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Chapter 5: A Day Of Rest

Amy comes into the kitchen where Ty is fixing breakfast for the family and walks up grabs Ty by the waist, and whispers into his ear, "What was all that last night! You were a crazy man!"

Ty, "I guess all that talk about babies got me excited!"

Amy, "Shh!, Remember, you can 't say anything, OK?"

Ty, "Right!"

Georgie and Quinn come driving up and come into the kitchen. "What is that you are cooking? It really smells good!"

Ty, "Are you guys hungry? I made up some Benea's bacon, and eggs. I thought after a night like last night we all needed some good food to get things back to normal."

Amy, looking straight at Georgie, "So how is everything? How long are you going to be in that sling?"

Georgie, glaring back at Amy, "Everything is JUST FINE, just Fine! Nothing a few days of rest won't cure! Amy, could you help me get a few things from the car?"

Amy, "Sure."

Amy and Georgie go out to the car. "Did you tell Quinn he was going to be a father?"

Georgie, "Not yet. I am not really sure how he will react. We have been training so hard for the Olympics. This will be a complete change of course."

Amy, "I hope you are not thinking..."

Georgie, sternly, "absolutely not! I am just trying to gauge Quinn's response."

Amy, "I think you might be surprised by his response."

Georgie, "Amy! Did you say anything to Ty?"

Amy, "Well, he saw the look on my face and knew something was up, so I had to tell him!"

Georgie, "Amy!"

Amy, "Well you need to know that Quinn has told Ty he can't wait to be a father and grow a family like us."

Georgie, "He did? Wow! I guess I need to come up with a way to tell him. This could be fun!"

Ty and Quinn are wrapping up breakfast when Quinn says, "Ty, I need to tell you something but you have to keep it between you and me. Ok?"

Ty, "what's up."

Quinn, "Well when we were wrapping up things at the hospital the nurse said mom and the baby were doing fine. I said what. And the nurse said she was 2 months pregnant. The best part is Georgie doesn't know that I know, hah!"

Ty, "So you know!"

Quinn, "You Know? How do you know?"

Ty looks at Quinn..."Oh, Amy."

Ty, "So it looks like your dream of having a family just started. What about the Olympics? Do you think she will be disappointed? Surely she won't be able to compete being pregnant and all."

Quinn, "Sure, she will be. But hey, we are having a baby. That surely trumps the Olympics, right?"

Ty, "I think so. Besides, she has already won the Olympics. Never had a baby!" Laughing out loud.

Quinn, "So this is going to be great. She doesn't know that I know, so I am going to wait and see how she tells me!"

Amy and Georgie come back into the kitchen giggling. "What is so funny?" Quipped Quinn.

Georgie, "Oh nothing. Just laughing about last night's things at the hospital."

Quinn, "What things?" As he looks at Ty.

Georgie, "Just things. Girly things!"

Quinn, "hum, girl things, huh!"

Ty, "Guys, Amy and I have to take care of a few things before the kids wake up. We will leave you to your breakfast . Quinn, maybe you can find out about those 'girly things'. Amy, Come to the barn with me."

Amy, looking with big eyes at Georgie, "See you guys in a few."

Amy and Ty are headed to the stables when Ty grabs Amy and pulls her into the office space. "Amy, you are not going to believe what I am fixing to say. Quinn knows!"

Amy, "Quinn knows?"

Ty, "Quinn knows about the baby!"

Amy, "How did he find out? Ty, did you say something! That was supposed to be a secret!"

Ty, "No! Amy, the nurse, let it slip when she was having her procedure done. She came out to give him an update and she said mom and baby are just fine!"

Amy, "Oh my. He knows!"

Ty, "What is even better is she doesn't know that he knows. And he is going to wait for her to tell him!"

Amy, "This ought to be great to watch!"

Ty, "I know, right!"

Lyndi and Katie were already in the barn and unbeknownst to Ty and Amy overheard some of the conversation. Walking into the office Lyndi says, "knows what? What are you two gossiping about?"

Amy, "We are not gossiping we are having an adult conversation."

Katie, walking in behind Lyndi, "We heard most of the conversation."

Ty, "So what did you hear?"

Lyndi, we heard you say something that Quinn knows but Georgie doesn't know he knows."

Amy, "Ok, You can't say a word, promise?

Ty, "Amy!"

Amy, looking at Ty as she says, "Georgie is going to give Quinn a surprise gift, but Quinn already knows about it."

Ty, "You guys cannot say a word, ok?" Ty winks at Amy.

The girls, "We swear!"

Amy tried to change the subject, "So what are you two up too?"

Lyndi, "We are going for a quick trail ride. Want to come?"

Ty, "I don't think so. Your mom and I had a long night so we are going to hang around the pool today."

Amy, "We are, huh? You just want to see my new swim suit I bought."

Ty, "Well it's that and I was hoping to get a glimpse of Jack in a bathing suit," Laughing.

Lyndi, "You are going to die! Those skinny legs haven't seen the sun since Nashville."

Amy, "it is quite the sight!"

Katie, "We will come meet up with you guys after the ride."

The kids woke up, ate breakfast, and ran up to Jack. "GG, would you come out to the pool with us so we can swim. Mom doesn't want us to be there by ourselves."

Jack, "Sure, let me get my trunks and I will join you."

The kids head out to the pool and Jack goes to get ready in his room. Ty and Amy are heading to their rooms to change when they pass Jack in the hall. "Where are you going Grandpa? Well, I am headed to the pool with the boys."

Ty, smiling ear to ear, "So you're going swimming?"

Jack, "Yes, What do you think? I can't swim?"

