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Chapter 7: The Decision

The next morning, Ty gets the twins up and fed, then prepares them for their trip to the airport to pick up Jack, Amy and Lyndi.

Tyson, "Dad, I can't wait to see Mom and Lyndi and hear all about their trip!"

TJ, "Is it true they are now country music stars?"

Ty, "Well, they did sing last night at Mr. Rich's venue and I understand that they have asked Lyndi to come back and do some more recording on the Rich label. I am sure we will hear all about it when they get home!"

Ty and the twins climb into the SUV and head to the airport. As they are pulling up to the hanger, the jet is taxing from having just landed. Georgie and Quinn are also there to greet the travelers. Tyson, runs over to Georgie and gives her a big hug. "Hi, Aunt Georgie! Are you here to meet mom and Lyndi?"

Georgie, "Hey buddy, yes I am. I am excited to hear about the trip.

Tyson, "Me too!"

The plane comes to a stop just outside the hanger and the door opens and the stairs unfold onto the ground. Jack is the first off the plane and comes down the stairs. Then, Amy, followed by Lyndi. As they exit the plane, Tyson and TJ run and give Amy and Lyndi huge hugs. Then, they hugged Jack. Ty held back and Amy responded to the twins with the same and then looked at Ty and ran up and hugged and kissed him. "Boy, have I missed you. I can't wait to tell you what happened last night. You are not going to believe it!"

Ty, "What happened?"

Amy, "You won't believe it, you just won't!'

Ty, "Enough with the suspense. What do you want to tell me!"

Amy, "Ok, well you know that we sang at the Rivera last night with Brooke. Well, when we finished up our set, John and Mike, the producer, came over and…you won't believe what I am fixing to tell you."

Ty, now fully engaged with the conversation, "What, tell me! What!"

Amy, "They offered me a recording contract, as well."

Ty, "No way!"

Amy, "Yes, way! They want me to join Lyndi and offered us both a contract. They said they never had such an audience response for first time performers!"

Ty, "Wow! I don't know what to say!"

Amy, "I know! Cool, huh!"

Ty, "Well, what did you tell them?

Amy, "I told John that I needed to discuss this with you and the family and wanted to pray about it. I said to give me a couple of days after we get home and we will let them know!"

Ty, "Fantastic, I think we should have dinner tonight and invite the family over and we can discuss this! What do you think?"

Amy, "I think that is a great idea. Let 's do it."

Georgie and Quinn finish their conversation with the pilot and come over to where the family is. Quinn, "So what is all this excitement about? Lyndi, I heard John offered you a recording deal. Is that correct?

Lyndi, "Yes, but better than that, he offered mom one, as well!'

Georgie, "What? Amy, he offered you one, too!"

Amy, "Yes, how exciting is that! We can be famous like you, Georgie!"

Quinn, "Well, I guess this little trip has paid off."

Amy, "It was so fun. And better than fun, Brooke is going to use the two songs that Grandpa and Lyndi wrote on her album."

Quinn, looking at Jack and Lyndi, "That is awesome guys!"

Lyndi, "Yeah, and we got to sing them on-stage last night!"

Georgie and Quinn looked at Amy, "You guys are stars!"

Amy, "Not so fast, we have to decide if we want to do this or not. Need lots of prayers from you guys. This is a big decision that could affect our whole family. So why don't you guys come to dinner tonight and we will invite Lou, Peter, Katie, Dad, and Shane and have a discussion about it."

Georgie, "Better yet! You guys have been so busy. Let me do the dinner and you guys come over to our place!"

Ty, "That sounds fantastic. How about it guys, want to go to Quinn and Georgie's tonight?

Tyson and TJ, "Yeah!"

Ty, "Then, it’s a date!"

It's a short ride back to Heartland. Jack and the kids are in the back of the SUV and Amy and Ty are in the front.

Ty, "So what are you thinking?"

Amy, "Ty, you know the opportunity is once in a lifetime, but you know, I love our life. I can't help to think if we take John up on the offer that it won't change things for us. And you remember the last time that happened. I just don't want to disrupt what we have built so far!"

