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Chapter 12: The Reveal(s)

The next morning Ty and Amy wake up, say their goodbyes to Fred and Anita, and head back to the Villa. Before they leave, Ty takes Amy's hands and looks into her beautiful eyes. "Mrs. Borden, you have made me the most happy person in the world. This time we have had together has been spectacular. The surprise was unbelievable, and that trophy, man was that trophy something!"

Amy, puts on a huge smile, "Just think. You get to play with that trophy for the rest of your life. How about that! And, I think I did pretty well with the surprise. You didn't have a clue!"

Ty, "You are right! I was totally surprised!"

Ty gives her a long kiss and they hop onto the motorcycle and head on back to the Villa.

At the Villa, the family gathers around for breakfast making plans for their last day in France. The boys want to spend time down at the lake swimming and are trying to convince Lyndi and Katie to come too!

Tyson, "Come on Katie! Come with us! Maybe that boy will be there again!"

TJ, "Lyndi, you come too! We can't go if you don't come with us. And Katie, you can show me how to do that flip on the rope."

Katie looks at Lyndi and smiles. "I guess we don't have anything better to do!"

Lyndi,"Ok!, But when we say we are ready to go home. No arguments, OK?"

Both TJ and Tyson nod their heads in the positive.

Georgie, "Katie. I am not so sure about you guys going down there and running into Jason. I still am unsure about that boy!"

Katie, "I got this Georgie. I don't think he will try to hurt us or anything."

TJ, "Yeah, I think he likes Katie!"

Katie, "I don't think so!"

Lyndi, "I don't know, Katie!"

Georgie, "Well, you guys be careful. We might come down there to join you guys and see what this swimming hole is all about."

Katie, Lyndi and the twins saddle up after breakfast and head to the lake. As they approached, they saw Jason and another boy swimming in the Lake. As they were tying up the horses, Jason yells out, "You guys coming in? The water is great!"

Katie, "Does it look like we are coming in!

Jason, "Just asking."

Lyndi and the twins took off their coverings and jumped right into the Lake. "Wow, this water is great. You can see all the way to the bottom, "Said TJ.

Lyndi, "You coming, Katie?

Katie begins to slip out of her jeans and take off her shirt to expose her really fit body in her bathing suit. Jason is awestruck at her beauty, and watches her every move. Katie moves toward the swing and pulls it back onto the cliff. She takes the swing and swings out into the lake and does another backflip into the water. Tyson and TJ are in awe.

Tyson, "Katie, show me how to do that. I want to learn!"

TJ, "Me too!"

Katie, "Ok, let's go to the swing."

Jason, "Wow, that was impressive. You are impressive!"

Katie, "I asked my sister about you, Jason. It appears you were not so nice to her the other night when you thought we were poisoning your vines. You are not going to beat me up, are you?"

Jason, swimming over to where Katie was, said, "Look, I am really, really sorry for what I did. I am not that kind of guy. It was just, that night, my brothers and I were so hyped up that things just got out of hand. I would understand if you wanted me to go right now and I would leave."

Katie, "That is alright! I would like to get to know the other side of Jason, if that is possible."

Jason, "That is very possible!"

The twins have gathered around the swing with Tyson, who is the bravest of the two, says, "Katie, let's go. What do I do?"

Katie, "First, Hang on to the rope, take a running start and swing out over the water and just drop off. This will get you used to the how and when to do the flip.

Tyson grabs the swing and pushes off the cliff. With a loud yell he swings out across the water. At the point that he needs to let go, Katie yells, "Tyson, drop, Now! Tyson drops into the water and immediately pops up. "That was awesome! TJ you do this!"

TJ goes down to the water and pulls up the rope. Taking a running start like Katie, he swings out over the water and releases from the rope, but tries to do a backflip and lands on his stomach. TJ pops up out of the water, "How did you like that Katie? I almost got it."

Katie, that was great TJ. You guys keep trying. You will get it." So the twins take turns swinging out into the water and doing a backflip at the end.

Katie turns her attention to Jason. "So, now that I know who you are. What is your story?"

