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Chapter 1: Growing the Legacy

It has been several years since "The Big Deal" when Quinn and Georgie purchased Ahmed's place and Heartland took over Hill Hearst. The twins are now almost 10 years old and are in elementary and Lyndi is about to enter High School. Katie has taken a year off from college to prepare for the Olympics with Georgie, and Quinn is training them both. Quinn's training business has been very successful and He has equestrians from all over the world coming to Hudson and training with him at Hill Hearst. Lou and Peter have benefited from the acquisition of Hill Hearst and have continued to expand the Heartland-Fairfield business into a thriving horse breeding, equestrian training facility. Ty and Amy have continued to offer their veterinarian training programs that combine medical practice strategies with horse behavior techniques and they are working on a book that outlines new medical treatment methods and many of Amy's behavior techniques gleaned from her and her mother's diaries. Shane has married and he, Caleb, and Tim are still managing the cattle business of the Heartland-Fairfield brand. And Shane's wife Lainey has taken over the day to day operations of the dude ranch which continues to attract visitors from all over.

Jack is still active on the board of the businesses, but has spent most of his time with the kids and their activities while Ty and Amy take care of their business. The twins are very active in sports and Lyndi has been working with some of the troubled horses that come through Heartland. She has become just like Amy when it comes to working with troubled horses and Amy has allowed her to work with some of them on her own. Also, Lyndi has really become quite a singer. She has won several talent shows and is very much enjoying singing and writing songs with Jack, and with Amy, when she is available. They have submitted several of their songs to Brooke, who since the wedding and with a little help from John Rich, has become quite an attraction in the country music genre, to see if she would want to use them for her albums.

Amy, "Lyndi, Grandpa told me that you guys have submitted a few songs to Brooke for her to consider using in one of her albums. Have you heard back from her?

Lyndi, "No mom. She probably is too busy and besides, I am not sure she uses anyone else's material. I think she writes her own songs."

Amy, "Do you want me to give her a call and see?"

Lyndi, "Not really sure about that. I would hate to use your friendship to promote GG and I's songs!"

Amy, "I won't hurt to ask."

Lyndi, "Ok, whatever you think!"

Amy put in a call to Brooke and left her a message to call her back.

That afternoon Brooke returned the call and said, "Amy, I am so glad you called me. I have been listening to some of the songs that Lyndi and your grandfather sent me. They are really great!"

Amy, "I am glad you said that. Lyndi wasn't really sure she wanted me to call you about that and use our friendship to promote their songs."

Brooke, "That is nonsense! How else do you get noticed in this business? Besides, I owe you a great deal! Since Georgie's wedding, I have developed a working relationship with John Rich and he has vaulted me to another level of my career. You might say that I AM someone now!" Laughing.

Amy, "Brooke, I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished and I feel honored to be a part of your success. By the way, I heard your mother passed away last year right after the wedding. How are you doing?"

Brooke, "Yes she did! I was so glad that you guys convinced me to go back and reconcile with her. The last few years of her life we had a wonderful relationship that I will never forget!"

Amy, "I am so glad you were able to spend that time with her. I know it probably meant a lot!"

Brooke, "So, I was thinking, what if we take a few of those songs and sing them together here in the studio and see if they will work for my next album?"

Amy, "Wow, that would be awesome, but I really don't want to get in the way of you and Lyndi doing something together."

Brooke, "Why don't you talk it over with her and see. I wouldn't be opposed to it just being Lyndi because I have been watching some of her talent show performances and she is a natural. But I really wish we could do something with all three of us.!

Amy, "Also, Brooke, Ty and I are concluding a book that we have been working on and I am not sure what the time requirements are going to be for that, and mostly if I include this project with it."

Brooke, "Well, it might take about a week or so to record a couple of songs, so see how that fits into your schedule and let me know."

Amy, "Great, I will get back with you tomorrow after we have talked."

At the table for dinner Amy brings up the conversation she had with Brooke. Lyndi, TJ, Tyson, Ty and Grandpa were all at the table with Amy when she began, "Well, guys, I made a call to Brooke today and she was excited to talk with me. Seems she has been looking over the songs you guys sent her and wants to bring us into the studio to do some recording and see if they fit on her next album."

Lyndi, "Us?"

Amy, "Well, that is why I wanted to talk with you about this. She asked if you and I would like to come down to Nashville for a week and we all three could work on your songs. Seems she really enjoyed singing with us at Georgie's wedding and wanted to take one of you and Grandpa's songs and have us sing it on the album. I told her that I did not want to step all over you and Grandpa's efforts and she said that even if it was just you, that would be ok ,too!"

Lyndi, "Are you kidding! I would love to sing with you and Brooke! That would be a dream come true! Mom, when can we go?"

Amy, "Are you sure? You want to include me?"

Lyndi, "Why yes! You are the one who gave me the voice and the strength to sing on my own!"

Ty, "What about me?", Laughing

Amy, " She also said she has been watching your talent show performances on YouTube and thinks you are a natural!"

Lyndi, "Wow, she said that? TJ, Tyson, I…AM a natural. Did you hear that?"

TJ, "A natural goofball!"

Tyson, "A natural showoff!, Just kidding. That is awesome!"

Amy, "And Ty, I told her that I would have to schedule this around our book release and she said that we could make it work."

Ty, "I think all we have left to do is review the editor copy and send it to printing. I have a few meetings with publishers who might want to pick it up, but I still think we should self-publish through our website."

Amy, "So you think we can pursue this and put it into the schedule?"

Ty, "I don't see any reason not to!"

Lyndi, "Guys, I am so excited. Grandpa, our efforts have paid off! We can continue the legacy of Lyndi Bartlett through Lyndi Borden. How awesome is that?"

