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Chapter 6: The First Trail Ride

Georgie, having just finished 1st in an Olympic Trial in Albany is packing her bags to go back to Hudson to visit the family and see Ty. Quinn was not going because he had to fly to Florida to meet with his father on some pressing matters.

Georgie, "Quinn, I sure wish you would be coming with me. I am not sure what to expect when I get home. Lou tells me that Ty is slowly getting his memory back, but he may not recognize me when I get there. I don't know what I will do If Ty doesn't remember me? Quinn, embracing Georgie, "Georgie, it will be fine. Even if he doesn’t remember you at first. Remember, your mom said to think back on stories that might trigger his memory about you and be prepared to tell them to him. I will call you every night to see how it is going. I love you" Georgie, " I love you too!

At the airport waiting to board, Georgie is recalling some important events that she can relay to Ty when she sees him. Her first thoughts were their initial meeting when he found her in the loft hiding and when she stole the engagement ring . Her thoughts went to the animal sanctuary where she helped Ty with the animals. Then, she thought about how she tried to gentle Ghost. She remembered the video between Amy and Ahmed, and all the harm that arose from that encounter. She remembered how supportive Ty was with her career and how he loved Amy so much he would do anything for her.

With her flight being delayed over 5 hours, by the time Georgie reached Heartland it was 2 AM. Tired from the dash to the airport, and the delayed flight, she decides to go to the loft directly and connect with the family in the morning.

In the loft, totally exhausted, she left her bags at the stairs, took off her clothes and went directly to bed. As she went to lay down, she pulled back the covers and Ty jumped up, "What the hell? Who are you? Startled and embarrassed, Georgie answers, "It is Georgie! Is that you, Ty? At this point Ty does not know what to say. Georgie darts back to the stairs and puts on her pants. Ty at this point gets up and puts on his pants. He remembers from supper that Georgie is Lou and Peter's daughter who was at the Olympic trials.

Ty: "Well, I guess we can now say we have met!

Georgie: Ty, I would have gone to the house if I had known you were in the loft. Why are you not with Amy?"

Ty, looking for an answer to that question says, " I am sure you are aware that I have some memory issues and we thought it best if I slept here! I am so sorry I startled you! I can move to the house if you would like."

Georgie, still a bit confused and startled, " No, Ty, I will sleep here on the couch and we can sort it out in the morning" Ty:, "Let me stay on the couch and you take the bed, I insist" So Ty moves onto the couch and Georgie takes her place on the bed.

The next morning, Ty has awakened early and has made some coffee. Not trying to wake Georgie, he quietly goes about getting everything together. Georgie, awakened by the smell of coffee, sits up and sees Ty rummaging around in the kitchen. She say" Good morning, did you find everything you needed? What a night, huh?

Ty laughing:, "You scared the hell out of me! Want some coffee?"

Georgie gets up and goes to the kitchen to receive the coffee that Ty had poured for her. She took a seat on the couch and saw the Life book open to some pictures of Georgie and Phoenix when they first arrived at Heartland. Ty had been going through those pictures trying to put any memory of Georgie from those pages.

Georgie asked Ty, "This picture, do you remember anything about it?" To which Ty replied, "I think I recall a young girl who stowed away in the loft, before it looked like this, and took the engagement ring I had planned to give Amy. I also remember Phoenix was the horse that kept coming to heartland from a stable nearby and the bond that developed between them. Also, I remember that she was a foster kid looking to escape a bad home. And Amy begged Jack to file for temporary guardianship. Is that correct?"

At once Georgie's concern over visiting home was gone, and she began filling in some of the timeline related to Ty's memory. As she was telling the story of the engagement ring, Amy and Lyndi came up to the loft to invite Dad on a trail ride.

Amy laughing, chimed in, "Did she get to the part where it took you over a year to propose to me?

Ty: A year, why did I wait so long?"

Amy, "Will get to that later. How did you guys end up here?