Ty, "No. Just never seen you in the water on purpose! You brought trunks?"

Jack, "I have you know when Lisa and I stayed here, we spent many an hour out at the pool. So yes, I have trunks!"

Ty, under his breath, "and I can't wait to see you in them!"

Amy, "Grandpa, we will be down there in a few."

Ty and Amy retreat to the bedroom to change. Amy goes into the bathroom and puts on this red skinny bikini and comes out of the room modeling her still sleek body.

"What do you think, Mr. Borden?"

Ty is standing there pretty much speechless.

"Not too bad for having 3 kiddos, huh?"

Ty, finally able to speak, "Wow! You look awesome. Is this my surprise?"

Amy, "Oh no sir. Your surprise is way more awesome. This is just a preview!"

Ty grabs Amy and they wrestle to the bed. Holding her down Ty says, "You, my lady, never cease to amaze me. How can one guy be so lucky to have someone as incredible as you."

Amy, "Lock the door and I will show you how lucky you are!"

Ty reaches for the door and locks it, and says, "I would say this is pretty lucky!"

Georgie was exhausted from the previous day's events and decides to go and lay down. Katie and Lyndi came into the kitchen and Quinn asked, "What are you two up to?"

Katie, "Lyndi and I went on a ride. Man this place is so awesome. I think we are going to go down to the pool. Lyndi said that GG was there and I have got to see him in a bathing suit."

Lyndi, "You have got to see this!"

Quinn, "I'll meet you guys down there in a few. I need to take care of a few things, then I will be down there."

Katie, "Great!"

Katie and Lyndi leave the kitchen and head down to the pool

Quinn goes into their bedroom and Georgie is lying on the bed. He lays down beside her and asks, "How are you feeling? Can I get you something for you?"

Georgie, "No not now. I just took those pills the doctor gave me and my injuries don't feel so bad."

Quinn, "Georgie, you should have never charged that big guy. You could have been hurt more than you did?"

Georgie, "I couldn't just stand there and watch him attack you. Besides, it was my fault that we even got into that mess. If I would have checked my camera before we went, I could have switched off the flash. I guess the good news Is we got the evidence we needed to solve this problem with our neighbor!"

Quinn, "I guess YOU did! By the way, did the doctor say that there might be some changes that need to be made since you dislocated your elbow? Did you tell him you were training for the Olympics? How long are you going to be in that sling?"

Georgie, pausing as if to want to say something, "He said it would take a few weeks to heal, but I could start riding and jumping and there should be no long term issues with my arm."

Quinn, "I guess this knocks out our special trip together, huh?"

Georgie, "I broke my elbow, not my back. I think we can get that alone time we had planned in a couple of days."

Quinn, "Well, maybe by then, we can take that trip to the riding venue and see where we will be competing, right."

Georgie, looking away, "Yeah, right."

Quinn, "Well, I will leave you to it. I am going to the pool to check out Jack's legs. I hear they are a sight to see!"

Georgie, "I will be down there later. I just need to rest."

Quinn leaves and Georgie says to herself, "How am I going to tell Quinn about the baby? He is so focused on me, Katie and the Olympics I know this is going to be a disappointment. I have to tell him. I can't keep it from him for long, because he will want to taste the wine and ride horses while we are here."

Most of the family is now down by the pool. Jack has already jumped in and is playing the twins' game of Marco Polo. Ty and Amy are wrestling with each other, while Quinn, Katie, and Lyndi are sitting around the firepit. Fernando comes to the pool area and says, "Jack, I think we have found out what is killing our neighbors' vines. It looks like there are some issues with his water system that has allowed some contaminates to get into his sprinklers and his vines are reacting to the water."

Jack, "Well that’s great! Maybe we can finally bring some peace to the relationship with our neighbors. Did you hear that guys? It looks like Fernando has found the problem with our neighbor's vines!"

Quinn, "That is great, but I really am upset about how they attacked us the other night. I think the least they could do is apologize to Georgie for hurting her!"

Jack, "I expect both of their sons to come here and apologize. Did you get that from them?"

Fernando, "Yes, they really feel bad about what went down and want to come over when things have settled down."

Jack, "Well, sooner the better and we can put this behind us!"

Fernando, "I will pass that along. Also, I spoke with Peter a while ago and updated him too. He was really happy that we were able to get the relationship back on track with our neighbors. Also, he said to tell you guys everything was going well back home and to have fun."

Jack, "Great."

Jack decided to get out of the pool and take a spot by the fire pit. As he was coming out of the water, Lyndi said, "Wow, GG! What great legs!"

Ty, laughing, "Jack, those white legs could provide light in the dark! I don’t think I have ever seen you in short pants."

Amy, "Ty, guys, leave grandpa alone or he won't come out here anymore."

Jack, "That doesn't bother me. I don't very often wear any short pants. But when I do, my skinny white legs are a sight. But some of you don't have much room to talk. I don't see any of you have room to talk. All of us are pretty new to this type of lifestyle."

Quinn, "Yeah, we have that awesome pool at home, but hardly ever get in it because of the cold. When I go to Florida, we spend a lot of time around the pool so I am used to this style of living."

Amy, "I bet so! I forget that you are from Florida. You have made a home with our family in Canada, it seems like you have been there forever!"

The sun was starting to set and it was beginning to get a bit cold so the family decided to go inside and start a fire in the fireplace and sit around and visit.

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Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan
29 août 2022

I introduced the legs in book 4


John T. Reece
John T. Reece
29 août 2022

Chapter 5 was so funny. Jack and his skinny white legs 🦵 Georgie not knowing that Quinn already knows about the baby and is waiting on her to tell him 😂🥰😊

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