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Chapter 6: The Secret is Revealed

Georgie took a long nap and came into the living room where everyone was sitting by the fire. She took a seat next to Quinn and put her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

Quinn, "What is that for, missy?"

Georgie, "I just love you so much! I am so glad you are my husband!"

Quinn, "That's all!"

Georgie, "What do you mean is that all? Does there need to be more!"

Quinn, "Not if you say there is not more."

Georgie, sternly, "Can't I just love you, just because I love you. Does it have to have conditions?"

Quinn, "What are you getting so upset for? I just felt like you were going to say something else. I am sorry!"

Amy leans over to Ty and whispers, "I thought she was going to tell him?"

Ty, smiling "He tried to get her to say it!"

Georgie in a huff, gets up and heads back to the room. Quinn excuses himself and follows her to the room. "Georgie, what is the matter? Why are you getting so upset?"

Georgie, with tears flowing down her face says, "Quinn, I need to tell you something but I know you will be disappointed."

Quinn, "Georgie, I love you so much. What could you ever say that I would be disappointed with."

Georgie, "I know how driven you are to get Katie and I to the Olympics. And we have worked so hard to get there."

Quinn, now smiling ear to ear. Pulls Georgie close, "So what is this that I will be so disappointed with?"

Georgie is now in tears, says "Quinn, you know how we talked about having kids after the Olympics. And you know our life's goals are to raise a family like Ty and Amy. And Quinn you know that I love you more than anything in this world, and can't wait to give you children.."

Quinn interrupts, "Georgie, I know!"

Georgie, sternly "You know what?"

Quinn, "I know we are going to have a child!"

Georgie, now serious, "How did you find out! No. Ty told you, right!"

Quinn, No! Ty didn't tell me. I told him!"

Georgie, "You told him! Then, it was Amy! I knew she couldn't keep a secret!"

Quinn, "No, Not Amy!"

Georgie, "Well, if not her then who?"

Quinn, "It was pretty innocent. The nurse came out during your procedure and said mom and baby are doing fine."

Georgie, now mad, says, "So you have known since the hospital and kept it from me. You made me stew and fumble around while all along you knew!"

Quinn, "Well yes. I thought it would be cute to see how you got around to telling me."

Georgie, really perturbed, turns her back to Quinn and walks toward the window. Quinn pulls up to her and embraces her from behind, "Honey, I am so excited that we are going to be parents. This is the greatest news ever. Even better than the Olympics. I just hope you can put the Olympics aside and have our child without any regret."

Georgie, turning around and facing Quinn, "This is what I have prayed for over the past few years that we would start our family. Sure, I am a bit disappointed, but now we can focus on Katie and get her to the Gold."

Quinn, "I told Ty that I couldn't wait to start our family. So if you're good. I am good! I love you so much!"

Quinn embraces Georgie and kisses her with all the passion he has. "Should we go tell the others?"

In the living room the family was sitting talking about the events with the neighbors and their upcoming trip to Paris when Georgie and Quinn came into the room. "Guys", Quinn says, "We have some really exciting news to tell you!"

Georgie, "Katie, I know this is really going to affect you, but I think in a very positive way!"

Katie, "Me, why would it affect me?"

Quinn, "Georgie and I are going to be parents!"

Jack, "Why that is awesome. I didn't know you were trying to have kids."

Georgie, "We weren't. Matter of fact, I didn't know that I was pregnant until the hospital visit."

Amy, "I am so happy for the both of you. I hope you guys are not too upset about the Olympics."

Quinn, "Actually, we now, both can concentrate on getting Katie to the Gold. What do you think about that, Katie?"

Katie, "Not really sure. I just assumed it would be me and Georgie together. I guess it is ok?"

Georgie, "No need to worry, Katie, we will be right there every step of the way!"

Katie, "Why can't you compete?"

Amy, "Just like when I was pregnant, you can't ride, much less jump while you are carrying a baby!"

Ty, "Quinn, your dream has come true. Maybe a bit out of the ordinary, but you are going to be a dad!"

Jack, "I think this deserves a toast. Let me go and get some of our special wine that Lisa and I kept for these occasions. By the way, have you called your mom?"

Georgie, "No, I was thinking about waiting until we got home to tell her and people. You know, maybe surprise them or something."

Katie, still trying to get her mind around this, "I think that would be great. We can plan a special surprise for them. By the way, is this what you guys were talking about in the barn office?"

Amy, "Yes, we just couldn't tell you because Georgie didn't know that Quinn knew that she was pregnant." Then, looking at the both of them, "So how did that work out?"

Georgie, "Quinn made me stew over telling him. That made me mad! But, it's over now, and we can move forward!"

Quinn, "Ty, it was pretty awesome!"

Ty, laughing, "I bet it was!"

About that time a knock came at the door. The twins went to answer it and came back running, "There are two big guys at the door and they were looking for you, Georgie!"

Georgie looked at Quinn, then to Jack, "What is this about?"

Jack, I told those two boys that hurt you and Quinn they needed to come over here and apologize for ruffing you and Quinn up."

Quinn, "Come on Georgie, let's go talk with them."

Georgie and Quinn went to the door and invited them into the house. Quinn, still pissed about how they rough housed Georgie says, "So what do we owe this visit?"

