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Chapter 2: A Song For You

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

As they head towards Heartland, Amy takes them by the lake where the wildies often stay grazing during the day. As they approach the herd, Amy notices that there have been some wildies that have injuries on their neck and back. It looked like fight marks, but she could be sure so she called Ty and asked him to come and meet them at the lake. Ty was finishing up some work at Heartland so he tacked up Harley and headed toward Amy. When he got there, Amy pointed out the injured horses and Ty climbed off his horse to see if he could get closer. The wildies have become quite familiar with Amy and Ty and often allowed them to get very close to them on foot. Ty goes in to assess the injuries while Amy and the boys keep their distance. Ty comes back, "Well, it looks like there has been a prey animal lurking around. Probably a bear because the scrapes you see are claw marks from the animal. At first I thought it to be fighting among the horses, but now that I got up close, it is another animal that is fighting with the horses."

Amy, "So what do we do?"

Ty, "Not really sure, we need to try and pin them so we can tend to their wounds.? Any ideas?"

Amy, "Why don't we set up a pin here and we can try to round up the injured horses into the pin. I can call Grandpa and see if he can put the portable fencing together on the truck and bring it to us."

Ty, "Let me go back and do that. I don't want Jack to strain himself trying to put that fencing on the truck. Why don't you guys head back and we can come back later and see if we can get them corralled."

Later that afternoon Ty and Jack put the fencing on the flatbed and Jack drove the truck to the lake while Amy and Ty rode out there on their horses. The kids came to watch how they were going to corral the injured horses. Jack and Ty set up the pen while Amy and Lyndi tried to get halters on a few of the injured horses.

Amy, "Lyndi, walk up to that brown horse real slow and give him a treat. As he is eating, try to put the halter on her. I will try that with this one."

Lyndi, successfully gets the halter on and with treats coaxes the horse into the pin. Amy was not having such success so they decided on another tactic. Ty held open the pin gates and Amy herded several of the wildies into the pin along with the injured mare. Then they let the others out and kept the two injured horses pinned up. Tyson, "Way to go mom! That was awesome!"

TJ, "You sure know how to handle your horse!"

Lyndi, "You think that was good, I just haltered my horse without having to herd her."

Amy and Ty began to nurse the horses with a rubbing sav on the wounds and some antibiotic shots. They decided to keep them pinned up for a few days to monitor the injuries. That is when Tyson asked, "Mom, can we try to gentle these two for TJ and I?"

Ty looked at Amy, "The kids wanted to pick and gentle their own horses from the wildies and I told them if Lyndi and I could help, we would let them."

Ty, "Well, these are two fine horses, but are you sure they can handle him?"

Amy, "I think so. They are determined and you know how that is with them?"

Ty, "Ok, then we need to get them to Heartland once they are healed."

Tyson and TJ give each other high five and begin to think of names for their new horses.

On the way back to Heartland, Amy remembers she owed Brooke a call to let her know that she and Lyndi wanted to pursue the recording session with her. "Hello, Brooke. If you haven't changed your mind about that recording session, we would love to come down there and do some singing."

Brooke, "Not at all! Matter of fact, I have been going through some of the songs that Jack and Lyndi sent me and have a few favorites to pass along. What do you think about Lyndi's song and Heartland Heartbeat? I think those are awesome and they tell a great story."

Amy, "That sounds great. I will let Lyndi know and we can schedule the visit. What is good for you?"

Brooke, "Well, I have the studio booked at the end of the month so if you could work around that."

Amy, "I think we can manage that. Will get back to you!"

Brooke, "Great, Bye!"

Amy is excited to tell Lyndi about the news and rides up next to her horse. "Lyndi, great news. Brooke has booked the recording studio for the end of the month and she wants to record Heartland Heartbeat and Lyndi's song. What do you think?

Lyndi, "That is awesome mom. I am so excited! Guys, guess what? Mom and I are going to Nashville to record two of the songs that GG and I wrote. Is that cool or what? She said if they are good enough, they might make it on her album."

Tyson, "Lyndi, we are so proud of you guys. Maybe one day we will be able to sing like you!"

Lyndi, laughing, "Maybe! With a whole lot of practice!"

Ty was riding next to Lyndi and overheard the conversation. "So what happens if you two become super famous and start touring the world with Brooke?"

Amy,Laughing, "What do you mean, if!"