Jason, "Well, I work with my father and brothers at the vineyard. I go to university in Paris and I am studying the science of agribusiness. I am on break until the spring and will be going back to school."

Katie, "Wow, I am impressed! A brainy boy! Who would have thought!"

Jason, "What did you think my story was? Some low life French boy who can't control his temper!"

Katie, with a big smile says, "Well, to tell you the truth, yes! But now I am impressed. Not only are you a pretty boy, you're smart too!"

Jason, splashing water at Katie, "Pretty boy! You just called me a pretty boy. No one has ever done that!"

Katie, splashing back, "Well you aren't so bad on the eyes! And now I know you are smart, too! I am a bit impressed."

Jason is really attracted to Katie's whit. "You aren't so unattractive yourself! Is it true you are competing in the Olympics this year in Paris? You know, I am volunteering to assist at some of the venues. Maybe I should ask to help in the equestrian games? Or, would I detract you from your competition if I were there with my prettiness!

Katie, now laughing, "Jason, I can assure you that you being there will not help, nor hinder my ability to win the gold medal, so if you would like to see me win, I would say sign up!"

Jason, "I have to say, I have never met a girl as bold and confident as you. And probably not even as beautiful!"

Katie, smiling, "So you think I am beautiful, bold, and confident, Hum! Then, If you would like to see me again, I would suggest you sign up for the equestrian games. We are leaving back to Canada tomorrow and I won't be back until a few weeks before the games."

Jason, "Would you mind if we swap numbers. I really would like to see you again when you get back!"

Katie, "I think that is doable. Lyndi, can you get me my phone from the saddle bag, and add Jason's number to my contacts."

Lyndi goes to her horse and gets her phone out. "Ok, what is the number?"

Jason yells out his number and email address and Lyndi keys them into the phone. Katie, "You got that. Read it back to make sure it is correct." Lyndi reads back the number and all is good.

Jason, "So, can I make sure that she did not make a mistake, a sign that you want to stay in touch?"

Katie, smiling "You can assume that to be correct!"

Jason, "Well, guys, it has been a pleasure. John, we need to get back to the villa. So, Katie, Lyndi, Tyson and TJ, until we meet again!" They jump on their 4 wheelers and head back to their villa.

Lyndi, "Katie, are you sure that it was ok to give out your number to him!"

Katie, "He seems to be ok!"

Lyndi, "You just need to be careful. He has a mean streak in him. That is for sure. You remember your old boyfriend, right?

Katie, "I know what I am doing. Don't you worry about anything!"

Katie summons the boys out of the water and they all head back to the Villa. As they are coming to the barn, they see Ty and Amy pull up from their trip. Lyndi and the boys jump from their horses and run up to them in full embrace. Ty, "Guys, you are all wet. Where have you been?"

TJ, "We found this cool place where we can swim in the lake and it has a swing that you can swing out into the water. Katie taught us how to do a backflip into the water!"

Ty, looking over to Katie, "Oh, really!"

Tyson, "Yeah, and Katie has a new boyfriend, too!"

Amy, smiling , "A new boyfriend!"

Lyndi, "No, not a boyfriend. Just a boy from the Villa next door. They were swimming the other day when we took a trail ride down to the lake and Katie made friends with him before she knew who he was."

Ty, concerned, "So who was he?"

Katie, coming over to meet up with them, "It was Jason. The guy that fought with Georgie the other night."

Ty, "So, do Georgie and Quinn know about this, what about Jack?"

Katie, "We told them about it and they said that he came over and apologized, but they weren't real happy that we ran into them. Then, today, we went for a swim and he was there with a friend and we talked. He is really sorry about what he did, and he is not that bad of a guy. He is going to university in Paris and is home on break."

Amy, "Katie, you are old enough to make your own decisions, but you need to be very careful. He displayed a side to his character that is abusive. And, he doesn't care if it is a woman!"

Katie, "I know. But he really seemed to be genuinely sorry for what he had done!"

Ty, "Well, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun while we were gone."

Lyndi, still hugging Amy, "So, how was your trip. Did you get to retrace your honeymoon motorcycle adventure?"

Amy, "We will tell you all about it at supper. Your Dad and I are road-weary and need to clean up."

