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Chapter 10: The Results

The next day Lou and Peter head to the doctor's office for the biopsy procedure. As they enter the facility the nurse greets them and brings them to the exam room that is prepared more like a surgical facility. She directs Lou to the changing area and tells Peter that he needs to wait in the room outside during the procedure. Peter hugs Lou, "Honey, I will be just outside. I will be praying that all goes well. Dr. Pugh and the nurse will take real good care of you."

Lou, with tears in her eyes, "I am scared, Peter. Really scared!"

Peter, "Lou, pray honey, just pray. Pray through the procedure. Talk with God as it is being performed. He will get you through this!"

Lou, "I will!"

Peter leaves the room and goes to the waiting room down the hall. There he texted everyone to pray for Lou this morning as she is getting her procedure done.


Ty, Amy, and Lyndi are finishing up breakfast when the text comes in. All three get a notification and they look at each other. Ty says, "Why don't we pray right now for Lou to get through this. Ok?"

Amy, "That is a great idea!"

Ty begins the prayer and hands it off to Lyndi, who then gives it to Amy to conclude. Once they were done they looked at each other and smiled.

Ty, "Well, that is all we can do for now. Let's count on God to do the rest!"

Lyndi, "Amen!"


Georgie and Katies were tacking up the horses for practice when the text came over. They too decided to say a prayer for their mom before they started their repetitions. Georgie looked at Katie, "Mom is a very strong person. Now that she has allowed God to control these life events, I am confident that she will get through this."

Katie, "I just have never remembered mom being sick. She has been such a strong person through thick and thin! I hope that her biopsy will be negative and this is just a way to get her to get good with God!"

Georgie, "That would be awesome. We will have to wait and see!"


In the waiting room Peter is sitting with his head bowed praying that God would resolve her issue with cancer and make this biopsy negative when Tim comes into the room. Peter looks up and says, "Tim, you didn't have to come here."

Tim, "Peter, I wanted to be here for you, and Lou. I know how difficult it is to go through this and I just thought this morning that you might need some support. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Peter, "No, just pray. I have been putting a lot of time into talking with God and asking why. Lou has always been the strong one in the family. Why now! We are just getting to the best part of our lives together."

Tim, "You know the one thing I have learned by going through this is that you are not in control. That is why you must lean on God. Your will is not done, it is His!"

Peter, "I know, but it is so hard to just wait!"

Tim, "Patience, huh, the hardest of all the qualities to master. At one point, I wanted to just end it all, but that is when I got closest to God!"

Peter, "I didn't know that."

Tim, "No one does. I kept this to myself! Even finding faith. During my cancer scare, I found faith which led to peace, then patience. I realized the important things in life were my family and my faith. That is the big change that took place during that time."

Peter, "I never knew. That is awesome."

Tim, "So let's get Lou through this. Whatever the results".

The procedure was over and the nurse brought Lou out to the waiting room. Lou was greeted with hugs by Tim and Peter. Then the nurse said, "Guys, we should have the results by tomorrow. We will call you when they come in."

Lou, "Great, another waiting day!"

Peter, "Honey, let's go do something to take our minds off things. How about you, me and Peter go for a ride out to Marion's lookout and spend the day. It is early and I think that would be good for us to go there."

Tim, "I think that is a great idea! Lou?"

Lou, Still feeling a bit druggy from the biopsy, "Guys, as much as I would like that, I really just want to go home and lay down for a while. That procedure zapped my energy pretty badly!"

Peter, "Ok, some other time then. Let's go home."

Tim, "Sure, honey. You go home and get some rest. I will see you tomorrow."

Peter, "Tim, thanks for coming, and sharing. It helped a lot!"

Peter, Lou and Tim leave the doctor's office and head home. In the car Lou looks at Peter and asks, "What was dad talking about back there? What advice did he give you?"

Peter, "Lou, I will let him tell you some day. Your dad has a very clear perspective of what you are going through and it probably would be good advice for you to talk with him."

As they arrive at the house, Amy, Katie, and Georgie are waiting on the porch to greet them. Lou, "Guys, you didn't have to come here today. We won't know anything until tomorrow when they get the results."

Amy, "Lou, we came here to be with you. Anything you need, even if it is just to talk, we are here for you!"

Lou, "Thank you so much, but what I really need is to lie down and get some rest. That procedure took the wind out of me!"

