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Chapter 4: The Big Surprise

That night Fernando, Quinn, Jack and Ty were heading out to different parts of the villa to stake out a position to monitor. Fernando had purchased some walkie talkies so they could stay in communication. Amy and Georgie fix sandwiches and snacks since they were in for a long night and distribute them to the crew.

Fernando, "Ok, you guys know where you are going, right? Amy and Ty, you and Quinn and Georgie will take the horses to your spots. Jack and I will take the 4 wheelers. Just remember, no confrontation, we just want to get a visual of the guys that are burning our vines. Once you do, take your pictures then leave. We will handle the evidence when we get back. Remember, no confrontation!"

All nodded their heads in agreement and left to go to their spots.

Amy and Ty tack the horses and head out to their location. Once they leave the barn, Amy starts to ask questions about the situation.

Amy, "Tell me what happened today with you and Jack!"

Ty, "Well, from the get go, those guys didn't want anything to do with us. They have already made up their minds that Fernando is killing their vines with his fertilizing and were not interested in us helping them find out what was wrong."

Amy, "Are we sure that Fernando hasn't added something to his process?"

Ty, "We have to believe him. He is our manager!"

Amy, "Ty, what if we see them burning our vines. We can't go and try to stop them!"

Ty, "Amy, no, we are going to gather the evidence, then decide how we are going to approach and solve the situation. So don't go off plan!"

Amy, "I wouldn't do that!"

Ty, shaking his head, "Amy, please. How many times have I asked you to wait but you forged ahead. Like with the Tennessee Walking horses. If Scott and I would not have arrived when we did, you would have been in a lot of trouble!"

Amy, "Ok, I will follow your lead. But as far as those walkers, I could just let them do that to those poor horses without doing anything!"

Ty, "That is why I love you. But not tonight. This has nothing to do with horses!"

The rest of the crew headed to their locations and settled into good observation points. Around 2:00 AM, Quinn and Georgie could hear four wheelers in the distance. Quinn, "Georgie, get down. I hear some four wheelers."

As they approached the location where they were hiding, Quinn could see clearly who was coming onto the Villa. They had 3 large guys each with a 4 wheeler and a large can of gasoline. They began to cover the vines with gas. Georgie wanted to get a better picture so she got up really close and took out her phone and started to take some pictures. Unfortunately, she forgot to turn off the flash and it flashed as she took the picture. The guys turned abruptly and saw Georgie hiding in the bushes. Jonah, "Jason, go get her. Don't let her get away and make sure you get that camera!"

Jason ran down Georgie and knocked her to the ground.

The minute Quinn knew they had been exposed, he sent out an SOS over the walkie talkie, then ran toward Georgie who was pinned down, and kicked Jason in the head and knocked him over. He yelled, "Georgie, run! Get out of here!" , but Georgie didn't listen because right then Jonah tackled Quinn and started punching him in the face. Georgie ran back toward Quinn and tried to tackle Jonah, but he was too big and strong to move him. Jason grabbed Georgie by the hair and began hitting her over and over. Jack and Fernando were the closest to Georgie and Quinn. When they arrived, seeing Jason hitting Georgie, Jack pulled out his rifle and fired into the air. Jason retreated after knocking Georgie unconscious. The guys left on their four wheelers and Quinn rushed over to Georgie to see if she was alright. Still unconscious, Quinn calls for an ambulance. Amy and Ty arrive and Ty starts to attend to Georgie.

Ty, "It looks like she has a pretty bad laceration on her head and a lot of bruising around her face. Georgie, Georgie, can you hear me!"

Amy, "Georgie, sweety, can you speak?"

Georgie started to wake up, but immediately realized she was hurt pretty bad. Quinn was holding her hand, when Georgie responded, "Quinn, honey, what happened?"

Quinn, "One of the guys gave you a pretty good beating. Honey, why didn't you run?"

Georgie, starting to remember the event and said, "I saw you needed help!"

Quinn, "Sweetheart, stay still. We have called an ambulance."

Georgie, "I don't need that. I am all right!"

Georgie tried to get up and a sharp pain ran up her arm. Her elbow was out of socket and she was getting shooting pains going up and down her arm. Ty assessed the injury and decided to immobilize her arm and wait for the doctors to set the arm.