Georgie, "Well, when I got home I was so tired I came up to the loft thinking it would be empty and went straight to bed.

Ty: "She scared the crap out of me!"

Georgie, "Being it was so late, I stayed here in the loft and Ty moved to the couch, offering me the bed."

Amy glancing down at the Life Book saw the picture of Georgie and Phoenix and said, "So did this picture get you to recall the engagement ring issue?"

Ty: "Yes, it did and I started to remember all the failed attempts I made to propose!"

Amy, holding back her emotions that Ty was beginning to remember their engagement, said, " Yea, but when you finally did, it was magical!"

Lyndi was already downstairs tacking up the horses for the trail ride and since she had adopted Harley after the accident, she saddled another horse for herself and left Harley for her Dad. As Ty and Amy come out to the yard, Lyndi handing the reins to Ty says, "Dad, do you remember Harley? This is your horse. I adopted him while you were asleep and made sure he was exercised, groomed and fed just like you would have done.

Ty, stroking Harley's head, said, "Hey boy. How have you been? Do you remember me?"

Amy, "Ty, I think he does, look at his ears!"

So they all mounted their horses and headed out on the trail ride.

The first stop on the ride was the jumping track that Ty had built for Amy. Riding up to the track, much of it was still in the same condition as when he built it over 20 years ago.

Ty: "Wow, this place looks like it hasn't changed a bit. It is just as if I built it yesterday!"

Amy: "That is because Lindi and I use this to practice jumping and liberty work when we need to get away from the ranch"

Ty: "Liberty work? What is that?"

Lyndi: "Mom, show Dad how awesome Zues is with Liberty moves?"

Amy, jumping off Zues, begins doing some basic liberty moves. As she finishes she turns Zues to Ty and has him bow down. Ty, completely overcome with emotions, remembers the dark horse audition. And says, "Amy, I remember when you were asked to audition for that liberty show..I think is was Dark...Dark"

Amy, "Dark Horse. That was Renaldo!"

Ty" I remember that I wanted to propose to you after the audition but you said that we should not limit each other and be open to these opportunities. So I decided to put it off until you were ready for an engagement proposal."

Amy "I remember finding the ring in your pocket that night and was upset that you never would propose to me"

Lyndi by now is laughing at her mom and dad quibbling over that night's events. She asks, "Mom why did it take a year for Dad to propose. Did it have anything to do with Georgie stealing the ring?

By now Amy, Ty, and Lyndi are sitting on a timber that made up one of the jumps and Amy begins to tell the story. "Lindi, Dad had bought the ring after a bad motorcycle accident that he and your GG had at Eagles Lake. After my audition for Dark Horse I turned down the offer because I felt that my work with troubled horses was the direction that I wanted to go, and your Dad and I had begun to dream of working together when he got out of school."

Ty breaks in, "So that night I was all ready to propose and your mom said that we should never limit ourselves and be open to all opportunities that would be presented to us in the future!"

Amy, scours back, "Ty, that was not at all what I meant and you know it! You just didn't ask! Remember, I found the ring in your pocket so I knew your intentions. However, I waited and waited four months and you never asked me. So, I thought something had changed your mind."

Ty: "It did, but after a while I knew the time was right and I asked you out on a date, a nice dinner as I recall"

Amy, "And he spilled water all over my dress and shoes!"

Lundi is laughing at not only the story but the bantering back and forth as her parents are telling the story.

Ty: "Well, I was nervous and did not know how you would answer. Anyway that date was a bust so the next day, after your Aunt Lou came to talk with me, I decided to set up another date to propose. This time, when I went to get the ring from my drawer, it was gone! I was frantic, here I setup this special date to propose and NO RING!"

Amy: I was pretty upset by now because I was expecting a proposal and nothing happened. I thought it was something that I did or said that changed your dad's mind. But as fate would have it, Georgie had snuck into the loft and stole the ring so she could pay for her trip to see her brother."

