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Chapter 6: A Night To Remember

The next few days the girls, along with Mike, continue to record the songs that Jack and Lyndi wrote to possibly put on Brooke's album. They finished up the acoustic set of the song and had scheduled the band and backup as Mike had suggested. Jack had taken a day in Nashville and went around the city visiting various places that everyone had suggested. This was the final day of recording and tonight they were going to sing at the Redneck Riviera as John had promised. Brooke made a commitment to Mike and John to join their label and Amy and Lyndi were still discussing the opportunity.

Amy, "Well, what do you think about signing on to John's label? We have had a couple of days to see what it would be like recording songs. I guess what you haven't experienced is life on the road and Live concerts. I guess you will get a little taste of that tonight."

Lyndi, "Mom, I think that what John has offered is an awesome opportunity, and to tell you the truth, as I prayed about it, I would envision myself singing on stage and signing autographs and stuff. Just like Georgie does. But to be honest, I love what we do. I believe that God gifted me with the same ability you and Grandma had working with troubled horses, and I feel that I am really called to doing that. However, being famous and flying around the county like Georgie does has its upside. I would be lying if I told you that it doesn't interest me."

Amy, "Lyndi, God has blessed you beyond your years and I think you are working out this decision on your own. When your dad and I got engaged, I took an opportunity that led me all over Europe working with jumping horses for Ahmed. While it was intriguing to live that style of life, after the dust settled and I got back home, I realized that I had changed and I didn't like what I had become. Matter of fact, your dad and I almost did not get married because of it."

Lyndi, "Mom, I remember you telling me that story when Dad was in the coma and that did weigh in on the decision that I think I am going to make."

Amy, "So you have made a decision?"

Lyndi, "I think so. I want to do the performance tonight to be sure, but I think I know what I want to do."

Amy, "Can you give me a hint?

Lyndi, "I think you know. But let's wait until tomorrow. Ok?"

Amy, "That is perfectly fine. I love you very much and respect your space!"

Lyndi, "Thanks mom."

Amy walks out on the porch where she gets a call from Ty. "Hey buddy! How are things up there?"

Ty, "Well, all is well. The kids and the horses had a great time on the overnight trail ride and I think Katie has turned the corner concerning that guy and her training. The horses behaved great with the kids and they are stoked that they helped gentle them. How about you? Any more about Lyndi's opportunity?"

Amy, "Ty, she is such a special young lady. She prayed about it and came to me today and discussed the opportunity with a very mature perspective. She hasn't made up her mind yet, but I think she is leaning towards not pursuing a singing career. At least for now. She really feels that God has given her a calling to work with troubled horses like me and mom. I told her about my Ahmed opportunity when we were engaged and all the emotions I went through, but beyond that, I have kind of left it up to her to work it out. She might like a call from her dad if you have time today. Tonight we are going to sing at John's club and she thinks she will be ready to make the decision tomorrow.

Ty, "You don't think she is passing up an opportunity, do you?"

Amy, "You know, she prayed about it and I think she will do the right thing. I can't help but think though a call from you might help her out!"

Ty, "Well, then I will do it. Once we get off the phone. However, I really, really miss you. When you get home, how about you and me take a weekend vacation and spend some us time together?"

Amy, "You mean just you and me! No Kids! By ourselves! How about we go to that Lake where we met Brooke and camp there for a few days. It was so romantic! I might fall in love with you all over again!"

Ty, "Again?"

Amy, "Just kidding. Let's do it! See you soon!"

Jack walks up to the porch and sits next to Amy. "Well, Lyndi told me something about becoming a singing star like her namesake. What is that all about?"

Amy, "John has asked Lyndi to join his label. But to be honest, Grandpa, I don't think she is going to take him up on it. She really likes her life working with Ty and me and the horses and even though it is an attractive offer, I don't think she is going to do it. She has been praying about it."

Jack, "Well, she is a smart girl. And if she is talking to God about it, I am sure she will make the right decision. I feel that you and Ty probably should help her, though."

Amy, "I just got off the phone with him and asked him to give her a call!"

Jack, "Great, then you guys will make the right decision."

Amy, "So have you enjoyed yourself while you are here?"

Jack, "I has been great, but to tell you the truth, I am ready to get back to Heartland. John's place here is awesome and I had some pretty fantastic rides and fishing, but I so miss home and I am ready to get back!"

Amy, "What about Nashville? What did you see?"

Jack, "Well, I went downtown and walked along the river. There are loads of bars that have live music. The food was good, especially the barbeque. And I went to the Grand Ol Opry house and took a tour. Man does that place have some history."

