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Chapter 4: Nashville

Amy, Jack, and Lyndi are preparing to go to Nashville to team up with Brooke on some of the songs that Lyndi and Jack submitted. Excited, Lyndi is full of questions, "Mom, so when is our plane leaving? What should I pack? Is it cold in Nashville? Are we going to get to sing at that place?

Amy, "Hold on Lyndi! What's with all the questions?"

Lyndi, "I am just so excited, Mom. I don't want to forget anything!"

Amy, "You won't, but relax. Look at this as an adventure that we will have fun at. We might even get to ride on John's ranch if we have some free time. I know your GG is looking forward to that and fishing on the many lakes that they have on the property"

Lyndi, "It is so cool that Georgie is lending us her plane. How awesome is she?"

Amy, "You know, we are going to be landing on John's private runway, right. That even makes it more special!"

Lyndi, "Private runway, you mean he has an airport on his property?"

Amy, "Well, yes, a small one!"

Lyndi, "Cool, wait until I tell my friends that. They won't believe me!"

Amy walks out to the living room where Jack is making some fly bait.

Amy, "Grandpa, are you getting ready to catch some fish?"

Jack, "Well yes! I am going to have to do something while you guys are recording, so fishing sounds like a good thing to do."

Amy, "Are those special baits?"

Jack, "Yep, I did a little research and those fish in Nashville are some real tricky ones, so I am putting some special touches to my bait to attract them. They won't know what hit them when I get through with them!"

Amy, "I sure hope we can find some time to get a few trail rides in, too."

Jack, "I sure hope so, too!"

Ty is on the porch with the twins talking about taking a trail ride with Pegasus and Paint. The boys haven't had the opportunity to take the horses on a long trail ride, so Ty is planning an overnight trail ride to Marion's Lookout.

Amy, coming out onto the porch, "So what are you guys up too?"

TJ, "Dad, me, and Tyson are planning an overnight trail ride with Pegasus and Paint. Thinking we are going up to Marion's lookout."

Amy, reaching for Ty's waist and hugging him, "You are, are ya! You think the guys are ready for that kind of ride?"

Ty, laughing "We will see. As you can tell, there is no saying no here!"

Amy, "Well, you might want to make sure you stay clear of the wildies. You need to acclimate them to domestic living before you re-introduce them to their buddies."

Ty, "Definitely! We shouldn't come into contact with them on the route we are taking."

Amy, looking Ty in the eyes, "By the way, did I tell you how much I love you and what a great father you are?"

Ty, "Not lately, but I am willing to listen."

Amy, kissing Ty, "Well, I think you are the most handsome, most wonderful man I know. And a great father, too!"

Tyson, "Please guys! No more gushing.

Amy, kissing and kissing Ty, "You mean like this? Is this gushing you mean?"

Tyson, "Yes, Please stop!"

Ty, "Why Tyson I would think you would be proud of the relationship your mom and I have."

Tyson, "We are, but you guys mush all the time!"

Amy, laughing, "Where do you get gushing and mush!"

TJ, "School!"

Amy goes back into the house and finishes her packing. She calls Georgie to make sure everything is set to go. "Hello, Georgie, what's going on?"

Georgie, "Just finished training with Katie and making sure everything is ready for you guys to leave tomorrow."

Amy, "Well, that is why I called. Everything is a go?"

Georgie, "Sure is, our pilot has cleared everything to land at John's place and the weather looks pretty good for the flight."

Amy, "So how is the training going? How is Katie doing?"

Georgie, "So far so good for me. Katie, not so much. She is really down since she broke up with her boyfriend and doesn't seem motivated at all."

Amy, Maybe we need to take another trip to Marion's Lookout when I get back. Ty and the boys are headed there tomorrow for an overnight. Hey, maybe Ty wouldn't mind taking Katie along with them. Peter might like to go, too! Let me ask and see if they would be ok with that. I will call you back. And Georgie, we can't thank you enough for the generosity of the plane and the accommodations at John's place."

Georgie, "Amy, enough, I can't think of a better way to show my appreciation for all that you and Lyndi have done for me!"

