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Chapter 5: Great Song

The next day, after breakfast, Jack was off to fish the creek and the girls headed toward the studio. Brooke was already there prepping for the day when Amy and Lyndi walked into the studio. "Good morning! Hope your accommodations were sufficient. How about this place?"

Amy, "Wow! John must have a lot of visitors. This place is run like a resort. Did you see that pool? And that lazy river that runs around the perimeter?"

Lyndi, "I think after we are done today, I am going to try that out myself!"

Brooke, "Well brace yourself, we are going to have a long day!"

Amy, "Let's get to it."

Brooke took the next few minutes getting the girls settled into their seats with the help of Mike who was going to produce the songs. The first day was acoustics and harmony to see how everything will stack up. Later, they will bring in other vocals and the band to create fill for the songs.

Brooke, "Let's work on Heartland Heartbeat first. I really love that song. I think people will connect with the story and how it is being told. I didn't realize that it had such an history. And to think that you and Ty will be carrying on the traditions."

Amy, "Brooke, you know that the lyrics and music was influenced by my grandpa and Lyndi. They spent a lot of time putting that song together."

Brooke, "Really, Lyndi. You and Jack, huh!"

Lyndi, feeling a bit shy, "Mostly Jack!"

Amy, "Don't minimize your help. You had a lot to do with the melody and the song!"

Brooke picks up guitar in hand and says, "Ok, let's take it from the top and see what we have." Brooke begins to play the song with Amy and Lyndi singing the parts that each had decided to perform. Brooke added some harmony to the chorus and they completed the first pass of the song.

Brooke, "Wow, guys. This song! And your voices. And this is just the first pass!"

Amy, "Really?"

Brooke, "Really! So let's see. How about Lyndi, you start off instead of Amy. I think that part is best suited for the intimacy of your voice. Then Amy, you come in here." As she points to the music on the sheet. "Mike, what do you think?"

Mike, "I think you are spot on. Have Lyndi start the song. The youth in her voice will start the song off more intimately, then as you and Amy add your vocals, we should feel more depth in the vocals."

Brooke, "Good, so Lyndi, can you do that we will work on the opening of the song."

The girls worked several hours going back and forth on the vocals and harmony of the 1st stanza of the song. Amy, "Wow, I didn't know how intense this was going to be. We have been here for hours and we haven't even got to the chorus!"

Brooke, "You have to realize, it must be perfect! We have to make sure that we capture the essence of what we want to say, and present it in the best possible way!"

Lyndi, feeling a bit dazed, "Man, this is intense! But I love it!"

Brooke, "Let's take a bit of a break and I want to put this on a reel and play it back for us. Mike, can you handle that while we go for a stroll?"

Mike, "Sure!"


The next morning at Marion's Lookout Ty and the boys are eating breakfast around the campfire. Tyson looks over at Ty and asks, "Dad, you were going to tell us about your childhood. Can you tell us now?"

TJ, "Yeah, Dad, Please!"

Ty, "Well, ok. So Ty begins to tell the twins about his growing up. "You see when I was your age my mother and father, well, we just didn't do things like we as a family do things. My father was a bit of a wild man so he wasn't around much. And when he was, he wasn't a very nice person. He eventually, left my mother and I to fend for ourselves. I do remember one time, though, he brought us to Eagle Lake. That was probably one of the best memories I have of us as a family."

TJ, "Did you play sports when you were our age?"

Ty, "No, not really. My mother and I were left to fend for ourselves, so I sort of had to grow up pretty fast. Hence, I got into some trouble as I became older.

Tyson, "What kind of trouble?"

Ty, "Well, my mother met another man who came into our lives and really took advantage of her. He eventually married her. I was not good with that, so I became very rebellious and challenged him at every turn. You see, he had a gambling problem and gambled away all our money. So when I was old enough, I confronted him and the outcome was I was put on probation and that is how I got to Heartland!"

Tyson, "You confronted him, what does that mean?"

Ty, "Well, I beat him up! I shouldn't have, but I had a really bad temper when I was a kid."

TJ, "I bet you were glad you came to Heartland!"

Ty, "It saved my life. I met your mother and Jack, and between the both of them, they helped me set a path for my life which has landed me here. I have you two, and Lyndi. A great veterinarian practice. And, a woman who loves me to the moon and back!"

TJ, "I am so glad you are our father. We love you, dad!"

Ty, "I am so proud of you two for what you have done up to now. You guys have filled my heart with more joy than you could ever imagine. You know who Lyndi always talks about how she lets God direct her life. Well, I didn't until she convinced me and several events showed me that God really does provide for us. Once I let go and let God, I became at peace with my life. I guess when you guys were born, it proved to me that God was with us because you two were born way to early and God made sure that you made it to now. I give him all the credit!"