Amy, "Grandpa, I am so glad you came with us. I probably did you good to get away for a while. I don't think you have left home since Lisa passed, right?"

Jack, "Yep. I wish she could have been here with me. She would have loved this place."

Amy, "Well, I guess I need to get ready for tonight. I am so excited that Lyndi and I will get to sing your songs with Brooke. I can't wait until you hear them. You will love what we have done!"

Jack, "I can't wait!"

Amy retreats back to her room to take a nap before the evening events while Jack heads back to the barn for a last minute trail ride. He wanted to check out some trails that John had recommended he see before he leaves. Lyndi was in the room pacing around when Amy came in, "Lyndi, I think I am going to take a bit of a nap before we have to perform tonight. What are you going to do?

Lyndi, "I think I am going to hit the pool and do some swimming. You know we don't get to do that much at Heartland so I am going to take advantage of it while we are here."

Amy, "Great, don't spend all our energy. You will need it tonight!"

Lyndi, "Mom."


Back at Heartland Georgie had come by to see if Ty had heard from Amy and to see how things were going. Ty was putting the final touches to a surprise he had made for Amy and Lyndi for their return home.

Georgie, "Hey Ty, what you got going on here?"

Ty, "It is a little surprise that I thought I would make for when the girls get home. What do you think?"

Georgie, "What is it?"

Ty, "Well, it is a new tack rack. Amy and Lyndi are always saying that we don't have enough room for all the tack now that the twins have their own horses, so I decided to get one of these new automated racks that can handle all the tack."

Georgie, "Awesome! Have you heard from them? I can wait to get the scoop on how their trip is going."

Ty, "Well, I know that they are performing tonight at the Redneck Riviera with Brooke and they have finished the sessions. So they will be coming home tomorrow. But the greatest bit of news is that John has offered Lyndi recording contract on his label."

Georgie, "Wow! Are you kidding! Lyndi is going to be a country music star!"

Ty, "Well, not so fast! Talking with Amy, I don't think she is going to take it. While she is overwhelmed by the offer and becoming a big star like you, she really wants to take up the work that Amy and her mom have done. She is praying about it and we are going to discuss it when they get back."

Georgie, "That is a big opportunity! I am not sure I would recommend that she take it!"

Ty, "Well, I am mixed about it. Lyndi is a pretty sharp kid and she always prays about everything so I am going to try not to influence her either way. Just to maybe point out the pros and cons."

Georgie, "I guess so. But John Rich! Rich Studios. They only take on the best and if they offer her a contract, they see something in her."

Ty, "Good point! Well, let's see what she thinks when she gets back."

Georgie, "Cool, hey where are the twins?"

Ty, laughing, "Where do you think? Riding their new horses!"


It was 9:00 and the car was out front to pick up Amy, Lyndi, and Jack and bring them to the club. Brooke was already there since she had to setup and get all the sound set just right for her debut. She was starting at 10:00 and after a few of her songs, the girls were going to sing Heartland Heartbeat and Lyndi's song. As they arrived at the club it was already jammed with patrons waiting to hear Brooke.

Lyndi, "Mom, look at all these people. I am getting really nervous about this!"

Amy, "Lyndi, just think about when we sang at the wedding. There were a lot of folks there, too! You will be just fine!"

Lyndi, "I guess you are right. I am just so excited that we get to do this. Especially, together!"

Jack, "I am so proud of you two! Go show these Nashville folks what Canadian talent is all about."

Brooke starts her set with a few of her popular songs and the audience is responding to her with cheers and clapping. As she wraps up her 3rd song, she says to the audience, "I want to thank you for being so kind to me and my music. I am so excited to be here in Nashville, and at the Redneck Riviera! When I was just getting started, this has always been a dream of mine and tonight, with you folks, I have achieved that dream. I want to make another announcement that I am equally excited about. John, Mr. Rich, has invited me to join his label. I am honored and look forward to producing great songs for you guys!" The audience gives a great round of approval with applause and shouting. "Tonight, I have the awesome opportunity to invite two very good friends to sing with me. We spent the last few days working out a few songs that I am proud to announce will be added to my next album which will be out in the fall. They don't know that yet, so Amy, Lyndi, you guys come up and let's celebrate this moment!"

The audience starts to clap as Amy and Lyndi come up on stage. Brooke, "Guys, this is a mother and daughter duo which I think once you hear them, you will see why they are joining my album. Also, in the audience is Mr. Jack Bartlett, Amy's grandfather and Lyndi's great grandfather! Jack, can you stand up? He co-wrote these songs with them and I want to let you in on a bit of information. Jack's wife Lyndi Bartlet, the namesake of this little lady here, was a famous country singer. Her style influenced me and hundreds of other singers like her around North America. Unfortunately, she has passed on to another life, but her legacy remains with Jack, and his girls. So let's get this start! '' Looking at Amy and Lyndi, "Ok?" They both nod their heads.