Amy goes back outside and pulls Ty aside. "Ty, I just spoke with Georgie and she said that Katie is really in the dumps about losing her boyfriend and is not wanting to practice for the Olympics. What do you think about you guys asking her and Peter to come with you on the trail ride to Marion's Lookout. She really loves that place and I think it would be good medicine if she could go. However, I don't want to mess up your father's time with the twins. What do you think?"

Ty, "I think that is a great idea. I know the boys would love for them to come along, and quite frankly, it will give me and Peter some time to talk. I haven't really had the opportunity to visit with him with all that is going on."

Amy, "Would you mind calling Peter and asking him to go. You might want to mention Katie in the conversation."

Ty, "Sure."

Ty takes his phone and calls Peter. "Peter, how are you? Sorry we haven't had a lot of time to visit with our schedules and stuff, but I was wondering, the boys and I are going on an overnight trail ride to Marion's Lookout tomorrow and wanted to invite you and Katie to join us. I understand that Katie is going through a rough patch with her love life so I thought it would be good to get her away from her training and do some family time. What do you think?

Peter, "Ty, great timing. I was just talking to Lou about what we could do and this would be great. I know she really loves it up there, so maybe this will get her mind off that twit she was going with."

Ty, "Twit! I can see you like him a lot!"

Peter, "Well, I think he was taking advantage of her. But I will tell you more about it later! Let me see if she wants to go?"

Peter hangs up the phone and calls Katie. "Katie, sweetie, how would you like to join Ty, the twins and I on an overnight trail ride to Marion's Lookout tomorrow. I think it would be good to just get away from training and you and me could have some father/daughter time. What do you think?"

Katie, "You know that is just what I need! I am so frustrated with everything! That place just does something to me, so yes, I am in."

Peter, "Good deal, I will call Ty and let him know!"

Peter dials Ty back, "Ty, we are good to go. What time do we need to be there?"

Ty, "Let's get an early start, how about 7:00?"

Peter, "Sounds great, see you then."

The next morning everyone is up early getting ready for their journeys. Amy is getting all the luggage ready and Ty and the twins are preparing for the trail ride. Peter and Katie just arrived with their horses and gear and are getting their things ready.

Ty, "Guys, you will have an awesome time in Nashville. I am so happy that you are going to be able to work on your songs with Brooke."

Amy, "I am a bit nervous, but also excited. Sort of wish we could come in the trail ride with you guys. Lyndi and I really love Marion's Lookout."

Ty, "When you get back we will plan a trip there, ok?"

Amy, "Sounds like a plan!"

Georgie and Quinn drive up in their SUV and surprise Amy by driving them to the airport. They load up the truck and say their goodbyes and head out.

Jack, "Quinn, thank you so much for the travel accommodations. This is over the top!"

Quinn, "We are so glad we could do this. You guys have been so generous with Georgie and I, that we are thrilled to do this for you. Jack, are you going to get some fishing in. I hear they have some really good fishing on John's property."

Jack, "You betcha! I made some special bait for the fish. They won't know what hit them."

Amy, "Guys you didn't have to take us. This was way sweet of you!"

Georgie, "Only the best for you guys. Besides I wanted to see Lyndi before she left and give her a pep talk. So Lyndi. Are you excited to be able to record your songs?"

Lyndi, with a huge smile, "I am! And maybe I will become famous like you and Mom!"

Georgie, "You already are famous in my book. Because of you, I won the Olympics and got all the recognition. You showed me how to love the Lord and trust him with everything in my life. That is the greatest thing someone could do for another."

Lyndi looks at her mom and smiles as they turn toward the hanger where the plane is sitting ready to be boarded. The pilot greets everyone and begins to load all the luggage. Quinn and Georgie make their final goodbyes and Amy, Jack, and Lyndi take their seats on the plane. The pilot boards and closes the door. Looking back at his passengers he gives them some final instructions and says, "So I understand we have some talented singers and songwriters aboard. Our flight should be pretty uneventful this morning so relax and we should be there in about 3 hours."

The early morning preparations left Amy very tired so she immediately went to sleep after takeoff. Lyndi went and sat next to Jack and said, "GG, so what do you think about having our songs recorded? You haven't said too much about it."

