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Zach and Samantha Bennett, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are professional golfers who have achieved world ranking on their prospective tours. They have been friends since high school and developed a very unique bond centered around the death of both of their mothers, the opening up of the Brumfield's ranch to Zach so he could finish high school,  and Sam's mother's mantra "Let Go and Let God".


The mantra "Let Go and Let God"  is the single thread of the book and it shows how that concept is applied in their everyday life.  Samantha and Zach Bennett had from an early age leveraged her mother's mantra to become very successful in their efforts and  to endure the hard times in their young lives.


The story begins with their relationship growing from a friendship, to an engagement, then, marriage. Their love story is driven by their friendship, their deep love, and their intimate escapades as they did life as a young married couple. Then, after ten years of tremendous success and the addition of a daughter, a horrific automobile accident has Zach losing his memory of everything past his LSU career as an All-American quarterback.


The story continues with Sam and their daughter, Millie, working to restore Zach's memory by reintroducing situations, pictures, memory books, and events.  Zach struggles to find those memories, because as he takes in the family life, he sees the success that his and Sam's career has afforded them, and is overwhelmed by how much they have gained through the last 10 years.


Millie, their daughter is very much like her mother.  Quick witted, sassy, always one step ahead.  She also has a passion for golf just like her parents.  She loves her family very much, loves the Lord, and has a special relationship with her father.  Unfortunately, Zach is having a very difficult time remembering her and their relationship.  Millie is bound and determined to restore her father's memory of her (She is a key character to the story).


This story will expand into a series of books planned  to show how the Bennett's commitment to the Lord and their exceptional faith gets them through their life events.

The Mantra: Let Go and Let God

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