The first song was Heartland Heartbeat and the second Lyndi started the song, everyone was consumed by the vocals that were coming from such a young girl. As the song progressed and Amy and Brooke added to the chorus, everyone started clapping and going the chorus. I was all so overwhelming that Amy and Lyndi's smiles glowed as they sang the song. At the end, as they concluded, the audience stood up and gave them a standing ovation. John Rich looked at Mike, "Man, we have to sign that girl! Look at this. I don't think we have had such a response to anyone that I can think of. Especially, on their first time to sing in the Riviera.!"

The next song, Lyndi's Song was very special because it was about the legacy that was passed down to Amy and Lyndi from Lyndi Bartlett. Brooke looked at Amy and nodded her head to have Amy start to tell the story about how the song came about. Amy, "First, I want to thank Brooke and John for giving us this awesome opportunity. Lyndi and I spend most of our days with horses, coming up here and performing in front of you guys, well, words can't begin to describe how we feel!" Amy looks down at Lyndi, who is bursting with a smile. "This next song is about my grandmother. My memories of her were listening to her sing around the house while she took care of our family. She was the inspiration for me to sing, and I passed this down to Lyndi, who, my husband Tyler Borden and I named her after. This song is about the joy and happiness she spread with her music, and her love for my grandfather sitting over there, Mr. Jack Bartlett! We are so happy that Brooke chose this song for her albums because we think it will carry the legacy of my grandmother forward for years to come! Right Lyndi!"

Lyndi, with a big smile, "That's right, mom!"

Amy, "Brooke, let's get to it!"

Lyndi, looking at her mom, starts the song of acapella. Then, Amy joins in and the harmony of the two voices rang out throughout the auditorium. The audience was quiet as Brooke added her voice to the song. Then, Brooke started playing the guitar to accompany the vocals. Everyone sat quiet as the girls went through verse by verse and through the chorus. The vocal ensemble was so amazing that no one made a move. Everyone was glued to the stage where they were singing Lyndi's Song. At the end, the crowd stood up again and started clapping and cheering the three girls on! Brooke looked at Lyndi and Amy and gave them a nod, and Amy and Lyndi responded in kind. Then, they all stood up and held hands high to thank the audience for their response.

Brooke said, "Let's give Amy and Lyndi a Nashville round of applause and thank them again!" The crowd clapped and cheered again. "Guys, I will be taking a little break and will be back with more music!"

Lyndi and Amy retreated to the table where Jack was sitting. John and Mike made their way down to the table and Brooke came as well.

John, "Guys that was fantastic. I can't remember when we had such a response from our audience to first time performances. Lyndi, you are a very special lady and we sincerely hope you will join us on the label. But Amy, I had no idea that your voice and talent was so honed. I am so sorry for overlooking you in this process! I hope you are not offended by that because we would like to extend to you as well, a contract to join our label."

Amy, "Wow! John, I am overwhelmed and flattered that you would think that I would be a good addition to your label! I definitely will give it consideration. I want to have a discussion with Lyndi and her dad about both offers. We will be flying back tomorrow so we should be able to give you a decision in a couple of days."

John, "No pressure, but I have to tell you that between you and Lyndi, and Brooke, we think there is some untapped opportunity to reach a new age of country fans. It could be big!"

Mike, "I have to concur with John. That sound is special and needs to be cultivated!"

Brooke takes her place back on stage as Amy, Lyndi and Jack head back to the ranch. In the car Jack asks, "You two have been offered something very special! I know it's going to be a big decision and I think taking some time to make sure it is the right thing is important. The one thing I know is once you sign with a label, the demands on you guys will be significant and your other responsibilities and goals might have to take a back seat!"

Amy, "Grandpa, Lyndi and I understand that. We are going to pray and ask God to give us some guidance here because it WILL affect our family and our responsibilities."

Lyndi, "GG, I have been praying a lot, and I really love our life as it is. But now that Mom is included in this, I am not so sure!"

Amy, "Boy, what a surprise, huh! Who would have figured that!"

Jack, "Amy, I have told you time and again that you have a beautiful voice, just like your grandmother. You should not have been surprised at John's offer. I wondered why he didn't offer it to you in the first place!"

Amy, laughing "Grandpa, you are too kind and generous with your critique! I am just a country girl, singing country songs! Well, when we get home we will get together with the family and discuss this. We won't be making a decision until then."

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