Jack, "Lyndi, you and your mother are very special and talented folks. I am so happy that your great grandmother's legacy will continue on with you two. I know she is looking down from heaven and is so happy to see this happen."

Lyndi, "You know GG, I wish I would have known her. From her music she seems like a very special person."

Jack, "She was. And I think she would have loved to know you!"

Lyndi, cuddling up to Jack, "I love you so much GG. I just want to make you proud! "

Jack, patting her on the head, "You have sweety. You have!"

The plane landed in Nashville after about a 3 hour flight. The pilot opens the door to an awaiting John Rich and Brooke. As everyone is coming off the plane John says, "Welcome to Richland. I hope you had a great flight. Guys, Freddie here is going to make sure everything you need is met. Trail rides, food, fishing holes. Jack, I understand you brought along your fishing gear, Freddie can set you up for fishing, here is his number so if you need anything give him a call. Amy, Brooke, Lyndi, once you get settled in we will go to the studio and plan out your sessions, ok? One last thing, we eat at 7, 12, and 5. So if you are hungry our corporate eating is at those times."

Brooke, embracing Lyndi and Amy as they get off the plane, says, "John, That sounds perfect." The guy's head to their bunk houses where they will be staying. John put Brooke up in one so they could maximize their studio time.


Back at Heartland Ty and the twins, along with Peter and Katie, have packed up and are headed toward Marion's Lookout. Ty is riding next to Katie and she says, "Ty, thank you so much for including me and dad on this trail ride. I really needed a break from training and other stuff."

Ty, "What do you mean other stuff?"

Katie, "Well, you know that "guy" I have been seeing for the past year. I found out that he was just dating me for the "fam" and was fooling around behind my back. So I dumped him!"

Ty, "That couldn't have been pretty!"

Katie, almost to the point of tears, "I am so mad at myself for getting involved with him for so long and not seeing who he really is! This has got me so upset I can't focus on anything!"

Ty, "Well, let's use this time to put him behind us and move you forward! Have you prayed about this? You know, when times get tough, I have found incorporating the problem in my prayer life helps to ease the pain and give me answers!"

Katie, "Not really. I know I probably should but I feel so guilty about our relationship. I really, really loved him and opened myself to him. I really feel ashamed!"

Ty, "Katie, you don't have to feel that way with God. He already knows. You just have to ask him to forgive you if you feel you have done something wrong. Then move on. Don't dwell on it."

Katie, "Ty, thank you so much for that! I don't think I can be this open with Dad, although he wants me to come to him with anything."

Ty, "Katie, if there is one thing I know about your dad, and for that matter your mother, is that they love you so much and want to help you through these issues as you grow up. They know that you are under a lot of stress with the Olympic trials, college, and hell, just growing up and becoming a woman, and they want to be there for you. That is why you are on this ride today."

Katie, "I guess you are right, I probably should let them in on my issues!"

Ty, "Can't hurt!"

Katie pulls up to Peter and hits him on the arm. "Dad, I love you so much. I am glad we are doing this trail ride!"

Peter looked a bit confused, " I am glad you decided to come with me. I think it will do us good to have some father daughter time."

Katie, "Love you Dad!"

Peter, "Love you, too!"

Ty drops back to the twins who are so excited to be on a trial ride with their new gentled horses. "Guys, so how are Pegasus and Paint doing? Looks like they are having fun!"

Tyson, "Dad, we are so glad to be riding up here on our new horses. TJ and I are really stoked about gentling them from the wildies on the ranch. Even though it was pretty tough, it looks like all the effort has paid off…right boy!"

Ty, "That was quite an accomplishment for you guys. Even though you mom, me and Lyndi helped a bit, you guys did most of the work. Well done!"

TJ, "I wonder what mom and Lyndi are doing right now? Lyndi was so excited to record some of her and GG's songs, she was all over the place!"

Tyson, "She was so excited she forgot to take a test on-line."

TJ, "Tyson, you weren't supposed to tell anyone that!"

Ty, "She did, huh. Well, we are going to have to see about that!"

TJ, "Dad, don't say anything! Lyndi will be so mad with us!"

Ty, "Well, she will need to fix this when she gets back.."