Ty, "Ok, now I see it. You guys are not going to fit your heads in the house with that ego! Really, have you considered the opportunity and what is at stake if it becomes very successful. Will you tour with Brooke?

Amy, "That would be for Lyndi. I am sticking here with you! No matter what!

Ty, "Lyndi, what about you?"

Lyndi, "Well, dad, just as YOU say. We will cross that bridge when we come to it!"

Ty, "What about that. A chip off the ol' block! At least she got that from me!"

Amy, "Ty. Really! She is all you! She just does what I do!"

After a few days, Jack and Ty brought the trailer to the pin that housed the injured horses. After a positive assessment of their healing, they decide to bring them back to Heartland to begin the gentling process. As they pulled up to Heartland, the kids ran out to meet the truck.

Tyson, "Dad, GG, are those the horses? Did you bring them back?"

Jack, "Yes Sir! These are your guys. Now, have you had a chance to name them?"

TJ, "My horse is going to be Paint, just like your horse GG. He looks like Paint, so I will call him Paint!"

Tyson, "My horse is going to be Pegasus. I am going to name her after Grandpa's horse. Pegasus!"

Jack, "OK, so it's Pegasus and Paint! Two great horse names. I hope they take after their namesakes because both of those horses were very special to our family!"

So they unloaded the horses and put them in the outside stalls which Amy had prepared for them.

At supper that night, Ty raises his glass to make a toast. "I would like to toast Jack, you and Lyndi for writing songs that Brooke wants Lyndi and Amy to come and record. I know that those songs mean so much to you and I want to toast that they will successfully be added to Brooke's album."

Jack, "Oh, Really. What songs did she pick?

Lyndi, "Heartland Heartbeat and Lyndi's song"

Jack, "My favorites. Great choice!"

Amy, "Grandpa, Lyndi and I will be going to Nashville to record them at the end of the month."

Jack, "Really, well that is great. You know, I have only been to Nashville once. Would you mind if I tag along?"

Amy, "That would be awesome, Grandpa!"

Lyndi, "It sure would!"

Amy, "Then it is set. I will get us 3 tickets to Nashville and make accommodations to stay at a hotel."

That evening Georgie called to catch up on things when Amy told her about the Nashville trip and recording the songs with Brooke. Georgie was so excited that she said, "Amy, let me fly you guys there. I will call John and see if he has accommodations for you. He has a huge ranch just outside Nashville and I am sure if he doesn’t have anything going on, he would gladly put you up. Then you could ride on your off time. I hear his place is awesome with over 600 acres to roam. "

Amy, "I am not so sure about that. I don't want you to spend your money flying us down there and putting John on the spot to take us in.?

Georgie, "Don't do anything, yet. Let me get back to you tomorrow. Promise you won't make any arrangements, ok?"

Amy, "Ok, but you really don't have to do this."

Georgie, "Yes I do! I will get back to you tomorrow!"

Georgie immediately hangs up the phone and places a call to John Rich. To her surprise, he answered the phone. "Well hello Georgie, to what honor do I have with this call?"

Georgie begins to tell John about Brooke's offer to set up a recording studio to record some songs that Jack and Lyndi wrote, when John broke in, "Really. Why don't they come out here to the ranch? I have a studio and everything to accommodate the session. I even have a backup band on retainer to help round out the music. They can even stay on the premises. We have accommodations for folks who play at the Riviera so putting them up won't be a problem. Also, how are they getting here? If you are going to fly them, remember you can land right on the property. I just have to get with our people to set that up with your pilot. When did you say they were coming?"

Georgie, " The end of the month. I think that is when Brooke is scheduling the recording studio."

John, "Hey, I have Brooke's number, let me give her a call and see if she would like to record out here. I will call you back?"

Georgie hangs up and calls Amy. "You will never believe what just happened. When John heard about you guys working with Brooke, he immediately offered to put you guys up while you are here. We can land at his ranch and they have plenty of space for you guys to stay. He puts up the bands that play for him at the Riviera so this is something he does all the time. Also, he is calling Brooke to offer his studio for your recording. He is going to get back with me after he speaks with Brooke. What do you think?"

Amy, feeling very overwhelmed, "Georgie, wow, thank you. That is way too much!

Georgie, "Amy, let me spoil you. Because of you, I am where I am! I owe you so much and I want to do this for you and Lyndi, too. God, Lyndi, I don't think I would have won the Olympics without her teaching me how to pray and let God!. And, I really think John wants to hook up with Brooke on some things so this can be a win, win for him too!"