Lyndi, "I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Ty, "Why don't you guys finish putting up your horses and saying your goodbyes. Remember, we hope to leave early tomorrow!"

Katie and the kids take their horses back to the barn and put them up while Ty and Amy head into the house. They are met on the porch by Georgie, Jack, and Quinn. "Well look who made it back. I sure hope you two had a great trip!"

Amy, "Grandpa, it was so awesome. And we have some news that I think everyone is going to be excited to hear."

Georgie, "You are not pregnant, are you! Because that would be awesome if we had kids the same age!"

Amy, "No it is not that, although we did talk about that. But no, I am not pregnant. We will tell you tonight at dinner! But for now, Ty and I need to get cleaned up. We hit some weather on the way home and I need to get a warm shower and some dry clothes!"

Jack, "Well, we will see you guys when you get settled"

Ty, "By the way, what is all this about our neighbor, Jason. Seems Katie and the kids have run into him down at the lake several times?"

Quinn, "Yeah, I know! Not really sure how I feel about that, but he did come and apologize and seem to be sincere about it. Did they see him again today?"

Ty, "Seems so. You need to get the story from her. They are finishing up with stabling the horses and saying their goodbyes."

Amy and Ty leave the porch and head off to get cleaned up and some dry clothes.

Georgie, Jack and Quinn are discussing the issue with Jason when Katie and the kids come up to the porch. The kids head into the house but Jack says, "Katie, can you stay back for a minute?"

Katie, "Sure, GG. What's up?"

Jack, "Well, we understand that you have had another encounter with our neighbor's son Jason today. We are not so sure that he is a trustworthy person."

Quinn, "If you would have seen his temper the night he struck Georgie, he did not care that she was a woman."

Georgie, "I know that he apologized and everything, but still. You need to put your guard up around him."

Katie, "Guys, I got this. You don't have to worry. I am fully aware of what he has done, and you can be sure that I don't take that lightly. Besides, he just happened to be at the lake, now twice, when we were down there. That is all!"

Jack, "Well, if you say so. It is just, well, we know how you are with guys and we don't want you to put yourself in a situation that would get you hurt."

Katie, looking stunned, "What do you mean, how I am with guys. How am I with guys?"

Georgie, laughing, "You are fearless around boys. You are gorgeous and spunky and boys flock toward your personality because you are so confident in yourself! You are just like our mother!"

Quinn, laughing, "You are just like your sister!"

Katie smiled, "Well, we are Fleming-Morris's! And don't forget, Heartland women!"

Jack, "You just be careful, young lady. We don't want another episode like we had last week!"

Katie, "I understand. And trust me. I got this!"

The family gathers for their last supper at the Villa and everyone is buzzing about the news from Ty and Amy. As the family sits down, Jack holds up a glass, and says, "Well, tonight is the last night we have here in France and I want to make a toast to a wonderful, eventful vacation that we have had. We solved our issue with the neighbors, Ty and Amy restated their vowels, we got to swim, fish and ride horses, we went to Paris. I must say, this vacation tops most that I have had in my lifetime, so cheers to a great two weeks!" The family clinks glasses. Quinn, stands up and says, "I want to add to that toast, Jack, since you left out the most important event for Georgie and I, is the new addition to our family!"

Jack, laughing, "You are so right, and I am so sorry!"

Amy stands up and says, "Ty and I have a toast of our own. Ty has been named Canadian Veterinarian of the Year for his dedicated work in his field and will be awarded the honor at this year's convention in Toronto."

Lyndi, "Dad, we are so proud of you! When did you find out!"

Ty, "Well, you mother, in her own cute way, asked the committee not to say anything until we get back from our trip because she wanted to surprise me with it. I must say she did and I was completely floored by how she did it!" Looking down at Amy, "She even gave me this great Trophy!"

Amy, "Ty, enough!"

Jack, "Well, son, you deserve it. You have dedicated yourself to your profession and a lot of good has come from that! Congratulations, boy!"

Georgie got up and gave Ty a big hug, along with the boys and Quinn shook his hand. "Congratulations Ty!"

Jack, "Well, Fernando has prepared us this fantastic meal, so let's dig in, shall we!"