Jack was sitting there quietly taking all of the conversation in when Ty noticed a very solemn look on his face. "Jack, what do you think about all of this? You look like you have something to say."

Jack, "You can't understand the joy that I feel right now knowing that Lyndi's legacy will live on through our sweet little Lyndi and you, Amy. I have only loved twice in my life and with Lisa, I am so proud of how you guys have handled the legacy she left behind. Now, I am so filled with joy that you guys will carry on the legacy your great grandmother left behind. I am also glad that I had a part in it."

With that a tear fell from Jack's eye and he excused himself to go to the kitchen for some coffee. Following him into the kitchen, Amy grabbed hold of Jack and said, "Grandpa, we are so happy that we can fill your heart with joy by the way we have treated their legacies. I am so glad we have made you proud. I love you so much!"

Jack, holding back the tears, "Amy, I love you guys so much and you especially. The way you have grown up and taken care of the legacy of your mom and even now, with Lyndi. I am just so proud of you. And Ty too!"

Amy, "Thank you, Grandpa! We won't let you down!"

That evening as Ty and Amy get ready for bed, Ty says, "Amy, isn't it incredible how these life events just seem to happen. I mean, one day we are fighting to save our daughter's life and the next day, we have an opportunity to publish a book and sing a song on an album. You know, since we have committed our lives to Christ, even though not every event is covered in opportunity, it seems that He has a plan for us and continues to work in and out of the events of our lives every day. Some good, some bad, we still can find peace, joy, and hope along the way. I am amazed every day that something or someone comes into my world where I can apply God's love or my God given talents to make something or someone better. I don't think we could have ever achieved this level of life without the help of God. And I am so thankful that Lyndi showed us the way."

Amy, "Isn't it incredible! I feel the very same way. I even pray every day that God would show us the way forward, and it is just amazing the opportunities he gives us to spread his word. Whether it be through actions, relationships, songs, or just being a friend, we can spread our faith to those who need to find the joy we have in our family. So I have an idea, why don't you come over here and let me spread a little joy and happiness to you!"

Ty, reaching over and grabbing Amy says, "Now that would be awesome! And embraces Amy with a long, long kiss!

The next morning Amy is up early with the twins and they decide to go on a trail ride. As they are tacking the horses, Tyson asks, "Mom, where do you want to go today?"

Amy, "Let's go up to Marion's lookout. We haven't been there for a while, Ok?"

TJ, "Yes, let's do it!"

Amy, "So if we are going up there, we better bring some more supplies and food. Just in case we have to stay out longer than expected. TJ, why don't you go and make us some sandwiches and Tyson and I will pack up the horses."

TJ, "Ok, Mom."

As TJ is coming back with the food, the horses are packed up and ready to go. TJ puts the sandwiches in his saddlebags and they mount up and head out to Marion's lookout.

As they reach their destination, TJ says, "Wow, Mom! This place is awesome! You can see forever from here! I forgot how cool it was up here!"

Tyson, "I am hungry, let's sit down and eat!"

Amy, "I am down with that!

Tyson, "Mom, what is that talk?"

Amy, "Isn't that what you kids say?"

TJ, "That IS what WE KIDS say! Not moms!"

Amy, "Just trying to be cool."

Tyson, "Mom, you are the coolest mom ever! All the kids at school think you are the Miracle Girl!

Amy, "How do your friends know anything about me being called the Miracle Girl? That was so long ago!"

TJ, "One of our friends looked you up on the Internet and found a video of you saving a horse. He passed it around to all the kids in school and you are a hero to everyone!"

Amy is now taken back by TJ's comments, "A hero, huh! Well, I can live with that! Should I put on a cape when I bring you to school and get out and walk you to class?"

Tyson, "No way! You are a hero without the cape!" They all had a laugh and started to eat.

About midway through lunch Amy says, "Guys, I want to talk with you about something that I think you should know now that you are in school. You know that Heartland has been in our family for over 6 generations. It is a very special place to me and your dad, and for that matter, every person in our family. Over the years, we have made Heartland not only our home, but our legacy. When you and Tyson were born, your father was so filled with Joy that his name and our Heartland was guaranteed at least another generation of legacy. We hope that as you grow up you will come to love and respect Heartland for what it is and what it will teach you. Your father and I have so many memories that are associated with Heartland that to us, there is no special place like it in the world. To be able to come up here and show you kids this view from our property and to know that as you grow and have kids of your own, you will be able to pass along the legacy and these views to them. "

Tyson, "Mom, You and Dad are the greatest parents ever! TJ and I are so glad that we live here and have you as parents."

TJ, "Tyson, Please! Mom, Tyson is trying to butter you up to ask you something. Ask her, Tyson."

Tyson, "Ok, well, you see, TJ and I would like to pick our own horses and train them from the wildies. We see you and Lyndi do it, so we thought we could give it a try. We think it would be so cool if we could say that we gentled our own horses. What do you think?"

Amy, "You are a bit young for that, but if you will agree to let me or Lyndi help, let's go for it! But guys, did you hear a word I was saying about Heartland and the legacy?"

TJ, "Yeah, we get it! Heartland is special and you want us to pick up the legacy!"

Amy, "Ok, so, that is it?"

TJ, "Yep, we hear you mom! Let's go back and pick out our horses!"

Amy thought to herself, well so much for that speech, "You guys don't want to stay here a bit longer?"

Tyson, "I am ready to go pick out my horse"

Amy, "OK, so let's pack up and we will ride by the wildies on our way home."

TJ and Tyson at the same time, "Cool! Mom, you are the best!"

Amy, thinking to herself, Yeah , right! So much for the talk.

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
27 avr. 2022

Love this chapter one of book 4 ! As I read I can just feel and see each one of them like I was watching a movie ❤️❤️

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
29 août 2022
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