Besides, Mom is here if I need more," laughing.

Georgie, "Nope. This is my present to you for all that you have done for me. And not another word about it!"

Georgie tells the shop owner that she will take the dress and hands her a credit card. "There. It is done."

Lyndi, "Thank you so much. I really love this dress!"

The boys are looking around the store, eyeing different things they might want when Ty walks up. "See something you like. I will let you get one thing each, but it can't be too expensive. Ok?"

Both boys node their heads and start looking. As they moved around the store, they saw a belt with a buckle that represented Paris. Tyson looks at TJ, "I bet GG would love this."

TJ, "He would. It would go with his collection of buckles. What do you say we take our 1 gift and purchase this for him. It is a bit expensive, but if both of us buy it, Dad will go for that."

Tyson, bringing the belt and buckle to Dad, "Dad, what if TJ and I pool our purchases and get this for GG? We know he will love this and it will go with all his other buckles."

Ty, "Guys, that is such a great jester. I think it is a great idea" and takes the buckle and belt to the counter to pay. As he was checking out he told the boys, "You know, when I first came to Heartland, I was starting to really have feelings for your mom and went to my first rodeo. Your uncle Kaleb was riding a bronc and held on for 8 seconds. I saw how your mom was so impressed that I decided to ride a bull. I never did it before and I stayed on for about 4 seconds. Your mom was so furious with me, but I was kind of proud that I was able to do it. Well, your GG saw that Mom was mad and wasn't speaking to me, went and got one of his favorite buckles that he won, and gave it to me for having the guts to do it. I cherished it so much that I have it in my office in a shadow box on the shelf."

Tyson, "I saw that. I didn't know that is how you got it. Pretty cool story."

TJ, "That is cool. So you wouldn't mind when I get old enough if I ride a bull?

Ty, "Well, I don't think you would get that pass from your mom. And it really was kind of stupid. I could have really gotten hurt."

TJ, "But you didn't, right?"

Ty, laughing, "Ok, smarty pants. We aren't going to play that game!"

Quinn was taking all this in and looked at Ty. "I can't wait!"

Ty, "For what?"

Quinn, "I can't wait for the day that I can have that kind of conversation with MY kids. Georgie and I, that is all we can talk about. We are consumed with the prospect that we are going to be parents. She isn't the least bit upset that she will miss the Olympics."

Ty, "I take this for granted, but you are right. I really love my conversations with my kids. And Lyndi. Well, that is like talking to Amy. They are so much alike and she is mature, well beyond her age."

Quinn, "You are a very lucky man!"

The guys leave the store and head towards where the girls are. Once they met up, Quinn said, "I guess we have done what we came here for, right? Are we ready to head back to the Villa?"

Everyone noted their heads in agreement so they headed to where the SUV was parked to journey back.

Lyndi to Amy, "Mom, this is a pretty cool city. Have you ever been here before?"

Amy, "I toured with an international equestrian team when you dad and I first were engaged and we would take trips to here and other wonderful cities in Europe."

Lyndi, "that must have been awesome."

Amy, "Maybe one day just you and me will tour some of those cities. You know, a mother, daughter trip."

Lyndy, hugging Amy, "I love you so much."

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