Tyson, "I don't really understand the God thing. We go to church. We pray and sing. We go to Sunday school. But I just don’t' understand.

Ty, "Let's see. Look out there Tyson. See the beautiful mountains and valleys and all the foliage. Who do you think made that. Look at your hands. Your feet. Who do you think made you? You see, God made all of this, including you. There is no other explanation that makes sense on how all this came about. When you finally realize that there is someone bigger than us that has created all of this, you will begin to realize that there is a God and he loves you more that even me and your mom. Why else would he have created this beautiful place and us. There is more to that story but for now, just appreciate that God is in everything and that no matter what happens good or bad, God will be there to see you though.

TJ, "That is pretty awesome dad!"

Ty, "It is pretty awesome!"


Back in the studio the girls begin to work on the chorus. Lyndi was singing her part when John Rich walks in and sits next to Mike. John say, "Man, we need to sign this little girl. I remember how sweet her sound was at Georgie's wedding and thought that would be a great talent on our label. I think we might be able to move Brooke over here as well!"

Mike, "I totally agree. If we could get both of them that would be awesome!"

For the next few hours they worked on the chorus, perfecting each part. Once they were ready, they asked Mike to set up the recording. Lyndi started out the song, then Brooke and Amy added their voices to the verses. At the conclusion, Mike and John were clapping. When John said, "Wow, guys, what an awesome sound. Little Lyndi, you have such a unique voice. I think the way you have laid it out is perfect. Look, I have to go to the Riviera for a while, but tonight I want to talk with you guys about something Mike and I have been discussing. Ok?"

Amy and Brooke, "OK!"

The girls spend the rest of the day with Mike putting down the tracks of the song. As they were wrapping up the day, getting ready to leave, Mike played back the song on the speakers. Each of the girls stood and listened and were amazed at how well the song came together. Even just the acoustical version was so unbelievable to Amy and Lyndi, they looked at each other and hugged. "Mom, you sound so awesome!"

Amy, "Mom! You have this voice that is so special. I have never heard anything like it!"

Brooke, "Guys, I think we just need to keep it acoustic. Y'all, were so good!"

Mike, "I realize this is good, but you want great! Let me add a bit of backup music and some chorus, and a bit of Mike magic, and it will be great!"

Brooke, "Sounds good to me. You know best!"

The girls head back to the bunk house to meet up with Jack who has been trail riding and fishing all day. He wasn't back yet, so they decided to hit the pool before supper. Brooke decided to meet up with them so they all went to the pool and hung out in the lazy river. As the river pushed them around the property, Amy looked at Brooke and asked, "What do you think John wants to talk about?"

Brooke, "I have no idea. But when he has an idea, well, most of those turn into something special."

Lyndi, laying way back on the inner tube and laughing, "Maybe he wants to sign us and make us huge stars!"

Amy, "Wouldn't that be a change of things."

Jack is coming up from the barn and spots the girls in the river. "Well, that looks like fun. I think I might just have to join you guys!"

Lyndi, "Come on GG. Come take a swim before supper!"

Jack, "Sounds like a plan. Let me go and change."

Brooke, "You are so lucky to have a grandfather like that! I never knew my grandparents. They passed away before I was born. My father's parents are still alive, but I never knew them, or for that matter, my father."

Amy, "You know I didn't get to know my father until I was 16. My mother and Grandpa raised me and my sister until my mother was killed in a truck accident trying to rescue a horse. You see, Lyndi and I have a very special gift with horses that we can change their behavior. This was given to us by my mother and we have carried the tradition down through 3 generations. Matter fact, Lyndi had become very much respected for her talents in our community back home.

Brooke, "That is so awesome. I didn't know that."

Amy, "That is our business. Along with some additional things we help my husband with the behavior side of horses in his veterinarian practice. We have had great success and we just finished a book and will begin speaking and holding clinics to train vets on how to intermix behavior techniques with common veterinarian medical procedures to support the health of large animals."

Lyndi was taking it all in when Brooke looks over and says, "Wow, Lyndi! There is more to you than just that pretty voice!" Lyndi smiles and nods.

Jack comes back with his swimming trunks on and Lyndi laughing says, "GG, I have never seen you in swimming trunks. When did you get those, in the 60's?

Amy, also now laughing, "Grandpa, I am speechless! I, too, have never seen you in swimming trunks. Heck, I don't think I have ever seen those legs before. What a sight!"

Jack, "You go on and laugh. Have your fun. This will probably be the last time you WILL see these awesome legs!"

Amy, nodding with a grin, "Awesome, huh! Might have another word for them!"

Lyndi, "I have seen birds with bigger legs than those!"

Jack, "Ok now. Enough or I am going back inside!" For the next hour Jack and the girls floated around the river talking and relaxing before supper.

