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Chapter 7: Gentling The Wildy

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

It has been several weeks and Ty's is slowly recalling events in his life. Unfortunately, he still does not remember the engagement, marriage, or Lyndi, and is getting somewhat frustrated with that. Every spare moment he spends time in the book that Amy created for Lyndi to read to him while he was in the coma. He would ask questions about pictures or journal entries that he read with a hope to recall some of his memory.

All the while his feelings for Amy are growing stronger as he watches the way she handles troubled horses. He is amazed, as before, how she manages and resolves the issues with both horses and riders and how she never gives up on a problem.

On this day however, there was a horse in the round pen that Amy was working with that seemed not to want to cooperate. So Ty, walking up to the pen, hops up on the fence and asks a frustrated Amy, "What's the problem with this guy?"

Amy, clearly exhausted by her effort, say" This is one of our wildies. Do you remember Pike River when we saved those horses that were trapped from the avalanche? Or Will Vernon?

Ty: "Pike River, I saw a picture of you and me standing in front of a mountain of snow that looked like you were leading horses through a dug out trench. Is that what you are talking about?"

Amy: Yes, Pike River is a very special place for you and me! Let me let this guy cool down and we can go up to the loft and I will tell you about it.

About that time, Lyndi was walking up to the pen and Amy asked, "Lyndi, would you like to come up to the loft and listen as I tell Ty about Pike River? I want to tell him about the wildies that we have on our property.

So all three head up to the loft. Amy makes a fresh cup of coffee and pours her and Ty a cup. Lyndi pulls a drink from the refrigerator and Amy and Ty sit on the couch and Lyndi between them. She opens the book to the picture Ty is referring to and begins to tell the story about how they rescued the horses that were trapped¹ at Pike River.

Amy, turning to another picture of her and Ty at Pike River with a herd of horses behind them, says, "Ty, do you remember this? Ty is trying but clearly does not know. Amy proceeds, "There was a man named Will Vernon who was one of my grandfather's best friends. They rodeoed together. Had a band together, matter of fact grandpa introduced him to his wife. Well, he had a large ranch up at Pike River and on that ranch were these wild mustangs. You and I went up there when we heard they were going to cull the herd to try and stop them. We were engaged, but were going through a rough patch in our relationship. We were able to change the minds of the folks that started the cull and they returned the herd to Will's land but not until after some really tense moments. This picture was taken while I was in the field trying to get close to this black stallion who was the leader of the pack.

Ty sat back and started to recall some of the story. Ty: "Will Vernon has passed away, right? I think he and Jack were going to go to the fishing camp, which they had arranged on that visit. Jack was so excited for Will's visit, but I think his wife came and informed Jack that he had died. Jack was so upset.

Amy: "You remember the fishing camp?"

Ty: "Yes, I guess I do!"

Amy: "Do you remember anything else about that fishing camp?"

Amy flips to the page where she wrote about when she told Ty that she loved him for the first time. With the story was a picture of him in the bed sipping a cup of tea looking pretty pale.

Amy: "It was a hard cold winter and we had heard about some wild horses that were going to starve to death if we didn't get some hay up to them so they could weather the cold. You got really sick up there and I had to take care of you. That next morning, you were feeling a bit better, and I saw Ghost, this white speckled horse that you saw before you passed out. We went outside and he came to you and let you pet him. Also, Ty, that day was the first time I told you that I loved you! That I always loved you!"

Lyndi, engrossed in the story, said, "Wow, haven't we seen that horse around here several times?"

Amy, "Yes, and there are some events and stories in this book about that horse and how it has played a role in your dad and I's relationship"

Ty: "Amy, this is all coming together for me!" I do remember the fishing camp trip we took to feed the horses. I remember that was the first time you and I had really spent alone time away from Heartland. I remember you telling me that you loved me, and how I felt knowing that you felt the same way about me as I did about you!"

Amy reaches over, embraces and kisses Ty. Lyndi: "Daddy, you are getting it back! You are getting your memory back. I am so happy!"

Amy, wanting to return to the Pike River story, says, "So let's get back to Pike River. You remember Will passed away, well, all those horses were going to be rounded up and sold to the meat factory because no one was around to take care of them. So Grandpa, you, and I decided to home those horses on the property that Grandpa gave us to build our house on. That horse out there is one of those wildies. I am trying to gentle one for Lyndi. You know she has been taking great care of Harley while you were in the care facility, but now, since you are back, we need to get her a horse of her own and she picked out that horse from the herd."

Ty: "So you mean those horses are here, at Heartland? Can we go see them on our next ride?"

Amy, "Sure how about tomorrow we go and see them."

Ty, still with his arm around Amy: "So we were going through a rough patch?"

Amy laughing, "Yeah, but we patched things up when YOU came around at Pike River,"

Ty:, "Me?"

Amy, "Yes, You!"

That next morning Ty, Amy, and Lyndi saddle up and begin their trail ride to see the wildes. On the way there Ty confesses to Amy that he had another sleepless night thinking about the conversations from yesterday. Ty said, "Amy, I had a flood of memories come back to be around that Pike River story. I do remember that we were engaged, but were not speaking to each other. I remember Tim tricking me into going up there because he was trying to get us back together. But when I got there, you really didn't want anything to do with me. I remember how I felt seeing you handle all those men who just wanted to destroy those horses, and how you worked tirelessly trying to save them. I remember how proud I was of you, and most importantly, I remember we got back together that night. However, what I don't remember is what split us up?"

Amy, clearly not wanting to answer Ty's question, stops her horse, "Everyone, get off your horse and listen." You could feel the earth rumble and hear the sound of horses running.

Amy", Here that! Here they come! Let's go get a better look. They always come through the valley on their way to the lake."

All three mount their horses and gallop toward the weather house foundation that sat upon the point looking over the valley. As they came to a stop, the horses were running fast across the valley as they do almost every day on their way to the lake. Ty, is sitting speechless atop his horse watching as the last horse clears the view. Then, he looks around and starts to notice the house foundation, the swing, broken lumber laying around and asks, "What is this place? It looks so familiar!"

Amy, "Ty, this was the home we were building before the accident! I didn't know how this was going to turn out, so I discontinued the construction and have pretty much left it to the weather. I am so sorry, Ty!"

Lyndi, chiming in, "Dad, do you remember this swing? " You used to bring me here and swing me as we watched the horses!"

Ty is making his best effort to recall any of this and can't. Not wanting to upset anyone, He say, "Guys, this is so familiar".

Lyndi exclaimed, "Daddy, you will remember this, I know it!"

Amy under her breath, "Ty, you don't remember do you?" Ty shakes his head no.

As they focus their horses back toward the barn, Ty is struggling with the visions surrounding the house. He looks at Amy, then Lindi, and begins to feel overwhelmed with the understanding now that he has lost so much of his memory. He rides up to Amy and grabs her hand. Pulling her horse to a stop, Ty reaches over and kisses her. "Amy, I love you so much. I just wish I could remember now! I love you."

Amy replied, "Ty, we had, and now have a great life. Everything you and I dreamed had come true! I love you too!"

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