As the family was eating Quinn took a call from the pilot. He returned to the table and said, "Well, everything is good to go for tomorrow morning at 8:00. The pilot said we are going to have a bit of weather going in, so the flight will be a bit longer with the head winds. So He wanted to push back earlier to see if we can get ahead of it."

Jack, "Should we wait another day?"

Quinn, "No, he feels confident that we can get through it if we leave earlier."

Jack, "Well, everyone we need to get everything together so we can pack up early and head to the airport. I will get with Fernando and see if he can have breakfast ready for us before we go."

The family finishes the meal and retreats to the veranda outside. Ty and Jack are standing, looking out over the vineyard, "Ty, "Heartland has surely become quite an enterprise.

Jack, "With Lisa's assets, and the acquisition of Ahmed's property, it has really become something, hasn't it?

Ty, "We are so blessed to have this here. Little did she know, but Lisa's love for France and this place had been passed down to all of us. I think this vacation has proven that our family loves France as much as she did."

Jack, "You are so right! And Ty, what about this man of the year thing! That is awesome, son!"

Ty, "Jack, when Amy surprised me with it, I just didn't know what to think. You know, she is as deserving of that award as me. And when I have a chance to give my speech at the award ceremony, I am going to make sure that everyone knows what a special person she has been to my career, and me, over these years.

Jack, "Well son, I know that you and Amy have a very special practice that covers the whole horse and I believe those who have worked with you guys over the years will acknowledge that. But we are so proud of you and what you have become! Enjoy this achievement. You earned it!"

Ty, "Thanks Jack."

Amy meets up with Ty and they go and sit by Georgie and Quinn.

Amy, "Guys, I am so excited for you. Having your 1st baby, starting your family. I know that you are excited!"

Quinn, "You know I have been speaking with Ty about raising a family and such now for over a year. I wanted to finish the Olympics then start trying to have a baby after the event. However, that was not God's plan and Georgie and I have been talking, and feel that the time is right. We have been so blessed with everything, it is time for Katie to step up and represent the family. She is ready and speaking for herself, with both of us in her corner, she has a great chance at winning the gold."

Georgie, "I agree. I haven't really had one sad moment about not being able

to compete. I guess that is God's way of telling me that having this baby is what I need to focus on now! And listen, we want you guys to participate in our little nuggets birth, so we would like you to be his or her godparents. I know it is a bit early, but we really look up to you as mentors for Quinn and I, and we would love to honor you in that way!"

Amy, giving Georgie a big hug, "Ty and I would be honored to be nuggets godparents!

Ty, shaking Quinn's hand, "I agree. That is a great honor for Amy and I!"

Quinn, "Then, that is settled. Amy and Ty Borden, you will be the Godparents of our first born child."

The kids have all retired to their rooms except for Katie who is texting Jason from her phone.

TXT Katie: "Really enjoyed seeing you today at the lake. I enjoyed our conversation."

TXT Jason: "Have you told your family about our meeting at the lake? What did they say?

TXT Katie: "They had their comments, but I told them, I was old enough to make my own decisions about who I hang out with."

TXT Jason: "So you think we can hang out when you get back to Paris"

TXT Katie: "I think that we might make a go of it."

TXT Jason: "I really think you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met, and your confidence and personality are just awesome. I definitely want to get to know you better."

TXT Katie: "I think the same about you. Let's stay in touch as we go, and the closer we get to the games, we can make plans to meet up."

TXT Jason: "That sounds like a plan. Be in touch later! Bye for now!"

TXT Katie: "Bye."

The rest of the family decide to turn in and get ready for the flight home. "Good night, Good night everyone. See you in the morning!" They all say to one another. The next morning, Fernando has breakfast ready and everyone is up, getting breakfast and bringing down their luggage. The staff loads everything in the car and they head to the airport. Amy looks back at the villa as they are leaving, hold Ty's hand, "This place has some very special memories for us. We need to make this an annual trip. What do you think?"

Ty, smiling, "We will have to remember to always bring the trophy, hey!" Amy slaps Ty on the leg

The family boards the plane and they head back to Canada and home!

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