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Chapter 7: Paris

Jack is fixing breakfast for the family as they are just waking up and getting ready to go to Paris. As they begin to come into the dining area, they are greeted with the smell of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and other items that round out the meal.

TJ is the first to come, "GG, I sure wish you were coming with us today. It won't be the same without you."

Jack, "Oh, I think once you get there you will see so many cool things you won't even know that I am not there. Besides, I would only slow you guys down."

Tj, "Well, We will still miss you!"

Jack, "Well, Thank you for that!"

The rest of the crew is starting to awake and make their way to the aroma that is filling the house with the smell of bacon. Even Fernando comes from outside seeking out the source of that great smell.

Jack, "Fernando, think we can go over to the neighbors today and take a visit. I want them to know the past events are behind us and we want to move forward to better ground."

Fernando, "I will call this morning. Besides, I want to check the levels in their water to make sure our fixes took."

Ty, "Fernando, we are so grateful to you for solving their problem. I know Amy and I have been praying that we get past the hostility and become friends with our neighbors.

Amy, "That is right. We really want to get along with folks and try to resolve conflicts when they arise."

Fernando, "Well, You need to thank Jack because having him here help get them to accept my help."

Quinn, Georgie and the rest of the folks made it to the kitchen and prepared their plates.

Katie, "Georgie, Lyndi and I were talking last night about your withdrawal from the Olympics. Are you going to be alright going to the venue?"

Georgie, with a smile, "You know, I am not that upset. Sure I would love to get another gold medal, but having a baby and starting our family, well that has been our plan all along!"

Katie, laughing "You mean silver, right. I believe the gold is for me!"

Lyndi, punching Katie and looking at Georgie, "The only way you will win gold is if Georgie is not in the arena!"

Amy, "You guys! Is this going to be all day? "

Georgie, laughing, "I guess we will never know, right?"

Quinn, "Well one thing is for sure. It's up to you alone now. And you can count on the fact that Georgie and I are going to do whatever we can to get you there."

Katie, "Ok, coach!"

Ty, "Guys, let's get a move on we have a lot to see."

The crew piles into the SUV and heads toward the venue. On the way Georgie says, "I hear this place is one of the finest venues in the world. It can seat 15 thousand and they expect to fill it up."

Quinn, "I am glad we came so we can get acclimated to it before the events."

Georgie, "All you have to do is ask God to take control and the miracles will start to happen!"

Lyndi, "That was an unbelievable day, wasn't it! The crowd was yelling Georgie, taking the victory from that guy from the US. It was unbelievable!"

Georgie, "What is unbelievable is what winning the Olympics has afforded me and Quinn. We have been so blessed by all the accolades, sponsors, and opportunities! Just unbelievable."

Katie, "What really motivates me is reaching the top of the equestrian competition. Win or lose, the journey for me has been unbelievable."

Quinn, "No lose. Just Win! Like that song, I always win, win, win….don't remember any more of it." As he starts to laugh.

Tyson, "Mom, Dad are we going to come to the Olympics again to watch Katie?"

Amy, "You betcha! We wouldn't miss it for the world."

As they reach the site, the family gets out of the car and is greeted by one of the venue managers who Quinn had set up an appointment with. They had the site setup so they could see how the layout was in the stadium. Katie and Georgie went down on the floor and started walking down the track. The twins and Lyndi took off to the stables to see the horses that were kept there, and Quinn, Amy and Ty stayed with the manager and talked about the logistics during the Olympics.

Georgie, "Man, this brings back memories. I was sitting right here scared out of my whit's, knowing what I had to do. Then, I remember Lyndi saying that I should just pray and ask God to take over. That is when Phoenix picked up his head and God told him exactly what to do. It was like a dream. Everything went perfect. Phoenix was better than ever before. I know that God filled his spirit and he won that gold for us!"

Katie, "It sounds so simple."

Georgie, "Remember, I trained hard. I was prepared. Phoenix was prepared. It wasn't like we just went and won. We earned every bit of the success we were given."

Katie, "If I have learned one thing since I turned my life over to God, it is no matter what, we should always put our faith in him. If it is his will for me to win. Then, so be it. However, I should also accept defeat." Katie pauses for a second and looks up, "But God. You want me to win, right!"

Georgie, "Well, at least your heart is in the right place."

Amy comes into the stadium and looks around, then walks up to Georgie and Katie, "Wow, what a venue!"

Lyndi and the twins come into the stadium and they are all standing in the middle.

