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Chapter 11: The B & B

Ty and Amy left the lake and took a two hour ride down the road to a little town where Ty

and Amy stayed on their honeymoon road trip. It was a quaint bed and breakfast and the proprietors were very friendly to them. Anita and Fred were still working the business when Ty and Amy rolled up to the house. They immediately remembered them and for the next few minutes each took turns catching each other up on the life events since the last time they were together. Anita and Fred were now grandparents with 3 boys. They lived in the next town and visited often. Ty and Amy brought them up to date with all the things that had happened since their honeymoon. Anita, "I can't believe you guys went through all that you have gone through and still look like you did when we last saw you!"

Amy, "You are quite generous! I believe if you look close enough you will see the age lines in our faces that we gained through those years!"

Fred, "You two look so youthful, still after all these years. And you haven't changed much at all!"

Anita, Well, Fred you have," laughing, "A few more pounds since the last time, right?"

Fred laughed, "Excuse me! Why, like Ty here, men just get better with age. Kind of like a fine wine, right son?"

Ty, "You are so right. You know Amy and I are retracing our honeymoon road trip adventure, and would really like to stay here if you got the room!

Fred, "Why, of course son! You two are always welcome in our house! Anita show them to their room, honey."

Anita brings them to the same room they stayed in so many years back. It was the honeymoon suite which was larger than the other rooms and it had a private bathroom. Anita, "Well, I will leave you too it. We will serve supper at 6:00 PM." She touches Amy on the face, "You look so beautiful. Just the way I remember. He must be treating you well, heh!"

Amy, "The best man I know!"

Anita, "See you guys tonight!"

Ty looks at Amy and races her to the bed. Jumping in, Amy says, "Do you know what I remember about this place. This bed. It swallowed you in and it was so comfortable! I bet it is the same bed we slept in on our honeymoon!. Ty, laying on his back looking at the ceiling. "Nothing has changed. I remember all the artwork that created a border around the ceiling. Look. It is still there!"

Amy, "So what do you want to do? It's several hours before supper. Want to go for a walk in the town?

Ty, "That sounds like a plan." Ty gets up and changes his shoes while Amy washes up in the bathroom.

Amy, "Ty, look. They still have the same little bars of soap that they had last time. It is a sculpture of a flower carved out of soap."

Ty, "Cool."

As Ty and Amy are walking through town Ty asks, "I can get over the idea of me being the Veterinarian of the Year! That is such an awesome honor. I wonder how they even got my name. Did you nominate me, or something?"

Amy, "Ty. We have worked with so many Vets through the years in our seminars and events. I am sure that someone took notice and was in the position to recommend you for the award."

Ty, "Amy….someone?"

Amy, "Ty, I had nothing to do with that. However, I would if I had the opportunity! You deserve this more than anyone!"

Ty, "It is just hard to get my arms around this."

Amy, stopping and fronting Ty and wrapping her arms around him "Well, I bet you can get your arms around this."

Ty, giving Amy a big hug, "I sure can. And I am not letting go!"

Amy and Ty lock hands and head back to the B & B for supper. At supper Anita asks, "So Amy, you guys have had a story book marriage, why with all the things you have been through with your family? So where are you today?"

Amy, "Well we have three kids. A daughter named Lyndi, who is 14 and twins who are 7. If you remember we live on a ranch in Canada called Heartland. Ty, my wonderful partner here is a veterinarian, who by the way has achieved Canada's highest award...

Ty, "Amy, they don't want to hear all of that..."

Anita, "Why Ty, she is proud of you. Let her brag a bit."

Ty, "Well what she won't say is that she, as well, should have been given the award for her work with troubled horses. Together, we have a practice that treats horses and trains other Vets on the holistic side of curing troubled horses. Matter of fact we have just released our first book this year and it is doing quite well."

Fred, "So you guys sound like you have a full life. Do you still have the Villa in Tulum?"

Amy, "Yes. We lost Lisa several years back to cancer and before she passed we consolidated her business with Heartland's and My sister and her husband run that operation. We are up here now on holiday with our family. Ty and I decided to take a few days and retrace our honeymoon motorcycle adventure. And this was one of our stops back then, as you recall."

Fred, "We met Lisa and, what was your grandfather's name.."

Anita, "Jack, honey. It was Jack!"

Fred, "What a great memory my bride has. She remembers everyone who has ever stayed here. So how is he?"

Ty, "Well, he and our daughter have written some music for a country singer in the US and they did real well. He spends most of his time with the kids following their sports and extra activities they get involved with. He still rides horses just about every day, but complains about his arthritis."

Fred, "That is great to hear. So sorry about Lisa though. They seemed to really love each other when we met them."

Amy, "Yeah, I think this trip has been good for him. He hasn't been back since she died."

Anita, "I know you guys don't want to sit here and talk all night, so we will see you in the morning."

Amy, "You two are stars in our day. Ty and I have great memories here from our honeymoon and our visit today just adds more to them."

Fred, "Well, goodnight!"

Ty and Amy retreat to their room and get ready for bed. Ty is laying down when Amy comes out of the bath with a sheer nightgown that makes a silhouette of her slim figure. She lights a candle and turns out the lights and says "Mr. Ty Borden, for devoting all your time and effort to our profession, and becoming the Canadian man of the year, we proudly offer to you this gorgeous trophy that you can do whatever you want with!"

Ty, with a huge smile begins to laugh, "Anything?"

Amy, "Yes, anything, within reason!"

Ty, "Well, for starters you need to come over here and let me check out this trophy. I have to make sure there are no flaws in it."

Amy, smiling, "I can assure you there are no flaws!"

Ty, "Then, I must check to see if it is authentically made."

Amy, "Again, I can assure you every part is original!"

Ty, pulling Amy to the bed, "Then there is just one more thing I need to check!

Amy, "Ty Borden!"

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