Jason, reached out his hand, "We wanted to come over and say how sorry we were for the other night. Things got, well, way out of hand and we are so sorry for fighting with you."

Quinn, sternly, "Well, I can't believe you would hit a girl like that. You could have really hurt her. Matter of fact, we found out she was pregnant and worse you could have hurt the baby!"

Jason, "Again, I am so sorry. My emotions got the best of me and all I could think of was to get that camera. I regret that Georgie you took the brunt of my retaliation."

Georgie, "It's over now and I understand Fernando figured out what was causing your vines to die. I hope we can put this all behind us and move forward as neighbors!"

Quinn, "We accept your apology and we will put this behind us. Would you like to stay and have some wine?"

Jonah, "No, thanks, we have to get back. Maybe some other time, ok?

Quinn, "Ok!"

The boys leave the Villa and Georgie and Quinn go back into the living room.

"Well, that added some excitement to the night!," quipped Georgie, "I wasn't sure how I would feel seeing those guys, but it turned out alright."

Amy was bringing some pie in from the kitchen to celebrate the occasion and plan their trip to Paris tomorrow. She said, "Ok Guys, tomorrow we go to Paris. Georgie, are you up to the trip?"

Georgie, "Yes, indeed!"

Amy, "OK, then. First, we will go to the Olympic venue and check it out." She looked at Katie and nodded. "Then, we will go to the Eiffel Tower and take the tour." She looked at the twins and nodded to both of them.

TJ, "That is going to be awesome. Tyson and I have been looking up information about the tower. It really has some history to it!"

Lyndi, "will we have time to shop?"

Amy, "We will leave that to the end of the day, ok?"

Lyndi, "that will be great."

Jack was sitting quietly sipping his wine when Ty looks over, "Jack, you coming with us right?"

Jack, "Guys I think I am going to stay right here. The last few days have taken a toll on my bones and I just don't feel like I am up to a busy day in Paris."

Tyson, jumps into Jack's lap, "GG. Come on. It won't be as much fun without you!"

Jack, hugging him tight, "Buddy, your old GG has run out of gas. I need to recharge so we can explore all the natural beauty around here. Besides, I have been to Paris so many times."

Amy, "I understand Grandpa. Would you like me to stay with you?

Jack, "there is no need for that. Besides Fernando and I can do a few things around here that will keep me busy. I might even go over to our neighbors and make sure all is well."

"Ok, then." Say Ty, "Looks like we are set for tomorrow's adventure into Paris. Let's all turn in and get some rest. Tomorrow will be a long day."

Everyone agreed and went to their rooms.

Georgie and Quinn were getting ready for bed when Quinn reaches over and grabs hold of Georgie. "You are going to be the best mom a kid could ever have. I can't wait to see my beautiful Georgie as a mother."

Georgie, "I can't believe that I am not one bit upset about the Olympics. I am so excited about starting our family that I haven't even thought about it. Not once."

Quinn, "You know we have both prayed about this in our own way so maybe this is how God is answering that prayer. You know Lyndi always says that Jesus knows our hearts better than us. Maybe, this is what happens when this was His will!"

Georgie, "I guess it is like when I won the Olympics. He took over and it felt so right."

Quinn, "I love you so much and look forward to bringing our baby into our family!

Georgie, "I love you, too. Now turn out the lights and let's get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

In the next room Katie and Lyndi were in bed when Katie said, "Wow, I can't believe that Georgie is pregnant. And she is going to have to give up her dream of going to the Olympics a second time."

Lyndi, "You know, seeing them tonight, I think their joy over having a baby has overshadowed her quest for the Olympics. Dad said that Quinn has been talking a lot about starting a family, so maybe this is all in God's plan for them. And, now maybe you can win the gold!"

Katie, throwing a pillow at Lyndi. "What makes you think I can't win the gold if Georgie is competing. I am better than her, you know!" She says laughing.

Lyndi, throwing back the pillow, "Well, you will never know now! Easy-peasy!"

Katie, "Go to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow."

Lyndi, "I'm just saying!"

Katie, "Then quit SAYING!"

Amy comes out of the bathroom while Ty is pulling back the covers. "So. You think Georgie is upset about missing out on the Olympics."

Amy, "Probably a little. But the beauty of all this is she can still compete well into her thirties so if she wants to try again in eight years she can."

Ty, "I know Quinn is ecstatic about becoming a father. That is all he has been talking about for the past few days."

Amy, grabbing Ty by the waist and turning him around, "How would you like to have another baby?" As she begins to kiss him on the neck."

Ty, speaking softly as he caresses her neck, "Is this the surprise?"

Amy is still kissing him softly, "Do you want it to be?"

Ty, "I sort of like our family just the way it is. We are just getting the kids where they don't require our full attention. Are we having another baby?"

Amy, grabbing the back of Ty's neck, caressing it, pauses, "Nope, not the surprise! But how about tonight we pretend that we are trying?"

Ty turned out the lights, "Now that is my girl!"

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
Aug 30, 2022

Chapter 6 is so heartwarming! I love how Quinn and Georgie are looking forward to starting a family of their own ❤️❤️

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
Sep 08, 2022
Replying to

Thank you

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