Ty, "You are right, Amy. Opportunities like this are hard to pass up. I want you to know that whatever your decision is, I will support you. I think that you need to understand the time commitment though. The boys are just getting to the age where they are really starting to grow up and I would hate that this would take you away from that. Our business is starting to really grow."

Amy, "I know. That is why I am very hesitant to even consider this, but thinking of Lyndi, this might be the reason she would move forward with her opportunity."

Ty, "Well, let's get settled in back at home where we can relax and put everything into perspective, okay!"

Amy, "Sounds like a plan!"

Back at Heartland everyone gets settled in, sitting around the fireplace, Ty perks up, "Hey, who wants to go for a trail ride?" Tyson and TJ both say yes, then Amy, then Lyndi. " We have some time before we go to Quinn and Georgie's, so let's go!" They all head out to the barn and saddle up the horses. With the twins now having their own horse there are 5 horses tied up at the barn.

Ty, "Let's head over to Henderson's creek. That place is pretty cool!"

Amy, "Sounds great, maybe we should pack some sandwiches and make a picnic out of it."

Ty, "That would be great! Lyndi, why don't you go help mom with the sandwiches and we will finish packing up for the ride. This will be great!"

Lyndi and Amy head to the house to make sandwiches and Ty and the boys finish up prepping the horses. When all the prepping was done, the five of them head off to Henderson's creek for a family trail ride. Amy was riding between the boys and Ty was next to Lyndi.

Ty, asked, "Lyndi, tell me about your adventure in Nashville!"

Lyndi, "Dad, it was so great! John's place was awesome and I never knew how much effort it was to produce a song. We must have sung it 100 times before we were finished. Then, Mike took it and, as he put it, added Mike's magic to the songs. When he is finished, well, you have to listen to them and you will see what I mean."

Ty, "Do you have a copy that we can listen to too?"

Lyndi, "Yes, but they told me to only let family listen to it and not to send it to anyone. Something about copyrights and such. How about we listen to it when we stop at Henderson's creek!"

Ty, "Sounds Great!"

Amy is between the twins and starts a conversation with them. "So tell me about your ride to Marion's lookout. How did Paint and Pegasus do?"

TJ, "Mom, it was an awesome ride. I just love it up there. We camped out and Katie and Peter came. Katie is so much fun!"

Tyson, "Yeah and the horses did great. I think they really enjoy being gentled! You know and Peter is pretty cool. We sat around the campfire and he and dad told scary stories. It was awesome!"

Amy, "I am glad you guys got a chance to get away and be with your Dad. I know he really enjoys spending time with you."

TJ, "I wish you and Lyndi would have been able to come. We really, really missed you guys. It wasn't the same without you. Tell us about Nashville! Did you sing!"

Amy, "Nashville was great. Lyndi and I spent a lot of time in the studio preparing the two songs that GG and her wrote, and last night we were able to perform them at John's Riviera downtown. There were lots of people there and we got two standing ovations after we sang."

Tyson, "Mom, you and Lyndi really know how to sing. If I was there, I would have given you a standing ovation, too!"

Amy, "Thank you Tyson. You and TJ are our biggest fans!"

TJ, "What else did you do?"

Amy, "Well, John has this river that he built that winds around his property and it is a pool. You can take and sit in an innertube and it will float you around the property. We all got into it after the studio work was done. Even your GG put on some swimming trunks and joined us." Amy, laughing, "You should have seen his skinny legs. I think he got mad when we teased him about them!"

Tyson, "I don't think I have ever seen GG in short pants. Nor swimming!"

TJ, "I bet he did look funny!"

Amy, "And while we were working, GG was able to take trail rides on John's property and fish. So he was very excited about doing that!"

TJ, "I bet he was."

Amy, "Let me ask you something. John has asked Lyndi and I to join his studio and make some music and do some concerts. What do you think about that?"

Tyson, "Will you have to spend time away from home?"

Amy, "Yes. That is one of the reasons not to take the offer."

Tyson, "I like having you guys around to come to our games, to take trail rides, to play in the yard. I would not like not having you and Lyndi around!"

TJ, "I agree with Tyson. We really missed you and Lyndi when you were gone!"

Amy, "Boys, thanks for your honesty. We will discuss it more, but I agree. I love our family and our time together."