Amy, overcome with emotion, says, "Ty, you remember all of that?

Ty: "There is more! So I got home from the date and found Georgie hiding in the loft. I think she sneezed. After a couple of days of uncertainty about Georgie's future it was finally settled that she would temporarily stay at Heartland until further arrangements could be made."

Amy: "This is when it gets interesting. So Georgie, elated over the news that Heartland would be her home, wanted to get off on the right foot and told me she had taken something from the loft. And wouldn't you know it, she handed me the ring! I didn't know what to do, so I went up to the loft to put it back in Ty's drawer when he came upstairs and asked me that I was doing."

Ty: She gave me the ring! Can you believe it, the ring that I thought I had lost, she gave me the ring!

So Lyndi, now fully engrossed into the story says, "So what happened next?"

Ty: "Well, I botched the whole proposal! I didn't know what to do, so I told your mom, let's just do it. I went over to the drawer, got the ring and was about to hand it to her when she…"

Amy: "I told him that the proposal needed to be special. A special time, a special place…It needed to be magical!

Ty: "She said No!"

Amy: "Ty. That is not true! I just wanted our proposal to be more than "Let's get is the ring!

Amy laughing now says, "Ty, I need to finish this story because obviously your recollection of events is a bit foggy! So your Dad and I agreed that when the time was right we would become engaged but until then things needed to go back to normal."

Lyndi: "So, Dad, how did you propose?"

Ty puts his head down and his hands upon his head, "I am not sure, I don't remember"

Lyndi: "Dad don't worry, you will, I promise"

Amy: "I will tell you it was the most magical night of my life! Your dad did not disappoint!"

Getting back on their horses the three head back to Heartland to complete their ride. As Ty was riding back he could not help but be upset that he did not remember the proposal. Amy wanted to help Ty fill in the gaps of his memory, but felt having him recall those memories on his own was more important. Even the doctor advised her to let Ty fill out the stories on his own. This would engage his permanent memory and would lead to unlocking those hidden events that the amnesia was suppressing.

At the barn, Lyndi offers to take and untack the horses and takes them away. Amy and Ty decide to take a walk around the lake to the boat. After an emotional few hours, Ty grabs Amy's hand as they walk to the boat. Silently they walked until Amy asked, "Ty, do you remember this place in our story today?"

Ty: "Amy, I do. This is where we decided to just let things go back to normal until we were both ready to be engaged.

Ty then turns to Amy and grabs the other hand. Looking into her eyes, Ty is feeling all those things he felt that day when they decided to put off their engagement and says, "Amy, I want to remember when we were engaged! I am trying so hard to remember, I just don't! I feel so connected to you right now and I am overwhelmed by your beauty, your spirit, your patience, your humor. I remember falling in love with you! I am beginning to remember little intimate things about our relationship that grew my love for you. I remember never wanting to hurt you. And always wanting you to come to me when you are ready!"

With a sweet soft voice says, "Ty, you will remember. I know you will! Our engagement, well, It was the most magical day of our lives except for the day I told you that you were going to be a father"

Ty then pulls Amy close to him and peering deep into her beautiful blue eyes begins slowly to touch his lips to hers. Amy is overwhelmed with joy, it has been five tough years without any physical connection, or for that matter, any connection to the man she grew to love immensely. A moment that she had dreamed for those long years when she would be able to touch the lips of her husband. As their lips touched, they couldn't help but become emotional. Tears fell from both their eyes as they embraced harder and harder, their lips closer and tighter, and their bodies touching as they stood there together, on the bank where they had kissed so many times before. With all the energy that can be expelled they stood there hugging and kissing for what seemed like an eternity.

Amy: "Ty, I love you so much! I have waited for this moment for a long time. I don't want this to end!"

Ty: "I love you too! My heart is so full! I love you Amy, I love you, too"

Ty takes Amy's hand and they start walking back to the house where everyone is gathered to tell them the good news of Ty's recollection.

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