Jack, "Guys, what were you thinking. We said no confrontation. This could have turned out worse than it already has."

Amy, "Grandpa, everything is ok, You need to calm down!"

Georgie, holding up her hand with the good arm, "At least I have the evidence we needed!"

The ambulance arrived and Georgie and Quinn headed to the hospital. Ty and Ami decided to head back to the villa and take the car to the hospital. Jack and Fernando headed over to the Burn's house. On the way, they decided to not call the police and see if they could settle the issue as neighbors. As they arrived at the house, the Burns boys were sitting outside on the porch. Jack got off the four wheeler and started toward Jonah. Felipe came out of the house and Jack stopped at the steps and said, "I came over today to see if we could settle this dispute like neighbors. Tonight, we have proof that your family is burning down our vines.

Besides that, you have seriously injured one of our family and she is on the way to hospital. At Heartland, where we are from, we try to settle these disputes without getting the law involved. So this is your final chance to settle this matter once and for all. Fernando has assured me that he has not changed anything in his fertilizing and harvesting over the past 10 years, since we have owned the property. Your vines started failing 2 years ago. So it is not anything we are doing. So, we will help you figure it out if you want. But, tonight you will agree to pay for the damages you have done to our vines, and you will pay for the doctor bills that we have incurred with Georgie's injury, and I expect an apology to both Georgie and Quinn from each of your sons. Do you understand these terms? If you disagree, our next stop is the police and I will have all your asses thrown in jail! Do you hear me!"

Felipe, looked at his boys and walked toward Jack. Reaching out his hand, Jack takes it and grips it real hard. "Fernando and I will be here tomorrow and we can start trying to find out what is going on with your vines. This crap has gotten way out of hand! We are neighbors, damn it! We need to act like neighbors!

Jack and Fernando get back on the 4 wheelers and start to turn around and head back when Jason comes off the porch. Walking up to Jack, he said, "I am really sorry for tonight! I don't know what got into me."

Jack, "Son, you are lucky I don't whip your ass right here and now for beating up a woman like you did. Son, that girl is my great granddaughter. What you did to her tonight is unspeakable. I expect whatever you are going to say to me tonight, you go and say to her tomorrow. If you are lucky, she won't press charges against you for assault!"

Jack and Fernando head back to the Villa to check on the status of Georgie and meet up with the family.

At the hospital, Georgie is laying in the emergency room waiting for the doctor to come back with an assessment of her injuries. Quinn and Ty are down the hall getting some coffee when the doctor comes into the room. "Well, you took quite a fall tonight! I have to say, those injuries on your face don't look like injuries you would have from a fall down the stairs. It looks like you got into a fight."

Georgie, trying not to disclose anything about the fight, "Let's keep it at a fall! We had a confrontation with some folks tonight and if you think I look bad, you should see him!"

Doctor, "Well, first things we need to set that elbow back to normal. Luckily it is only dislocated and not broken. We can patch up your head and put in a few stitches and that should take care of that. And your baby, well, we need to do a few more tests, but I don't think you have anything to worry about."

Georgie and Amy at the same time, "Baby!"

Doctor, "Yes, you are a few months pregnant from what we can tell. You didn't know?"

Georgie, stunned, "Doctor, I am training for the Olympics next year in France, and I had no idea! A baby. Amy, what am I going to do?"

Amy, putting a big hug on Georgie, "A baby! What a surprise!"

Georgie, "You can't speak a word of this, OK! I need some time to process this and figure out how to tell Quinn he is going to be a father. Also, this changes everything!"

Amy, "Are you disappointed?"

Georgie, "Sure, a little bit, but becoming a mom like you is my life's dream!"

Amy, "So, my lips are sealed!"

Georgie, "You promise me, you won't tell Ty!"

Amy, "Not sure I can make that promise, but your secret is with us no matter!"

Ty and Quinn come back into the room and Quinn looks at Georgie who is glowing, "What is up!"

Ty, "Amy, what is with that big smile you have on your faces!"

Amy, "Ty, let's head home and check on Katie and the kids. Georgie is going to have to get her arm set and I think stay overnight for observation."