The Bordens reach Henderson's creek and settle the horses. Ty and the boys decide to go for a swim while Amy and Lyndi set up the picnic. Once they were finished, Amy and Lyndi joined them in the water. For the next hour they played and splashed around in the creek. Once they were ready to eat Amy came out and dried off and got the sandwiches from the saddlebags.

Amy, "Ok, guys let's eat!"

Each came out and dried off and took a seat around the picnic blanket. As they were getting ready to eat, Lyndi asked, "Can I say a prayer before we eat. I want to ask God to give us good guidance as we decide if we are going to take John's offer to join his studio."

Ty, "I think that is a great idea. Why don't you start it off and I will finish."

So Lyndi begins the prayer asking God for guidance and patience in making this big decision. Ty closes the prayer thanking God for the family and the opportunities that He puts in front of them.

Amy, "That was nice guys! So, I had a chance to talk with the boys here about our opportunity and they are concerned about us spending time away from Heartland. Lyndi, I guess they really like having us around!"

Lyndi, "You know, while I am overwhelmed with the opportunity, and have to say singing with Brooke at the Riviera and getting all those applause was awesome, being back here, sitting by this creek with our family tops all of that. I am excited that Brooke is going to use two of our songs on her album. I think maybe that is enough. Maybe we just write songs!"

Amy, "I might agree with you! I was also taken away with the idea of fame and fortune, but once you have this, Heartland, in your blood, it's hard to consider doing anything else."

Then she reaches over to the twins and tackles them, "And to think we would miss all those opportunities to see you guys play soccer or baseball!"

Ty, "So what are you saying? Are you guys going to turn down the offer?"

Amy, "I think our decision is clearer now than before. Let's wait until tomorrow to make it final, but I think for now, it is No. Right Lyndi?

Lyndi, "Mom, I told you that I believe God has a plan for me and it centers around our work with horses. I don't want this opportunity to take that off track. So right now, it is a No."

Before they saddle up the horses and head back to Heartland, Lyndi pulls out her phone and says, "Do you guys want to hear the songs?"

Tyson and TJ yell, "Yes!"

Lyndi, "Ok, come over here and I will play them for you." Tyson and TJ sit next to Lyndi, while Ty and Amy sit back. During the song, as Amy begins to sing, Ty puts his arm around her and pulls her close. He whispers in her ear "The sound of Angels!"

Amy pinches Ty and hits him on the leg. Ty, "What! You guys sound like two Angels singing those songs!"

Amy, "Angels, huh! Flattery will get you nowhere!"

Tyson, "I don't know what Angels sound like, but you guys were great. Just like at Georgie's wedding!"

TJ, "Yeah, that was awesome!"

That night as the family gathers at Quinn and Georgie's, everyone is impressed with the changes that they made to the house since they purchased it from Ahmed. The stables were set up for training year round and the outside facilities could house 10 people. With the busy Olympic trials going on, they had a steady flow of students who were taking advantage of Quinn's equestrian skills and getting ready for the competition. Several of the students came from foreign countries so his business was attracting people from all over. Georgie gathers the family into the large dining room in the house. There was still some remnant of Ahmed's lavish style left over in the room and Lou commented, "Georgie, I guess you are thinking about keeping Ahmed's fancy design in this room?"

Georgie, laughing, "No! Not really, we just haven't gotten around to the inside of the house. Or should I say, this side of the house. We felt that we needed to redesign the stable and guest houses before we attack this side of the house."

Amy, "Have you been to John's place? It was awesome! Every accommodation you could think of was there for you. If we needed anything we just phoned a number and someone would make the arrangements to help you. They had 3 meals a day, you could trail ride, fish, anything you could think of!"

Lyndi, "We even landed the plane there and someone came and brought us to our bunks!"

Georgie, "We have been there. It is pretty impressive. We have considered some of the things he is doing, but remember, he has folks staying there every day. It is like a hotel, or a spa!"

Amy, "I guess you are right. If you are not recording, you are playing at his club. I guess there were 10 people there during our time."

Quinn comes out of the kitchen and summons everyone to the table. Quinn has gotten pretty proficient with the BBQ, and with their staff, put together a spread of things to eat. As everyone was settled in at the table, Amy started by telling the family about their trip and the opportunity.