Georgie, "So let's get you to bed!"

Katie, "Can I get you some tea? That is real calming!"

Lou, "Tea would be great!"

Katie goes to the kitchen to prepare some tea while Amy and Georgie get the bed all fixed up for Lou. Amy looks at Lou and says, "Lou, everything is going to be alright. We have been praying all morning for God to get us through this and I know he has heard our prayer!"

Lou, "Thank you guys! Now let me get some rest and you guys get back to what you normally do. I will be fine. Remember, I have been praying to and for some reason I have a great peace about this."

Katie, brings in the tea, "Here mom, it is there for you when you are ready. Let us know if we can help you do anything, ok?"

Lou, "OK! Now scram!"

As Lou was laying there, she could help but think about what Peter said about her dad. She just had to know, so she picked up the phone and called him. "Dad, Peter and I were talking on the way home and he suggested that I needed to call you. He said you gave him some real good advice concerning this cancer thing."

Tim, "You mind if I come over and we can chat for a minute?"

Lou, "Sure, come on!"

It took Tim about 30 minutes to get to Fairfield. He walked in the house and was greeted by Lou who was up and walking around.

Lou, "Dad, I made us some tea. Want some?"

Tim, "No, I have had enough caffeine for the day."

Lou, "Let's go sit on the porch. It is such a beautiful day, ok?

Tim, "Great."

They both head outside and sit facing Fairfield's stable view. Tim says, "Lou. You and Peter have done some great things here. You should be very proud that you have expanded the legacy that Lisa left the family."

Lou, "It wasn't just us, Amy, Quinn, Katie, Ty; They all have utilized the stable for their work and we have benefited from their efforts as well. I bet Amy and Ty have over 30 horses here from all over. And Lyndi, she is just like her mother, working with the horses. Healing them. Training them! It has been a team effort. But enough about Fairfield, what did you tell Peter today that inspired him?”

Tim, "Lou, I have never told anyone this but when I went through my cancer scare, I got really messed up. I couldn't face the day. I thought there was nothing I could do to help resolve this cancer issue, it had gotten so bad that I was looking to end my life. Really, the only thing that I could hold on too was you and Amy. I didn't want you guys to have to face the fact that your father took his life! That is when I found God! I started praying, and praying, and praying, and this peace came over me and gave me the strength to be patient. That He was in control. During that time, He showed me what was important in life, and that all my issues of being in control were self-defined. He showed me that if I would just let go and let God, that He would take my hand and walk me through the valley I was facing. If you remember, I sold the things that I felt were not important to me anymore. I think I might have gone a bit overboard, however, it showed me that life was not made up of material things, and that I was really worshiping those things instead of Him."

Lou, "Dad! I never…"

Tim, " There is more. If you remember it took a long time for them to make a decision about my diagnosis, almost 5 months. Until I found God, each day tormented me like you wouldn't believe. Or maybe you would! Once I turned everything over to Him, a peace came over me that today I can only say was the Holy Spirit, and I realized that patience was the only medicine for me at the time. Then, you know the rest. The mass was gone! Some say it was a bad diagnosis. I say it was God giving me another shot at life with him at the wheel!"

Lou was now in tears. Listening to every word. Understanding what he was saying! "Dad, you know I haven't been very spiritual up until now! But, learning how to pray. Knowing that others, family, were praying for me. Praying specifically for God to "take the wheel". I fully understand what you mean. I have this peace about all of this. And, I am willing to accept whatever lies ahead. Sure, I would love to have a negative biopsy, but if not, then I am ready and willing to face the future with God by my side!"

Tim, "You will not be disappointed. Rest assured that God is real and he loves you just like your family!

Lou, "Thank you for sharing, Dad! I love you so much!"

Tim reaches over and gives Lou a long embrace.

It was a long night for Lou who was anxious about finding the results. She was up and down all night when Peter noticed and said "Lou, come here. Lay next to me and let's just pray for a few minutes. Let me hold you while we pray." Lou gets into bed and Peter wraps his arms around her and begins to pray for peace and patience. As he was praying, he was stroking Lou's head and she fell sound asleep. He kept holding her tight for a few more minutes, then he let go and Lou was fast asleep.