Ty, "Sounds good. Georgie, Quinn, call us if anything changes. We will see you tomorrow."

They say their goodbyes and Quinn looks at Georgie, "So why so bright? You look like you won the Olympics."

Georgie, "Not sure. Just glad neither of us were hurt more tonight. Just glad God took care of us!"

Quinn, "You can say that again! You know you were pretty heroic out there tonight. I can't believe you tried to fight that big dude who had me on the ground."

Georgie, "I couldn't let my man get hurt. Remember we are in all this together."

Quinn, "That is why I love you so much!"

Georgie pulls Quinn in close, "You know the doctor won't be back for a while.."

Quinn, "Really, now! Your elbow is out of place and you have a Huge gash in your head. You want to do that now!"

Georgie, "I don't feel a thing. Whatever they gave me works really well. Makes me a bit frisky!"

Quinn, "Put yourself in the stall. That isn't going to happen. Not that I wouldn't like too, though. You are crazy!

On the way home Ty looks at Amy and says, "Ok. What's going on? You and Georgie looked like you just won a race!

Amy, "Ty! You are not to say anything! Promise?"

Ty, "What? I promise!"

Amy, "Georgie is pregnant! Two months!"

Ty, "What! She didn't know?"

Amy, "The doctor came in while you guys were getting coffee and gave us her prognosis when he said 'and your baby seems ok'. Georgie and I looked at each other and said BABY?"

Ty, "Does Quinn know? He is going to be so excited. He has been telling me for the past year that he can't wait to start a family."

Amy, "You can't say anything! Promise me you will let Georgie tell him."

Ty, "I promise. That is awesome news! Maybe we should think about having another child. Then, they could grow up together."

Amy, "You would like another child? I kind of like what we have now as a family."

Ty pulls Amy close to him. "I think you are right, but I love trying!"

Amy kisses Ty, "I love trying, too! Remember I have a special surprise for you."

Ty, "How can I forget!"

Georgie starts to drift off as the nurses come in to prepare Georgie for her procedure. Quinn kisses her on the head and tells the nurses, "You take care of my girl. She is very special to me."

Nurse, "We will take special care of her and your baby."

Quinn, "What did you say, baby?"

Nurses, "Yes, she is 2 months pregnant."

Leaving Quinn in the room as they move Georgie to the procedure room, Quinn's head is swimming. He keeps repeating, "pregnant, me a father, why didn't she tell me! What about the Olympics? I am going to be a father!"

After about an hour they bring Georgie back to her room where Quinn is sitting contemplating the news. Georgie is very groggy and asks Quinn if she could get some water. Quinn situated a cup with a straw so she could drink. Not saying anything, he kissed her and hugged her neck whispering, "I love you so much!"

The doctor came in and gave Quinn an update on Georgie. Everyone is doing fine. The baby shows no sign of trauma and mom is going to be fine."

Quinn, "Thank you doctor, we appreciate you and your staff."

Doctor, "I would suggest you contact the authorities. She took a pretty good beating!

Quinn, "We will consider that."

The next morning Georgie and Quinn prepare to go home and they get final instructions from the nurse. While Quinn was eating breakfast, Georgie asked the nurses not to tell Quinn about the baby because she wanted to surprise him.

Quinn, "Thank you guys for everything! This has been a very traumatic couple of hours and we couldn't have made it through without your help. Again, thank you!"

The nurses accepted the thanks and Georgie and Quinn headed back to the Villa. On the way home, Georgie reached over to Quinn, and told him how proud she was of him and how much she loved him. Quinn, thinking she was about to divulge her secret, said, "And I am so proud to be married to you and can't wait until we can start our family together." Georgie, caught a little off guard, said, "Family, why did you say that? We have a long way to go until we get to family."

Quinn, "I don't know, just being here around Ty and Amy, makes me want to have their life. Family, business, and Heartland. You know!"

Georgie, "Would you be willing to forego the Olympics for a family?"

Quinn, "That my dear, would be your call!"

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
29 Αυγ 2022

Great news that Quinn and Georgie are going to be parents!

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John T. Reece
John T. Reece
29 Αυγ 2022

Jack is his usual self and can’t stick to his own plan 😂 That Bartlett temper comes through 😂

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