Amy, "Guys, I want to first tell you that Grandpa, Lyndi and I will have two songs on Brooke's new album come the fall. Lyndi and I will be singing, along with Brooke Heartland Heartbeat and Lyndi's song. I think Lyndi has the song on her phone so we can listen to it tonight. But the real news is that John Rich has asked both of us to join his label and let him promote us as a country music mother/daughter duo. We have had some very down to earth conversations with our family but we wanted to extend an opportunity for you guys to tell us what you think about his offer."

Tim, in a loud voice, mouth full of food, "Take it! You are crazy if you don't! John Rich can make you rich and famous, and maybe you will be able to afford a house like this! Take it!"

Lou, "Dad, not everything is about money! Amy, Lyndi, what do you guys think?"

Tim, "I don't care what they think. When you have an opportunity like that, you take it and make as much money as possible!"

Amy, "Well, as a family we went on a ride today and discussed it. Right now, we are leaning to a no, unless there are other less commitment options available. With the kids at their age, and Lyndi, just getting into the business with us, we don't want to disrupt where our family is right now. But both of us are overwhelmed with the offer!"

Georgie, "Guys, I will tell you that once you join that world, it is all consuming. Everywhere you go people want to talk with you, get your autograph, know what you are eating, everything is fair game for questions. No privacy at all!"

Tim, now standing up and yelling, "Don't be stupid guys. You never, I mean never pass on an opportunity like this. Look at this place. Lyndi, Amy, you could afford to buy something like this! Man, I don't know what is wrong with this family!"

Shane, "Calm down dad! You are going to have a heart attack!"

Tim, Now huffing storms out of the room, "I got to get some air!"

Amy tries to settle things down a bit by saying, "Well, we know what dad thinks!"

Lou, "Guys I think that an opportunity like this is once in a lifetime. If you feel that making music and becoming a country singer is what you want, then I would consider taking the contract. However, you guys do have a wonderful business, a great family chemistry, and I think you should really consider the impact on your family."

Ty, "We have! I told both Amy and Lyndi we would support their decision here but I feel that by taking the offer will change all that. But I also think it will change the dynamic of this family. Instead of healing horses, we will be making music and I am not so sure that is our calling.

Jack, " I will tell you this, when Lyndi was in the music business it consumed her time. If she wasn't on the road with her concerts, she was in the studio making records. Once we had Marion, she had to make a decision. Much like this!"

Lyndi, "Guys, one thing for sure, we are praying about it and want you guys to join us so that we make the right decision!"

Jack, "Amen Lyndi. You know those songs are pretty good. Maybe we can write music for John's artist! That might be an option."

Amy, "That definitely is something to consider. The other aspect is what Ty and I have going with our book and seminars. We have wanted to do this for some time and it is just now starting to take off. I don't want to do anything that would change the course of that!"

Quinn, "Well, it looks like you guys have some soul searching to do!"

Georgie, "I will tell you that fame and fortune is great. Quinn and I really enjoy all the opportunities it has afforded us, but we don't have a family, yet and our lifestyle has become a celebrity! Once we settle down and start having children, I probably will want to get out of the limelight. "

Katie has been really quiet and was sitting next to Lyndi. She punches her and says, "Hey, let's go outside for a walk."

Lyndi and her get up from the table and head out to the stalls to see the horses.

Katie, "So what do YOU think of all this?

Lyndi, "Katie, it was so awesome. Working all day creating these songs that now are going to be on Brooke's album. Then, playing at John's Riviera. The audience went crazy clapping to the music. They really like us Katie, they did. It was over the top!"

Katie, "You know, I hope to get to the Olympics and my dream is to follow Georgie in all her success. What is your dream?"

Lyndi, "Up until last week, it was to work with dad and mom and train and treat horses and carry on mom and dad's work. I feel that God is calling me to do that! But last week, man I just can't tell you how awesome it was to be recognized for the good work we put in writing and singing those songs. In some respects, I feel I am carrying on GG Lyndi's legacy. Heck, I am even named after her!"