The next morning, Peter woke up and let Lou, who was sound asleep, stay in bed. As he prepared for the morning business, which he was doing from home, Lou came into the kitchen and said, "I guess we should hear from them pretty soon. Man, did I sleep. And what wonderful dreams I was having!"

Peter, "Do you remember me praying you to sleep?"

Lou comes over to Peter and kisses him on the cheek, "Yes I do!"

Peter, "I didn't want to wake you this morning because you looked at peace."

Lou, "Thank you for that! I really needed the rest. This morning I said a prayer and I am ready for whatever the day has for me!"

Peter, "Great, then you can answer a few of these emails that I can't."

Lou sits at the computer and fires off some answers. "There, done!"

About mid-morning the call came in that everyone was waiting for. It was Dr. Pugh, himself. "Lou, how are you? I know the anticipation must be great, so I wanted to call you myself. I will get right to the point. I have only seen this several times in my career, but it appears that the markers we use to measure cancer, and other diseases, have reversed and from the looks of it they are back to normal. Also, the biopsy that we took came back negative. However, there is still a small tumor on your uterus that we would like to remove and we would like to schedule that in the next few weeks. Again, I rarely see this turnaround, so maybe all that prayer you guys conjured up made the difference!"

Lou, "What! Do you mean I DON'T have cancer?"

Dr. Pugh, "Correct! You don't have cancer. But you do have a tumor that we need to get out of there!"

Lou, "Dr. I don't have words that express my joy! You are a miracle worker!"

Dr. Pugh, "I don't think that was me performing a miracle. It is God. Your prayers were answered!"

Lou, "You know doctor, my niece says that God gives us talents to use and perform miracles on his behalf. Sure, he might have some influence on the outcome, but he has blessed you with your talent so that you can be a vessel for his miracle acts."

Dr. Pugh, "Well, I have never heard it put that way, but if you say so. I will have the nurse call and schedule the procedure so we can get that tumor out of you, ok!

Lou, "Ok, again thank you so much!"

Lou hung up the phone and began dancing around and yelling, "I don't have cancer, I don't have cancer!" Everyone in the house came running into the living room hugging her and jumping up and down. Peter came into the room and Lou practically knocked him over when she jumped up on him. She began hugging and kissing him and telling him how glad she was that he was her husband. Katie started texting everyone letting them in on the good news.


Tim and Shane were working in the field when the text came in that Lou was cancer free. Tim looked at Shane and said, "Boy, I remember when I was told that I didn't have cancer. I had to pull over to the side of the road because I was so weak from excitement and from the stress of waiting on the unknown. Lou is probably overjoyed!"

Shane, "We need to go over there when we are done. I think she would like to see the family."

Tim, "You're right! Call your beautiful wife and tell her that we will go over there and to join us."

Shane, "Right on!"


Georgie, Katie and Quinn were exercising the horses when the text came to all of them. "Guys, did you see this text! Mom doesn't have cancer! I guess all our prayers must have helped, huh!"

Georgie, "Wow, I bet she is relieved. I know she was dreading today, even though she found God's peace through prayer."

Quinn, "Do you think we should go over there?"

Katie, "Why yes! Let's put these guys up and head over now! I can't wait to see her!"


Jack was putting up the dishes when the text came through. He got so excited that he almost dropped the dishes over the floor. Running out of the house to the barn, "Ty, Amy, Lyndi, did you get the text. Lou doesn't have cancer! What an awesome day!"

Ty and Amy were in the office and Lyndi was out back with Tyson and TJ brushing their horses. "Amy came running out to Jack, "Grandpa, I just saw it! How awesome is that! God really delivered a miracle, didn't he?"

Ty and the kids came to the front of the barn, where Amy and Jack were hugging. Ty, "How awesome that she does not have to go through the pain and suffering of cancer."

Jack, "I know! All I could think about was how Lisa handled her cancer all the way up to the end!"

Amy, "Well, we won't have to go through that, will we!"

Lyndi, "Let's go be with her. I think she would like that!"

Ty, "Sounds like a good idea! I'll go get the "bus"."

They all pile into the SUV and head over to Fairfield.


Lou is completely overwhelmed at the news and is sitting on the couch when Quinn, Katie, and Georgie arrive. Katie comes busting into the house and grabs hold of Lou and hugs and kisses her. "Mom, I am so glad you don't have cancer. How awesome is that? What do you think?"