At supper John and Mike came over to the table that Brooke, Amy, Lyndi, and Jack were sitting at and took a seat. John started, "Brooke, Lyndi, Mike and I have been really impressed with your music sound and Brooke, how you handle your recording time. Brooke, we would like to extend you an offer to come on board with Riviera Recording and Lyndi, we would like to sign you as well. You will find that we will extend a very generous offer to you guys if you are interested. We know, Amy that you and Ty will need to discuss this since she is a minor, but we wanted you to leave here with an offer so that we can move forward quickly if you choose to do so."

Brooke, "John, I don't quite know what to say. Can I take a few days to think about it?"

Mike, "Sure. And if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me."

John, "Also, Brooke, we have a slot opened at the Riviera tomorrow night for you to perform and would love to have you include Amy and Lyndi with their songs. What do you say about that?

Lyndi, "Mom, we get to perform at the Riviera! My dream has come true!"

Brooke, "That sounds like a date. Amy you guys in?"

Amy, looking at Jack and Lyndi, "How can I say no!"

John, "Great, Mike will fill you in on the schedule and get everything you will need set up. Now Brooke, Lyndi, we really want you to consider our offer and look forward to a yes!"

As the guys finish their dinner each heads back to their bunks to retire for the night. Amy and Lyndi decide to sit out on the porch for a while and talk about what just happened.

Amy, "Lyndi, Do you understand what just happened?

Lyndi, "Yes, we are going to sing at the Riviera!"

Amy, "Not just that but that John has asked to sign you to a recording contract."

Lyndi, "What does that mean, sign me to a recording contract?"

Amy, "Well, that is an awesome honor and he wants to make you into a singer with concerts and albums. Just like Brooke. You would travel and sign autographs. It would be a totally new experience for you!"

Lyndi, "Really. Would you come with me and how long would that last?"

Amy, "Well, you could become a great big star and that would be your life!"

Lyndi, "But I love working with horses and doing what we do. That is the life I want!"

Amy, "I understand. That is why I think we should sit down when we get home with your father and discuss this opportunity. Ok? And look! Let's just enjoy this time we have now. This is so awesome recording, and now going to play at John's club!"

Lyndi, "OK. Mom. I love you so much and I love my life as it is. These opportunities are fantastic, but I feel that God has his hand in this and I want to make sure that whatever we do is ok with Him."

Amy, "Why don't we go inside and get ready for bed. We both can pray about this opportunity and see what happens.

Lyndi, "Sounds Great!"


The next morning Katie and the twins start packing up to start their journey back to Heartland. Feeling refreshed, Katie is a new person, singing and messing around with the kids as they are packing up. The phone rings and Ty answers, "Amy, so how are my special girls doing this glorious morning?"

Amy, "Someone has come to awake chipper! You guys had a good night!"

Ty, "Can't wait to tell you about it when you get home. So what do I owe this call?"

Amy, "Why do you think I am calling specifically for something. Can't a wife, who really misses her husband call him to hear his voice and tell him how much she loves him?"

Ty, "Ok! Now, what's up."

Amy, "Ty, you are never going to believe what happened last night. You see John came into the studio as we were working on some songs and he was so impressed that he offered Brooke a spot on his label!"

Ty, "Well that is awesome!"

Amy, "And there is more! He asked Lyndi, too! They want to sign Lyndi to a recording contract!"

Ty, "What, Lyndi too! I don’t know what to say. Matter of fact, I am not so sure what I think about that."

Amy, "John was very respectful and wanted you and I to talk it over before we made a decision. So, I thought I would call you and give you something to think about on your trip back to Heartland."

Ty, "Well you did just that. What does Lyndi think?"

Amy, "I am not really sure. She is very excited about what we are doing now, and also, we will be singing at John's club tomorrow night, but beyond that, I am not so sure what she is thinking. We prayed about it last night, so I will be interested to hear what she thinks today!"

Ty, "Well, I am going to pray as well, and we can talk later. Tell Lyndi, I love her and that I want you guys to have the best of times there in Nashville. Oh, how is Jack?"

Amy, laughing, "Ty, you are not going to believe this. There is this lazy river that goes around the house property and we decided to float around in it yesterday. Grandpa came out and had on a swimming suit! I have never seen such a sight. I don't think I have ever seen his legs until yesterday!"

Ty, "Come to think of it. Neither have I. So I guess he is having fun, right!"

Amy, "Yes, he is riding around the ranch and fishing all day long. I think today he is going into Nashville to look around."

Ty, "Great! Well, I need to get going. We have a long ride back. Tell everyone hi for us. Talk with you tonight?"

Amy, "Yes. Maybe I will have more to tell you about Lyndi."

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
Apr 27, 2022

Steve you are such a great writer and I hope these books will become a series to carry Heartland on 🙏

Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
Apr 27, 2022
Replying to

We can only hope. Bit for now God has this purpose for

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