Katie, "I know you will make the right decision because you are putting it in God's hands. And I will be praying for you as well!"

Lyndi, "Katie, It is so great that you and I are friends. I can always count on you for honest advice, and prayer!"

Katie, "Cool, let's head back to the house for dessert. I hear it is great!"

The next morning the family is getting up and moving around. Amy looks at Lyndi and says, "Lyndi, how about you and I go for a ride this morning and talk this out?"

Lyndi, "Mom, I think I have made my decision. Last night I had a dream. I was older and was working with a horse that wouldn't let anyone ride him. The owner found out about us and brought him over to see if we could make him rideable. Dad checked him out and you and I worked on his behavior. Come to find out he has some physical issues with his back that we were able to correct. The horse became rideable and the owner was so grateful that we were able to work our "magic". I think that dream was a sign. When I think of my future, this is what I see. Not the limelight or singing to a large audience. While I have to admit that was a once in a lifetime experience, this is where I belong. What about you?"

Amy, "It's my day in the sun and to tell you the truth, this life that we have now, you, the twins, Ty, this is the life I have always dreamed of. I don't think I was meant to be a country music star. Although, that was awesome. Besides, we have two songs on an album. That is pretty darn good for two country girls and their grandpa!"

Lyndi, "Maybe we can form a band with that name!"

Amy, "Then it's settled. I will call John this morning and give him the news."

Lyndi, "That sounds great mom!"

Later that morning, Amy called John and gave him the news that she and Lyndi would not be moving forward with his offer. After several plea's to reconsider, and Amy's reasoning, He fully understood and said he would leave the door open in case there was a change of heart. Amy thank him for everything and promised to visit him again. After she called John, she called Brooke to give her the news.

Amy, "Brooke, hey, this is Amy. I just got off the phone with John and informed him that Lyndi and I would not be taking his offer to join the label. Once we prayed about it and discussed it with the family, we felt this was not the direction we wanted to go. I hope you understand."

Brooke, "Amy, I envy you and your family. I hope someday, I, too, can have a family and settle down. But for now, I am going to ride this train and see where it takes me. Also, just because you didn't take the contract doesn't mean you guys stop writing music. I will need some and look forward to other songs that I can publish!"

Amy, "That sound awesome, I know when I tell Grandpa and Lyndi, they will be excited to hear that! Brooke, we wish you all the greatest success. We love you!"

Brooke, "Love you , too!"

Amy hangs up with Brooke and heads out to the barn where Lyndi and Jack are washing the horses. "Guys, I just gave the news to John that we would not take the contract and though he was sad, he understood and let me know that the door was always open for the future. Also, I spoke with Brooke and she wants to make sure that you guys continue to write songs for her. She loves them and they fit so well in her Genre. So, see, we will still be in the business and can continue the work God had planned for us. How awesome is that!"

Lyndi, "Man, God sure knows our heart. Doesn't He!"

Jack, "I should say so!"

That evening as the kids were down for the day Ty takes Amy and puts her hands into his. Looking straight into her eyes he says, "Amy, You know that I would have supported any decision that you guys would have made, right?"

Amy, "Right."

Ty, "I want you to know how thankful I am for your decision not to pursue John's opportunity. The thought of sharing you with your fans and not having you around here at the end of the day, left me feeling really empty. You and I, we have been through so much and have come to this point in our lives, our careers, it is just like we had planned it. My hope is that we continue this, this, whatever it is until we grow old."

Amy, "Ty, while I was open to the opportunity, the more I thought about it, the more I remembered Ahmed and all of that, and I really never wanted to go back there again. It changed me for a while and I didn't like who I had become."

Ty, wrapping his arms around Amy, kisses her on the forehead. "Amy, we have a great thing going here and I want to see how far we can take this. But not at the sacrifice of our family and our time together. You agree?"

Amy, putting her arms around Ty and pulling him in, "I agree!"

Ty, "However, maybe we could role play you being this huge country star and me, a star struck fan who gets lucky one night and hooks up with the star!"

Amy, "Role play! Really, how about we play this role. Your country bumpkin wife who loves you so much she turns down a life changing event to become this huge star to do this!

Amy grabs Ty and throws him onto the bed and shuts off the lights.

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