Lou, I think it was a miracle. Dr. Pugh said it hasn't happened often that the blood tests were so off within a short period of time. It is as if God fixed my cancer. I still have a tumor, but they can take that out with a procedure sometime next week. But yeah! No Cancer!"

Georgie, "Were you scared?"

Lou, "I was, but there was a peace about it. I was willing to accept whatever the doctor said and deal with it then. Really, I had a great night's sleep and, well, it's great!"

Quinn, hugging Lou, "I know you are relieved, and I am so happy for you. And you too,Peter! I know that you have been with her every step of the way!"

Lou, "He was my rock!"

The Borden family arrived with Jack and Amy ran straight to Lou and gave her a huge hug. "It's over! No more fretting!"

Lou, "Well, I still have to have the tumor out, but that is a pretty easy procedure."

Amy, "I am so, so happy for you." And turning to Peter, "And for you too! Thank you so much for taking care of my sister."

Jack looks at Peter and grabs his hand, "Son, I know what you went through and I know it ain't easy. God bless you!"

Lyndi puts out her arms and runs right into Lou, "God has more for you to do. I hope you know that! From here forward, you need to make every day count!"

Ty comes to Lou, gives her a big hug and says, "I am so happy for you. I was praying every day that we would get this outcome. And look, my prayers were answered!"

Amy, "I think all of our prayers helped!"

Ty, laughing "Well, maybe so, but I like to think my prayers are special. Kind of like the hotline!"

Lou, "Guys, thank you so much for coming. I am glad that we can all spend this joyous day thanking God for taking away this disease from me!"

About that time Tim and Shane come in. Tim goes to Lou and gives her a big long hug. As they were embraced, he said, "Lou, always remember from this point forward that when things get rough or you have to make a tough decision, God is there to see it through. Your faith should become exceedingly stronger after this event. I know that was the case for me! God bless you Samantha Louise."

Lou, "Dad, this introduced me to a power that I never knew was there. I saw it with the kids and Lyndi, but didn't understand it. Now, I see that with God, anything is possible if we believe. This could have turned out differently, and I might be facing a long road of treatment and pain, but God had mercy on me and I think now he wants me to champion His cause."

Tim, "I am so happy and proud of you. I love you so much!"

Lou, "I love you, too!"

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting and watching the kids as they played in the yard in the front of the house. By afternoon, most of the family had left leaving Katie, Peter, and Lou at home. Peter grabs them and says, "Guys, we need to take a minute and thank God for the wonderful blessing he has given us today. This could have been a lot different."

Lou asks if she could start the prayer and as so, they went around and offered up thanksgivings for the outcome of the day, then Peter closed with "God, we want to be your beacon of light here at Fairfield. Help us to turn all our decisions over to you so that we continue in your will. Amen! And everyone said "Amen!"


Back at Heartland Ty and Amy sat the kids down and Ty said, looking at TJ and Tyson, "Guys, remember on our trail ride I told you about God and how he has become an important part of our family? Well, today you saw our family rallied around your Auntie Lou as she faced a medical issue that could have turned out to be real bad. But we all prayed for a good outcome to God, and he blessed us with that! Auntie Lou will be ok. She just needs a little surgery and all her problems will go away."

Tyson, "So you mean that God help Aunt Lou get well!"

Amy, "Yes, Tyson! Just like when we prayed and asked God to make sure you guys would be ok having been born a little early!"

Lyndi, laughing, "I think God made a mistake with these two! Not sure they are ok!"

TJ, punches Lyndi, "I am ok!"

Lyndi, "I was just kidding. You guys are awesome! And God is Awesome, too!"

Ty, "Well, you might be a bit young to understand this, but you can count on your family and God when things come along that are bigger than you! You can always talk to us about anything. And we, together, will take it to God, ok?"

Tyson and TJ, "OK!"

Amy, "So let's get you guys to bed! It has been a long day!"

That evening as Ty and Amy are lying in bed, Amy looks over at Ty and say, "Man, what a day! I remember our days like this like it was yesterday. Those events are what have not only strengthened our relationship with God, but our family as well! I love you so much! Maybe beyond the moon!"

Ty, falling asleep, "What?"

Amy, "I said I love you so much, maybe beyond the moon!"

Ty, smiling, "What?"

Amy punches Ty in the side. "Go to sleep!"

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