Amy, "Well, I guess we will go as you planned. Let me tell Lyndi and Grandpa the news. Get back with me if there are any changes."

Georgie, "Great! As soon as I hear back from John we can book everything!"

John called Brooke and was able to reach her the next morning. "Brooke, How are you doing? I understand that you are setting up a recording session with Amy and Lyndi with some songs that Lyndi had written with Jack. I am going to put them up here while they are recording with you. What I was thinking, was if you haven't already made the arrangements, I would love to have you come to my ranch and record. I have a great facility and a backup band on contract if you need them. What do you think?"

Brooke, feeling a bit overwhelmed, said, "John, that is a wonderful offer. I was just going to use the studio in town to get something on digital so we can see if it will fit on my next album. So if you have the time that I can schedule, I don't see why we can't do this at your facility."

John, "Then it is done. How much time do you need and when do you want to schedule the studio?"

Brooke, "I was thinking about a week at the end of the month."

John, "Perfect, we are wrapping up some work this week and that time is open. So can I book you in?

Brooke, "Yes."

John, "By the way, when can I get you back at the Riviera for a session? How about right after you record? Maybe we can keep your guys around an extra day and y'all can sing some of your songs like you did at the wedding. Lyndi really has an awesome voice and presence."

Brooke, "Let's do it. Send me a text when you have it scheduled and I will put it on the calendar?"

John, "My assistant will get this to you right away!"

John called Georgie back with the news. Georgie, "That is so awesome! What can I ever do to repay you for this?"

John, "Georgie, all your help and assistance getting my foundation going is worth it to me. You have done more than enough!"

Georgie, "I would come down with them, but I am in the middle of training for the Olympics again with my sister and we have a really tight schedule, so I know you will take excellent care of them. See ya!"

Georgie hung up the phone and called Amy. "Ok, everything is set. Brooke has agreed to record at John's studio and he is sending over the schedule. I am going to have the plane ready for you guys and you should be good to go. I know this is going to be great! I wish I could go with, but Katie and I are so busy training."

Amy, "Georgie, feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment. Need to bring the guys up to date. Thank you for everything!"

At dinner Amy informs Jack and Lyndi of the plans. Ty, "Wow, you guys are going in style! How cool is that!"

Amy, "I am a bit overwhelmed but it seems like everything has worked itself out so as the boys say, It's down!"

Lyndi, "Mom, this is really happening?"

Amy, "It really is! It really is!"

Jack, "I can't wait to see Nashville. I hear it is a pretty awesome city."

Amy, "From what I hear, you will be able to trail ride on some of the most beautiful land in Tennessee, too!"

Jack, "Well, maybe we all will get to ride a bit while we are there."

Amy, "One added caveat to the trip. Georgie told me that John is going to have Brooke sing on the final night of recording at the Riviera and If all goes well, Lyndi and I might get to sing with her on a few songs."

Ty, "You mean I am going to miss my beautiful wife and daughter on their maiden flight to fame and fortune? How could you? Guys, I am so proud and happy that this adventure has come true for you two!"

Lyndi, "Dad, you could come!

Ty, "No Lyndi, this is for you, your mom and Jack. Enjoy this!"

That evening after everyone has gone to bed, Amy comes to Ty with this big smile wearing a sexy night shirt. "Tell me what it is like to sleep next to a famous country singer!"

Ty, putting down his medical journal says, "I am not sure. Why don't you come over here and I will see what it is like!"

Amy, "Would you like me to sing you a few verses of Heartland Heartbeat to get you going?"

Ty, "You really won't have to do that. I am going, Now!"

Amy grabs hold of Ty and they begin to wrestle on the bed. Amy on top stops and kisses Ty, "Can you believe this. It is like something out of a fairy tale. And Lyndi, what do you think is going through her mind right now!"

Ty, "Like I said, God has blessed us so much that these opportunities seem to come from nowhere!"

Amy leans towards Ty still holding down his arms, begins to passionately kiss Ty while humming the tune to Heartland Heartbeat. She stops and says, "Tyler Borden, do you still love me?"

Ty responds, "Yes, I do!"

Amy, "Then take me to the mountain and cover me with your love!"

I will leave the rest to your imagination!!!

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