Katie, "Amy, you were once a really great equestrian. How come you never pursued it any farther than you did?"

Amy, "You know, I loved my life at that time doing my horse thing, loving and hating Ty. That was my heart's desire is to help troubled horses, like my mother. Like Lyndi. Right Lyndi!"

Lyndi, "You betcha, mom!"

The twins start pulling on Mom's arm. "Mom, Let's go! I want to go to the Eiffel Tower," begs Tyson.

Amy, "Be patient! Georgie and Katie need to let us know when they are ready."

Katie, "Tyson, I think I have seen enough here, I think we need to get with Quinn and see if he needs to see anymore."

TJ, "I will go ask." and takes off where Quinn and Ty are talking with the manager. "Quinn, Dad, are we done here. We are all ready to go to the Eiffel Tower!"

Ty, "TJ, settle yourself! When Quinn and Katie are finished we will go."

TJ, "We ask them and they are ready! So can we go, dad. Can we go!"

Quinn makes a few comments to the manager then looks at TJ, "Let me take a trip to the arena and look around, then we can go, ok?"

TJ, "Ok."

The guys head to where the girls are standing in the arena. "So what do you think Katie. This is pretty much how things are going to be set up for one of the Olympic venues."

Katie, "Well, it looks pretty much like what we have been practicing. The only difference is going to be the people that will be in the audience and the fact that it is the Olympics and you will be competing against the best in the world. Not that there is anything to worry about because of that!"

Georgie, "Remember, what I told you. Turn it over to God and it will be just you, Him, and your horse.

Lyndi, "That sure worked for Georgie. I am sure it will work for you!."

Quinn, "Ok, so if you have seen enough, let's follow TJ and Tyson to the Eiffel tower."

The family loads back into the SUV and heads to the Tower.

As they enter the city, the Tower could be seen in the distance and TJ and Tyson are now getting very excited. "Dad, Mom, look there it is. Look how cool it looks. It's so tall! Can we go to the top?"

Ty,"Yes sir, we are all going to the top!"

Amy, "We can take some pictures up there so you can show your friends."

Ty, "Now guys, there is no clowning around when we get up there. Mind what we say when we say it, ok?

Both of the twins, "Yes Sir."

Georgie, "Guys, I think I will pass on the Tower and head down on Rue Saint-Dominique. I understand the shopping down there is awesome. Anyone up for that?

Amy, "Not much for shopping, but would like to browse a bit after the Tower. I want to go up there with the kids."

Quinn, "I will go with you. I have been to the Tower, so this is kind of a do over."

Katie, "I am torn. I would love to go shopping, but really would like to go to the Tower."

Quinn, "Ok. So you guys do the Tower, Georgie and I will go shopping and we will meet up at Les Cocottes, a restaurant on Rue Saint-Dominique. Let's say 2 hours. That should give you enough time to take the tour and do a little shopping in the gift shops in the tower. Then we can take a stroll down Rue so you can see that."

Everyone was in agreement, so Ty pulled the SUV into the parking lot and everyone was on their way.

Back at the Villa, Fernando and Jack took a trip over to the neighbor's villa to check on things. As they arrived, Felipe was sitting out on the porch with Jonah taking in the day. As they drove up, both men came out to meet Fernando and Jack.

Felipe, reaching his hand out to Jack, "I really want to express a sincere apology for how our family handled this situation with the vines. We were so sure it was your fault that we did not see it being our own water system. Thanks to you, Fernando, it looks like we are going to be able to save our vines!"

Fernando, still feeling a bit pinched, responds, "I knew it had to be something else. I haven't changed my methods in over 10 years. I wish you guys would have believed me. There was a lot of damage done to MY vines!"

Jack, "Felipe, as you can tell, there are still a few issues we need to discuss, but I am very excited that we can put this behind us. Right?"

Felipe, "Again, I am very sorry for ALL that transpired over the period of time and what happened the other night. I hope your grand daughter and her husband are ok?"

Jack, "Yes, funny thing. The good news out of all this was she found out she was going to have a baby!"

Felipe, "Well, congratulations. Tell her our family wishes her and the baby well."

Jack, "Well, we will leave you guys to it and let's make a pack. If anything gets haywire, before it escalates, let's talk it out. Ok? Fernando, Ok?"

They all shook hands and Jack and Fernando headed back to the Villa.

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
Aug 30, 2022

Chapter 7. It’s great to hear how the families lives have all changed since they have made God the center of everything they do 🤩🙏

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
Sep 08, 2022
Replying to

That is the purpose of my writing

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